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  1. Stanwood Steve

    Front motor whining noise on M3 LR 2023?

    I notice when taking my car (2018 M3P) to a supercharger and the car is "preconditioning", I hear a whining noise from the front motor. It's faint but audible. I was told that was normal since as part of the preconditiioning, the car may engage the front motor to assist with heating the...
  2. Stanwood Steve

    Auto headlights don't work during fog (video)

    I noticed the same thing a while back and just turn them on manually when in fog. I find no automatic functions are perfect and use my judgement to bridge the gap. It's a little too easy to get complacent with all the automatic functions of the car, but I consider them just an assist and still...
  3. Stanwood Steve

    Ohmmu 12V Battery Feedback

    I feel I need to weigh in again given that I'd previously indicated no issues with the Ohmmu battery installation on my 2018 Model 3P about two years ago. It had been completely trouble free. I was recently out of the country for a couple weeks and left my car plugged into the wall charger...
  4. Stanwood Steve

    Issue after back to back nights of supercharge

    I would open a service. ticket summarizing the issue, and note the specific date and time that the events took place. They'll remotely log into your car and check the logs to see what the car was doing. I doubt it's related to the supercharging, (I use superchargers often), but I'd let the...
  5. Stanwood Steve

    Ohmmu 12V Battery Feedback

    Really sorry to hear that so many have had issues with the Ohmmu battery. I've had mine installed for about three years now and never had an issue. The install was straightforward, and it's worked flawlessly since it was installed. I've never received an error code or anything (now that I've...
  6. Stanwood Steve

    New owner… I wish someone would've warned me

    I know exactly how you feel. I have a GT500 convertible that hardly ever gets run anymore, with the M3P being so fast and fun to drive. It's like it has ruined the driving experience for every other car I have. I have people asking me all the time though - "don't you miss the rumble of the...
  7. Stanwood Steve

    How to Install Clip Out of Place Under Rear Bumper? Left like this after service.

    It's of course your call, but if Tesla service didn't complete something correctly, why not let them know and have "them" fix it. I'd probably just screw something else up if I tried to do it myself.
  8. Stanwood Steve

    OEM CCS adapter now available to order in North America, Retrofit for older cars coming in 2023

    For some reason I was able order an adapter for my 2018 M3P in spite of the fact that my car is not yet capable of supporting the CCS charging. I received notification that the CCS adapter has shipped, so I should have it shortly. I plan to get the retrofit in early 2023 (or whenever it's...
  9. Stanwood Steve

    Model 3 Performance (High Mileage Users)

    I have over 82,000 miles on my 2018 M3P and have had no significant issues with the car in the four+ years I've owned it. I have continued to run 20" wheels and had no issues with wheel damage from potholes or anything else. I do have a separate set of winter tires on aftermarket 20" rims, and...
  10. Stanwood Steve

    Cracked windshield: should Tesla, Safelite or fix it?

    When I had my windshield replaced, I didn't have to do anything to initiate the recalibration of the cameras other than just drive it. It take a few miles to recalibrate I was told, and it appears to have worked. No issue with my Enhanced Autopilot functionality after just a few miles on the road.
  11. Stanwood Steve

    Entertainment screen is blank

    I have the same issue as of about a week ago. I opened a service ticket via my phone and the tech from Tesla said this is a known issue and recommended the following "workaround" that I have not yet tried. The tech advised me to change the language to something other than English and then back...
  12. Stanwood Steve

    Suspension noise? Serious?

    I had mine replaced about four months ago, and it only took about two hours to do the work, and that was for both sides. I waited at the Service Center and drank their espressos and read a book while waiting. Not much of an issue.
  13. Stanwood Steve

    Significant damage to passenger side under door

    Nol, the Tesla Body Shop did not state what was behind the panel but they gave me the impression that it was easy to "pull" dents out of it, so I got the impression that the risk was low.
  14. Stanwood Steve

    The Report-Your-No-Problems Thread

    Almost four years with over 75,000 miles on my Performance model 3. Charge port was replaced under warranty (wouldn't always open when it was supposed to), and creaking upper control arms on front suspension just replaced at no cost (goodwill by Tesla). Otherwise, the car has been trouble free...
  15. Stanwood Steve

    Control Arm backorder

    I had the same issue with my driver's side upper control arm and it was getting really loud (a bit embarrassing in parking lots). I used some Liquid Wrench, sprayed into a small puncture I made in the rubber boot, and it silenced the creak almost immediately. I had to wait a couple weeks for...
  16. Stanwood Steve

    Control arm under warranty? [when over 50k miles on car]

    I'm looking at my invoice, and no prices are listed. I asked about an alignment and they said they no longer perform an alignment when replacing the upper control arms since nothing involved in that work should affect the alignment. On the invoice under "Pay Type" is simply says "Goodwill -...
  17. Stanwood Steve

    Control arm under warranty? [when over 50k miles on car]

    I just had my upper control arms replaced (both sides) at 73,500 miles and Tesla didn't ask me to pay for anything. When I scheduled the service, I noted that this was an issue that was well documented in the owner community, but was a bit surprised that they didn't ask for payment from me...
  18. Stanwood Steve

    Ohmmu battery [question about ohmmu battery for Model 3LR]

    I believe Mountain Pass Performance offers an alternative. I've had the Ohmmu version 2 installed in my 2018 Model 3 Performance for about a year or so, and never had an issue. Not sure why some have issues and some don't, but it's been absolutely trouble free for me. I replaced my OEM...
  19. Stanwood Steve

    Upper Control Arm

    The creaking in my dirver's side upper control arm was getting really loud, so after jacking the car up (tire was still mounted), I made a small hole in the boot and inserted the small plastic tube for my Liquid Wrench spray can into it and sprayed some into the boot. It silenced the creak...
  20. Stanwood Steve

    Control arm under warranty? [when over 50k miles on car]

    Just had my 2018 P3D Upper Control Arms replaced with 73,500 miles on the odometer, and they did not charge me. I was a bit surprised and was ready to try to convince them to share the cost with me, but they never ever suggested that should pay for the work. Again, my experience with Tesla...
  21. Stanwood Steve

    Squeaking left front wheel

    I agree that a solution that uses grease is preferred, but I didn't have a syringe and I figure the solution using Liquid Wrench would be temporary, but take care of the "creak" long enough to get in for the service appointment (that has now been slid out to May 6th due to part availability...
  22. Stanwood Steve

    Squeaking left front wheel

    Don't know if it's the upper control arm "creak" or not, but if it is noticeable at low speeds when turning that' most likely what it is. Mine developed the same "creak" (which can be quite loud and embarrassing), and it's the driver's side upper control arm (a known issue). I was assured by...
  23. Stanwood Steve

    New Tesla Model 3 extended range locked me out, Tesla refused to help

    I've had my Model 3 for almost four years now, and although my iPhone has worked the vast majority of the time, I've always carried a key card with me. I only needed it once when for some unknown reason, my phone couldn't unlock the car. It was a minor nuisance. I figure if my phone battery...
  24. Stanwood Steve

    Full sized spare tire for Model 3?

    I purchased one of. the "Modern Spares" and keep it in the trunk when on long trips. It's nice because it comes in a bag with jack, lug wrench and tire/wheel. I figure as long as I have it, I won't need it. That's proven to be the case so far. Same reason I carry chains in the winter.
  25. Stanwood Steve

    Ohmmu 12V Battery Feedback

    I am not sure why, but my 2018 Model 3 Performance hasn't had an issue with the Ohmmu battery since I put it in about a year ago. I'll probably jinx myself now, but I'm confused as to why my car seems fine with the Ohmmu battery and others have issues with it. I'm running software release...
  26. Stanwood Steve

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    I'm on 2021.44.30.10 and have been for a couple weeks or so.
  27. Stanwood Steve

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    I replaced mine after two years given all the reports of battery failures. I have a 2018 M3P with 67,000 miles (it had 50,000 miles at replacement), and although the battery seemed fine, I didn't want to get stuck somewhere with a dead battery. I went with the Ohmmu lithium battery and in...
  28. Stanwood Steve

    Those with the M3P

    I've had the 20" wheels on my 2018 Performance model for over 66,000 miles now, and had zero blowouts or damage from potholes. I love the look of the 20" wheels, and see no reason to swap them out, but maybe I'm just lucky enough to have avoided deep potholes. Heck, I could hit one later today...
  29. Stanwood Steve

    Ohmmu 12V Battery Feedback

    Maybe I'm the exception, but I've had no issues with my Ohmmu battery at all. I installed one right after the initial version 2 replacement, so it was the updated configuration, and I'm running software release 2021.44.30.10 currently. I've never received any warning messages and the car is...
  30. Stanwood Steve

    Ohmmu 12V Battery Feedback

    I have had the Ohmmu battery installed for about six months now, and I haven't received any error messages on my screen. I'm running Version 2021.44.25.6 only 2018 Model 3P with no issues "yet". If it does show up, the reset procedure is pretty straightforward. I did receive the instructions...
  31. Stanwood Steve

    Average age of Model 3 owners?

    I'm 65 years old and I drive a M3P (have had it for over three years now). I love driving the car and the technology that is built into it. I haven't found it challenging to drive or an issue in any sense. I also own a Shelby GT500 with a six speed manual transmission that I find more...
  32. Stanwood Steve

    Ohmmu 12V Battery Feedback

    I replaced my OEM Battery with the Ohmmu battery with absolutely no issues (about six months ago). The OEM battery was still working fine, but this was a preemptive move given all the issues being mentioned on the forum and my desire not to be left stranded anywhere. The replacement was very...
  33. Stanwood Steve

    Performance to Winter tire swap timing advice?

    I swap mine each year about mid-October, and leave the winter tires on until early April. I always tag my wheels with the mounting position when I put them on next time so they're essentially being rotated. Having a spare set of wheels for my Michelin Alpins works well. I have the covers from...
  34. Stanwood Steve

    Dented rocker panel on curb—what now?

    I has similar damage to one of my rocker panels. I received a $13k repair quote from a Tesla approved body shop, but it only cost a little over $2k at a Tesla Body Shop. I went with the Tesla shop, and they did a beautiful job. In my opinion, I'd get the car fixed - too nice a car to live...
  35. Stanwood Steve

    EV Wheels Direct

    I bought wheels for my Performance Model (see photo), from EV Wheels Direct to mount my winter tires, and they are fine. It took a while to get them but they said they were waiting for a shipment from the manufacturer (in China), hence the delay. They did arrive and the guys at the tire shop...
  36. Stanwood Steve

    Separate wheels or seasonal tire swap?

    I have the 20" rims and bought the same set of winter tires. I elected to buy a second set of rims through EV Wheels Direct (see photo at left), and I just take off the summer tires in early October, and replace them with the winter tires/wheels. I use this as a chance to ensure proper...
  37. Stanwood Steve

    Service scheduled before warranty expired, still covered after 50,000 miles?

    I had an issue with an intermittent failure of my charge port door, and by the time I got it in for replacement, I was over 50,000 miles, but it was covered under warranty, no questions asked. I've found that Tesla service is very easy to work with and more than accommodating. I do tend to...
  38. Stanwood Steve

    Significant damage to passenger side under door

    I had similar damage to mine and the estimates for a Tesla approved body shop were much higher than for the Tesla Body Shop. It was explained to me that the Tesla shop can "pull" dents, whereas the Tesla approved shops have to replace dented panels. Has to do with knowledge of what's behind...
  39. Stanwood Steve

    High mileage check-in

    2018 Performance M3 with 53,000 miles. Still have factory 20" wheels on car. Battery at 100% reads 292 miles, although it does tick up to just over 300 when I'm using it on a long road trip. Never got over 308 even when new. Had the charge port replaced under warranty at 50,000 miles due to...
  40. Stanwood Steve

    Dented the passengers side rocker panel pretty badly, any idea what I’m looking at cost wise?

    Yes, the Tesla Body Shop was in Bellevue, WA. I worked with a representative named Doug Dubois and he was very easy and pleasant to work with. It took about a week to get all the parts, and I was very pleased with the quality of the work.
  41. Stanwood Steve

    Dented the passengers side rocker panel pretty badly, any idea what I’m looking at cost wise?

    I had similar damage and took it to a Tesla approved body shop (Exotic Auto Repair in Bellevue, WA), and estimate was over $13k. I took the car to a Telsa Body Shop and the estimate was $2,250. I was told the difference (by the Tesla shop), was that they can pull some dents whereas the Tesla...
  42. Stanwood Steve

    Windshield Repair experience

    Safelite did my windshield replacement a year ago in the Seattle area. That was at the recommendation of my State Farm agent, and they did a great job. They told me they do a lot of Teslas, and in fact, there was a Model S in there for a new windshield when I dropped off my Model 3. Took about...
  43. Stanwood Steve

    Help Me Decide Between Long Range and Performance

    My truck is starting to rust out along the weld lines on the bed too. I might see if I can find a clean replacement bed somewhere - I hate to get rid of it. I finally did have a new rebuilt engine put into it at 410,000 miles (it has almost 420,000 now).
  44. Stanwood Steve

    Help Me Decide Between Long Range and Performance

    For me, the decision to buy the Performance model was pretty easy. I tend to keep my vehicles much longer than most people (I've had my Toyota 4WD pickup for over 40 years now). I really liked the look of the Performance model, and frankly, I still look back at it when I park and admire it...
  45. Stanwood Steve

    Need Some Accessory to Cover Dent in bottom structure

    I had similar damage to my passenger side rocker panel. I took it to a Tesla Approved Body Shop and they said they estimated the repair at just over $13k. I took it to a Tesla body shop, and they did the work for just over $2k (that included a new 20" wheel that had a very slight grind mark on...
  46. Stanwood Steve

    is undercover necessary for installing Torklift Stealth EcoHitch with OEM rectangular cut out.

    I believe the Torklift undercover is only necessary for those of us that "don't" have the updated rectangular cutout in the bottom panel. Mine is a 2018 so I'd need to purchase the cover from Torklift since I don't have the cutout in my panel already. I am looking at having the Ecohitch...
  47. Stanwood Steve

    Sentry mode false alarms from earthquakes.

    I've only had my alarm go off once - it was on the 4th of July when someone in the neighborhood set off one of the "illegal" explosive type devices (M80 type). Sentry Mode doesn't activate the loud music and flashing lights thing - just the alarm, as far as I know. I was able to clear the...
  48. Stanwood Steve

    Windshield Replacement

    I've been with State Farm in WA State for over 40 years, so maybe I"m "grandfathered in" or something. I definitely have zero dollar deductible though, and I tested that with a windshield repair on my M3P a couple of years ago. Safelite did a great job but they weren't cheap. I paid nothing.
  49. Stanwood Steve

    Wondering what those who using ABRP actually use as a process.

    That's exactly how I choose to use it. Works well for me.

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