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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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  1. alexcue

    2023 rattle from the back need help

    What the heck were you going over train trestles??? LOL Okay, mine is a 2021, and the rattle that would drive me up the wall was the rear seat belt buckles. But I can't tell what exactly i hear on your vehicle. I got some attachment on Etsy to hold the buckle flat on the seat and rattle went...
  2. alexcue

    MY MSM with gray or black wheel covers, please post photos!

    Nope, just left the embossed R on the center plug. They have held up great over the year and half that I've owned them. They do change up the look for sure. I have no concern about these ever falling off, they are on there tight!
  3. alexcue

    MY MSM with gray or black wheel covers, please post photos!

    Just to add... I have the Rimetrix ones they can be a pain for iinflating but i have the clip on valves on my DeWalt Inflator. as long as you put the hose in line with the center it isn't too difficult. Now to remove the cover you do have to remove the center plug every time. It's not that...
  4. alexcue

    EV6 to a Model Y

    I keep hearing about the Hyundai Ioniq 5 having 12V issues, does the EV6 suffer from that little gremlin? What about updates? (Apologies if this has been discussed... I saw your response and replied as you are a current owner)
  5. alexcue

    Siemens home charger had for years depending on Tesla updates it will or not work. Worked great prior to last updates now not 2020 Y 44.25.5.

    Have one of those at my office… and have been on that update for several weeks. No issues and to be honest never has an update screwed up my charging. how old is the charger? Maybe it’s just starting to go?
  6. alexcue

    IRS weighs in on tax rebate, mostly bad news for Model Y

    add Toyota to the mix...
  7. alexcue

    Please make the light icons responsive.

    Exactly... I don't want the fog lights on all the time... I only want them on when.... wait for it... it's FOGGY! or it's raining. But I do love the card solution. Learn something new everyday. I love seeing cars with one of their fog lights burned out. Why??? cause they always had it on...
  8. alexcue

    Telemetry and tracking apps, which do you like?

    TeslaFi for me, based on my 2 years of using it and ability to fine tune... (others may have this ability too... I don't know), but I've been able to set it so it doesn't wake up the car constantly like some other apps do. To be honest the mobile app was never a deal breaker for me. I can...
  9. alexcue

    Tires Model Y Long Range 19 Inch Wheels

    You beat me to it... That's what I want to know too...
  10. alexcue

    FOB and iPhone frequent disconnection

    I'd venture to say it might be a software thing. I assume you've rebooted the car too. I had an earlier version of the software and it was driving me nuts that the car wouldn't wake up and wouldn't see the phone or the fob. I now mainly use the fob, So far it might be a little slow to wake up...
  11. alexcue

    How Do You Open Your Door?

    One handed… push with thumb then pull with rest of fingers the handle. https://www.tesla.com/support/videos/watch/getting-and-out
  12. alexcue

    Inspecting car the day prior to 'Delivery' date

    From my experience, you will not feel rushed unless you are nearing closing time or it's getting dark. Have your checklist ready and go thru it. Make sure you open doors and frunk/trunk and look closely. My only complaint was the back seat head rests and back were very very dirty. They came...
  13. alexcue

    Traction control devices for snow (California)

    Okay, not that I tried this, but have read on here... make a new "Snow" profile, put it on Chill Mode and maybe Creep Mode to limit the regen?
  14. alexcue

    36.X and Steering Wheel Weight?

    Well that is good thinking... but nobody has said the obvious... Elon Time isn't normal humans conception of time!
  15. alexcue

    Our Mar 2021 MYLR had its HV battery fail, under 18k miles.

    Are they still giving out Uber vouchers? I thought i read that was going away, (maybe this is for longer service issues, that they've kept doing it.)
  16. alexcue

    Our Mar 2021 MYLR had its HV battery fail, under 18k miles.

    Just search other peoples experiences with it. If anything, you've just extended the life of your vehicle. It's a pain to be without out for X amount of days, but in the long run it should be good as new. Good luck!
  17. alexcue

    Harness Drive Unit

    Just spit balling here... maybe rodents got to it? Not unheard of nowadays. Can't see what changing tires would do with it.
  18. alexcue

    Tesla should number Key cards

    That's what I do I keep a little Keycard holder in my center console, and give this to the Valet. has key ring and teeth clasp on it. Before I drop off the car I just slip in my key card into it, set car to Valet and done.
  19. alexcue

    Model Y Spare Tire problem solved

    Question, did you try sliding it under with an actual flat? seems to me it will drop it further than with an inflated tire.
  20. alexcue

    Best to charge to 60%?

    My only complaint about Recurrent is it keeps waking up the car several times a day. If I’m not using it I prefer the car to sleep. Personally I keep my battery at 80%, and my commute is 39 miles a day on average.
  21. alexcue

    How long until we get a 400+ mile model Y?

    Honest questions, who are the competitors and what is the price range??? In comparison to the MY
  22. alexcue

    Supercharger - Pasadena, CA - 3363 E. Foothill Blvd. (LIVE 5 Oct 2022, 20 V3 stalls)

    huh, if I have a Doc appointment at Kaiser across the street I may have to sneak in there before 8am... good to know
  23. alexcue

    CCS Adapter - ?

    That's great!!! My common routes have tons of them, and that's no exaggeration. But even with so many, some are full and you have to wait. It's all about choices. To me personally $250 on a $60k + car is nothing. It's all about peace of mind to me. Less stress in the end ...
  24. alexcue

    Regrets [Anyone regret trading in their ICE for their Tesla?]

    I don't see it that way, though the first 13 months, were the scariest. I haven't done any real attempts at trying to recover or should I reset the BMS. It's literally been flat after that period. Maybe even improved after some longer distance trips where I've let the battery get down to as...
  25. alexcue

    Regrets [Anyone regret trading in their ICE for their Tesla?]

    According to TeslaFi, 12.49% in 23.5 months
  26. alexcue

    Any tire inflators compatible with new 16v Li-Ion battery?

    I have several, but for overall ease, especially if you own their tools the DeWalt is super nice to have. I know this isn't what the OP was after, and I'm afraid mine is the older 12V system, so I just keep a small DynaPlug Micro Pro inflator with a patch kit, according to the instructions...
  27. alexcue

    Regrets [Anyone regret trading in their ICE for their Tesla?]

    I'll be honest, i didn't trade in a vehicle. My GF bought my last new car from me, and is still driving it in FL. I've kept my Toyota Tundra, and also keep a Hyundai Elantra for her here when she's out here to visit. The truck is just something I enjoy having it because it comes in handy...
  28. alexcue

    Have any new testers with a safety score above 80 received the FSD Beta update yet?

    Drive like an old lady… no offense to old ladies, but you get my point I hope. Drive on autopilot, don’t use the brake, make turns at like 15 mph and don’t follow to close. If you get the red car on your screen, you are screwed for that day.
  29. alexcue

    Coolant hose needs replacement

    sorry, I wanted to laugh, cause my truck which just turned 20 years old has only had the hoses changed out once when I did the timing belt @ 90,000 miles, 12 years ago. I keep squeezing them and they look fine and no leaks, but as it reaches 190k miles now I guess it’s time again, with another...
  30. alexcue

    Have any new testers with a safety score above 80 received the FSD Beta update yet?

    From my experience, i was on 20.8 for 40+ days with no update, I had turned on the Beta Queue. Finally got tired of no updates, then turned it off. 20.9 was hidden from me while on the Queue, as soon as i unchecked it it was showing, so I downloaded 20.9. Four days later, and less than 24...
  31. alexcue

    Waking up to less than the set charge.

    I guess I'm lucky, I can charge at the office, so I rarely charge at home, Mine goes the opposite way, I set it for 80% and later TeslaFi shows it goes up to 82%. Now many times it will also go down by the time I leave from work (i can't set it for departure because others use the charger also...
  32. alexcue

    Model Y 2021 Complete Battery Failure at 18k Miles

    This...^ We skew the numbers so to speak. I certainly would hope that nothing would happen to my battery, after just short of two years not a blip other than disconcerting degradation early on, as others have said @jcanoe being a prime example, it WILL stabilize and it has. (that's a whole...
  33. alexcue

    CCS Adapter - ?

    Steal them from where?
  34. alexcue

    Have any new testers with a safety score above 80 received the FSD Beta update yet?

    The only thing with me is I had the Safety Score running for months, but not for the beta. So I always had a track record of my safety score, and to be honest for months best I could do consistently was 87, only till recently has the score gone up and hovers around 92, though a bad day early in...
  35. alexcue

    Have any new testers with a safety score above 80 received the FSD Beta update yet?

    Just got it last night. I had just turned queue request back on early yesterday morning. Score was 91 after yesterdays driving.
  36. alexcue

    Have any new testers with a safety score above 80 received the FSD Beta update yet?

    LOL, after waiting for almost 50 days without an update, and having signed up to the queue for Beta, I took my self out on Saturday! I had gone from 85 average for months to 92 average. Ugh I was so upset at the bad Phantom braking that it was driving me nuts i wasn't getting an update to...
  37. alexcue

    External speaker fault with latest update?

    It plays going forward too below like 19 miles or something…
  38. alexcue

    Charge Door Closing on j1772 adapter and not opening back up

    Same thing happens to me. I share the office charger, so it’s removed many times when I’m not available to release it. So the door attempts to close with the adapter in place and stays there. I have to manually release it so as to remove the locked adapter.
  39. alexcue

    Charge Door Closing on j1772 adapter and not opening back up

    It’s on a ball bearing, it shouldn’t break it.
  40. alexcue

    MY MSM with gray or black wheel covers, please post photos!

    Going to be that guy… the wheels are Apollo, the covers are Gemini.
  41. alexcue

    SoCal to Vegas

    The only time I’ve gotten burned badly by the assumptions on this run, wind that was absolutely killing me on one trip back. My issue was my fault. It told me to stop at Baker, but I like EddieWold for the above stated reasons. But the wind was absolutely killing me and i had to slow down...
  42. alexcue

    CCS - buy now or wait?

    I believe it's changed now, to also include what others have said above. A SK Tesla vehicle.
  43. alexcue

    Not able to access YouTube TV through the YouTube app

    Look on the left, I noticed it had moved. Not near my car at the moment. scroll to bottom.
  44. alexcue

    Windshield woes

    I’m on my third one… Ugh
  45. alexcue

    Having owned a Model Y would you consider the F-150 lightening

    Nope, too big, as I’m getting older i always take parking into consideration where I go. I have a Toyota Tundra, it serves it purpose… Hauling. But for everyday use? It’s time has passed for me.
  46. alexcue

    False frontal collision warnings

    This last version is absolutely horrible. I’m getting them constantly and IMO they are completely unwarranted. Curves with parked cars, when doing under 10 miles an hour, slowing for a dip/hump when a car in front is slowing down too. I’m not only going to slow for the obstacle, but the4 damn...
  47. alexcue

    Charging adapters

    @RichAZ/CapeCod , is right, you can get by with just the J1772 and SuperChargers for the most part. I have the CCS1 Tesla Adapter, and have only used it once while traveling and that was just because i could. It's there for emergencies, or if the SuC are all busy, I can find a working EA...
  48. alexcue

    recline switch not working

    yeah, i thought i remember something about them not reconnecting at the switch. There's some posts around here about it. I'm pretty sure if you have motion with the seat belt shoulder it's just the other buttons that weren't hooked up fully. edit: just to add, i don't use the back switches...
  49. alexcue

    Radar getting turned off on Model 3/Y with 2022.20.9

    actually the Cruise blocking in San Fran was "big" news here, I saw several articles and online alerts to it.
  50. alexcue

    Recorded video accidents this morning

    HONK!!! that'll save the last minutes

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