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  1. Andy_RS2113

    Final test drive tomorrow am I making the right decision

    I have a model 3 and a model y, both LR and both leases through my own Ltd co. I have done 30k miles across the 2 over the last 12 months, and as an example, have done this week: Monday in the M3 - Leicester to north London and back - left home with 90% got back with 23%. 200 miles covered...
  2. Andy_RS2113

    Range opinions?

    I can do Leicester to North London and back (fairly regularly) on 65% used. This is a journey of 205 miles total. (M3LR) - admittedly only 1up, but still... yours seems a bit on the low side...
  3. Andy_RS2113

    Whats the name of your Tesla?

    Our two are called “The White Knight” and “El Caballero Blanco”
  4. Andy_RS2113

    Key fob availability?

    All done within your own network using their miniserver
  5. Andy_RS2113

    Key fob availability?

    This can be done.. Google Loxone…
  6. Andy_RS2113

    Key fob availability?

    It’s an eKey fingerprint system which is built into the door handle of my front door, which is made by Austrian company Internorm. It works extremely well, and can handle 99 different fingers, for those with many family members/friends/staff etc… 🤣 They’re not cheap as front doors go, however I...
  7. Andy_RS2113

    Key fob availability?

    I don’t take any keys with me anywhere any more. eKey biometrics on the front door of the house and 2 teslas with phone access. I’ve never felt more alive… 🤣
  8. Andy_RS2113

    WBAC Shock

    All depends on what the car is and how tidy it is on Motorway in my experience. My X3 M40d went 2 weeks ago via them. WBAC offered 31k, motorway reserve was 32.5k and the bids ended at 34.5k. Car was mint and presented as such, no haggling from the dealer and cash was paid same day they...
  9. Andy_RS2113

    Q3 collections, new owners tales and experiences

    also live traffic and Youtube/Netflix whilst charging/wife shopping/kids needing picked up etc etc - defo worth a tenner a month for me.
  10. Andy_RS2113

    Q3 collections, new owners tales and experiences

    The ceramic coating on mine does a great job
  11. Andy_RS2113

    Q3 collections, new owners tales and experiences

    Im on your photo! 🤣
  12. Andy_RS2113

    Q3 collections, new owners tales and experiences

    Well, after some palaver yesterday with regards to delivery, El Caballero Blanco is finally on the driveway. Seamless experience at the NEC and the car is absolutely flawless in every way. Was in and out of there in less than ten minutes. Spent this afternoon applying the Avalon King ceramic...
  13. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    these guys are fun - had a text last week, saying no delivery any more, need to pick in BHX. Fine. Booked a slot at 10am tomorrow at the NEC to collect. Confirmed by text at 10:39am today. Then got a text at 10:49am from We Deliver Cars saying my delivery is booked for home between 9am and...
  14. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    I had the text today also saying no delivery possible, and need to go to the NEC to collect on Wednesday. Pain the Ares, but it is what it is…
  15. Andy_RS2113

    New Energy Price Guarantee

    This. She’s the worst thing to happen to this country since boris johnson…
  16. Andy_RS2113

    Trade-In Damage

    PDR chap near me in leicester can normally sort minor dings for £50-£75 each
  17. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    Just got my insurance sorted through Hastings Direct - £600 including business use, not too shabby - was expecting higher based on all the feedback on here....
  18. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    Gigafactory in Shanghai does custom wraps for domestic customers IIRC
  19. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    Can confirm that when my M3 arrived in November, it was on a trailer being towed by a pickup truck. All the driver did was unload it and then Jeff off. No signatures as it’s all done online. I’m excepting similar for our second vehicle in september
  20. Andy_RS2113

    2 Tesla's on one App - different accounts

    OK, here's one I've been struggling to get my head around - the collective hive-mind of TMC (UK subforum) must know the answer!! The missus has a Model 3 as a company car (her employer leases it for her through Lex) and both of us drive it. I'm logged into the app using her credentials, and...
  21. Andy_RS2113

    Recommended driving song for first drive home in Tesla?

    You can NEVER have enough cowbell…
  22. Andy_RS2113

    Any views on Q3 Model Y suspension setup or differences from Q2 so far?

    Did Mr M have his very own boat? 🤣
  23. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    Bizarre. I did exactly the same process, but ALD took mine over and Tesla refunded my £200 deposit. Just had home delivery text confirmation, so all is good…
  24. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    Text from Tesla today confirming home delivery on 28th. Time to be a 2-Tesla household 🤣
  25. Andy_RS2113

    Charging help for France, pls

    I got one of these before I went to France in June - worked perfectly the whole time we were there https://toughleads.co.uk/collections/ev-electric-vehicle-extension-leads/products/standalone-european-scandinavian-ev-charging-adaptors-compatible-with-all-evs
  26. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    quick question - how do you have an EDD when taking a business lease through ALD? Mine disappeared about 2 weeks after ordering when ALD took it over…
  27. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

  28. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    is this likely to be a Q2 car that’s been sat in a field at Donington (zen auto) awaiting the change reg plate so that it retains more value?
  29. Andy_RS2113

    Model 3 Shattered Rear Passenger Window

    Whether you believe it or not, or whether you think it’s poor or not, does not change the fact that it’s standard practice across the industry. Please feel free to Google NiS inclusions and warranty if you’re that bothered…
  30. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    I'm moving from X3 M40d - absolute beast of a car, but just seems old fashioned since the missus got her Model 3, so a 2-Tesla household we'll be!
  31. Andy_RS2113

    Model 3 Shattered Rear Passenger Window

    That's the thing though here - the materials are not "faulty". A NiS inclusion may go a thousand years without ever causing a problem. Or it may cause the glass to shatter as soon as it comes out of the toughening plant. As stated earlier, it's a chemical phenomenon found in a small...
  32. Andy_RS2113

    Model 3 Shattered Rear Passenger Window

    It's more of a "this is a naturally occurring phenomenon, and we as the manufacturer have no control over it, no matter how much QC and QA we put in place at the factory, so how can we be held responsible?" Sucks I know, but it is what it is. I would imagine in this case, it was caused by...
  33. Andy_RS2113

    Model 3 Shattered Rear Passenger Window

    This will be due to something called a nickel sulphide inclusion, which is a microscopic chemical anomaly in the glass which is formed during the toughening process. It affects maybe one in 10,000 toughened units, and can cause them to spontaneously break, normally upon thermal stress. I supply...
  34. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y rocking (suspension odd)

    Had this recently for a a few miles on a French autoroute in our Model 3 - the only thing I could attribute it to was some kind of resonance on the particular road surface at the particular speed. Was very peculiar though, and couldn’t seem to replicate it
  35. Andy_RS2113

    Charging advice in Cornwall area

    Lifton's good, the deli there is ace, and even larger now it's moved to the main building Dart's farm is good on the way down there, decent ice cream ;)
  36. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    Have been trying to get a live chat box for the last three days, but not appearing for me for some reason… 😢
  37. Andy_RS2113

    20” Induction disaster

    Try these guys, they’re very good. https://www.whoopswheelfixit.com/
  38. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    Or in the case of a lease vehicle, have a letter from the lease co, confirming your status as the driver. 👍
  39. Andy_RS2113

    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery inc the shipping thread for posts with no shipping news

    Count yourself lucky, Birmingham city centre is an absolute joke of a nightmare for driving at the moment
  40. Andy_RS2113

    Tesla Model Y - PCP or HP for company car

    If your company is VAT registered, business lease is the absolute best way to do it. You can offset the monthly payments, insurance, and all maintenance items against the CT liability each year, and you can reclaim half the VAT on the lease payments each quarter. Absolute no brainier for me…
  41. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    How do you do Live Chat? I can't see an option anywhere...
  42. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    All this talk of EDDs is making me sad… mine disappeared when ALD took over the vehicle as a business lease and now I’m blissfully unaware if it’s happening or not…. And there’s been zero contact from ALD either. Ho hum.
  43. Andy_RS2113

    No front lights at all, even indicators (Whoops did I do something....)

    is it on a canbus system? if so, these are notorious for this kind of strangeness…. I had a disco 3 back in 2005 on canbus and it was a nightmare - I particularly remember when a brake light bulb used to blow, the entire air suspension would collapse…. 🤣
  44. Andy_RS2113

    Why can I only upgrade connectivity on my M3 lease on my wife's iPhone?

    Here’s a weird one for you then. My wife has a model 3 as her company car, picked up in December last year. We both have the tesla app on our phones, connected to the same account (her company one, using her company email address). So far so good. I then ordered a model y in April via my...
  45. Andy_RS2113

    Model Y UK Delivery

    Yes, I picked up my dad‘s new m3 last September for him as he’d broken his leg. They needed to know beforehand, and needed my licence and insurance details ahead of time too. Once all that was sorted, no problems at all on the day.
  46. Andy_RS2113

    MY order has disappeared from the account page - is this usual?

    Is this true even if the lease is with the tesla lease provider ALD? If so, maybe I can relax….
  47. Andy_RS2113

    MY order has disappeared from the account page - is this usual?

    I placed an order for a new MY about a month ago, and all was progressing nicely, ALD agreed the business finance, and all’s good - this evening however, I log on to check status on delivery timeframes, and my order is no longer showing, just shows the two boxes “place an order” and “assign...
  48. Andy_RS2113

    Apple CarPlay in the UK?

    Yes, these screens can do this, you need to connect to a plug in behind the dash which is part of the car’s FSD computer. Plenty of videos on YouTube showing how it all hangs together.

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