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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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    Pricing strategy for 2023?

    I wonder how the POS will work when there are taxpayer qualifications based on AGI.
  2. S

    tesla trade-in values decreasing :( Nov/Dec 2022

    Seems we are back to "don't BUY a new vehicle unless you intend to keep it for seven years". So choose wisely.
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    Bypass Lane Behavior

    Well, I had a situation related to that a couple of days ago. Bypass is for a left turn onto a freeway entrance ramp. Section of road preceding the bypass comes from a roundabout so cars are accelerating back up to the speed limit of 55 mph. What happened to me was "grandpa" in front of me was...
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    FSD Beta 10.69

    "Yield to traffic on your left" is the law and my mantra in multi lane roundabouts. If I am in the outside lane my head is on a swivel assuming the cars on the inside are trying to kill me, even when I'm not on a motorcycle. All my local roundabouts are one lane. 3.1 seems to handle those well.
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    FSD Beta 10.69

    First day testing. Area I live in has a general speed limit of 55. Problem is that limit can apply through sharp 90 degree bends and even roundabouts. Those are marked with warning signs like 20 mph. FSD needs to read those and take action.
  6. S

    FSD Beta 10.69

    I'm in, new user upgraded from 36.6. Might be a coincidence but yesterday I sent my VIN number to the earlyaccess email box. This morning when I checked my cell phone at wakeup time, voila!
  7. S

    Kicked out of FSD queue?

    I don't know that constancy of enrollment or safety score makes any difference at this point. Everybody who paid for FSD should have the opportunity to get V11 by the end of the year. I suppose there is a slight chance of us enrolled with high scores getting 69.3.1 in the meantime but I am not...
  8. S

    Watch out when backing a trailer...

    Trailer jackknifed a little too far when backing up. Right rear fender. Assume PDR can take care of that.
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    Model Y Not Worth the Price Now [Nov 2022]

    Well..... I dearly love my Y priced last September, now.... chose options to make an apples to apples comparison with a 2023 AWD Cadillac Lyriq (tow, 20" wheels and EAP) and bleep, the Y is 10K more expensive.
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    Elon Musk

    In 1979, "United States recognized that the government of the People's Republic of China was the sole legal government of China, and acknowledged the PRC's position that Taiwan is part of China." The CCP will not permit Taiwan independence.
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    CyberTruck Starting Price Poll

    I have an order for a Lariat Lighting ER, 87K, which I can back out of without penalty. But that truck is/was Plan B. I think or maybe wishfully think Tesla can price a dual motor CT under the tax credit limit. Just looking at 304 stainless pricing it's more than doubled since 2019, to around...
  12. S

    Used market has really taken a hit [All discussion of Model 3 Resale value]

    40 years of watching financial markets has taught me this: parabolic up is followed by parabolic down.
  13. S

    CyberTruck Starting Price Poll

    Will go with the quad at 100+K, and a dual motor squeaking in under the tax credit limit. The cheapest Extended Range Lightning is over 80K so there's the bar.
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    Looking for recommendations - Improve Autopilot/Navigate-on-autopilot driving characteristics

    Thing I learned quickly in stop and go freeway traffic is set the max speed to what you think is the actual pace of traffic. For example, the freeway may be marked 65 mph but the actual flow is more like 20. Set the max to say 25 and the TACC won't jerk you back and forth and set itself up for...
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    Starting to feel like Cybertruck is going the way of the Roadster: Vaporware

    My expectations are that CT production starts in late 2023, and I expect there will be some configuration priced under 80K. I mean it's obvious that 2019 pricing is long gone. Even so a dual motor at 70 is a bargain relative to it's competition. I have an opportunity to order a Lightning but...
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    MYP ‘22 aka The Vomit Comet

    Have to say I like my bolt better for smooth driving with its well implemented blended braking. Smoothest driving for me in the Tesla is set it to creep mode.
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    Road trip through Blazing Heat

    I'm a Yankee, where 95 generates excessive heat warnings. Next week though I'm planning a x-country trip which will route from Grand Junction Co to Vegas to LA, I-70 and I-15. Any advice welcome, first time trying this in an EV, 2022 Model Y LR.
  18. S

    OTA updates nothing to get excited about, sb a purchase deterrent…

    Coming from Bolt world, one OTA that just tweaked the infotainment system in 2017 and none since. Two months of Tesla ownership, so many updates I've lost count, 😆. Gimme Tesla's approach.
  19. S

    Speed limit sign recognition sucks

    Agree. I drove on US-2 through upper Michigan and the nav didn't know the speed limit (65) or the camera missed the speed limit sign. Tesla nav should be as comprehensive as Google maps one would think even if the camera misses a sign.
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    Cabin Camera Experiment 2020.20.7

    Had a drive today on a lightly traveled, fairly straight freeway so I decided to test the cabin camera. 82 mph autosteer on. Looking straightahead hands off, hands on wheel warning came after 42 verbal counts (a thousand and one... etc) versus 13 counts if I tilted my head obviously down...
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    are these panel gaps normal?

    No wind or water leaks? If so, leave it alone.
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    Michigan Waiting Room

    Took mine 25 miles. Driving north on US131 with well marked lanes.
  23. S

    Another price increase

    Oh yes they can. I lived through the stagflation of 1973-1981.
  24. S

    Another price increase

    Wow is right, price has gone up 10K since my 9/1 order. I have the car now (4 days) and it's wonderful but would I have paid 70K OTD? Don't think so.
  25. S

    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    Today, Day 285, took delivery. Car looks great. Already got my first software update, an hour after I parked it at the house.
  26. S

    Michigan Waiting Room

    And on day 285!
  27. S

    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    285 days doesn't get fast as a qualifier. One thing about age is patience grows along with the years.
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    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    "Hi Joseph, congratulations, it's your turn to schedule your Model Y for delivery. Select your tentative appointment now at tesla.com/schedule/RNxxxx Appointment will be tentative pending on-time arrival and inspection of your Model Y. We may reach out to schedule a new appointment if your Model...
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    Like your black Model Y?

    I swore I would never buy a black vehicle till I bought one, LOL. If you aren't OCD about appearance at all times it's not bad. Here it is with some good honest Colorado mud on it.
  30. S

    Michigan Waiting Room

    June 13 at 1:00PM. Fingers crossed there's no last second delay. (Grand Rapids).
  31. S

    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    Latest snag, hopefully easy to resolve. Added the Y to my current insurance policy, multicar and renews 08/06. Tesla app doesn't like that because it's not 60+ days from delivery date. SA will try to override manually or I will have to call the insurance agent today.
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    Broken model S

    There's the CARB warranty of 10 years, 150K miles on the EV powertrain or am I mistaken?
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    First Impressions: Model Y Performance

    Re: China Y's having double pane rear door windows Maybe a cultural thing. From what I have heard it is prestigious to ride in the back seat while being chauffeured, and a Tesla is pricey enough to qualify as a limo over there. So more has to be done there to keep the back seat environment...
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    Plain Model Y customers punished AGAIN June 2022

    It will have taken 280 something days for me to take delivery of a LR. It is what it is. Consolation is my price is a screaming deal by current standards. Want a RAV4 Prime? Maybe 2024.
  35. S

    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    Message implied it's shipping. Cars are trucked into Michigan from Illinois or Ohio after you pay for them, maybe they wait for a full truckload for the last leg of the journey. Vexing part is arranging the 120 mile trip to GRR. It's not like I can just Uber over any ol' time at Tesla's convenience.
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    MY LR waiting room.

    Scheduled delivery 6/13. Details in signature.
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    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    Tesla Held Hostage - Day 276 And delivery scheduling pushed back a week.
  38. S

    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    So on day 275 I got my invite to schedule delivery on Mon-Wed of next week.
  39. S

    Handy days between date calculator

    Date Duration Calculator: Days Between Dates Need to know the number of days you've been waiting? For me, it's day 275.
  40. S

    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    Tesla Held Hostage - Day 275. This website comes in handy. Date Duration Calculator: Days Between Dates
  41. S

    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    My ship came in on 5/25. Just finished arranging for payment and insurance. Hopefully will take delivery late next week.
  42. S

    Michigan Waiting Room

    Miracle: I got a VIN last night.
  43. S

    Any other Y owners put a deposit on a Lyriq?

    I have a Y order, and a Lyriq order. Y should be coming soon, and the Caddy may take a year to get. Question is should get the Y and drive it till the Lyriq arrives? I don't need both.
  44. S

    Michigan Waiting Room

    I have a 2 week window that bouncing around in June. Why I even bother to look anymore, IDK.
  45. S

    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    You are lucky it wasn't totaled, or unlucky it wasn't totaled.
  46. S

    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    As good a guess as any. My EDD just got pushed back to mid-late June.
  47. S

    Dumb question - Is there a dead pedal?

    I spent 40 minutes testing a Y, and noticed my left foot went into the deep of the footwell. Which felt narrow and the pressure made my tender left knee hurt. Seemed like I couldn't find a dead pedal to put my foot on. (Chevy Bolt I drive has a very good dead pedal position). I guess I should...

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