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  1. Doublea88

    WTT 21" Uberturbine wheels NYC to trade for Square setup

    Bump for anyone else looking to get a square set!
  2. Doublea88

    F/S MYP Uberturbine Full Set

    Hey, if needed to help sell them easier. I also have a relatively new set (300 miles on them) and can trade your rears for my fronts to make us both have a square setup (if anyone is interested). Otherwise, consider this a bump for your listing :)
  3. Doublea88

    Pic request: 275/40 tire on 20" Inductions (Michelin Pilot AS4)

    Oh that's what I meant, we will both have staggered sets and can swap to have it squared for us both. Just a matter of who gets all the rears and who gets all fronts. Completely agree, don't really care much about efficiency drop as I can fully charge when needed in my garage and plenty of...
  4. Doublea88

    Pic request: 275/40 tire on 20" Inductions (Michelin Pilot AS4)

    They were listed for quite a while actually. Lol someone actually just posted on that thread that they have a set but haven't listed it yet if you want to PM them! And if you are looking to go square, we can trade !
  5. Doublea88

    Pic request: 275/40 tire on 20" Inductions (Michelin Pilot AS4)

    Curious to see as well, plenty of meat on the tires would be good
  6. Doublea88

    [NYC] selling 21" UberTurbines with michellin AS 4 and tpms included

    Thanks again Warren for the sale, awesome seller and great guy! These are sold :)
  7. Doublea88

    WTT: 21" Uber turbine For Square Setup

    Currently looking for the same thing but on the other side of the US lol. Thinking of running 275/35 all around (since the tires are already on) and replace with 285/35 possibly later on. Heard also that you can run 275/35 on the fronts which is the idea size for them anyway. Good luck!
  8. Doublea88

    tires for LR with uberturbines 10.5 wheels all around (squared)

    Sorry to bump this, but would 285/35/21 work to better fit than 275 with the stretched look?
  9. Doublea88

    Eibach Pro-Kit

    14 front , 17mm rear? If so, this looks perfect. Would you get me a quote on the spacers + eibach springs shipped to 11234?
  10. Doublea88

    WTT 21" Uberturbine wheels NYC to trade for Square setup

    As title states, looking to trade your 2 rear 10.5" wheels for my 2 front 9.5" wheels. This is mainly for anyone else looking to run a square setup. I bought the wheels from a forum member who had them for only 300 miles on the car, so they are brand new , with Michelin pilot sport all season...
  11. Doublea88

    Trade two 21 uberturbines for two of yours for square setup?

    Any update for anyone still looking to trade? I'm in NYC.
  12. Doublea88

    [NYC] selling 21" UberTurbines with michellin AS 4 and tpms included

    I'm in NYC, would you consider $1800?
  13. Doublea88


    Lol easy there tiger. Yes , i know they were stating their experience and I just chimed in about my experience.
  14. Doublea88


    I agree, I would prefer to just take car service and pay $100 for peace of mind knowing my car is safe at home. Bonus points if it's in a garage.
  15. Doublea88

    Screen freeze-ups on my 2023 LR Model Y

    I just had that today but last time was about 2 or 3 months ago. I think it just needs a reboot every once in a while since it is a computer on wheels lol
  16. Doublea88

    New Brooklyn NYC Supercharger appeared

    I think that's just a general marker but I think it makes more sense to put them in Ceasar's bay. It has Target/starbucks and other food places and plenty of space that it wouldn't take much from public parking.
  17. Doublea88

    F/S: Model Y 21" Uberturbine Wheels/Tires

    I'm at 11215 but would prefer pickup if you are ever around NYC/NJ to keep it at $1,100.
  18. Doublea88

    F/S: Model Y 21" Uberturbine Wheels/Tires

    For $1,100 , wish you were closer to NYC.
  19. Doublea88

    Unbiased 2-month review of 2022 Model Y

    Finally, an honest review that lists the good and bad without much hate or love. Overall though, you will be happy over any ICE car. Also agree that Elon should put down his phone and let it charge for more than 10 minutes! 😬
  20. Doublea88

    Christmas gift for my Y

    Hands down , the acceleration boost or enhanced auto pilot! Tell them to choose which ever they prefer ;)
  21. Doublea88

    New Model Y owner

    Could also try one of those key rings and still carry the card as extra backup.
  22. Doublea88

    NYC Brooklyn Service Improvement

    I know most of us read threads on how awful the service centers are. Most create a thread when they have a bad service experience and want to rant on how it isn't up to par with other high end car dealerships. I have been to the service center last year for the front seat heater not working to...
  23. Doublea88

    F/S: Model Y 21" Uberturbine Wheels/Tires

    Sounds tempting but quite a drive for me coming from NYC on a weekday :(
  24. Doublea88

    WTT: 2 front model y 9.5 uberturbines 21”

    you can run 10.5 rears all around for a square setup?
  25. Doublea88

    FS: Model Y 21” Uber turbine wheel+Michelin all season+TPMS ($1800) Bergen NJ

    I'm up for it! P.S. That was an awesome camping trip :P
  26. Doublea88

    FS: Model Y 21” Uber turbine wheel+Michelin all season+TPMS ($1800) Bergen NJ

    Anyone with a 21" set looking to run a square setup ? Might be willing to grab all 4 rears and someone can take all 4 fronts.
  27. Doublea88

    Is there a way to adjust the backup camera to make it looks more realistic (not fisheye angled downward)

    I love the tesla camera and get so many shocked passengers with how clear and how easy it is to view the rear.
  28. Doublea88

    Stuck on 2022.28.2

    Same here, but i'm constantly clicking on software to hopefully see that there is an update. Lol i have no patience and always want the newest additions to the car (Mainly energy graph and unlatching doors).
  29. Doublea88

    A nice surprise!

    You mean saved $1300? Def a big score! Maybe even has garage opener too?
  30. Doublea88

    Across the USA and back in a Model Y

    Very nice, Yes love the ease of use and availability of the supercharger network (main reason i bought the car). Share some photos of the trip (hopefully with the car in them). ;)
  31. Doublea88

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Lol at first glance, i thought your driver side headlight was smashed.
  32. Doublea88

    My story of my MYP

    Gonna be a fun commute in the Y performance. Smart move! Congrats.
  33. Doublea88

    The Ups and Downs (not just elevation) of a First Real Road Trip MYP '22 - 1,400+ mi. trip

    Awesome photos and very detailed write up. Sucks about the car with all the error message towards the end. Usually can try to hold both steering wheel buttons down for about 10-15 seconds to restart the car if that happens next time. It just might work and need to work out any bugs in the...
  34. Doublea88

    Add Lights to Bike Rack?

    That is gorgeous! Might have considered it if i didn't get the 1Up. Sure is pricey
  35. Doublea88

    Rear Bumper Guard Suggestion?

    Ok hear me out. Even if you don't bike, get a bike rack and just keep it in storage position and it will protect your bumper :P I love having peace of mind knowing back of my car is safe while my bike rack is mounted. Like if i find a parking spot (I'm In NYC) and park behind a fire...
  36. Doublea88

    Nintendo switch game stuck in middle seat seatbelt area

    Anyone figure out how to remove 7 seater 2nd row seats?
  37. Doublea88

    Model Y Nit List

    Yup i agree with wiper nozzles. IF there are any number of bugs/debris and you click in to spray, the wipers will instantly smear anything there. That makes it so much harder to clean and doesn't really give the fluid enough time to penetrate the debris (even for a few seconds at least).
  38. Doublea88

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    The front's help big time to avoid having rock chips in the rear door (also added 3m protection film in that rear door). Using the stock plate holder that Tesla gives you at delivery. Wish i didn't have to mount a plate in front but NY is mandatory to have front/rear plates shown.
  39. Doublea88

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Yea just the front.
  40. Doublea88

    It happened- someone tried to steal my car

    Sorry to hear, try to keep your car parked with the front of the car facing their house and sentry always on. The front camera records at a higher vantage point and is also clearer than the rearview camera. Hopefully this incident scares them from even walking next to your house. Also live...
  41. Doublea88

    New Brooklyn NYC Supercharger appeared

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but saw a new supercharger icon appear on the Find us page of Tesla. Shows a pin at the intersection of Neptune Avenue and Shell road (close to where the DMV and McDonald's are). Has a target date of Q2 of 2023. Would be an awesome addition to the lack of any...
  42. Doublea88

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Just gorgeous line of red :)
  43. Doublea88

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Glad we could help and actually utilize the power there! Your bed looks so darn comfy! Enjoy.
  44. Doublea88

    Tesla 14-50, at the campground...ack

    Yea the 14-50 plugs into your original charger. Just take out the standard one it comes with and plug your new 14-50 that you bought into it. Then plug directly into the 50amp on the campground port on the far left.
  45. Doublea88

    OEM Model Y Spoiler 153397100A Price

    That is unbelievable! Just get one on amazon or the other 3rd party sites for $200 or less
  46. Doublea88

    1up USA Bike Rack

    For bumper protection, i just meant from people that don't know how to parallel park and accidently hit my bumper by nudging it. Yes i hold down the red lever when folding, just that when it's at the completely flat position , the way it holds it in place is resting on that indent that it...
  47. Doublea88

    1up USA Bike Rack

    Yes exactly that, figured there has to be a way to prevent the teeth from grinding down on the aluminum as shown in those two spots where the red lever would sit in storage position (i moved them up a bit to show the damage it is doing).
  48. Doublea88

    1up USA Bike Rack

    Anyone with the 1Up that keeps it on even when not transporting bikes? I like keeping it on the car as sort of a back bumper protector from people parking behind you who are careless when parking. If they hit the rack, i won't be worried at all. Another thing, when kept in storage position...
  49. Doublea88

    MYP front lips and spacers

    Too expensive for a full body kit, i am more in love with those wheels. Anyone know what brand they are (the ones in the ADRO link)?

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