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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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    Trade: 2015 Tan Executive Rear Seats for Bench

    Service center can definitely do it
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    Trade: 2015 Tan Executive Rear Seats for Bench

    What a unicorn build. Congrats. I loved this option. It wasn't perfect but it was nice!
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    20" Model 3 Performance wheels/tires - Dark Bronze

    Let's move these beauties :)
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    20" Model 3 Performance wheels/tires - Dark Bronze

    4x 20" Model 3 Performance wheels with 245 Falken Azenis 510's ~20,000 miles on wheels Tires are a hair over the wear bars, certainly due for a change soon. These have been powdercoated dark bronze which is awesome in the sunlight. There is some light curb rash and a ding on the rear wheels...
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    Master Thread: Model 3s on the Track / drag strip- Videos, Discussion, Setup, Etc

    This is really telling me I suck if I haven’t run sub 2 at BRP! Hahaha. Nice job everyone
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    Master Thread: Model 3s on the Track / drag strip- Videos, Discussion, Setup, Etc

    Adding some links to get the juices flowing. I'd love to see all the track topics in one spot, maybe OP post? @MoreAgain : @fastp3d Craig BWC13: Setting Sights on track record @MasterC17 VIR: EV Lap Record, 2 M3's at VIR
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    Vendor Forgestar Wheels: Flowformed/Lightweight + Custom Offsets & Powdercoat Finishes

    I have CFV5 19x9.5 +20 on my car. Great looking wheel
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    Master Thread: Model 3s on the Track / drag strip- Videos, Discussion, Setup, Etc

    Damn, @mattack4000 you ran a 1:58 at BW with what setup? Just stock suspension with RE71? Feels like with any vid or time post a list of mods should be included IMO so we can all help each other out. Mod list: MCS 2-way Coilovers - generally running this 3-4 clicks off stiff full time MPP MC...
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    Tesla Podium at Global Time Attack *Video*

    Craig, I've always been curious to ask, do you secretly run an MPP master cylinder brace? And if not...have you tried a car with one?
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Forgestar love, nice. I have some CFV5s
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    Unplugged Performance shows up to event to help us win!

    IIRC your raw time was pretty damn fast
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    Model 3 Unplugged Front Brake Pads

    Front set of Unplugged Performance Model 3 P Track brake pads Used for 1 track day, and ~5,000 street miles (which I do not recommend BTW) 8mm of pad left on each $250 shipped
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    Whiteline Swaybar Links KLC102 (Model 3 Rear)

    You...dont still have these do you?
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    I Brought Two Model 3's to VIR - New PB of 2:08.49!

    Yea, I've always had RE71 or Dunlop ZII but the warmup vs total avail time to attack is important on our cars and I guess I didn't really consider that until now. May not ever hit the right ultimate grip to available power
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    I Brought Two Model 3's to VIR - New PB of 2:08.49!

    Very surprised on the MCS vs MPP. The NVH is a serious annoyance for a daily, but the MCS performance in canyons is out of this world. What settings did you have on your MCS? They are the 1WNR or 2WNR?
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    Solved: wind noise

    An alternative method that I think takes care of multiple issues at once, and not just the top gap In higher end cars, you'll notice this entire fender area is closed off, but on our relatively "cheap" M3, it is wide open, and frankly, ugly. If you tap around the fender you'll also notice its...
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    MPP gift card available for sale

    Right when i place an order 24 hours ago!!
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    Model 3 BBK

    How was this kit on track days? How long did it take to get fade? What was performance per track (laguna still bad, or did these make brake fade manageable for the day)? EDIT: feel free to point me to posts about this if you've already made them...highly considering this upgrade. Brakes being...
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    Tesla Corsa @ Buttonwillow - New personal best lap

    Bad. I was probably the only guy at this event with stock brakes and I regretted every minute of it after my 3rd lap. The booster will still let you push through the fade which is awesome for a track day, but the pads are down to half after this one event. Upgraded fluid and pedal is still soft...
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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    why would they want to cannibalize sales for people to wait? Its coming. If you want it. wait for it.
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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    This means the full vehicle testing in Beta and RC phases was really light. They did a TON of component and lab testing. What this tells me is that now that the vehicle is fully designed and parts are representative, they can fully test the parts as an integrated unit. This really only puts...
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    Help ! Part Identification ?

    This goes under the rear lower seat frame. Its an NVH pad that helps take care of some of the motor noise that comes through from under the car, as well as some of the OBC and HVJB noises
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    My Experience bringing a Tesla to Dubai

    Anyone in Dubai/Abu Dhabi want to meet up with current and former Tesla Engineers (here for F1 this weekend)? Would be curious to hear some local stories.
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    Model X P100D Deliveries

    P90D - 3070kg P100D - 3120kg The pack weighs roughly 57kg more. or 10%. Not 4% as I saw stated earlier here.
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    Model X P100D Deliveries

    Thank you! The GVWR did change! Knew it.
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    Model X P100D Deliveries

    Request for the P100D MX folks. Could someone take a picture of your Door sticker (the one with the weights)? I want to know if they'd upped the GVWR and GAWR's. That pack is pretty heavy now...
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    Pano roof chattering

    Good question, this seems most likely. I forget the number I saw on the tub. Klübersynth MR 96-31 - Lubricants - Klüber Lubrication
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    What is the circular grille above the USB ports?

    Europe cars house the glass break sensor up here.
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    Model X winter experience?

    By the time its available to you in NO it'll be fine.
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    How does Model X drive compared to Model S?

    X is taller, and that is immediately noticeable. Seating position is higher as well. The S is a more engaging car to drive. The A-pillar blind spots of the X are HUGE. S is the vehicle to drive for me.
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    Interior door metal trim dents

    I'd rather not call out things on a message board. People latch on to them as issues and get very vocal with service staff, when its really not an issue. They won't be noticed for awhile, and honestly they arent bad. This particular issue isnt a wear item just an oddity for a very small subset...
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    Interior door metal trim dents

    Well, you could have real aluminum, or "plastic with aluminum look" like in Hyundai's.
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    Seal issues?

    Those door seals are beauty seals and provide no function other than covering up a seam.
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    Interior door metal trim dents

    HA! You are one of the VERY VERY few people who swings the belt buckle in just the right way that it hits the metal. Is it just you that drives? Going forward, while doesn't solve the metal's issue, be aware of how you're swinging the belt buckle around your shoulder.
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    Faraday Future

    None of them. GM's EV1 facility in Socal disintegrated and many engineers were dispersed throughout SoCal, ending up together again at FF.
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    Driving the Model S for Uber + Lyft

    I UberSelect to cover the costs of my now defunct lease reimbursement. As long as my total miles for the day pays for that AND my $0.25/mile overage mileage cost on my lease, it works financially for me. Completely agree about the evangelical part. I get more compliments and talking customers...
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    Safety Deal Breaker after Model X Test Drive

    Ha! I didn't say the sensor worked perfectly! Just that it is there. But as with these cars they get much better with updates :)
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    Safety Deal Breaker after Model X Test Drive

    Yes, there is an inductive sensor on that interior trim piece. If you put your hand near there it stops. Done, buy MX, close thread.
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    EVmote App

    OK. I'm in. I drive for Uber, and you've just made mileage tracking a hell of a lot easier. I havent read this whole thread, but interested in the development and seeing what IFTT integration there is
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    Automagic Premium and Model S

    I want Alexa integration as well...
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    Want Summon to pull to one side of the garage? Here's how

    If you're going down a straight stretch of road requiring no input, even with your hands ON the wheel, it won't sense torque and still nag you.
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    Is this normal, or an unusual amount of issues for a 3 week old car?

    You should see what they fix BEFORE they let the cars go. This is normal. Just tell your service center, it'll still be billed as 1MIS, so the quality teams will see it.
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    Pano roof chattering

    When you guys go to your SC, make sure they use KLUBERSYNTH grease to grease this. That is what is spec'd by the design engineers and SHOULD be at all service centers globally (this usually isnt the case), also feel free to buy some. Your pano roof SHOULD be greased every 6-12 months (its also...
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    Minimum time from start of production to California SC delivery?

    For my 90D: From VIN to Final Assembly line, 3 days. VIN to PDI complete, 5 days. VIN to pick up at Fremont, 7 days. Might be the fastest ever. No repairs, nothing. Wasn't a zero-defect car though (of course). YMMV
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    Found screw - Where did it come from?

    Pano only screw. If you have them all there, then this is extra. Your car probably got a rework or saw the water booth a couple times :)
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    Model X Mule Sightings

    *DING* *DING* This green sticker says "Prototype glass."
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    Superchargers in Northern California (location speculation)

    Anyone have eyes on the Petaluma location? I'm taking a trip on Friday and PRAYING it is available, but, otherwise, it'll be a nice slow speed drive ;)

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