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    Model X Shudder - Shutter. Legal standing

    After replacing our half-shafts for the second time the verbiage on the invoice was "Verified vibration was significantly diminished."
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    2020 MX Raven Door Slam Rattle

    I recently had the windows down in both front door and closed the doors. I heard a rattle from both of them. It sounded like the window tracks were not attached somewhere deep in the door. Any one else have this problem?
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    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    After replacement my shudder has started to return even on moderation acceleration. 2020 MX Raven
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    Raven Half Shaft Replacement

    I have a February 2020 Raven MX. After experiencing the dreaded "shutter", both half shafts were replace. The problem has been partially fixed. I still experience very mild shutter and some noise. It seems, however, that lately when hitting some small bumps it sounds like something is loose...
  5. H

    Too Aggressive Pulling in Passing Lane

    When using FSD, I find that quite often the car will signal to pull into the passing lane while a car is approaching in the passing lane at a higher speed than I am going. Thus if I do let it move to the passing lane I will have someone right on my tail.
  6. H

    Elon; The Y Needs this update..

    Agreed! Also decent Blind Spot Warning!
  7. H

    Stopping for green lights

    I have a 2020 MX Raven with update 2020-24.6.4. It seems for a while it would require me to use the stem or accelerator to proceed through green lights. Then there was a while where it would go through green lights with no input. Now I am back to having to intervene to go through a green...
  8. H

    Minor rattling/creaking on acceleration/braking? (NOT shudder)

    We have a creaking sound in our 2020 MX. It occurs when accelerating or decelerating and seems to be along the edge of the dash where it meets the windshield or A-pillar. Seems to be associated with the body flexing.
  9. H

    2020 MX Windshield Creaking

    I have about 2000 miles and the creaking seems to be getting worse. I think it is related to the movement of the body when starting and stopping. I have not determined whether it is coming from the windshield pillar or the channel coming from the top of the window to the rearview mirror?
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    A/C 2020 MX Raven Thermal Actuator

    The a/c on my 2020 MX Raven has not been working properly. Seems like the coil freezes up, allowing very little airflow, until I turn off the a/c and just run the fan for a while. Previous to my home appointment for tomorrow, they did a remote "health check" of my car and found the thermal...
  11. H

    Accident - Got hit from behind

    If they repair it, look into diminished value. I heard it is best to get rid of the car. after it is repaired and before the CarFax report comes out.
  12. H

    Clicking sound after last update

    After the last update I have a clicking noise when using FSD and traveling on the interstate. It sounds like the directional signal beep, but it irregularly.
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    1 TESLA MODEL 3 19 INCH 19 x 8.5 FACTORY WHEEL with 235x40x19 tire

    I bought this wheel, tire and sensor to use as a spare on long trips. I have since upgraded to an X and no longer need it. You are buying One 19 INCH 2017 - 2020 TESLA MODEL 3, SILVER ALLOY OEM WHEEL RIM 96231 Rated a C+ with some curb rash. One CONTINENTAL PROCONTACT RX 235/40/19 235 40...
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    Model x orders

    Our local dealer, Tampa Fl, has 48 X's in stock.
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    Motor configuration 3 vs S/X

    I seem to be getting a lot more whining at speeds up to 50, when road noise drowns it out. Let up or step on the accelerator and you can hear the whine. My Model 3 had only very minor noise when stopping of starting.
  16. H

    Model 3 vs Model X Whining

    Just got a new Model X and when comparing it to my 2019 Model 3 the drive train seems to whine more. Any comments?
  17. H

    Rear Tire Wear

    I saw the link below which offers newly designed control arms for the rear suspension that will stop extreme inside edge tire wear. Is that really a problem for many? N2itive Launches Rear Control Arms for Tesla Models S/X!
  18. H

    Seat Height Model 3 vs Model X

    Thanks. Yes I was looking for seat height off the ground. What is the height range for the air suspension?
  19. H

    Seat Height Model 3 vs Model X

    I am considering trading my M# for a MX in hopes that the X will have a higher seating position. My local store doesn't have any X's for me to sit it. Does anyone own both?
  20. H

    Deliveries after tax credit termination.

    I never did understand how Tesla was able to have enough employees to deliver all those cars at the end of the quarter. They can't keep them all on the payroll for the first part of the quarter when there are few sales? Without the tax credit I am wondering how the sales will be distributed...
  21. H

    [POLL] Why do you think Tesla is raising FSD by $1K November 1, 2019?

    If Elon really has confidence in FSD, what doesn't he let you try it out for free, and then let you pay for it after you realize you can't be without it?
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    Jacking up car when tire is flat?

    What type of jack have you used when jacking up a Model 3 (19" wheels) with a flat tire? Most jacks seem too high when you consider the puck has to be used.
  23. H

    Has anyone used a scissors jack to replace a flat tire?

    With the tire (19") inflated there is only about 5.25 inches clearance. In order to provide stability I was planning on attaching the puck to the jack. The puck is almost 2" and the collapsed jack is almost 4". Not enough room even without the flat tire. I am considering one of those...
  24. H

    Buying a Jack

    I have 19" wheels and could not find a jack/wheel kit. I bought a wheel and tire and am now looking for a jack. I have the pucks, which have a very smooth surface. Most of the scissor jacks seem to have a metal surface that would engage the puck. Any suggestions to help the not slip off the...
  25. H

    First Trip to the Service Center

    We took our M3 in for replacement of the large roof glass. I caused the problem so expect to pay. I was totally unimpressed by the SC. It was not easy to find as it was behind another building and once inside the impression did not improve. A huge white room with two desks, for the one...
  26. H

    Has anyone ordered Homelink for service center installation?

    Wondered if anyone has ordered Homelink after they received their car and how long it took for delivery of the Homelink unit. I ordered mine three weeks ago and my credit card was charged, but no notification of shipment.
  27. H

    Is this normal A/C noise?

    It starts a few seconds after I open the door. I did not use remote start AC.
  28. H

    Is this normal A/C noise?

    Wonder is this is how things should sound. I open the door and this sound starts a few seconds later. Right now A/C seems to be operating OK.
  29. H

    Thinking of getting a small water softener to decrease spotting.

    I have hard water and wondered if a water softener would stop the white spots and make drying easier. I usually use the leaf blower, but even then there are tiny white spots on the windows.
  30. H

    Aero Wheel Hubcaps. Anyone Do Real World Tests on Range?

    If they are effective at all why have not other manufactures developed similar ones or even wheels instead of hubcaps. I also wonder if it was a marketing ploy by Tesla. I personally don't like the look and, before I realized they were removable, considered shelling out the extra cash for the...
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    Tesla Home Charge Warm When Left Plugged IN

    I thought it was best to let the battery go down to 20% and then recharge to 80%.
  32. H

    Tesla Home Charge Warm When Left Plugged IN

    I only have to charge my M3 about once a week. I leave the charging cord plugged into my 10-30 receptacle. Today when I felt the the charger assembly (with green Tesla light) it felt quite warm to my touch. Wondered if that was normal? I have never felt it while the car was charging.
  33. H

    Tampa Delivery ???

    Just picked up our LR RWD that I found in inventory last week. Was afraid the LR RWD that we had on order would not arrive by the end of the month. Our delivery agent kind of confirmed that tonight. She said all cars would be there by the end of the month except the LR RWD. Had a pleasant...
  34. H

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    I just checked the Tampa inventory and there were 45 cars, mostly lower end models, but there was one LR RWD.
  35. H

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    I have a 345xxx vin and mine is blue with white interior and sport wheels.
  36. H

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    Saw LR RWD in inventory last week and put a hold on it. Now I've noticed that it has 7 miles while most others have two or three. Any ideas on why?
  37. H

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    We chickened out. On Friday of this week we found a LR RWD,with wheels and white interior, that we did not originally order, and decided to take it. We were afraid the M# we ordered would not arrive in Orlando, FL before the end of the month. On day we committed to the car in stock, there...
  38. H

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    I just checked the Tampa, FL Tesla site and where as there had been no inventory for weeks, now there are 16 M3s listed with 4 being LR RWD.
  39. H

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    Just found this car VIN 5YJ3E1EA2KF332676 on the Tesla inventory site. What can I determine from the VIN #?
  40. H

    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    I just did an inventory search on many US cities and most seem to have numerous Model 3 in stock, but 99% of them are LR AWD. You would think that Tesla would start discounting them to move them out.

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