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  1. djroberts

    Jeda charged me March 16, hasn't responded since

    I've filled a dispute with Visa. I'll just get my money back and not shop with them.
  2. djroberts

    Jeda charged me March 16, hasn't responded since

    Totally get that these are unique times and I'm totally fine with being patient for my order. My issue here is that they charged me right away, didn't ship, and haven't responded to any inquiries. Im hoping they monitor this forum. Just looking to cancel the order at this point.
  3. djroberts

    Microphone and voice recognition not working after install of 2019.40.50.1

    Mine is lagging hard and usually doesn't work since the update.
  4. djroberts

    DIY Chrome Delete

    I just bought the Nikola Pro and the cuts for the trim are all wavey and not thick enough to cover the chrome in some places.
  5. djroberts

    paid for Premium Connectivity and no satellite maps. On 39.2.4.

    Mine just showed up. Just a few hour delay for the configuration to kick in. Makes sense.
  6. djroberts

    paid for Premium Connectivity and no satellite maps. On 39.2.4.

    Just paid for premium and no sat maps. Rebooted. On 39.2.4.
  7. djroberts

    Check Out the Cybertruck Promo Photos

    The 250, 350, etc. are super duty and only two door. Totally different market. This would only go up against a 150 crew and it kind of kicks it's ass.
  8. djroberts

    Check Out the Cybertruck Promo Photos

    I think the S is very plain. The 3 is cute. The X is reasonable. Cybertruck at least needs time to get used to but I already think it's cool looking.
  9. djroberts

    San Diego Tint Shop?

    They quoted me 600 for door windows and rear. I'm thinking 30%. No more Reddit deal.
  10. djroberts

    Flex Film Tint?

    I was thinking XPEL XR Prime Plus but I can't find anyone who carries it. Llumar Formula One Pinnacle is the best thing I can find here in San Diego and the heat rejection is a little low for what I want.
  11. djroberts

    Check Out the Cybertruck Promo Photos

    I was shocked at first but I'm already getting used to it and frankly starting to love the looks. The specs are awesome. I want one.
  12. djroberts

    San Diego Tint Shop?

    Looking for recommendation. Preferably one that does XPEL Prime XR Plus.
  13. djroberts

    Flex Film Tint?

    Appreciate it. I'm finding it difficult to find anything that's high IR that people are is good and local tinters use.
  14. djroberts

    Flex Film Tint?

    I've been researching it and I can't find a lot of search results for flexfilm failures. Spec wise it looks good and tintworld is pushing it as the best IR solution. Do you have any links?
  15. djroberts

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.1 update released with 5% power increase

    Rollbacks after often more difficult than incremental big fixes.
  16. djroberts

    M3 tint options and feedback

    I was quoted $450 for just the rear door and quarter panel windows. Suntek CXP 20. I'm in San Diego so things are a bit more expensive but It sounds like too much?
  17. djroberts

    Pentagon IR Window Tint

    Has anyone heard of this? I'm comparing this with Suntek CXP. I'm getting a big discount so these are the choices.
  18. djroberts

    Would you still have bought your model 3 if it never had autopilot?

    I did, actually. I could add it later but for now I'm good.
  19. djroberts

    No sound?

    I tried turning my phone's Bluetooth off but it didn't help. It could be my headset. Maybe I need to turn it off before entering the car. I turn it off once in the car and that used to work.
  20. djroberts

    No sound?

    Second day in a row I come out of work and there's no volume. It adusts but I can't hear anything until I reboot. Bluetooth, Spotify, YouTube, whatever. Anyone else?
  21. djroberts

    Continuously upgrading paint protection

    They will have to remove the ceramic, apply the PPF, then reapply the ceramic. That's what I'm having done. Luckily they're doing the ceramic part for free.
  22. djroberts

    Continuously upgrading paint protection

    Yeah, I had them on my CR-V. On the Model 3 I'm less than 3k miles and it's only just skin that's touching it. Way too sensitive.
  23. djroberts

    Continuously upgrading paint protection

    Did you do anything about the rock chip? Wondering what you can do with the PPF already on.
  24. djroberts

    Continuously upgrading paint protection

    Oh yes. They are removing the ceramic then reapplying it over the PPF for free.
  25. djroberts

    Continuously upgrading paint protection

    I'm doing full PPF and ceramic coat over that. I actually already had ceramic but they're removing them readding for new.
  26. djroberts

    Chipped paint cleaning my car

    You could touch it up and ceramic coat the car. Washing becomes much easier when it's coated. You can gently spray on some cleaner using a pump bug sprayer and wipe it of. Your car will still scratch and chip from touching it, rocks, etc... If you want to prevent scratches and chips from day to...
  27. djroberts

    Continuously upgrading paint protection

    I was pretty ignorant about PPF, ceramic, etc. I bought a black Model 3 and someone recommended I put ceramic on it so I did. Started finding rock chips in the paint so upgraded to Front PPF and rocker panels. As soon as I got the car back I noticed a bunch of scratches near the passenger door...
  28. djroberts

    Need help deciding between Performance and Long Range Model 3?

    I've heard there's also a stealth LR performance package. I don't know much about it but might be the middle ground you're looking for.
  29. djroberts

    Homelink not working in morning

    Mine starts having issues every so often. This last time is stopped working at the same time Spotify stopped. Reboot fixes for a days to weeks.
  30. djroberts

    PPF before or after HomeLink?

    Wouldn't you rather have the PPF scratched than the bumper?
  31. djroberts

    Consistent driver side rattle at speed

    The Service Center fixed mine which appears to be the same as yours. Wheel well bumping against the fender. Was only happening on the passenger side. He said he sees it on either side depending on the car. If that doesn't work then it's a wire harness in the pillar but I think that's less likely.
  32. djroberts

    spotify problems

    It's not working for me. Stuck trying to load a track. Never plays. It did on day two.
  33. djroberts

    PPF after Ceramic Coat

    I had my whole car ceramic coated then decided I need PPF on the front. They're going to remove the coating in the for front for free and discount the PPF. 5 Point Auto Spa in San Diego. $1520 for full front.
  34. djroberts

    Model 3 missing features after V10

    My Caroake was broken the first night but works now. Did you reboot?
  35. djroberts

    Upgrading Model 3 SR to SR+

    That's my thought. They're always in such hurry they sometimes overlook these scenarios. Whenever I get to the Service Center they slow down and listen.
  36. djroberts

    V10 Surround sound?

    Curious of anyone else has confirmed surround sound per Elon's tweet that it would be included. I tested DD5.1 and PCM5.1 using YOUTube and it was 2-channel.
  37. djroberts

    Upgrading Model 3 SR to SR+

    You might be able to get them to lower that at the service center.
  38. djroberts

    V10 for non FSD

    SR, no anything. Update downloading. I'm in Southern California.
  39. djroberts

    Charging past limit?

    Weird thing. I set my limit to 80% (SR) and it usually lands on 176. Just looked and it's at 181. Now I don't care about the mileage but what's weird is that it charged past the limit line. Anyone else experience this?
  40. djroberts

    V10 software and Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus

    "it's got to be more than FSD at this point" <- No, it doesn't and that is why I clarified. Perhaps I over explained and included superfluous information.
  41. djroberts

    V10 for non FSD

    I got that too. It says it'll be rolled out by location and vehicle configuration. I expect I'll get it in the next week or two. I'm SR, no anything.
  42. djroberts

    Model 3 tire rotation quote: $127

    It's probably because they're so busy. Demand is high so they can discourage you taking it there.
  43. djroberts

    V10 software and Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus

    That's 52% of people who use TeslaFi. Not 52% of all owners. TeslaFi represents a small percentage of owners. It's good as a leading indicator.
  44. djroberts

    V10 software and Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus

    Modifying software capabilities universally or even by type is much easier than features with billing integration.
  45. djroberts

    V10 software and Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus

    I read that while this is the final version it's only going out to FSD/Advanced and full release is next week. My guess is that's when they'll disable the LTE streaming. Happy to be wrong here.
  46. djroberts

    Tesla model standard upgrade to standard plus

    They're wrong and that sucks. My Service Center didn't know about it until recently.
  47. djroberts

    V10 software and Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus

    Elon said that's only for testing. Once it's released it'll require WiFi.
  48. djroberts

    Upgrading Model 3 SR to SR+

    You can't upgrade to SR+ without including AP. They quoted me $4,500+tax as well.
  49. djroberts

    Anyone notice the flood of used Model 3s?

  50. djroberts

    303 safe on vegan leather?

    It's what I have. Good? Bad? Recommendations are welcome.

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