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  1. Cyber_Dav

    Will We See A CT Price Increase?

    The Cybertruck and Yugo both have four wheels. That makes them basically the same. Well, you did tell us to. :p
  2. Cyber_Dav

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Switch dealers right away. Many guarantee to markup above MSRP.
  3. Cyber_Dav

    Reservation number

    A little over 8,000. If the number has any relevance is another matter ... ;)
  4. Cyber_Dav

    Tesla solar price increase

    Southern California, near Palm Springs. $16,400 for 8.16 kW solar panels.
  5. Cyber_Dav

    Molded Rubber Floor

    Stainless steel = slippery when wet. Bedliner = grippy, even when wet.
  6. Cyber_Dav

    Speculation of pack sizes (kWh)

    I would say zero chance of this being the case. Car MPG and MPGe are always done the same. Cybertrucjk may be a truck, but it is not a commercial hauler. It will be tested and rated like any other private vehicle. Remember, MPG and MPGe are marketing tools, not engineering.
  7. Cyber_Dav

    Giga Texas kicks it up a notch...

    It's good news for us, but they are supposed to start with Y production. So even with a completed factory they may not be making Cybertrucks right away. :eek:
  8. Cyber_Dav

    Cybertruck With FSD

    I just checked my confirmation email(s). They did not include any prices at all.
  9. Cyber_Dav

    FSD $7000

    I figure it is just 'right hand not knowing what left hand is doing'. IT was told to update website but with insufficient or incorrect instructions on what to show / not show. No reason to think (at this point in time) that Tesla intends to renege on their deal. Just normal incompetence.
  10. Cyber_Dav

    The cost of building a (single) Cybertruck

    DIY Cyber wrap? I like it (for when a tin foil hat just isn't enough)
  11. Cyber_Dav

    TeraFactory Austin Texas Preliminary Build Schedule --- Substantial completion ****

    Following Rivian progress, they are now where Tesla aims to be around May. They are 'producing' trucks now. But they won't be selling any until June. They are working to get the line working correctly and efficiently, and all trucks being made are slated for testing (as in crashing them in to...
  12. Cyber_Dav

    Cybertruck design/features

    If they'd just give us our flying cars we could get rid of all that tire and suspension weight! :p
  13. Cyber_Dav

    4680 cell implications

    Few believe supercaps have any place in the power electronics. They capture and release bursts of energy, so maybe regen and ludicrous mode helpers. My question is, if the new cells are not ready when Cybertruck starts production, will early Cybertrucks be orphans with lower spec batteries?
  14. Cyber_Dav

    To Powerwall or Not to Powerwall?

    3 years of bills, average is under $.20.
  15. Cyber_Dav

    Cybertruck Home Charging - New Onboard Charger?

    But in either of those cases your home charging amperage is immaterial.
  16. Cyber_Dav

    Whole House Surge Protection

    Except the FS140 has a 10 year warranty vs 1 year for the BSURGE, so theoretically the FS140 should last (at least) 10 years where the other may need to be replaced 10 times. In case anyone else wants to justify the added upfront cost of the better unit. :cool:
  17. Cyber_Dav

    Wrap the Cybertruck | Navy Working Uniform Type III

    I've seen some beautiful wraps. I don't know what I'll do, yet. Wrapping is definitely a possibility.
  18. Cyber_Dav

    Wrap the Cybertruck | Navy Working Uniform Type III

    I think: nice render. Not a fan of camo personally, but looks like camo fans will really like it. :)
  19. Cyber_Dav

    Anyone Plan On Making The Cybertruck Their First Tesla?

    I've had two prior EVs, but Cybertruck will be my first Tesla. I've been waiting for them to make an EV pickup truck. First was a 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV with NiMH batteries and about 100 mile range. 2nd was a Th!nk City, about 75 mile range, but my commute at that time was 16 miles roundtrip...
  20. Cyber_Dav

    Prepping unfinished garage wall before install

    Great replies, and a great pic Dukeybootie. Thanks for taking the time to reply. You've convinced me, the garage wall will look much better finished. If I ever get my Cybertruck, it deserves to have a nice surrounding! :cool:
  21. Cyber_Dav

    Prepping unfinished garage wall before install

    My garage walls are unfinished, just bare studs. I'm seeking suggestions on what I should do to prepare it for the solar install with powerwalls. Should I put up drywall, or plywood, or just leave it alone? Thanks :)
  22. Cyber_Dav

    Solar Roof order August 19, 2020

    Hey neighbor! What I figure is the co-op has nothing to say regarding off-grid solar. So I'll get the 5kW grid-tied system now, and if I need more add some off-grid.
  23. Cyber_Dav

    Solar Roof order August 19, 2020

    1) Previous solar roof quote from Tesla was 5.1kW. Their online estimator is simply screwed up. 23kW for this house (2,300 sq ft) would be insane. 2) My utility (Anza Electric Cooperative) is very small, about 4,000 customers. They have 1 'solar guy', Don Downing. Here is what he wrote me...
  24. Cyber_Dav

    Solar Roof order August 19, 2020

    I placed an order earlier but canceled when I found my utility restricts me to a max 5kw system. Have gotten over it (mostly) and placed a new order today. Tesla is recommending a 23kw system! It's kind of nuts they don't let you specify a size. My service entrance / main panel is at the...
  25. Cyber_Dav

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Very, very much false. Once again, you misinterpret what people say to mean what you want it to mean.
  26. Cyber_Dav

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I can't help it, I have to rebut your fear-mongering. Panic isn't necessary to perform prudent acts. PANIC is BAD.
  27. Cyber_Dav

    California bans per-minute billing; Tesla Superchargers will need displays

    I haven't seen it mentioned (I did read all posts except those by the two arguing pointlessly), but part of the problem with per minute charging is that the controlling company can determine your charge rate. Meaning that all they need to do to double their income is to limit your charge rate...
  28. Cyber_Dav

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Not sure how you reach that conclusion. One factory (Fremont) on West coast making cars for West coast, one factory in the middle of the country making them for the East coast. Makes perfect sense, cuts down on transportation costs and time. My vote for Tweet interpretation, one factory, two...
  29. Cyber_Dav

    Model Y vs Rivian R1S

    They've driven two of them from Tierra Del Fuego to Los Angeles. Also one in Canada. I think that is fairly extensive. I think you need to be better informed before making such negative remarks. Remember, Tesla was a 'brand new' company with no products once. Oh, that's right... quite...
  30. Cyber_Dav

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I am satisfied with TD Ameritrade, but I am a buy-and-hold investor, not a trader. It has LOTS of features I will never use, and, in fact, don't understand.
  31. Cyber_Dav

    Modifying the meaning of turn signals

    I think your title is misleading. This doesn't have anything to do with changing the meaning of turn signals. It is simply an example of improperly implementing a function. Tesla does not currently handle the described situation well. Not even considering turn signal function. My opinion.
  32. Cyber_Dav

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    We need an "agree" button. I neither like nor dislike this conclusion, it simply is what it is. But I think Elon has enough news this time to actually meet the April timeframe. However this could postpone it if it isn't ready (from Electrek article above):
  33. Cyber_Dav

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Tractors. Mahindra (was at one time) the largest tractor manufacturer in the world. But on topic, this little dip hit two of my standing order limits, so I snagged some more shares. It can go back up, now. :D
  34. Cyber_Dav

    Musk: 'Demand For Cybertruck Is Above What Tesla Can Do In 4 Years'

    However, look at the Y rollout. It does not appear region constrained (not by the emails, anyway). It is definitely trim level constrained (highest Performance model only so far). And it doesn't appear order date has much to do with it, either. People who ordered this month are getting...
  35. Cyber_Dav

    Reservation number

    Are you getting a Tri-motor? Looking at how they are handling Model Y they are only making one trim at first, the most expensive. Can I come see it when you get it? ;) Will you be throwing a party? (I'll bring the chips!)
  36. Cyber_Dav

    SpaceX investor's thread

    Hey, this is fun! One of my 401Ks owns some SpaceX and I didn't even know it! When the invites to go to Mars are sent out (exclusively for shareholders) will I be included? :D
  37. Cyber_Dav

    Fed tax credit for roof replacement required for solar install?

    I believe it matters if the solar install company does the roof (even if subcontracted), then it is part of the solar roof. If you think proactively and do the roof first then it is just an existing roof and does not qualify. This is not advice, I am not a lawyer or CPA, etc.
  38. Cyber_Dav

    Tri motor and single motor have swapped production times

    Once they shifted build sequence an awful lot of people switched from dual to tri. I don't think those numbers reflect that. (and from single to dual or tri so they won't have to wait as long)
  39. Cyber_Dav

    Tesla Cybertruck will come standard with ‘laser blade lights

    I'm pretty sure the "laser blade lights" Elon is talking about are the ones at the top of the windshield, not the headlights.
  40. Cyber_Dav


    It's practically a trademarked phrase: "It's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand". o_O
  41. Cyber_Dav

    Tesla Cybertruck Orders Hit 146K in Two Days

    My guess: not due to being overwhelmed, wanting to focus attention, or even intentional at all. This is how it was at release. I think someone just modified the webpage and accidentally reverted the navigation bar to it's earlier version. mistakes happen.
  42. Cyber_Dav

    Journal of Energy Storage best practices for extending the life of lithium-ion battery

    This bothers me. Are they saying all they did is compile anecdotes and old research and didn't do any research themselves? Sounds like a rehash of "everybody knows", not anything actually validated. And thus not worth much.
  43. Cyber_Dav

    "Better than people realize"

    Realize too though that Tesla could have removed all the software locks intended to keep owners from burning up their vehicles in the first week of ownership. That test dual motor may greatly exceed what the production dual can achieve in owner's hands.
  44. Cyber_Dav

    Will the halfshaft issue be fixed?

    I understand it to be an articulation issue. If that is the case, no, number of drive motors would not affect this issue. Unless perhaps they put the motors themselves on gimbals so the half shafts did not articulate at all. I have no idea if this is possible or feasible. :)
  45. Cyber_Dav

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    What, that advertising is a waste of money? I won't buy any VW product. You lost me on that one. o_O edit: to keep relevant to thread, I do own Tesla stock, but no VW. edit: I get it now "protection money". Maybe, I don't think so, though. Too many unaffiliated players.
  46. Cyber_Dav

    Forced updates? Hmmmmm.

    I don't mind updates, but Microsoft updates (as an example I'm familiar with) have a bad history of breaking things. Yesterday's update broke my wife's Internet connection. She had to go to an earlier restore point to get Internet back. Tesla has broken AP using updates based on an earlier AP...
  47. Cyber_Dav

    Decoding the Reservation Number

    We can't know what they will do, but we can guess based on what they have done in the past. Still a guess. Our reservations are not real orders, so which will be made first is not based on reservation number. Once we can convert our reservations into orders, THEN the model with the highest...
  48. Cyber_Dav

    Bioweapon Defense Mode

    Yes, but if there is a pass-through to the vault that would kind of defeat the purpose. While I like the HEPA filter idea, just not sure how well it would work in a truck. (obviously, I'm undecided) :confused:
  49. Cyber_Dav

    Musk: 'Demand For Cybertruck Is Above What Tesla Can Do In 4 Years'

    It is not possible. Doesn't stop everyone from guessing! :)
  50. Cyber_Dav

    Assembly Plant in TEXAS? Would that shift deliver priorities?

    The current speculation is Cybertruck and Semi. Just speculating for the fun of it.

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