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  1. Ski_

    Who has ordered?

    I’m so in. 627B19EF-E2F3-4150-BE61-81CE052180BE by Ski_ posted Nov 22, 2019 at 8:24 PM
  2. 627B19EF-E2F3-4150-BE61-81CE052180BE


    Cybertruck order
  3. Ski_

    Installation: Model X Enhanced Anti-Theft

    Given the tint on the rear windows— i’d agree that their placement choice is poorly chosen for your vehicle. They are also quite small. Personally, I’d ask them to give you another set of decals if you are unable to move them.
  4. Ski_

    Installation: Model X Enhanced Anti-Theft

    5 days if you include the weekend. You select the install location of your choice at time of order. I got a text when the parts arrived and I scheduled an appointment via the app. — Order online date: Thursday, March 14th (evening) — Parts arrived text message notice: Tuesday, March 19th (morning).
  5. Ski_

    Installation: Model X Enhanced Anti-Theft

    Yes. They are just static cling stickers— you can take them off and put them on again.
  6. Ski_

    Installation: Model X Enhanced Anti-Theft

    Quick rundown on the Tesla Service installation of the Enhanced Anti-Theft "accessory" for my Model X. Here is the new replacement dome-light assembly with holes for the new sensors which can be seen on the sides: Sensor controller assembly with left and right sensor probes: Two window...
  7. Ski_

    WTB: Kids Radio Flyer Model S Code

    I have one I can sell— I’ll pm you.
  8. Ski_

    What is this?

    Maybe the connector for the front trunk light? I changed all of my interior lights to brighter LEDs and this connector looks similar— do your trunk lights work? (This is just a guess). What part of the front trunk does the cord run into? Or is it loose?
  9. Ski_

    Autopilot worth the money?

    If you drive in traffic (like I do in my commute)— I would definitely recommend it. I use it daily and my commute is a rather short distance. I find it way more relaxing to drive with it.
  10. Ski_

    Smart Plates

    $7 monthly fee after the huge purchase price. So sick of monthly fees...
  11. Ski_

    Software update today, Christmas Easter egg.

    A few more photos for those interested.
  12. Ski_

    Software update today, Christmas Easter egg.

    Yes— just gives me more cowbell. :-P (And overrides the Santa)
  13. Ski_

    Rattling noise from sun visor?

    ^ Just had my left one replaced.
  14. Ski_

    2017.46 3387a54

    Just installed it— Nothing new listed in the notes.
  15. Ski_

    Who is responsible for updating delivery status on Tesla Account?

    Hidden CyberMonday buy one get one deal? ;-)
  16. Ski_

    Who is responsible for updating delivery status on Tesla Account?

    As the Delivery Specialist (DS) is responsible for all delivery items— I would assume (not positive though) that this would include overseeing and updating the delivery status data along with either the inventory location folks or the factory folks. I doubt the updates come from a singe person...
  17. Ski_

    I need some help with the Tesla online store

    PM’d. Escalated for Executive Review should get you a reply immediately (at least that was my experience). Also just consider swinging by a SC (if it’s close) — sometimes they have extras of basic things like this.
  18. Ski_

    Missing Tow Package?

    Mine was missing as well— they added it to my Due Bill at delivery for a service afterwards. The parts now seem to be backordered with “no ETA”. At least they added it...
  19. Ski_

    Painted my calipers

    Looks great— please also post photos once it get it back!
  20. Ski_

    Delivery in Fremont vs somewhere else?

    That will be a great road trip north! If you have not done it before— consider checking out Multnomah Falls and Hood River.
  21. Ski_

    Delivery in Fremont vs somewhere else?

    Do the Fremont pickup— they have a brand new pickup location that is quite nice. They also have a fantastic espresso bar. Most importantly, they also have the ability to resolve minor issues there. The location is about 5min from the factory. The Freemont Factory tour needs to be pre-arranged...
  22. Ski_

    I need some help with the Tesla online store

  23. Ski_

    I need some help with the Tesla online store

    Consider escalating the issue for “executive review” via the Tesla Executive Care Team. This is done by logging in to my tesla on the website, select your car, and use the online web form. You should get a response immediately (this has been my experience). You can also call the Tesla Vehicle...
  24. Ski_

    Has anybody with a Model S or X 75 kWh battery ever seen a charging rate of more than 100 kW?

    Dublin is horrible... I have have fast charge rates there a few times— but it’s so rare... Sadly under 60kW seems the average...
  25. Ski_

    Has anybody with a Model S or X 75 kWh battery ever seen a charging rate of more than 100 kW?

    Yes. On two newer different MS 75d loaners. Both were on i5. It only seems to occur when the battery is on the low end and in the evening when it’s cooler out. (Not unusual).
  26. Ski_

    Hoarding of Public EV Parking Spot

    This is where signage language makes a difference: “EV Parking Only” vs. “EV Charging Only” or every better “EV Parking Only While Charging”. Little nuances like this do make a difference. Most (not all..., but most) folks care and education really does help.
  27. Ski_

    New Model X Cubby Drawer...Outstanding!

    Received mine from Norm— been using it in my MX for a bit now. love it! Photos soon. :-)
  28. Ski_

    Switching OA

    OA (Owner Advisor) is the sales folks. “Our Owner Advisors are the critical contributors to accelerating the adoption of sustainable transportation. In this role you will be responsible for building a robust pipeline of leads and converting them into Model S owners through charismatic...
  29. Ski_

    75D fully loaded but subzero pkg With 20k discount!

    OA = Owner Advisor (Tesla’s sales team)
  30. Ski_

    ACCIDENT!!! Oh No!!!!

    So sorry to see this! Wishing your ride a fast recovery. :-)
  31. Ski_

    Poll: Slacker Permium (did you subscribe?)

    All, great feedback— thank you for all the inputs! Overwhelming results— and saving me a bunch of time. Here is a link to @NathanWolf’s reddit post he just made detailing his experience— great review and some solid comments. Thanks for this! Link: Slacker Pro • r/teslamotors
  32. Ski_

    PSA: Tesla loaner from Enterprise has cruise, but not adaptive (ACC)! Close call..

    Yeah— after looking at the customization options on tesla.com— it does not even list ACC as part of EAP (nor does it list it as a standard feature either). Clearly EAP is required— I’m surprised as it is a common feature in so many cars these days.
  33. Ski_

    PSA: Tesla loaner from Enterprise has cruise, but not adaptive (ACC)! Close call..

    The intent of the post was not to blame folks, but rather to inform others through sharing— hence the PSA notice. I just edited the post a bit to make it clearer that I’m not indicating Tesla is at any fault for a driver not understanding a vehicle.
  34. Ski_

    PSA: Tesla loaner from Enterprise has cruise, but not adaptive (ACC)! Close call..

    I picked up a loaner from Tesla Service (Fremont) and I received an MS 75d (from enterprise apparently)— Awesome! I was expecting a ICE! :D So far so good— I hoped on the freeway and I found that the AP2 car did not have EAP enabled— not a big deal. It did have cruise control. I set curise...
  35. Ski_

    Floor mats for 5-passenger X

    Tesla is now selling the 2nd row mat (5-seater) online. Link: Model X All Weather Floor Mat
  36. Ski_

    Office MX 5 Seater All-weather mats are now available

    Finally! The 5-Seater 2nd row all-weather mat is available from the Tesla store. Historically, they only had the front row and both trunks. Link: Model X All Weather Floor Mat And... if a mod (@Doug_G) would change the title of the post to: “Official MX 5-Seater All-weather mats available on...
  37. Ski_

    Tesla Referral Program

    From my understanding: one needs to wait for all 5 of the referred orders to be delivered to unlock it. Here is the relevant quote from the Referral Program description: “once all 5 take delivery”— But, I’ll let someone else confirm this who has it unlocked.
  38. Ski_

    My Top Tesla Accessories - What are yours?

    Fantastic advice— read it all and just beginning to digest it. I’ll let you know where I land— I’m in for sure with your recommended fridge (and I do have a West Marine near me) and I appreciate the espresso advice. Thank you again @TaoJones !
  39. Ski_

    Tesla Referral Program

    +1 Agreed.
  40. Ski_

    Fantastic Tesla 90D Lease deals for someone ready to jump on it now -

    @Jayzee9 PM’d. Congratulations on the future car! :-)
  41. Ski_

    My Top Tesla Accessories - What are yours?

    @TaoJones Wow— What a list! Thank you for this. Please provide a bit more details (photos if possible?) on your fridge, espresso maker, and DC charging cable for laptop— do you just pull these out as needed and connect them with you 12v (cigarette) power access? I really want to be able to...
  42. Ski_

    Fantastic Tesla 90D Lease deals for someone ready to jump on it now -

    @daveed811 I'm a huge fan of my OA-- exceptionally responsive and has been with Tesla for a few years-- which really helped during some delivery challenges. Feel free to PM if you would like their info.
  43. Ski_

    Poll: Slacker Permium (did you subscribe?)

    Background for newer folks— Here in the US, our Tesla’s have streaming Internet radio provided via Slacker Radio (Slacker.com) over AT&T’s cellular network. This is free, with the car, for at least 4 years (probably more...). Some people love it and others like it less (a lot less...). Tesla’s...
  44. Ski_

    Premium Upgrades Package no longer includes phone dock?

    I encountered the same thing when I picked up an X with PUP last week. During pick up the delivery specialist clarified is is no longer included in the PUP. You can always ask at pickup if they have an extra cable (they may not have the side holders)— worked for me, but I genuinely was expecting...
  45. Ski_

    GPS problem with Model X

    No luck with the power off, nor toggling Always Connect— I set a service appointment for next week. Here is a bit more info for anyone else who may encounter this: The street & city that is listed as an overlay on the bottom of the map is correct. It’s just the red arrow that is stuck in the...
  46. Ski_

    Floor mats for 5-passenger X

    No 5-seat yet— I am also waiting for the Tesla’s All Weather mats (which are actually Weather Tech’s “Laser Measured FloorLiners”) 2nd row versions to be released for the 5-seater. Tesla said they are in production when I emailed the accessories team a few days ago... (who knows what that...
  47. Ski_

    GPS problem with Model X

    Well— this in now happening to me on a new MX (less than 100mi). The GPS did work before, but this is the 1st time using it since setting up WiFi. I’m at a cafe now and both the mobile app and the car think I’m at home. I reset both displays a couple of times with no luck. Per the other...
  48. Ski_

    Model 3 Hands-on (by OCDetailing)

    Here are a couple of links to @Joseph Torbati (OCDetailing) hands on with the Model 3. Originals seem to have vanished... Tesla Model 3 - Aero Wheels Tesla Model 3 - Paint There was another two: the screen in-detail, and another as a walk-around (I think)-- Anyone have a link? I'll update...

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