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    FS: 2x20mm Bonoss Hubcentric Spacers for Model 3/Y.

    Yes. 2 spacers = 1 pair. :) The pics above to show the front and back. Thanks. Willing to ship at buyer's expense.
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    FS: 2x20mm Bonoss Hubcentric Spacers for Model 3/Y.

    Price dropped to $70 picked up.
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    FS: 2x20mm Bonoss Hubcentric Spacers for Model 3/Y.

    Selling a set (2x20mm 5x114.3) of Bonoss hubcentric spacers for Model 3/Y. Any questions, let me know. Price: $80 picked up in Valencia (North LA area)
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    20mm wheel spacers for 2022 Model 3 Performance with uberturbines

    Hopefully this is the right place to ask this question. If we're running 20mm spacers to get flush fitment on stock Ubers (+34 offset), then would you need to have your offset be +14 on aftermarket wheels that is also 20x9? Is the math that simple? Trying to understand the calculation for...
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    @brancky3 nice wheels. How much do those weigh? What you looking for it shipped to LA?
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    19” Jova wheels, tires, tpms sensors, and lug nut covers for Model 3 (and poss Y)

    Wish you were closer. Planning on coming to LA anytime in the near future? :)
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    FS MOMO 20' Anzio Satin Black

    Are these the same size/offset as the stock Ubers? 20x9 +35 square? You know the weight by any chance?
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    19” Jova wheels, tires, tpms sensors, and lug nut covers for Model 3 (and poss Y)

    Do you have any pics of the wheels on your car? How's the fitment, need spacers for flush look?
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    255/35/20 Michelin PS4S set for sale

    This should fit the stock Ubers?
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    Bonoss (Bloxsport) Spacers (2) 20mm, (2) 25mm

    FYI, I purchased the 20mm spacers. I believe the 25mm spacers should still be available.
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    20 in ubertine wheels for sale model 3

    Curious, 2023 does not come with a rear spoiler? GLWS!
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    Evaporator cleaner aid for Model 3/ Model Y. Even foam coating guaranteed

    The item is sold out. Are you getting more?
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    FS: Used H&R Spacers (14mm)

    The extended lug nuts as shown in the pic is what I'm referring to. They allow you to have the proper engagement to the bolts.
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    WTB: 15mm Spacers or H&R 14mm Spacers

    Looking to buy either Bonoss 15mm spacers or equivalent or H&R 14mm spacers. Thanks!
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    Tesla toolbox subscription group

    Sorry out of my price range. Didn't know it was that much. Thanks for your response.
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    Tesla toolbox subscription group

    What is the cost?
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    MPP Coilovers Height Adjustment

    Thank you JKarbon for your explanation. Makes total sense!
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    The elusive thin-walled 13mm socket

    Just finished my MPP Sport Coilovers install on a M3P. Confirmed that the 13mm socket linked above ($12 shipped) works without issues. Was able to uninstall/reinstall.
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    MPP Coilovers Height Adjustment

    Sorry for not being more specific. I have a 2022 M3P and have the MPP Sport Coilovers. Thanks for your feedback. Another question regarding height adjustment. With the rear set at 18mm (gap between the bottom of the spring perch and the top of the body) and the front set at 70mm, does that...
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    MPP Coilovers Height Adjustment

    At the initial recommended settings for Coilovers; F = 70mm & R = 18mm, will this lower the car 1.5 inches from factory settings? For fronts & rears, which way do you adjust the spring perch to lower the height? Thanks!
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    FS: Used H&R Spacers (14mm)

    Do these include the extended shank lugs?
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    Model 3 Performance Spacers

    Maybe the H&R 10mm spacers with extended shank lug nuts will work for you? H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers
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    Link ABRP to Tesla map

    For people that are using ABRP, is it ok to provide your Tesla app account info so that it can better serve you?
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    20mm wheel spacers for 2022 Model 3 Performance with uberturbines

    Any confirmation that the H&R TRAK+ wheel spacers 14mm will fit in the front? According to the website they fit? H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers
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    FS: Used (Like New) - TE37 Ultra M-Spec 19x9.5 +28

    Is the price for wheels only or the entire setup including tires/TPMS?
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    WTB: MPP Coils for M3P

    Purchased a set. No longer looking to buy. Thanks.
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    How to get your Model 3 on jack stands without any special tools

    @Dolemite with these jack stands and the rubber pucks; once the car is lowered onto the stands, can the pucks slide off or are they pretty secured with the weight of the car?
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    WTB: MPP Coils for M3P

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm currently waiting on a deal with someone on MPP Sports Coilovers. If anything changes, I'll let you know. Thanks!
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    WTB: Safe Jack Rennstand

    Looking to buy a pair of Safe Jack Rennstand. Thanks.
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    WTB: MPP Coils for M3P

    NVM saw your FS thread. Thanks
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    WTB: MPP Coils for M3P

    Where are you located and what are you asking for them? Any pics?
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    ** F/S: Model Y MPP COILOVERS + CAMBER ARMS ~600mi MINT **

    Hi admin, is this something we can have setup here at TMC in the Marketplace? Would certainly help prospective buyers/sellers. Sorry if has been asked prior and not allowed.
  33. R


    Is there a difference between this one and the Tesla OEM one?
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    ** F/S: Model Y MPP COILOVERS + CAMBER ARMS ~600mi MINT **

    I think it's a good thing. Should have a place to rate buyer/seller.
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    ** F/S: Model Y MPP COILOVERS + CAMBER ARMS ~600mi MINT **

    how much for the camber arms shipped to 91381? Would take the whole kit, but I have a M3. :-(
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    The elusive thin-walled 13mm socket

    Hi everyone. Did some searches and found this 1/4" socket that has an OD 17.1 which should fit based on the measurement done in post #21. Link on Amazon showing the OD, sizes...
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    WTB: MPP Coils for M3P

    Still looking.
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    Vendor 19-20" Volk Racing TE37 (Plug & Play) - RAYS Authorized Dealer

    Please message price and details for 20" for Model 3 Performance. Available colors too please.
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    MountainPass Performance Model 3 Comfort Coilover Suspension Kit

    Can you please confirm these are the Adjustable version, because the box says it's Non-Adjustable? Thanks!
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    FS: Brand New OEM Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack in SoCal

    Interested. Can't seem to DM you.
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    Brand New 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance Coilovers, Camber Toe, and Camber Arms for Sale

    I understood what op is selling but the price is what confused me. Cuz of the price I thought it was for MPP coilovers.

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