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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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    Steering column control module

    Yes, it's $500 to install it =\
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    Steering column control module

    Sorry, yes, 2018 Model 3. It's out of warranty, by about 8K miles.
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    Steering column control module

    Hello everyone, I unfortunately recently broke the turn signal side of the steering column control module. It still works, as in I can signal in both directions, use the wipers, but the "resistance" is gone when you press in either direction, as it seems to have detached away from the main...
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    Exactly the same experience I'm having. Lane change behavior is definitely different in 12.1
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    Full self driving FSD group buy?

    Every time I think I've seen it all in these forums, something like this comes along....
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    Map update 2020.12

    Mine is currently downloading it now. Sitting in my car, waiting, since I use a hotspot, and I'm leaving on a 300 mile trip tomorrow.
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    HW3 upgrade waiting room: All FSD Tesla’s

    Definitely moving along now. I've become eligible for a retrofit after being denied since the New Year. Going in on President's Day. 125K VIN, built 11.2018, purchased 11.18 Bought AP and FSD during the fire sale.
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    HW3 upgrade waiting room: All FSD Tesla’s

    Just tried an appointment today at my local SC. Denied. 125K VIN, took delivery Nov 2018.
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    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    Seems like it's going with low VINs, purchased early in 2018 so far.
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    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    Any update on this, for being contacted????
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    Does anyone make carpeted floor mats with the Tesla Logo???

    Yes please, let me know what kind of quality they are. I don't think many of us in LA need all weather mats, these will do just fine. Thanks.
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    "Off menu" waiting room

    Doubly so. I actually got in on the sale they had for EAP and FSD for 5K. When coupled with the price difference, it really is a pretty small difference, and is more than washed out by the 6 free months of Supercharging I received, and the gas I was using monthly (~$250/month) Also, I saw some...
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    Does anyone make carpeted floor mats with the Tesla Logo???

    I am looking for just the black, carpeted ones, that came with the car. Does no one make them????
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    Model 3 LR range is now listed @ 325 miles

    I guess I'm lucky. 325 miles at 100% full charge, 16K miles.
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    MASTER THREAD: Tesla Insurance Services in California

    Are you from the future??!! How did they call you at 2PM today, the 14th!!??
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    Tint problem and seeking advises

    Those are crappy tinting skills. What a hack job.
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    Alcantara headliner upgrade. Anyone on LOS ANGELES area have it?

    No, but let me know if you find someone, might be interested in doing it too.
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    That is absolutely not correct. The settings/weights may update, but the NN itself doesn't update. That happens once every 6 months or so.
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    Insurance rate increased. Anyone else?

    I have 21st, 6 month renewal went up about $100 total.
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    LR RWD Waiting Room

    No. I tried to order one late last year, I noticed it was an option again during the SR unveiling, but don't know if they ended up making those either. They jerked us around for a month about it.
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    LR RWD Waiting Room

    You're gonna run into this issue that I did: they didn't end up making the LR RWD in White Interior. This issue has been running since last year. Maybe something changed, but I've never seen one delivered.
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    Software update 2019.16.3.2

    I'm still on 16.2, is that what most CA folks are on, with AP 2.5????
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    Software update 2019.16.3.2

    Anyone in CA get this version, on a Model 3????
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    Supercharger - Culver City, CA (16 V2 stalls)

    Was there over the weekend. Quite a few stalls were not working.
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    Supercharger - Marina Del Rey, CA (LIVE 28 Jul 2022, 8 V3 stalls)

    Looks like it might be it. Address makes sense. I live close by. I can check later this week.
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    Supercharger - Culver City, CA (16 V2 stalls)

    Anyone know what's going on with this site???? It isn't showing on the map anymore.
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    tesla-apiscraper: Yet another selfhosted Teslog/Teslafi alternative

    Quick question with this: once you close the API Scraper, it stops scraping, right???? Or do I need to do something manually to close the connection????
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    Screwed by Tesla today... M3 LR

    Thank you for your service, but blaming this on Tesla is pretty unfair. A car has thousands of parts to it, any of which that can go wrong.
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    LR RWD VIN Yet?

    They didn't make a Long Range in White Interior. There is a huge thread on it, and no one ever got one.
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    If you didn't order EAP at $5K, would you buy AP+FSD for $5K now?

    I will absolutely throw my money at Tesla to give me all the goodies for 5K. Since I plan to keep the car for awhile, the price drop is pretty much irrelevant to me. It wasn't worth it at 8K, but its more than worth it at 5K.
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    Do I get the new HW3 computer with $2K AP purchase?

    Do you have any evidence that there is no expiration date????
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    LR RWD VIN Yet?

    It wasn't a LR, it was a MR or a AWD version.
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    Confused about Autopilot discount

    Yes, Elon said to give it a few days for the website to update.
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    Confused about Autopilot discount

    Yes. The 5K for non owners was meant to entice them to give in and buy it all, not to piss EAP people off. It's 2K to go to FSD.
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    "Off menu" waiting room

    Correction: its only for people who purchased in 2019 BEFORE the price changes =(
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    "Off menu" waiting room

    I feel better about all of this. I was told, by someone at Tesla, who specifically asked about my situation, that if you purchased NOTHING in 2018, you would be gifted AP only this year. And the AP, NOT EAP. That means, a $4K savings as if I buy it right now, its 4K retail, and though I only...
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    Standard Range Model 3 Now Available for $35,000

    This....ja ja ja ja. Comedy of the day.
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    Tesla Model 3 Announcement: $35k Model 3 Available, some price changes

    What if you've only had it 90 days, and it's been in the shop for 2+ weeks????
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    Tesla Model 3 Announcement: $35k Model 3 Available, some price changes

    Except you can't buy it for that price....unless you buy the car new .
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    Autopilot - I finally caved.

    Depends on your commute. I don't use the freeway 90% of the time for a commute, so EAP had very little value to me.
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    Full Self-Driving Capability Is $8,000

    iPhones absolutely drop in price, after NEW MODELS are announced. They don't nudge you to buy before the year ends, to make sure you take advantage of the tax refund, only to have the price reduced further than any tax credit difference could cover, less than 90 days later. Oh, and they...
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    FSD for $3K online for EAP owners?

    Not how it was explained to me, which makes me a bit upset if it's true.
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    Did the Mid-range and Long-range prices dropped $2900??

    I agree. It just feels pretty slimy to nudge folks to take advantage of the tax credit, only to lower prices literally 2 months later, to a price that is less than before.
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    FSD for $3K online for EAP owners?

    It was communicated to me that if you purchased EAP beforehand, you would grandfather into EAP and FSD.
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    FSD for $3K online for EAP owners?

    Pull the trigger on it if you want it, doubt you'll get better prices if you don't have either. I'm at 11K too, and won't be buying at that price, after how they shafted the early adopters.
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    "Off menu" waiting room

    Correct. I wanted only FSD, but couldn't order when I placed my order in late October, since it wasn't available. Im now doubly screwed, as those who got EAP now get FSD for free. That, coupled the price cut, feels like I got done pretty dirty, since now it's $11K to get FSD, when that's all I...
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    FSD now with Autopilot Summon

    He didn't say that recently. In fact, he said the opposite during the podcast. He said he thinks he could get FSD on the Nvidia hardware, which is 2.5, but its much easier to get it on 3.0. He says that pretty clearly during the podcast. So while he may not ever work on getting FSD on 2.5, he...
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    Standard Range Model 3 Now Available for $35,000

    Same exact situation here. Sucks.
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    "Off menu" waiting room

    Yes. This is the updated pricing for EXACTLY the same model I ended up getting. 44.5 instead of 50.5, 6 grand less, which means I lost out on 2250 by rushing to take delivery.

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