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    A/c Issue - Auto setting not generating high fan speed

    I have this issue as well. I have to use manual mode. I never had this problem in the past. I think one of the updates screwed the pooch. Currently on 12.3.2 and I think this started 2 versions ago, because it's been bothering me awhile now. I also have the trunk and USB security cam issues that...
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    To ceramic coat or not to ceramic coat?

    I did it myself using avolon king. It worked good. I have had it on 1.5 years now, water still beads nice. I agree about water spots though. I have hard well water. I get bad spots after I wash unless I towel dry the car. I have tried spot free car soap to no avail.
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    Lifetime Wh/mi

    249 is my average for over 9500miles winter and summer. It about 280 in winter and maybe 230 in summer. I too would like to know what others have seen. I know higher speed makes a huge difference and also a lead foot raises the number quickly. _stampee
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    Summon mode not available

    Obviously it sure as hell was not clear the 3 times i read the manuals, or i would not have asked in the first place! I am sorry i am not as perfect as the moderator jjrandorin! Thank you to RonB and raw56 for their replys Stampee
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    Average age of Model 3 owners?

    60 here, living with my mommy in her cellar and she still washes my clothes... (Own my own home and am single, and... Hate washing my clothes lol ) But to be serious i was 59 when i purchased my model 3. I had never seen any tesla in person at the time. They are rare in my area. I wanted a Tesla...
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    Summon mode not available

    Hi all. I have no summon button, and no way to turn it on in the car display. I have a model 3 rwd. refresh. Dec 21, 2020. I have auto pilot, not enhanced or FSD. Do i need FSD for summon? I cant figure it out. The owners manual just states how to enable and use it, nothing else. Thank you...
  7. S

    Hot footwell / feet issue 2019 model 3 LR.

    Mine is a 2021 model 3 refresh. I picked it up december 21, 2020
  8. S

    Phantom text messages

    Moto play phone here. This MAY be a tesla problem but it occurs in my brothers jeep also. Now he is getting messages from deceased relatives. Needless to say this is a big issue. I replied to the google bug report. Thanks Stampee.
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    Hot footwell / feet issue 2019 model 3 LR.

    I have the opposite problem. My feet are always cold. I crank the heat up to high, my body and head are roasting, yet my feet are still cold. Stampee
  10. S


    Latest improvements Stampee
  11. S

    2021.24.10 display no longer fully dims

    Thank you. It has not helped however. Tesla introduced a new bug apparently.
  12. S

    2021.24.10 display no longer fully dims

    I notice after the past 2 updates, the display no longer dims to 1%. It sticks at around 25% and goes no lower. It says 1% on the display but it is not. After stopping, the display may jump to 1%,but there is no guarantee it will. Has anyone else noticed this new bug? Stampee
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    Emergency charging

    A 6000 watt 220v generator would be great as an emergency charger, but... How to transport it is a big issue. Stampee
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    Other cars are worse.

    A 912 has never been rebuilt that it was not found at least one broken top piston ring. This at 60,000 miles or so... Yet porsche is loved as much as we love our teslas. And yup...i rebuilt my share of 912s Stampee..
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    Model 3 Autopilot question

    I hate it and agree it is to close to the left side. Maybe it is so-called in the center, but a normal driver does not always drive that way, especially when a big truck is hugging the right side of his lane. Does the tesla drift a little right the way a human would to avoid this? Nope! the...
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    Smile your on camera!

    Or even.... You are on camera...
  17. S

    Pedestrian warning system. No sound

    Thanks all. At a walking speed in big parking lots, i hear nothing, and neither do the pedestrians until i beep the horn. Oh well. Its teslas issue to worry about, not mine. On the other hand i sure do not want some annoying sound musk is known to give us. Stampee
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    Car won't unlock until I handle my iPhone

    I have this issue on my android phones, randomly not unlocking. I have found a 100% method for unlocking. I take the phone from my pocket, turn it on/activate the screen, then hold the phone near the pillar sensor. It is a bit of a pain in the ass, especially with your hands full, but it works...
  19. S

    Pedestrian warning system. No sound

    Hi all. My dec 2020 model 3 does not make any sound in forward. Isnt it supposed to make some sound to warn pedestrians? I hear a sound in reverse, not very loud but its there. I notice in parking lots pedestrians do not seem to know i am behind them. Any observations would be appreciated. I...
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    Blind Spot Monitoring

    There is an amazing feature built into all cars, nobody bothers to use. It is activated by turning your head and looking to your left. An object will appear in your eyeball and get sent to your neurons! Its a pretty amazing feature and has been there since the days of wagons. Stampee
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    Federal EV Tax Credit - Anyone get a certificate from Tesla?

    I thought the federal tax credits had expired? I picked up my model 3 december 21, 2020 Are they still in effect? Stampee
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    Has your screen ever gone dark while driving? Possibly related to iPhone bluetooth disruption?

    my screen crashed in the garage as i was trying to get bluetooth connected, so... I chime in with another report of bluetooth issues. -stampee

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