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  1. InParadise

    hi from HI

    Aloha, nice look! for local information on Tesla stuff: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/forums/hawaii.120/
  2. InParadise

    Powerwall 2 Installs in Hawaii

    I finally have my solar installed by Tesla without powerwalls NEM+ added to my existing NEM system. Anyone experiencing power surges after the Tesla install without powerwalls?
  3. InParadise

    Superchargers in Hawaii (location speculation, general discussion)

    I see a Tesla parked there all the time, could be owners car?
  4. InParadise

    Body shop recommendations Hawaii

    Just took mine today to KW, great customer service!
  5. InParadise

    Honolulu charging Tesla model three ideas?

    This is assuming you have a LR model. The 40-50 mile/hour charging will only apply to LR models equipped with a 48A onboard charger. The SR/SR+ are equipped with a 32A (30 m/hr) onboard charger for AC charging.
  6. InParadise

    Powerwall 2 Installs in Hawaii

    I was under the impression that a second system will not join an existing system for energy going into the Powerwall. Now when the grid goes out, will both systems load the Powerwall?
  7. InParadise

    Powerwall 2 Installs in Hawaii

    Mahalo for the explanation. This is way better than the confusing explanation the Tesla advisor gave me. Now to decide whether to have zero, one or two powerwalls to save less than $100 per month.
  8. InParadise

    Powerwall 2 Installs in Hawaii

    I ordered only one Powerwall with a 4kW system and Tesla just told me my Utility requires 2 Powerwalls. WTF?? I'm waiting for the why. I hate talking to a Tesla intermediate solar manager. 2 Powerwalls is total overkill for my household so would not be worth the extra $6.5K. I have an existing...
  9. InParadise

    Powerwall 2 Installs in Hawaii

    Just had my site assessment today. 6 weeks after deposit.
  10. InParadise

    Powerwall 2 Installs in Hawaii

    Put my deposit in for 4kW DC/1 PW system on 10/1/20. No permit application yet on DPP. Called Tesla and was told highly backlogged. Hoping for a miracle.
  11. InParadise

    Ordered Tesla solar and want to exchange referral code

    Can use your own code for solar install. Aloha.
  12. InParadise

    Ordered Tesla solar and want to exchange referral code

    I don’t know, I’ll have to ask. Thx.
  13. InParadise

    HECO: CGS+ is a total scam

    I'm in the same situation. Did you find out anything?
  14. InParadise

    Ordered Tesla solar and want to exchange referral code

    Aloha all I just ordered Tesla Solar and want to exchange referral codes with another member that will order solar so both of us can maximize savings for the solar. Aloha!
  15. InParadise

    Moving to Oahu, need recs

    If you live in Koolina, I’d suggest charging in front of Target and ride a bike back home. There is a back unfinished road to return to Koolina.
  16. InParadise

    Model Y Test Drive -

    What a shame! The showroom car should have been a better quality car.
  17. InParadise

    Wraps or ceramic coats on Oahu?

    When I bought my Model 3, I was looking for the same information. I did multiple searches in the Hawai’i forum and went from there. This has been discussed many many times and I think people are tired of repeating themselves. There is a wealth of experiences with many venders here.
  18. InParadise

    Purchasing autopilot

    Yes, just bought it. Drove about 50 miles, phantom braking happened once not severe, oversteering 4 or 5 times. I thought all those quirks were taken cared of.
  19. InParadise

    Purchasing autopilot

    Dude, I remember talking about our upgraded LR RWD and autopilot, I did the same! :) After trying it for the first time, it needs improvements. I don’t like the oversteering then a correction (making the car wiggle) and phantom braking. The best use for me would be bumper to bumper traffic to...
  20. InParadise

    Basic Autopilot at $2K till June 30

    I met a couple of Model 3 owners who did not purchase it before it was included. I don’t drive in traffic so it wasn’t a “must have” for me at $3K. I bought my Model 3 just after they stopped giving Autopilot trials, giving the option to buy at $2K during the trial. Then Tesla included...
  21. InParadise

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    I saw a "N" plate on a Kia Nero
  22. InParadise

    Tesla surfers

    I put a card in this lockbox attached to the rim and put my phone on airplane mode and stash it under the back storage. Once you put your phone on airplane mode, place your card in your pocket because the last door or trunk you close will lock the car. I got stuck once and had to call my wife on...
  23. InParadise

    Oahu Charging Strategy - No home charger?

    I ran a 40 ft 40A extension cord at work to charge my car from a 240V outlet.
  24. InParadise

    WANTED: 18" Aero wheel - Big Island

    I sold my stock 18" wheels as spares and one guy bought one and took it carry-on on the plane to Maui.
  25. InParadise

    Oahu Public Charging Locations

    yes, my guess was too much complaints on many abusers. I did not realize how many people were charging for over 6 hours straight.
  26. InParadise

    Superchargers in Hawaii (location speculation, general discussion)

    Let's hope they add a Tesla plug in the future: First Look At EVgo Fast Charging With New Built-In Tesla Connector
  27. InParadise

    Busting 2 myths about saving money when home charging in Hawaii

    Hawaiian Electric has this program available for Time of Use (TOU) rates: A Different Way to Save
  28. InParadise

    Cybertruck reservations

    It's a humongous truck, the axels are spread out a lot so the turning radius will be ultra wide. Not a parking lot friendly vehicle. I would buy a smaller version to replace my 2001 (200,000 mile) Tacoma.
  29. InParadise

    Oahu Public Charging Locations

    The Volta app now has Ala Moana with 12 active chargers from 4!
  30. InParadise

    Oahu Public Charging Locations

    Ala Moana is stepping up on adding more Volta chargers, check the PlugShare app. Hello Tesla, let’s get going!
  31. InParadise

    Phantom battery drain?

    Worked for me so far. I was losing an initial 3% when the car was parked within a few hours. I have a LR RWD.
  32. InParadise

    Big Island, Trouble getting follow-up

    Have you tried “schedule service” on the app?
  33. InParadise

    Locking Model 3 for surf session

    When i go out to surf, I use a lockbox and attach it to my rim. I put the phone in airplane mode, hide it in the car, lock the car with my keycard, then place the keycard in the lockbox.
  34. InParadise

    Mysterious trunk(s) opening

    I had it happen a couple of times from the "Stats" app loaded on the iOS shortcut page. The problem was that if you accidentally touch the frunk button, no confirmation window would pop up and the frunk would open. I deleted the "Stats" app shortcut from the iOS front page.
  35. InParadise

    Tire Mount Shop Recommendations (Oahu)?

    I took my Tacoma tire to Goodyear and they said they patch or plug for free. Which they did. I just dropped off the wheel.
  36. InParadise

    Tire Mount Shop Recommendations (Oahu)?

    I bought 18" from Tsportline and bought tires from Costco (online) and had them install the tires on the rims. Just had Costco patch a tire for me under their tire warranty. No problems.
  37. InParadise

    PPF Installer Recommendations?

    TNT cuts their tint on edges of panels, they don’t tuck it over. This let’s dirt collect on the PPF edges. Wouldn’t recommend that route. Pay the extra for the PPF to be tucked in the panel for much less maintenance.
  38. InParadise

    Model 3 Roof Racks on Oahu, Hawaii

    Update: Keeping racks! Ha! My daughter wanted to go surfing with me and no passengers will fit with the board inside the car. So two surfboards on the rack! I installed the PPF for protection of the rack mounts because the paint protection that comes with the racks are good for only one...
  39. InParadise

    Trial of Autopilot

    Im reading it as if you request a test drive from a Tesla store on one of their cars for the autopilot trial.
  40. InParadise

    Trial of Autopilot

    Thanks, I'm on an Island, retired and I don't have a daily traffic commute. It will only be a perk for me in the rare occasion I have to commute in traffic returning from my favorite surf spots! ;)
  41. InParadise

    Trial of Autopilot

    For those of us who bought without autopilot and did not have an opportunity to have the trial loaded into our cars (this was copied from the FAQ on the Tesla website): Can I try Autopilot before purchasing? You can experience Autopilot on a test drive at one of our Tesla store locations. New...
  42. InParadise

    Hawaii - Selling 18" stock wheels

    My 3 wheels are sold, Mahalo!
  43. InParadise

    Model 3 Roof Racks on Oahu, Hawaii

    I am selling my roof racks for model 3. I am on Oahu, no shipping. It was only used it today to bring home my new longboard and to take it to the beach. At the beach, I managed to fit my 8'6" board inside the car and drove it home inside. I have no real use for the racks now. Sale includes all...
  44. InParadise

    Headrest shatters vanity mirror

    This happened to me too. Just had it replaced at SC for $138. $115 for replacement visor, $17 labor, the rest $ for tax. My first visit there and had them do a panel gap adjustment.
  45. InParadise

    Oahu Public Charging Locations

    They replaced the charging cables at the Kailua Target so now they lock on to the charging adapter. I’m assuming it will now work.
  46. InParadise

    Oahu Public Charging Locations

    The opposite side of store entrances. This will deter people parking and not charging. Ala Moana and Pearlridge are the hardest to get charges due to the volume of cars. Kailua is the easiest because of the amount of chargers vs volume of cars.
  47. InParadise

    Selling MPP Comfort Coilovers

    That is one wicked looking ride!
  48. InParadise

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    This is what happened to the MR, TESLA gave us wheels or paint waiver to upgrade to the LR. They may do the same for an upgrade to the AWD. I would wait for them to contact you.
  49. InParadise

    Oahu Public Charging Locations

    Could not start a charge at Kailua Target, left plug, right charger, as looking at charger, next to shopping cart parking.
  50. InParadise

    Paint protection films

    If they wrap the film around the edges, it is with it. If they cut it along the edge, not worth it. The cuts along the edges get dirty, creates a dirt line and you have to clean it. You don’t have to worry about scratching the paint when wiping your car. No.

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