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    Free 10000 super charger miles with Dec 2022 deliveries won't get added until January 2023

    Similar question, if it's by miles then using the credits during peak charge times should not matter?
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    Comfort Suspension

    I'd bet that your car comes with it. Let us know once you pick it up :)
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    Comfort Suspension

    Unfortunately it's difficult to trust sales reps looking up the car. Would have to verify in person. I've had multiple sales reps tell me my car had the Intel Atom CPU when it came with the Ryzen CPU
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    Automatic Turn Signals

    Great point. Stay on with full push would be perfect for multiple lane changes
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    CPUC Nem 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    Currently in the process of getting a system installed at my new home My previous home's solar install timeline in Orange County 9/25/2020 - Ordered 9/28/2020 - Reviewed and accepted design 10/05/2020 - Signed interconnection agreement 10/24/2020 - Ready to Schedule Install ??11/xx/2020 -...
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    Automatic Turn Signals

    Not sure what you mean as I haven’t been in another car that does this If set on, the turn signals will automatically turn off after the cars camera detects that you’ve completed a lane change. They stay on if you’re merging into a turn lane
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    Automatic Turn Signals

    Is there a difference between full push vs tap anymore? The only time it doesn't work well is when changing multiple lanes on the freeway
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    Model Y Performance - Track Mode

    Agree, I did a 2:00PM check and the following day at 6ishAM the software update popped up. Funny thing is after updating it still said last checked 2:00PM and up to date.
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    Auto turn signals are interesting, the tap for 3 blinks will stay blinking if you haven't finished the lane change Haven't tested behavior on multiple lane changes and tap vs full push
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    Holiday Update popped in this morning, fastest download in recent history

    Apple music integration has almost taken out my desire for carplay. Because of how big the screen is, it's a better experience than using it on carplay.
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    Holiday Update popped in this morning, fastest download in recent history

    Took 45+ minutes on my 2022 MYP (Ryzen)
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    The camera has been watching you the whole time. It would kick you out of autopilot if you stared at your phone
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    Holiday Update popped in this morning, fastest download in recent history

    I wonder if they snuck some of this stuff into 2022.44.2. That one took 45+ min for me. Now I know never to do an update on my lunch break at home. Still hasn't popped up for me
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    Return HomeLink and Go with MyQ?

    If it's anything like opening the garage on the phone, I'd be annoyed at waiting every single day for the garage to respond compared to the instant homelink
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    Wow, 36.5 is out

    Getting more autopilot hold the wheel warnings with 36.2 - lets see if 36.5 fixes or makes it worse
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    Selling on Vroom, Carvana or Driveway

    Driveway was great. Rep showed up on time in an Uber, inspected for a few minutes, grabbed the title, and subsequently handed me a check for the car before driving it off.
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    How well does the glass roof reflect heat?

    Agree with this although I gave up on the roof shade recently - it keeps the car 5 degrees cooler (135 instead of 140) on a hot day and prevents my head from feeling slightly warm for the first two minutes of driving but it's ugly and saggy.
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    MY Front Window Tint Only

    I feel the opposite way. Didn't think the possible difference was worth the premium over Crystalline and wouldn't do the Photosync again. I need to do a proper instrumented test as I dont think it's anywhere close to 80% TSER and I have another car with Crystalline.
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    2022.16.1.2 update is here

    They added more info on the vehicle information screen. Low voltage battery type and Cabin Heater type
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    Recommendations for tinting in Los Angelos?

    Another vote for G5 as well. They did a flawless job on my first MYP. I went to Extreme Autowerks to put Spectra Photosync on my second one and if I had to do it all over again I'd save the money and go back to G5. Crystalline 70% for the windshield, def don't do 90% as I've had it in a...
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    Audio system changed to 13 speakers?

    I've had both the 14 speaker and now 13 speaker Model Ys. I can't tell. Maybe if I listened to them back to back
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    First Impressions: Model Y Performance

    They never used laminated glass in the rear doors here in the US. You're not missing out :)
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    What's everyone's electricity bill increase to/by?

    Pointless to compare to people in other locations as others have pointed out due to difference in miles driven and cost of electricity. California/LA is easily 3x to 5x more than other places. Imagine if a gallon of gas was $3 in Idaho and $15 here.
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    Overheat cabin after fully tinted with 3M crystalline in 72 degrees outside

    Your English is fine It's normal for a car to get heat soaked even with the best tint. The tint makes a difference when driving but not so much when parked for extended periods. I put Spectra Photosync on mine and it got to the 130s during lunch today too. Sunshades for the roof and windows...
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    Please post in here if you get rear laminated glass

    False rumor. I picked mine up about a month later and it didn’t have rear dual pane
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    Why is the model Y the red headed step child of Tesla?

    I don't recall ever seeing a performance CUV at track events I've attended
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    Windshield Washer fluid hose disconnected.

    Mine was delivered disconnected, makes me wonder what else they missed
  28. D

    Nestour Interior Light Kit Installed!

    Looks like a Mercedes now
  29. D

    Is my Model Y Performance normal?

    Cabin overheat protection also uses lots and lots power. My interior gets to 130-140 on a 75 degree sunny day so you’re essentially leaving the cars air conditioning on while parked. Try turning sentry and cabin overheat protection off and let us know how it goes over the next week or two...
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    model y performance tire sidewall

    I dont know about the sidewall being taller vs M3 as I haven't measured it but would guess that they are slightly taller in the MY. 255/35/21 275/35/21 vs 235/35/20 and 275/30/20. As to the wheel sticking out more than the tire, no it doesn't but you don't have much rim protection from the...
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    Model Y, Nuna RAVA Car Seat

    Not a direct answer to your quesiton but with the Nuna Exec (0.5in less in width) two adults fit comfortably.
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    275/40/20 quiet EV tires

    Pirelli Cinturato P7s would be the most comfy/quiet ride. The Pilot Sport series is more aggressively tuned with stiffer sidewalls for better response.
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    2022 Model Y 21’’ Überturbine Wheel

    If you're looking for that level of perfection I would just buy an undamaged wheel from the tons of people selling Uberturbines. Should be easy to locate in SoCal for ~$300-$400. Buy a whole set and you'll have some backups. Agree
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    2021 Model Y tires wore off

    They look like all season Goodyear Asymmetric 5s, 500 treadwear rating
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    https://shop.tesla.com/product/gen-2-mobile-connector-bundle This is the one that's was previously included, it does not come with a NEMA 14-50 adapter and you'd have to buy that separately as well
  36. D


    Auto open is great since it'll open both the community gate and garage once you come within a programmed distance. However, it does open the community gate on the way out too. Haven't figured out a way to prevent that other than manually skipping it on the screen.
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    Don't blow your $ on accessories before delivery

    Just my opinion: I think the matte screen protector makes everything fuzzy and actually adds glare to the screen so I decided against putting it on my new car. It's good at hiding fingerprints though. Perhaps I was lucky but there wasn't a single instance where I felt it protected the screen on...
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    Will Model Y work for someone 4'8" tall?

    This and your SA are incorrect. The lowest adjustment point still isn't very low though.
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    Suspension Upgrades for 2022 model Y

    Agree 100%. The Camry I rode in felt more plush than my dad's MB S Class. I got picked up in a 3 series Uber and it felt worse than the rear of the MYP.
  40. D

    Running tires on 41 pounds is quieter

    Tire pressure is interesting. Going from 45->42 made a huge difference. It made my car feel like it had a different suspension. I deflated my tires to 32 to refill with nitrogen (the Costco a half mile away has an unlimited self-serve nitrogen filling station) and didn't notice a significant...
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    OEM Roof Shade

    The IR heat doesn't penetrate the roof but because it's dark it actually absorbs the heat and radiates it when you first get in the car. The roof shades help with the radiated heat.
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    CA Waiting Room

    Congrats, I would hold off on having the service center adjust the door unless the door is sticking past the body. With some use the seals will break in and be just right. I had this issue on two different Model Ys and after they adjusted the first one the window didn't work properly, the door...
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    Closing Model Y doors

    I agree with the other posters on holding off on a service appointment. I've had two model Y's now with "tight" doors. My wife's Mercedes GLC was delivered like that as well. On the first Model Y, I had the passenger door adjusted by service and it made it way easier to close but then the door...
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    Apple Watch

    https://www.amazon.com/COLMO-Watchband-Accessory-Replacement-Silica/dp/B09FFBGHGP?th=1&psc=1 Don't have this but it's the first result on Google when searching "apple watch band tesla key"
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    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    Wow, I've never seen that thread. Not going down that discussion with him again
  46. D

    Xpel Prime XR vs PLUS worth the extra $150?

    Might feel slightly better when driving during summer time. I had the car done with Spectra Photosync IRD and probably wouldn't do it again.
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    2022 MYP range estimate with 19” Martian wheels?

    Don't forget tires make a very significant difference in efficiency as well. Those 20in Michelins are not the hard compound they use for Tesla OEM models. Look at the tire specs. Only the T0 Pilot Sport A/S 4 has a traction rating of A versus every single other size tire having a rating of AA.
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    Biggest tires on model Y performance

    I've had both Pirelli and Michelin OEM tires. The Michelins in OEM sizing have a lip similar to the Pirelli 295s pictured. It isn't much protection but still slightly better than nothing.
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    2022.12 looks promising!

    Dog mode and camp mode can now be enabled through the mobile app

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