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    12v Battery Options - Which is best?

    Austin isn’t as hot as Phoenix but my experience is the same as all my model S-owning friends’: get a lithium Ohmmu 12V and drive away happy. Good luck!
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    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    Not good at all (not just bait and switch but) to have only 211 at 90%. Our P85 original battery is still 223 at 90%, so extrapolates to 247 at 100%. I met an owner with new 90 replacement battery in RWD S (I don’t remember if regular or P) which had 265+ with new 90 and much faster...
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    Salvage cars: Tesla permanently disabling SC from supercharger

    Reach out to wk057 - I think he’s near you & can probably help
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    12v Battery Options - Which is best?

    I think we all fall victim, to a greater or lesser degree, to assuming our experiences are everyone else’s experiences. In Arizona and SoCal we deal with much hotter temps than you do in Boise and lead acid batteries here tend to die much faster than your experiences. Maybe you find so many...
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    GPS Antenna Replacement - Cutting out rear windshield??

    4 “repairs” which did not fix it until finally in the 5th repair they replaced enough parts to solve the problem. That’s bad enough when it is a warranty repair, but can you imagine an owner’s reaction if it was out-of-warranty and they were asked to pay for 4 useless “repairs”? Tesla needs to...
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    Supercharger - Mountain Village, CO - Mountain Village Blvd

    Sounds like you must live in Ouray - in which case no matter how far away from shopping you are, you’re a lucky Devil. Ouray is an amazingly beautiful place, especially when coming from Phoenix. So, yes, I second the motion for a Kayenta SC!
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    12v Battery Options - Which is best?

    You’ve fallen for the fallacy in believing that your experience is everyone’s experience. You haven’t had any Tesla very long (according to your profile, you’ve had 6 different Model S in just a few years) & in Colorado so you haven’t had many, many Arizona & SoCal owners’ hot weather long-term...
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    12v Battery Options - Which is best?

    Ostrichsak, please stop insulting fellow forum members, Tesla’s engineers and Ohmmu. New Model S feature lithium 12V batteries - are Elon and his engineers “dupes” or “peddling snake oil”?!? Many, many Arizona and SoCal owners’ real world experiences prove that Ohmmu lithium batteries last much...
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    Model S p100d repeatedly has no power / stopping during driving "battery charge level too low"

    I just saw this post and wonder why no activity? OP has been here almost 2 years so seems like quite the long con just to post FUD. I’ll give him the benefit of doubt for the time being. OP: please file a complaint with NHTSA with copies of service records, photos and especially the CHP...
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    How to get main battery to charge 12V?

    Instead of replacing every 2.5 years and constantly risking getting stranded, why not buy a lithium 12V and forget your worries? I bought mine from Ohmmu and couldn’t be happier. P.S. That sulphur smell is sulphuric acid which can eat wiring and metal ... if it doesn’t build up and explode...
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    Model S: Frustrating experience with Tesla Roadside Assistance

    Many such disclaimers are, in their turn, limited by state law. Often their real function is discourage legitimate claims; something at which to point to scare off harmed customers. Tesla’s first liability to OP is from the damage its charging service did to his car. Roadside just did a poor...
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    Mileage loss

    The electron monster? The amprechaun?
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    URGENT: if were plugged into a wall outlet with 0% can we can make it 3 miles after charging an hour

    Depending upon how cold it is, plugging in to 120V outlet might only allow your range to stay constant vs losing more if not plugged in even while not moving. Sadly, using heat while in the car, even with Model Y heatpump, will make matters worse. Isn’t there any place you can wait indoors while...
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    Sold 2014 P85 29K

    May I suggest that no private party sales tax, essentially free license plates and, most importantly, HOV access should make this a very attractive (and fun!) commuter for a metro Phoenix buyer? And it’s the nice “outfit” you can wear to work any day and still go out at night!
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    CCS charging?

    Please see my response above on how we ask affects their answer and catching more flies with honey than with vinegar.
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    CCS charging?

    Asking if they have EV charging: When you arrive you may find a 120V outlet you can use. Hotel employees’ answers can be influenced by how you ask (or how they interpret) the question. “EV charging” often sounds to them like some complicated equipment set up, when if you ask, “is there a...
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    Porsche Taycan is MUCH better looking than the Tesla

    C’mon guys, look at the picture before you downvote.
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    Supercharger - Kayenta, AZ

    I’d add that even a comparatively cheap 4 stall ver. 2 Supercharger would be a game changer. I’ve suggested before repurposing equipment removed from other locations upgraded from ver. 2 to ver. 3.
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    Supercharger - Needles, CA (4 V2 stalls)

    New 2021 map says Needles SC is “coming soon” for Q4 2021 — But no SC there now?!?
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    Supercharger - Kayenta, AZ

    Oh nooooo! After SIX years of “coming soon”, the updated 2021 Supercharger map drops Kayenta entirely.
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    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    Right after they finish the Supercharger on the international space station, they’ll give Kayenta some attention. Almost SIX years of “coming soon”!
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    Would a solar generator power a Tesla?

    I'll never forget a question I got from an engineer at work. A serious question from an adult with an engineering degree. 'What good will 10kW of solar do me if I use 2000kW per month.' He confused kW with kWh. Please share where you work so we can short their stock. Let’s hope the Peter...
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    Would a solar generator power a Tesla?

    Permanent panels on a home are (currently) much more efficient than portable panels. I think market penetration is deep enough in a lot of places that most folks have seen roofs with far fewer panels than that RV and understand that they produce electricity.
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    Would a solar generator power a Tesla?

    I applaud people’s efforts to identify alternative energy sources, but I used exaggeration for the purpose of humorously making the point that portable panel technology is not yet viable to carry with you. Friends with them say the production estimates are very optimistic, but let’s go with...
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    Would a solar generator power a Tesla?

    Would a solar generator power a Tesla? If it was the size of a football field. And only during the day.
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    Colorado Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    looking for a willing host in Cortez to apply for a grant (anybody know of a good potential host to suggest?) What about Ute Mountain Casino? About 10 miles SW of town, so might even be out of the utility’s area which has the high demand charges? Or the tribe might chalk up demand charge to...
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    Biden/Harris Tax Credit

    The idea is more mass transit=less pollution for everyone to breathe AND less congestion on the roads which would directly benefit drivers paying the gas tax (faster trips, better fuel economy, etc.) You Californians can argue about whether it is fair or if those effects are being observed, but...
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    Biden/Harris Tax Credit

    California’s 62 cent gas tax is 24, 29 & 42 cents higher than surrounding states’ (Oregon, Nevada & Arizona) gas taxes. Not $1 more. How High Are Gas Taxes in Your State?
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    Biden/Harris Tax Credit

    Social Security and Medicare are already withheld at each job but excess SS withholdings ARE refunded when file year end tax return. 2020 Social Security withholding limit is $137,700. There is no income limit on the 1.45% Medicare withholding...
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    12V Battery Just Died - Total battery failure

    Yes you should get a lithium 12V battery. Read many posts here about Ohmmu. 12V lead batteries do not last long in Teslas in hot climates. Arizona is hotter than Florida but I’m sure you suffer the same problems. Just get a lithium 12V and be done with ugly stranding, towing, etc. situations. At...
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    Recent accident - Insurance will not cover PPF (custom parts)?

    I’ll second what many others have already said, and give you the reason why you don’t want to involve your insurance company: all insurance companies are in it for themselves and not you. It is easier for any insurance company to quickly agree with the other, at-fault driver’s, insurance company...
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    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    I retract most everything I wrote before. Short version is you’re SOL. You may be buying from owner but only AFTER he sold to insurance company and then he bought back from insurance company. So he, and you, have no real leverage. Insurance company won’t care or help you. Any extra effort on...
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    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Are you intending to buy the car from the owner or the insurance company? If you buy it from the owner then it should not have a salvage title. Also, you should get the owner to insist that the body shop return it to him (you) as they found it. The current owner has a contract with the body...
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    Fire Truck Hits Our Model X

    I was going to say “Man Bites Dog” headline
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    2000 Mile Roadtrip from LA to Colorado. First long road trip (Pics)

    Sadly agree with observations down to Gallup from Durango (be careful with drunk drivers at night when you only have 4 inches of paint and some faith that they will stay on their side), but once we have the long-delayed Kayenta Supercharger, there will be a much shorter and more scenic route...
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    SHORT Lease Takeover MX P100DL $900/month

    OP understandably doesn’t want to pay $3600+ to turn in his car early - that’s a lot to pay to “free” up a parking space! It’d be great if someone could use it and help OP cover that $3600+. Doesn’t look like Tesla will allow it and the workaround by letting someone else drive it without a...
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    SHORT Lease Takeover MX P100DL $900/month

    Carmakers’ #1 goal is to “move the metal.” OP’s changed circumstances are outside carmakers’ plan to push new cars onto leaseholders - that’s why they are so eager to rollover existing leases nearing expiration into new leases. Letting a lessee out early to go buy a competitor’s vehicle is not...
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    2012 Model S P85 Signature Red - Edmonton, Alberta

    Hope a bump helps enough to balance my non-sale question: why was your HV battery replaced? Symptoms? Your experience could be a useful data point in the battery-gate, charge-gate situation, especially with relatively low miles (kms). GLWS!
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    12V battery. "Will I ever buy another Tesla? Guess."

    Why does anyone talking about longer-lasting Lithium 12V batteries say “Ohmmu”? Because they are the ONLY one! Why do you see “shilling” boogeymen under every bed? Others have pointed you to studies on lithium performance and life yet you keep repeating “no data” and “fake news.” We see enough...
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    24 U.S. Cities with a population >100,000 with very limited or no Supercharging and no plans to fix

    Welcome to TMC & thanks for the work! But your greenness is showing: many of those “coming soon” sites have been listed for years. We’ve learned not to take timeline promises with a grain of salt but a whole deer lick block. Another interesting ranking would be the SC sites longest on the...
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    Ticket for Lane change

    I hope that your pessimism is unfounded but good for you for speaking up: “Where you see wrong or inequality or injustice, speak out, because this is your country. This is your democracy. Make it. Protect it. Pass it on.” — Thurgood Marshall
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    What's with the Ohmmu 12V battery?

    I was so frustrated last time my 12V died (service center was out) & I called everywhere trying to find a replacement. Closest I found was at Batteries+ chain: they had similar size but reversed polarity & not enough slack to make it work. So this time I didn’t even hesitate to replace with...
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    What's with the Ohmmu 12V battery?

    I’m not sure about the Model 3 battery, but the S uses a non-standard size and configuration not readily available. I don’t want to be stranded so after several Tesla lead battery failures, I chose Ohmmu’s lithium, as I recently described in another thread: You can’t jump start a Tesla 12V like...
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    Loss of Use payment issued $20 a day

    You assume that your insurance company will fight for you as hard as you will ... when they have no financial incentive to do so. OP has already seen that they’re not fighting for the value of a true substitute car — what happens when the at-fault driver’s insurance company balks at an often...
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    How long should one wait for a near perfect Model Y to roll off the line

    How long should one wait for a near perfect Model Y to roll off the line? One week after yours is built
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    Loss of Use payment issued $20 a day

    BAD idea to file with your insurance when it is the other guy’s fault. Sure, they told you that they would subrogate and get your deductible back, but once you sign their release, your insurance company can do whatever it wants. Including saying it isn’t worth their time to pursue any or all of...
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    My DIY Ohmmu Lithum 12v Model S Refresh Battery Install

    I think that you are having problems which no battery will solve. Please come back when you can play nice with others.
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    My DIY Ohmmu Lithum 12v Model S Refresh Battery Install

    I’m not receiving any “kickback”, just trying to help others understand their options. I did not insult you so I don’t know why are insulting me or using phrases like “snake oil.” Uncool. However, I do “pedal” when I ride my bike. I don’t “peddle” anything here or anywhere else. I know ICE...
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    My DIY Ohmmu Lithum 12v Model S Refresh Battery Install

    Ostrichsak - I’m glad that you get 4 to 5 years out of a lead acid battery. (Although I’m not sure how you get that life and have already changed two batteries under warranty.) In Arizona no one gets 4 years even in an ICE car. Tesla’s 12V lead batteries do even worse than 12V lead batteries in...
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    Tesla Will Lease You A Model Y For $499 Per Month

    Can we change the thread title to $624 (or more) per month? $499/mo is deceptive because it relies on $4500 down. $4500 divided by 36 months is $125 per month, even if you assume $125 three years from now has the same value of $125 today.

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