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  1. Ghosty

    Delaying fall delivery for EV credit?

    My delivery keeps getting closer every time I check it. November 10-December 15 now. I figured anything after December and I'll delay for the 30 days per the Purchase Agreement. Either way, I really don't care. If they cancel the order, oh well. I'm not taking delivery until 2023, whether...
  2. Ghosty

    Air Conditioning Reduced DC FastCharging/Supercharging rate may be reduced -Error Help

    I am currently experiencing a nightmare with Tesla Service. They started off with a 400+ estimate. I just got a call today - making it the "third" update on repairs and they've reached close to 2k in repairs. First it was the Louvers causing that AC issue. Then my 12v battery died. Car was...
  3. Ghosty

    A plethora of error messages.....

    My Model S, as described in title below, recently displayed a message pertaining to reduced A/C from a problem with the Louvers. After a week and constant requests with Service Center, my appointment was ultimately changed to July 23, 2021. Well, today, while I entered my car (I drove the car...
  4. Ghosty

    Air Conditioning Reduced DC FastCharging/Supercharging rate may be reduced -Error Help

    So I just completed an update on my car and the "Louvers" on the Driver side opened while the car was updating. However, as soon as I touched them, they closed. Once the update was complete, I took a drive and the AC message was gone. AC worked for 20 mins or so. Not blowing super cold air...
  5. Ghosty

    Air Conditioning Reduced DC FastCharging/Supercharging rate may be reduced -Error Help

    Hi there UR, Looks like the Louvers on my car are not working. None of them open, except the bottom passenger side one. However, that Louver looks like it is "detached/broken." The rest are always closed. I'm assuming this is the reason why I've had the "Jet engine" fan sound on car. If...
  6. Ghosty

    AC issues

    Don't give in so easily as I did. I had a similar issue with AC and the jet engine fan blowing extremely loud. I tried addressing this issue while under warranty but they dismissed it every time. Fast forward a few months, once I was out of warranty, and my AC died due to "louvers" not...
  7. Ghosty

    AC issues

    2016 AP2 MCU1 here as well. First thing this week, I got a message on my screen that AC was being reduced. After researching a bit, I started looking at the "louvers" in the front. Noticed all closed except the passenger bottom one. That remains opened. All that aside, I took it in to the...
  8. Ghosty

    Air Conditioning Reduced DC FastCharging/Supercharging rate may be reduced -Error Help

    Hi ShawnA, Thank you for that tip. I will try that this evening. I'll update post with results.
  9. Ghosty

    Has anyone repaired cooling louvers?

    Hi Sara, I just had an identical experience with similar issue. I brought in my car, after getting a message through Tesla app to bring in car if AC was not working. I did that and the rep who attended was unusually hostile. I have no idea why she conducted herself in such a manner. The...
  10. Ghosty

    Air Conditioning Reduced DC FastCharging/Supercharging rate may be reduced -Error Help

    Hi UR, Thanks for reply. After reading more about this issue, I inspected the Louvers and the three front driver ones are closed. The two top passenger ones are closed but the third, bottom one is open. The open Louver appears to be "stuck" and has not closed since I started observing...
  11. Ghosty

    A/C not cooling air - Solved

    I have this exact pattern. Similar messages prior to the deadly TCH_w0016. My car was simply parked in 113 degree temperature. Not super charging. However, I just went into garage and checked the louvers. The three on the front driver side are all closed. Two smallest ones on the front...
  12. Ghosty

    "Air Conditioning Reduced" message

    I just experienced this issue today: Car as listed in profile, below. Car was parked at gym, not supercharging in 113 degrees. Fan has been on for days since the heatwave began. Left garage door partially opened to keep garage cooled. Coincidently, I have a service appointment for the "soft...
  13. Ghosty

    Air Conditioning Reduced DC FastCharging/Supercharging rate may be reduced -Error Help

    This message just popped up on my S Dec 2016 build, 75. It was parked at gym, temperature outside was about 113 degrees. As usual, fan is like a jet engine but that has been the norm as Tesla advised me that nothing was wrong since it was under warranty. Now, out of warranty, I get this...
  14. Ghosty

    WTS: 2020 Model S long range + in MD 21014

    Pics would be nice. ;)
  15. Ghosty

    19" Slipstreams on Model X?

    Morning all, Anyone know if late 2016 Model S 19" Slipstreams fit a Model X? Thanks,
  16. Ghosty

    Bike roof rack for all glass '18 Model S

    This post Car flex and losing a roof rack with bikes? scared me away from a roof rack. I'm aiming for installing a hitch. However, since you've already ordered a roof rack, everything I've been reading - seems people really like 1up products. Of course - those positive comments were related...
  17. Ghosty

    Battery Fire Discussion

    When it is a Tesla - very rare - it makes national headlines. When it is a gas car - local news only. List: Kia, Hyundai Models Drivers Say Are Catching Fire
  18. Ghosty

    Battery Fire Discussion

    I was thinking the tow may have contributed to the fire but your logic makes more sense. Whatever caused the flat tire may be a culprit in the "hissing" sound that led to the fire. Either way - tow or debris - let's hope it isn't another bright owner who shoots into the car and lies about it.
  19. Ghosty

    Pricing help 2018 model X 75D

    Let's see some pics and build sheet please. Thanks,
  20. Ghosty

    Like new S 75D

    Do you have the build sheet for this car? What year is it?
  21. Ghosty

    Mystery People in my Garage

    Time to sell and move out! No way would I remain there. NO WAY!!!
  22. Ghosty

    More worries! S 75D 2 days old charges to 251mi not 259.

    Let's see some pics! Pics or didn't happen! Kidding but yea...some pics! We want to see her!
  23. Ghosty

    More worries! S 75D 2 days old charges to 251mi not 259.

    "Drive it like I stole it." OMG! Best quote ever for a Model S. I feel the same EVERY opportunity I get to drive my car. Just a wonderful experience! Every time I drive it......it is truly a wow moment for me! My Precious!
  24. Ghosty

    MS 75D delivery in 10 days, getting cold feet...

    Eeeeeeek!!! So exciting! I've owned my S for over a year now and - until today - every time I'm about to drive - I am so excited! Like the first time getting to drive my S! I love everything about my S! Detail it at least once every two weeks. My Precious! When someone get's near her -...
  25. Ghosty

    After 4 years of ownership do you plan to keep your tesla ?

    Bought my S and never looked back. Won't ever look back. The S truly is one-of-a-kind. An experience no other car can provide.
  26. Ghosty

    Private Party Purchase (Out of State)

    Fly and drive car back. Probably easiest way. Second, DCU and Alliant credit union are easy to work with. I love Alliant b/c they mail you the check directly - which will simplify a private party transaction. Tips: 1. Use a Credit Union that will mail you the check directly - it will help...
  27. Ghosty

    Mercedes C300 or Model 3 for Son?

    Local driving only - on average about 70 miles a day. We were looking at the C300 Sport trim. We just got back from test-driving the C300 and Model 3 (as Mercedes and Tesla are almost across the street from each other here in Vegas). The interior of the C300 is absolutely beautiful...
  28. Ghosty

    Mercedes C300 or Model 3 for Son?

    Evening all, I would like an opinion from Model 3 owners. My son recently had his Ecoboost totaled from a car accident (he is ok, thanks). I was contemplating getting him a C300 Mercedes CPO for about 30k. However, I've been reading up on the base Model 3 for 35k to be out 1st Q of 2019? If...
  29. Ghosty


    Pricing seems a bit off? Here is a 2016 with Facelift, CPO, and only 20k miles, directly from Tesla with CPO warranty, for $49k Model S 75 5YJSA1E10GF158136 | Tesla
  30. Ghosty

    Has anyone started using HOV on nav yet?

    Under the control function to activate Navigation on Autopilot. The "activate slide button" is not functional. Immediately below it, I see the message "cameras are calibrating 97%"
  31. Ghosty

    Has anyone started using HOV on nav yet?

    Mine doesn't allow me to activate Navigation on Autopilot - says cameras are calibrating "97%"
  32. Ghosty

    Drive on Navigation

    Woke up this morning and "update available" popped up on screen - not on app though. Strange. Anyhow, installed it while at office. Two key points: Autopilot Navigation and screen adjusting with media player on.
  33. Ghosty

    Drive on Navigation

    I just got the update today. Will try out this new navigate with autopilot feature.
  34. Ghosty

    2016 Model S 75

    Ah ok. Yes, AP1 makes sense. Sorry, I thought you meant AP2. I do see a few AP1 cars under the 50k mark. Still, a fantastic deal! Congrats!
  35. Ghosty

    CPO Pickup and Road Trip Advice

    Inspect all four door handles, trunk, frunk, charger port door (tap to open and make sure it closes on its own), check out screen for any discoloration, check lane changing blinkers. I'd suggest you have an initial setup for controls - set up your Blue tooth before you leave, adjust options for...
  36. Ghosty

    2016 Model S 75

    I find that very hard to believe. An AP2? More like 63k? Typo? I don't see any CPO come remotely close to your alleged price. .
  37. Ghosty

    DashCam Footage

    lol - Same. Keeping fingers crossed this feature will be activated with 2.0 cars.
  38. Ghosty

    A freebie from Tesla! Wow so happy!

    Paul, I take it your Model S is a 75D?
  39. Ghosty

    A freebie from Tesla! Wow so happy!

    lol ha ha - Thanks! The comments - they are just that comments. My Model S makes me happy and so does the Tesla Service Team. Just thought I'd share my positive experience with Tesla.
  40. Ghosty

    A freebie from Tesla! Wow so happy!

    An uncork would have been a dream S4. Unfortunately, everything I've read - confirms you - only 75Ds. No 60s or Non-Ds. I know some people seem a bit discontent with my OP. However, I wrote it mostly to emphasize my joy in being a Tesla owner and my positive experience with the service...
  41. Ghosty

    A freebie from Tesla! Wow so happy!

    :p:p Cheers Mate!
  42. Ghosty

    A freebie from Tesla! Wow so happy!

    This past Friday, I took in my Model S for service for a camera issue. Problem: Camera screen would, on occasion, display with odd hue discoloration/display. I was expecting to pick up on same day as drop-off. Unfortunately, that was not the case. They provided me a loaner. Next day, still...
  43. Ghosty

    Before and After - Slipstreams to Turbines

    There is a thread on this site titled something along the lines of "after market wheels." I'm pretty certain I saw one or two people with the 22" wheels on a Model S. Pictures included.
  44. Ghosty

    Before and After - Slipstreams to Turbines

    Here is a pic of my tessy with Slipstreams and the Turbines I just added today. What do you prefer?
  45. Ghosty

    Model S Insurance Cost in Las Vegas

    Progressive provided the best rate for me. Despite not being a fan of that provider - they did have the best rate. Opt for the 1,000 deduction. And of course, hope you get UM/UIM coverage as well. Congratulations on the purchase! Welcome to the fam!
  46. Ghosty

    Charging Port Door Needs Replacement Fix:

    Update on mine: The message came back up, and eventually I scheduled a service. However, they came out to my office and replaced the port door. It took almost two months to get the replacement, but it wasn't much of a bother other than the annoying message. Since the replacement, everything...
  47. Ghosty

    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    The one thing I hate about my Tesla is the fact that I walk into my garage every morning and I don't see a second one next to it. I'm not even mad at my Tesla for not being the new roadster.
  48. Ghosty

    Nooooooooo!!! *Fender Bender*

    Wow! Amazing work! Glad you found someone to get it fixed and leave it like new!
  49. Ghosty

    Someone bumped into my car

    "Hi Name, I wanted to ask if you recall slightly bumping into my car. I am in the process of filing a claim with my insurance and I need to file a police report to file a claim. They will likely ask for video from Tesla before my insurance pays. However, before I file a police report, I'm...
  50. Ghosty

    How Happy Are You With Your Tesla?

    Makes me feel like I'm in a different league. I mean, every ICE car I come across.....a dying breed. Love my Model S. Sometimes - I go into the garage just to wipe it down a bit. Just because.

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