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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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  1. Ryefry

    Tow package

    The Model 3 was offered with a tow package in Europe. Sounds like yours was equipped but possibly removed.
  2. Ryefry

    Gen 4 Ecu for sale?

    I just bought one for from the Tulsa Tesla Service Center that they had in stock.
  3. Ryefry

    Looking to buy 1537264-00-B

    Tesla Service Center in Tulsa had it in stock for $140 so I no longer WTB.
  4. Ryefry

    Looking to buy 1537264-00-B

    I'm also looking for a 1537264-00-B if any are available.
  5. Ryefry

    VCFRONT_a135_coolantlevellow Service Mode Error?

    Mine does the same. 2019 LR RWD.
  6. Ryefry

    Supercharger - College Station, TX - Texas Avenue South

    Right next to the engineering buildings. TAMU Engineering is going to be a hotbed for recruiting for the Austin Gigafactory. Smart move IMO.
  7. Ryefry

    Supercharger - Van Buren, AR

    Finally the post I've been waiting for.
  8. Ryefry

    Supercharger - Van Buren, AR

    I don't think you will enjoy driving straight from Van Buren to McKinney which is ~250ish miles. I've done Tulsa to Dallas, which is about the same distance, several times and it almost always has me nervous. With a head wind (often windy in Oklahoma) and cold weather it is a nail biter. The...
  9. Ryefry

    Supercharger - Lowell, AR

    They have a new batch of Trump 2024 merch :confused: This station is intermittent and as of right now it is down.
  10. Ryefry

    Supercharger - Denison, TX

    New 2021 map update shows target date has been moved to 2022 :(
  11. Ryefry

    How much for full Vinyl Wrap

    It's the thinnest I've ever seen. If you hit a bug and don't clean it right away and it will stain it. Even high end microfiber cloths scratches it.
  12. Ryefry

    Supercharger - Van Buren, AR

    Great location.
  13. Ryefry

    Supercharger - Ozark, AR

    I'm not convinced of the 12 Model S packs part. Doesn't make sense in this application. Went there yesterday at about 4pm and while Workmans was very busy there was only one other Tesla. I arrived with about 50% charge but only got up to about 70kW charging speed on the northern most charger.
  14. Ryefry

    Supercharger - Ozark, AR

    A lot of times it is free until Tesla has it in their system. I'm in Springdale today and I'm tempted to make a blast down the Pig Trail to try it out.
  15. Ryefry

    Supercharger - Ozark, AR

    When the first Supercharger was being installed at the Workman's in Lowell it was leaked that all three Workman's locations would be getting them. Now that the second Workman's SC is being installed it brings up the debate if the third location, on I-49 at Rudy exit 5 miles north of I-40 and 25...
  16. Ryefry

    Supercharger - Ozark, AR

    Thanks for some GOOD 2020 news!
  17. Ryefry

    Hands on wheel pressure

    Move one of the wheel scroll buttons to get rid of the nag instead of jerking the wheel.
  18. Ryefry

    Buy a model 3 or wait?

    If I were purchasing today I would go used as prices are super low right now.
  19. Ryefry

    I-40 through Arkansas?

    They are building a SC in Workman's in Ozark coming this fall. I really doubt one will be put in Clarksville or Ft Smith anytime soon as Ozark is in the middle of the two. I would love Checotah, OK as I go that way from Lowell to DAL but there isn't anywhere good on I-40 there. Henryetta will...
  20. Ryefry

    Supercharger - Lowell, AR

    Nice! I think you should get the honor of starting the Ozark SC thread. In for First Annual Tesla Fall Color Drive from Lowell SC to Eureka Springs and then blast down the Pig Trail to Ozark SC.
  21. Ryefry

    My biggest improvement with road noise

    On center screen select "Controls" Select "Settings" Select "Service and Reset" Select "Tire Pressure Monitor" Select "Reset Sensors"
  22. Ryefry

    265 tires on 8.5" wheel experience?

    Yes there is a loss in steering response but you gain lateral grip so to me it is worth it.
  23. Ryefry

    Front Parking Sensors not working after hitch install

    Do the front sensors give an error? I had a hell of a time disconnecting the rear sensor harness so I wonder if damage to it could cause problems with the front sensors.
  24. Ryefry

    2020 Honda Accord

    I get into my friends new Accord and the interior feels 10 years outdated compared to my 3. The infotainment feels 20 years outdated. The motor feels 100 years outdated.
  25. Ryefry

    What 18" Summer Tires Are You Performance Owners Using? PS4? PS4S?

    I put 265/40/18 PS4S on the stock wheels and they work pretty good. It gains grip but loses steering response with the wide tires on the skinny wheels. I'm considering going with some 18x9.5 wheels with these tires to see how that works.
  26. Ryefry


    According to Tesla the tires are 245/35ZR20
  27. Ryefry

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Installed a Stealth Hitch and a Swagman bike rack
  28. Ryefry

    Scan My Tesla (OBDII) Install

    No I do not run power to the Tab A constantly or even keep it in my car constantly. When it is in my car it uses very little power and can run for several days (with just commute use) on battery. When I do run power to it I just run a wire under it over to the USB in the center cubby. It would...
  29. Ryefry

    Tested Dyno Mode on a track

    I've never been in a P3D on track but I suspect in Track Mode it does a lot of torque vectoring on both axles to get the car to rotate and put down power better. In Dyno Mode with open differentials and no torque vectoring it seems like you would really need to unsettle and flick the car into...
  30. Ryefry

    Tested Dyno Mode on a track

    I'm a mythbuster!
  31. Ryefry

    Tested Dyno Mode on a track

    I did change out my brake fluid with Motul RPF600. I bought some Carbotech track pads but the fronts were too thick by a lot, which is why I just used the stock pads and tried to take it easy on them. Hopefully I can find some place to shave the Carbotech pads down a couple mm. The tires are...
  32. Ryefry

    Tested Dyno Mode on a track

    If you're buying, I flying :) At least I won't have to worry about oil starvation with super sticky tires, Iike I did back when I raced ICE.
  33. Ryefry

    Tested Dyno Mode on a track

    I did go out on track without Dyno Mode (by accident) but absolutely hated it and came in after a couple of laps and turned it on. It is trying to straighten the car out and doesn't allow it to slide at all. Looking at my track data it was 5 seconds a lap slower without Dyno Mode. On a wet track...
  34. Ryefry

    Tested Dyno Mode on a track

    I took my LR RWD to the track for the first time last weekend at an event hosted by The Driver's Edge. Eagle's Canyon Raceway has been recently resurfaced, reconfigured, and highly improved. I'm an ex-racer and have been instructing for over 15 years and was running in a dedicated instructor...
  35. Ryefry

    Proposed NASA Time Trial EV class

    I ran behind a extensively modified with aero TT4 Scion FRS (184hp 2400lbs w/driver) in my LR RWD this last weekend. My car was bone stock besides the Pilot Sport 4S tires and I could keep up with him. With equal tires and track pads I'm sure I would have been faster for a lap.
  36. Ryefry

    2019 Model 3 Performance has a hitch cover

    To me the Stealth hitch seems the best option and etrailer service is excellent.
  37. Ryefry

    255 tire options with 18” wheels

    The wider tire adds lateral grip but does slow down the steering response a tad. A 265 on 8.5" wheels was the fastest setup on a Model 3 in last year's SCCA autocross Solo National's street class.
  38. Ryefry

    255 tire options with 18” wheels

    265/40/18 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S fits with a little bulge but no rubbing. I went this route as I found a set of stock wheels/tires with a little curb rash for dirt cheap but the tires were very worn. Will keep my original wheels/tires for road trips.
  39. Ryefry

    I-40 through Arkansas?

    There are Workmans's travel centers in Ozark on I-40 and on I-49 at the Rudy exit. The one at the Rudy exit is about 5 miles from I-40 and is called Hilltop for a reason, not the best for I-40 travel.
  40. Ryefry

    Has anyone successfully transferred FSD in a used Tesla?

    When the dealer bought the car at auction from Tesla on November 15, it was optioned with both Enhanced Autopilot and Tesla’s confusingly-named Full Self Driving Capability; together, these options totaled $8,000. You can see them right on the Monroney sticker for the car: I don't think Tesla...
  41. Ryefry

    Model 3 Unlocked

    I think most would prefer some regen as that is what they are used to. Some might like the feel of no regen though. Let's hope Tesla doesn't decide to change the password on the Dyno Mode.
  42. Ryefry

    Model 3 Unlocked

    Dyno mode drives just like normal but with the traction control and stability control turned off. The Unlocked mode also turns off regenerative braking so the car feels much different than normal. I just tried the dyno mode and I like it better.
  43. Ryefry

    Disable traction control and all nannies with dyno mode [no longer works]

    You have to hold down the left turn signal when pressing OK.
  44. Ryefry

    Disable traction control and all nannies with dyno mode [no longer works]

    I did confirm this works. It doesn't seem to affect the regenerative braking so the car feels normal when driving. Looks like a great solution for the non-performance Model 3 to autocross or track.
  45. Ryefry

    Supercharger - Lowell, AR

    Glad to see Tesla finally building a Supercharger in Arkansas again. Crossing fingers for locations on I-40 getting built next.
  46. Ryefry

    Model 3 Unlocked

    Do you have Scan My Tesla as well and if so does that work?
  47. Ryefry

    3rd party Heads up Displays

    See the Scan My Tesla thread. Not a heads up display but it might accomplish what you want.
  48. Ryefry

    Somebody selling my wrecked model 3 VIN in a different car

    If you can remote connect to it you should have some fun with it. Call them and pretend to be interested and while on the phone vent the windows, flash the lights, honk the horn, pop the frunk and trunk.

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