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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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    Solving the "WiFi Connectivity" problem...

    Yeah, I get it. But they WERE deprecated and I expect there was SOME reason that they were specifically NOT on the list of the default headers that my security device would allow to pass. There is a pretty lengthy list of headers which are specifically allowed, and these were not on that. I...
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    Solving the "WiFi Connectivity" problem...

    (I posted this elsewhere in another "WiFi thread", but in hindsight, I'm not sure it was the best place for visibility...) This is going to be a long post but please consider it a PSA. I'm pretty sure that Tesla is not going to tell anyone any of this, but maybe it will help some of the growing...
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    This is going to be a long post but it contains a lot of information (and background) about what I have found, and how I have specifically resolved, the so-called "WiFi connectivity" issue with my Tesla. Moderator comment - to avoid cross posting, you can continue to view the original text at...
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    19" vs 20" Snow Tires?

    I put Blizzaks on my truck (GMC 2500 Sierra) but Scorpions on my ModelX. In my experience, the Blizzaks will have slightly better traction in snow and ice, but the Pirelli's still have great winter performance for a sportier vehicle. The Pirelli's will take the snow and ice without a problem...
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    19" vs 20" Snow Tires?

    Nothing required. Just mounted the wheels and tires and after driving about 5 miles the car re-learned the new sensors and positions. You don't need to buy Te$la TPMS sensors, and you don't have to pay a Te$la tech anything to have them reset and/or calibrated. The wheels/tires/sensors I...
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    So Where are the Front Seat Floor Liners?

    I've got the full set installed - at least all of what they current offer. Gotta wonder what knucklehead is delaying the front liners...
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    Tesla service center will not NOT install aftermarket wheels

    Get a floor jack and just swap them out yourself. You can do one wheel at a time. I used a common 3-1/2 ton floor jack with no issues...
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    Lloyd's All Weather Mats, New Model X

    The floor mats on the Tesla Motors Shop ***ARE*** the Weathertech mats. Weathertech has just given them the sole right to distribute them (under the Tesla Brand) for the first year...
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    So Where are the Front Seat Floor Liners?

    The floor mats on the Tesla Motors Shop ***ARE*** Weathertech floor liners. Weathertech has simply agreed to giving them the first year of availability under the Tesla brand name
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    So Where are the Front Seat Floor Liners?

    The snow has arrived here in Wisconsin. I have the full set of Tesla (Weathertech) floor mats/liners EXCEPT for the front set which appears to be nowhere in sight! So, someone needs to pull their "head out" and get these liners finished. The "Before Winter" timeline appears to be pretty much...
  11. E

    All-Weathers Mat Available!!

    These are the OEM Mats from Weathertech. Anyone know when the front set will show up? I can't get anything out of my Weathertech contact...
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    Tesla won't send me my own logs

    So lets suppose that Tesla agrees to give you the "logs"... How do you expect to be able to read/interpret the log data? I have an aircraft with Avidyne R9 avionics. This system also stores a lot of logging information and I know how to get to the "Technician logs" and download the logged...
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    19" vs 20" Snow Tires?

    20" wheels provided more wheel/tire options than the 19" fitment. Yes, I have these installed (see photo above). Fitment is perfect and the pre-installed TPMS sensors worked "right out of the box". You can also get these in a "square" fitment (255's front/rear) but I prefer the fitment/look...
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    19" vs 20" Snow Tires?

    Here's a shot of the Tires/Wheels I got from Tire Rack. IMHO - The Pirelli Scorpions are better suited for winter driving on the Model X then the Blizzaks. I have Blizzaks on my truck, but the Scorpions are more of a higher performance winter tire for SPORT Utility vehicles: 255/45R-20...
  15. 20161117_094413


    275/45R-20 Pirelli Scorpion Winter XL (Rears) 20x9.5 KMC KM696 Pivot BLK PAINT (Rears)
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    19" vs 20" Snow Tires?

    If you ordered your wheels and tires from Tire Rack, they would have pre-installed TPMS sensors which are compatible with your Model X. There is no magic here. I put my winter set on yesterday and the TPMS sensors were detected by the car in about 5 miles of driving. I didn't have to do...
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    19" vs 20" Snow Tires?

    TireRack will tell you EXACTLY what fits the Model X (or model S). You don't have to be a "Car Person" to buy tires/wheels through Tire Rack. The salespeople are very knowledgeable and efficient in ensuring that what you order will fit and perform properly... They even made sure I had TPMS...
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    19" vs 20" Snow Tires?

    Why would anyone order a Winter Tire/Wheel combo from Tesla when you can get a cheaper/nicer set from TireRack.com? They will install the TPMS sensors, mount the tires, balance the wheels and send them directly to you. You also have more choices in your selection of tires, wheels, and sizing...
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    Tesla's are everywhere in Hong Kong!

    That's very informative! Thanks! Really nice to see the roads loaded with EV's in any case! Its also interesting that the makers of "Plug-In Hybrids" feel they are being discriminated against vs real/full EV's (re: tax break)... If they want a piece of the market/advantage, then they should...
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    Tesla's are everywhere in Hong Kong!

    Just a curious observation I get to Hong Kong a couple of times a year. I got my Model X back in June so I haven't really been watching for other Tesla's until fairly recently. However, I just got back from Hong Kong and the Model S is everywhere! You can look down any major road and see one...
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    Wifi Problem (streaming Audio)

    I have no problem getting TuneIn to stream when the car is on the road and connected via LTE. However, whenever the car connects to a WiFi source (Home or Office), TuneIn refuses to stream anything at all. (However, Spotify still works in either case) Anyone else seen this?
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    OBD-II Vehicle Diagnostic Port in Model X -- Where is it?

    IMHO - Anyone who would allow their insurance company to log and track their vehicle operation needs to have their head examined... All they are looking to do is find any reason to deny a claim if you have an accident.
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    Add new hardware to used MX

    No one is going to feel sorry for you. You saw the list of features, maybe drove the car, and you bought it. It wasn't "half-baked" - they are just improving the recipe a little. Its the first model year for the vehicle. It would be kind of naive to think their wouldn't be updates coming in...
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    Model X didn't warn when my wife was backing up the car and hit a parked car

    Operator Error! Your Wife backed into the parked car. She should have looked where she was going. Its that simple. Technology aside - Were the Mirrors NOT working? If you aren't seeing whats behind the car, then you shouldn't be backing up... If you don't want to assume that...
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    New floor mats for the Model X

    I'm not particularly impressed with any of the mats currently available for the MX. The better option appears to look like some sort of quilted Naugahyde. I don't really want my floor to look like some sort of cheap quilted fake leather sofa out of a bordello, but at least it appears to...
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    Internet Radio and WiFi Connectivity

    Just throwing this out in the event that anyone else see's this... It appears that TUNEIN radio does not work when the car is in the garage and connected via Wifi. However, SLACKER DOES work in the same situation. Once I roll out of the garage, and the car transfers connection to LTE, TUNEIN...
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    My Tesla App ("My Tesla Could Not Be Reached At This Time")

    Many, many issues with the My Tesla App (App version, Android 6.0.1) refusing to connect with message "My Tesla Could Not Be Reached At This Time". I can connect to My Tesla quite easily on the web site using the same username and password. I have tried this via WiFi and also via...
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    Will Model-S Cable Organizer work with updated Wall Charger?

    ...or you can get a simple hose hangar at any hardware store...
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    Door Locking?

    I've looked through the owners manual and also searched the threads in this forum but can not find any explanation of why my vehicle would be operating the way it does. So here is the deal.... We keep our car inside our garage and would like to be be able to enter the vehicle from inside the...
  30. E

    How accurate is MVPA date?

    Feel free to thank your legislators...
  31. E

    How accurate is MVPA date?

    No... When I actually see my car, and sit down to take delivery, I will pay for the car. Not before...
  32. E

    How accurate is MVPA date?

    So WHEN are you supposed to get your MVPA? My car is ready to be shipped and I haven't seen one. No MVPA is listed on "My Tesla" page... So when and how is it delivered?
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    Estimated April-Early May delivery is now blank.

    I don't understand why problems with PRODUCTION would have to be related to problems with COMMUNICATION. Are all the folks or processes which would be used for communication now turning wrenches down on the production line? I don't think so... In fact, problems with production should lead to...
  34. E

    How accurate is MVPA date?

    My car is reportedly finished and waiting in the rail yard for shipment to Chicago. I have an "Order Agreement" on my page, but no "Purchase Agreement" has been posted...
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    Estimated April-Early May delivery is now blank.

    "My Tesla" Page still has my "Late April-May" status message blanked out. It has said my vehicle is "In the Factory Production Queue" for many, many weeks now. So nothing has changed in that respect. However, a query to my DS indicates that my vehicle has actually finished production and is...
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    How accurate is MVPA date?

    Is it the same as the document posted on your "My Tesla" page? ...or did someone email it to you?
  37. E

    Real or accurate Model X Canadian delivery timing

    So you were lied to buy a car salesman? Hard to believe!
  38. E

    90D with 5 seats confirmed for nearly 2 months. What's going on?

    Thats just not true. I haven't seen mine and it has Ludicrous, and PUP, and everything else... Still in the "factory queue" and "Late April-May" has been removed from the status page (just like everyone else).. Some one give a cracker to Mr Biggles for me...
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    How accurate is MVPA date?

    I'm guessing you mean the Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement? If so, the one downloaded from the "My Tesla" web page has no dates at all (other then the version info for the document itself: 20151020). Maybe they removed all references of any delivery date from the newer MVPA's since they have...
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    Do FTC Mail, Internet, or Telephone Order Merchandise Rules apply to a MX purchase?

    Wow - that sucks! Are we required to pay before delivery or can we pay ***AT*** delivery?
  41. E

    Do FTC Mail, Internet, or Telephone Order Merchandise Rules apply to a MX purchase?

    Why did you pay for your car 30 days ago? (Just curious...)
  42. E

    Tesla vs car dealer experience

    So you're NOT reading these forums?
  43. E

    Estimated April-Early May delivery is now blank.

    VIN 38XX, last showed "Late April-May". My delivery estimate is now also blanked. My (new) DS just informed me: "Your Model X is now in production - the body has been stamped and is awaiting the paint booth"
  44. E

    Tesla vs car dealer experience

    Tesla seems to be missing the fact that you're a customer once you place your order - not just after you take delivery of your car. I've always ordered my vehicles exactly the way I want them. Never bought one "off the rack". I've ordered several BMW's and even my most recent GM ordering...
  45. E

    Where do you find your delivery estimate?

    There is "NO MATH". Cars are not being produced in order that the order was confirmed or in the order that the VIN was assigned. Cars are being manufactured based on parts availability and profit motive (more expensive vehicles first). So if your looking to try and predict something... Good...
  46. E

    When does your DS first contact you with REAL progress info?

    I think what Tesla is missing, and other top-shelf car manufacturers understand, is that people are "Customers" even before they take actual delivery. Once you commit to ordering a vehicle, you are a "Customer". There seems to be many good reports of post delivery customer satisfaction...
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    Telsa Model X Production Secrets Revealed!

    There seems to be a lot of mystery and questions surrounding the Tesla Model X production process. It appears that many folks are very disappointed in the level of communication provided (or not) by Tesla Motors as their respective vehicles meander through the production process. Well, after...
  48. E

    When does your DS first contact you with REAL progress info?

    Yes... Over $150K with ALL options. I've never been treated so indifferently by the mfr for a car purchase of this magnitude - (or ANY car purchase for that matter)... I guess we should all be glad they are simply willing to take our money! No need for any updates - just call me when you...

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