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    Have a MX Raven, ordered a MY LR, but.... Who has both?

    I have a 2022 MYP and a 2019 Raven X Long Range. The build quality of the Y is FAR superior to that of my X. Road noise is also significantly less on the Y. I think it really comes down to what you need because moving people around, the X is the winner... except those times where the falcon...
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    Free Supercharging tied to Tesla account?

    Probably not a bad idea, however, I think it's tied to the account. So far I have transferred title/registration under my name but the vehicle is still under my FIL's account (I am just added as a driver for the mobile app) but I have the physical keys. I have taken it into service twice so far...
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    Falcon Wing Door Glass Seal deteriorating

    Anyone have a copy of the invoice where they replaced under warranty that they dont mind sharing? I just got this replaced and they are trying to bill me for it even though they never mentioned it was a wear and tear item and NOT covered.
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    Tire slasher caught on cam in Irvine, CA

    Did they catch her or did you just get a police report.
  5. C

    Rubber Molding On Falcon Door - Warranty

    I've read that some SC's are willing to replace under warranty. Try a different SC.
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    Purchase an used 2020 Model X long range plus

    TBH, I don't know the going rate of the X with that spec. My biggest concern is that it's no longer under warranty.
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    Purchase an used 2020 Model X long range plus

    I have a 2022 MYP and just purchased a family members 2019 Raven X long range. If you don't need the space, the Y is a much better car. Yeah, the X is going to be more comfortable for longer distance driving, but everything about its interior feels outdated and the MCU is SO slow compared to...
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    Naked X at Napa

    I thought you meant a new Tesla store in Napa lol... That's cool, considering the blue parts are pretty typical components on all vehicles, I'm glad there are more options than OEM from the manufacturer. Makes it that much more feasible to own these vehicles and do some of your own maintenance.
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    Trade in 2016 for 2022 advice

    IMHO, the only tangible real world benefit of getting the Plaid is the delivery timeframe and bragging rights.
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    Model X Wont start while being charged at supercharger.......STRANDED in middle of night. !!!

    interesting... please keep us updated on the diagnoses and resolution
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    2022 MYP vs MYLR?

    I did the same thing with the tires/wheels. TBH, I thought the ride of my MYP is better than that of my 2018 Dual Motor M3LR even on the 21's. Still no regrets swapping to the 18s as I prefer the beefy looking rubber vs the 21s.
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    2019 Model X Standard Range - Worth it in 2022?

    Funny enough I'm buying my in laws 2019 Raven after their lease ends as well. They have the long range variant though. I'm hoping to figure out a way to keep the car in their name (as far as Tesla knows) to keep the free supercharging... I'm looking into extended warranties for sure. Gonna...
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    Free Supercharging tied to Tesla account?

    lol, i wouldnt either. I honestly don't even want to bother my family with the complication if something happens even though they wouldnt mind necessarily.
  14. C

    Free Supercharging tied to Tesla account?

    Ah, that makes complete sense. I was trying to think of why the DMV would notify the manufacturer of a change in ownership but this makes complete sense. Maybe I can be added to the title instead. I just want to take over paying for registration/insurance without killing the supercharging.
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    Free Supercharging tied to Tesla account?

    Based on my research, older models had transferrable free charging but the later models do not.
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    Free Supercharging tied to Tesla account?

    I thought about this, but my wife who is currently added onto my Model Y as an additional driver can open a service ticket.
  17. C

    Free Supercharging tied to Tesla account?

    Thanks! They are getting a new Model X and I don't need access to the account beyond mobile controls so they can just add me as a driver. Does Tesla actually go through the DMV database to see the ownership? I would have thought it's 100% based on the Tesla account ownership.
  18. C

    Free Supercharging tied to Tesla account?

    I'm thinking of purchasing a 2019 Model X from a family member. They currently have free super charging and I would like to maintain that. I plan to register the car with the DMV under my name so I can pay for insurance etc but leaving the vehicle under my family members Tesla account. I assume...
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    21" Uberturbine MYP Take Offs (Sacramento)

    Took these off my Tesla MYP I picked up the other week, total 508 miles on these wheels/tires. Absolutely flawless condition, no curb rash or anything. Comes with TPMS and center caps tires are mounted and balanced. Completely ready to be bolted on. Screenshot of mileage when tires were...
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    Model y long rang verses performance model y

    I came from a 2018 M3 Dual Motor (non performance) to a MYP I just picked up less than a week ago. I find the MYP to be way more comfortable in every measure. That being said, I just ordered some TSportline 18s.
  21. C

    Another price increase

    Oh you meant spring time next year? I thought you meant to replace it in a few months. Gotcha. Still might be worth putting the order in, things are only going to get more and more expensive.
  22. C

    Another price increase

    TBH, if you were looking to replace your Model 3 in a few months, you should have put in an order like half a year ago. I put in an order for a YLR in March looking to replace my 3 at the end of the year. As luck (or unluck) would have it, I got rear ended and the 3 is totalled. Switched to...
  23. C

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    March 16. I originally ordered a long range but just switched to performance on 6/9.
  24. C

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Nice! I just got a call asking if I wanted to do a trade in.... I don't. He said I should be getting my vin within a week!
  25. C

    NEW MODEL Y 18 inch at Tsportline?!!!!!

    thats awesome... too bad i missed the memorial day sale. I should be getting my MYP by the end of this month and really dont care for low profile tires.
  26. C

    NEW MODEL Y 18 inch at Tsportline?!!!!!

    So the wheel/tire set does not come with the TPMS installed?
  27. C

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    MYP in sac checking in! Lol, got a text yesterday saying my car has not been built yet though.
  28. C

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Got a text yesterday asking if I am still okay with a June delivery... still no VIN yet though. Date range is 6/17-7/1.
  29. C

    Current Best Tesla Loan Rate?

    Is there a max they let you borrow? At that rate I might want to finance more lol
  30. C

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    A day after upgrading to the MYP, my delivery date now says June 17-July 1! Still no VIN as of today though.
  31. C

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    OD : March 16 2022 Model Y Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Color: Midnight Silver Metallic Paint Tow Package Original EDD : September 2022 Location: Northern California Not sure when it happened but my estimated delivery date shifted to Nov 8 - January 13. My original plan was to replace my 3 with...
  32. C

    Supercharger - Firebaugh, CA (I-5 / West Panoche Rd, LIVE 13 Nov 2020, 56 V3 stalls)

    Wow, they are making incredible progress on this. Looks like I will be stopping here on my drive down to LA this Christmas.
  33. C

    Driver seat sometimes not returning to saved position

    Same here, I am almost 100% certain it is just the recline that is not saving correctly in any of my profiles. The steering wheel/mirrors/seatbase all move around correctly but it just starts reclining super far back under any of the profiles.
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    Brand New Tesla Forged Zero-G Performance Wheels and Tires (4)

    et 40. Thanks for the price info
  35. C

    Brand New Tesla Forged Zero-G Performance Wheels and Tires (4)

    Got these as a referral reward for my Model 3. I use the car for commuting and road trips so I don't have any use for these high performance wheels/tires. I picked them up from the Tesla store and never mounted them. Comes with 4 wheels/tires as well as the lug nut covers and caps. Local...
  36. C

    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    I just got my window broken last night.. do service centers have the windows in stock usually? I can't get a hold of the Rocklin center (live in Sac). I'm tempted to just drive out there and place an order at the least.
  37. C

    Tesla car window break-ins

    Welp, joined the club last night. Hopefully the window is in stock.
  38. C

    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    Unfortunately the owl requires an OBD port which the 3 does not have.
  39. C

    FSD for 3k after purchase

    So what happens when FSD does not roll out with HW3 and HW4 comes out? I don't think Tesla would be dumb enough to upgrade you through each HW iteration until FSD is live. We already know that model Y is going to have HW3.5. I bet the refresh of the S/X will bring out HW4... which will...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    lol, typical liberal ideology in CA. I guess next time I'm in the city, I will leave my back seats down... what a joke.
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    Text reading

    My Fiat could read and even respond to Text messages. This is without Carplay or Android auto. Tesla should really be ashamed that they don't have this feature. The voice functionality of the car is very limited.
  42. C

    Air Suspension coming to Model 3 in EU / EU deliveries Q1 '19

    No thanks. Air suspension is notoriously unreliable and expensive to repair.
  43. C

    SF bay area to Tahoe without stopping?

    Driving up hill obviously consumes energy.. driving at altitude makes a difference though?
  44. C

    SF bay area to Tahoe without stopping?

    The altitude impacts the battery?
  45. C

    Mysterious static/hissing noise

    I scheduled an appointment with the SC on the 30th for this issue. Mine comes on as soon as the car is on and stays on even through reboots. I feel like the static didn't start until the past couple weeks.
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    Winter Washing

    I'm sold on ONR. I use the version that also includes wax.

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