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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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    Stolen Tesla Leads Police On Wild Pursuit

    Why didn't police simply call Tesla and have the car disabled? Answer is probably because no one at Tesla would answer!!:D:oops: In all seriousness, unless a strongarm felony was involved, why in the world are the police chasing a property crime and putting others in danger. Ridiculous...
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    To Plaid, or not to Plaid....that's a good question!

    I got great amusement reading these posts. There are some serious gymnastics involved substantiating which model to buy. It's simple really. Life is short. Get the car you want and get enjoyment from it. Period. Don't obsess. Don't pull a hammy trying to get it to make financial sense. You can...
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    2021 Refresh Model S Discussion

    OK, now that's funny. Made me spit out my water!!
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    Denver Airport Parking

    FYI, the West garage is completely closed (at least last week it was). All parking is in the East lot. Found charger open in Row R but pretty far from terminal.
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    Trunk Issue - Help!

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    Trunk Issue - Help!

    Closed rear hatch last night and display shows that it's open and continues to beep for part of drive home. Interior lights on as if trunk is open. But it's closed and will not reopen. Now, everytime I get in, car chimes for about 2 minutes everytime and displays that trunk is open. Same for...
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    Window not fully closed alerts

    FWIW, I am not getting any window down alerts on my p90D but am getting them daily on my wife's MY with 1000 miles on the clock. Got to be a software issue right? Will try rolling the windows down and up trick!
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    Lease Assignment?

    I assigned my 2016 90D using Leasetrader.com and it was pretty easy about 4 years ago. You can also try Swapalease.com. Ended up buying a P90D a few years later. Best of luck!
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    Model Y Towing Travel Trailer : Buying vs Renting vs Airbnb

    Why not put the MY in Camp mode? You get the camping experience, don't pay the rental fee for a camper, and don't have to stay in AirBnB. Seems like a win win and addresses all of your concerns.
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    2016 Model S 90D vs Model Y

    2015 P90D and MY(wife's) owner here. I know this doesn't help but I enjoy both cars. The S still feels a little classier and cruises very nicely. Understand the older S will not have the computer sophistication of the Y, will charge slower and will have less range. That's 4 years of...
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    Clear 12v Battery Warning Will It Come Back

    Brings a question to my mind: Does the 12v battery keep its charge from the big battery? My car has sat in the garage for quite some time and didn't even think about the 12v battery. If not, are people using a trickle charger for the 12v?
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    Found my Model Y MVPA - No email or phone call

    Dumb question but how do you chat with anyone? I don't see that option anywhere on my Tesla page
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    Model Y’s at Littleton CO Service Center

    Bet you $1 it's Kimball Musk's!
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    Fighting a Service Charge...

    I had an identical experience of Tesla service not recognizing that I purchased from Tesla and still have another 4 years. They then opted to say there is a deductible with these warranties. That was another argument which they quickly gave up on. It's like they are on commision or something.
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    Edit Configuration

    Have white on white ordered which seems like it might be a while. Thinking about switching to black interior but the edit option seems to be gone. I am at the "We are drafting your contract" stage. Is it too late?
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    Is the aftermarket HL the same as in my MS where it automatically opens and closes the garage door upon entry and exit or do you have to manually push the button? Talk about 1st world problems!
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    New Service & Sales Center: Superior, CO

    I guess it's now official! https://www.coloradohometownweekly.com/2020/02/05/tesla-sales-service-center-in-superior-opens-at-last/
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    New Service & Sales Center: Superior, CO

    Maybe they still plan on Feb 1st to open but will continue working. Just trying to stay optimistic!!:rolleyes:
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    New Service & Sales Center: Superior, CO

    I was told the same from a Mobile Tech about a month ago. However, he also said they'd be open by now so ...... Glad to hear the chargers work as I am there about 5 nights a week dropping off at hockey as well! Funny how they've had the same black MS sitting there charging for over a week...
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    Advice on offset for Model S winter wheel?

    I also have the 21" Tesla wheels and the snow tires for those were outrageously priced. For a little bit less, I was able to get 20" wheels and Sottozeros balanced and ready to go from Tire Rack. Couldn't be happier. The car is a tank in the snow! 2015 P90DL. 245/40R20. Below are pics.
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    Cold Weather Pre-conditioning not working?

    Same boat as the rest. Unfortunately, have had to park outside this winter and only have access to a regular 110v wall outlet. Good news is it charges so slowly that regen isn't ever totally at zero since it's never "fully" charged. My trick is when I get in the car, I switch it to ludicrous...
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    Purchasing used MS from Tesla vs 3rd party

    A touch off topic but if I sell my CPO with additional 4 year warranty, does this transfer to new owner? Also, I had a little servicing issue and they claimed I had a $200 "deductible" with my CPO warranty. Is this really a thing each time I bring it in? Luckily, it was still under the...
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    2020 Performance - SWFL

    Southwest Florida
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    Alignment in the Boulder area

    Mobile guy told me yesterday that Superior will be open on Jan 1st. Not before Xmas but a lot closer.
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    New Service & Sales Center: Superior, CO

    I don't disagree with anything you're saying. Maybe I'm one of a lucky few that has had decent service experiences with my now, 2nd Model S. I too am unhappy with the longer charge times and the fact that my P90DL has been "detuned" so I'm not 100% in. In fact, this may be my last Tesla...
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    New Service & Sales Center: Superior, CO

    I hear what you're saying but "the point" for me and others in the Boulder area is convenience. Plus, being optimistic, I'm sure they will have new people but I think for the opening, they'll have some "experienced" people as well. I do think it will transition to a brand new crew once it's up...
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    New Service & Sales Center: Superior, CO

    Sorry, I didn't ask. I'm really wondering if it'll be open on the 1st because I'm not seeing a lot of progress driving there 5 times a week dropping my daughter at hockey. At least they put up signs last week. Maybe someone can post an interior picture to see if anything is happening
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    New Service & Sales Center: Superior, CO

    Just had a mobile service done in Boulder and asked the guy if he'd heard anything. He said Superior is set to open January 1st (maybe I should have asked what year!). He said they are moving people from Evans and Littleton centers to have "experienced" mechanics there. Very excited!!
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    Alignment in the Boulder area

    I'm also in Boulder and unbeknownst to me, my car was aligned at Evans location when they worked on suspension. Drove it home and it was pulling badly. Took it back and they disclosed the alignment even though it wasn't in my downloaded records. They re-aligned and it was fine. I would give...
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    $10 Month for Premium Connectivity

    I also purchased a "CPO" from Tesla about 6 months ago. I just called them and was told to "disregard" and they will honor the 1 year premium connectivity. I guess I'll find out January 1st!
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    Excellent Service Experienc at Denver / Littleton Colorado Shop

    There's one opening in Superior?! I'm so excited - please tell me more! The drive to Evans from Boulder is a haul.
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    Is this normal?

    I leave it unplugged at night. Usually drive with heat set at 68 or 70 in morning. Live about 1 mile up canyon so uphill in one direction but nothing crazy. Latest example, charged this last monday to 90%. Drove home from Supercharger (about 4 miles). Next morning was around 200 miles of range...
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    Is this normal?

    Sorry, this is over multiple drives. Basically, I can only drive it for about 2 days before it's low
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    Is this normal?

    So my 2015 P90DL is only going about 90 or 100 miles on a 90% charge. 90% for me equates to a shown 220 mile range but I'm not getting anywhere near that. It's been on the cool side in Colorado and I park outside currently. About 35 at night and 50-60 during the day. I'm driving like an old...
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    Is this normal?

    So my 2015 P90DL is only going about 90 or 100 miles on a 90% charge. 90% for me equates to a shown 220 mile range but I'm not getting anywhere near that. It's been on the cool side in Colorado and I park outside currently. About 35 at night and 50-60 during the day. I'm driving like an old...
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    2015 vs 2016 - 90D Range?

    You're doing a lot better than me. My 2015 P90DL only charged to 220 miles today at 90%. 49000 miles.
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    Help! Door handle motors won't stop working

    Is there anything that can be done or just let the motors run for two weeks straight until my appointment?
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    Help! Door handle motors won't stop working

    Thank you. Weird that the paddle gear would break on two doors at roughly the same time. I guess maybe they froze and that caused them to break? Car is under warranty for about 4 more years so I guess I'll just get them fixed in a couple weeks.
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    Help! Door handle motors won't stop working

    So it snowed a got a little cold here in Boulder over the weekend. Noticed rear passenger door handle would not open. No big deal, thought maybe it was frozen. Front passenger door worked fine. After a few hours of driving around, parked at home (outside). Around 25 degrees. Car was parked for...
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    TPMS reset on V10

    I'm really confused. Bought a set of 20" wheels and Sotozero snow tires from Tire Rack and had them put on last night on my 2015 MSP90D. Didn't do anything special. Reading tire pressure as usual. Didn't have to drive around or do anything. All works flawlessly. How can it be that mine works...
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    Would you drive a MS in a winter climate without snow tires?

    Don't do it. A few years ago in my first MS I tried driving in Colorado during a storm and the car was awful. Summer tires and snow do not mix. Don't care how slow or careful you are. It just takes one car pulling in front of you and hitting the brakes and you're done. Bought snow tires for...
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    2015 Model S Buyer's Remorse - advice

    I too have been very happy with my 2015 pre-owned that I purchased from Tesla. Yes, there were hiccups with the buying process but honestly, Tesla paid the thousands of dollars for my flight, rental car, replacing the screen, and shipping the car to me in Colorado. So all good in the end and I...
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    Charging outside of the home

    I think a lot of it is city and municipal codes. Here in Boulder, buidings/businesses are required to have charging if they apply for improvement/building permits. I, for one, love it even though I have about a one mile commute. The more chargers that are out there, the more people will be...
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    First "Unofficial" Lap Time at Ring

    Can't wait to get an "official" time but that's a pretty big beatdown no?
  45. P

    First "Unofficial" Lap Time at Ring

    I for one am very excited by this news. I very much want to see Tesla succeed and not get swallowed up by the tidal wave of electrics coming in upcoming years. What Musk has done is nothing short of incredible. Will the MS beating a Porsche at the Ring make them succeed? Of course not but...
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    Why not testing Plaid MS at Ring?

    Tesla Model S Spotted Lapping the Legendary Nurburgring Maybe I am wrong!
  47. P

    Why not testing Plaid MS at Ring?

    Maybe I'm wrong, but this does not look like the Plaid MS. Intake on front looks like regular MS no? You think they are saving up for the real thing for the official run next week? https://electrek.co/2019/09/12/tesla-model-s-video-nurburgring-racetrack/
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    P90DL Handling Issue

    Thank you. All the "simple stuff" has been checked and re-checked so it's not that. Tires are good. Car is still under warranty so hate to take it elsewhere and pay for it. Right now I'm leaning on making them replace the front suspension as well, align it and take it from there.

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