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    MCU2 Upgrade, two different part numbers and different prices

    How did you score that?
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    For Sharing: 10% Off EVOffer Auto Frunk

    It is a large box with some weight to it, my foot sensor and pedals shipped in the same box. Came DHL express in under a week from HK to the east coast.
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    Out of state private sale/purchase questions…

    Pennsylvania requires the seller to sign their title in front of a (PA local) notary otherwise Harrisburg won't issue a new title to your state capital. NJ doesn't care I picked up my car across the border and he just signed it in his driveway.
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    Model S 2012 – 2016 HID headlamps (both sides)

    Delaware or Pennsylvania license plate? Also JBL, the original poster is across the country from you.
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    TMS P85 motor humidity: high voltage câbles seal leak, error GTW_w176

    Regarding your earlier post, your previous lower estimate (pdf file here in the USA) might be in your phone's cache, or in your downloaded files section if you have an Android phone. Someone else with an iPhone can advise if apple phones keep downloads somewhere you can find them. I'm assuming...
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    MCU upgrade and AP3

    I requested a quote for my AP1 car to get MCU2 today. I don't expect any price difference, it's a totally different can of worms.
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    Sold 2015 P85D Very Low Mileage, 7 seater, 21 inch rims.

    The instrument cluster is bubbling, how's the main screen? At your price though, a $2500 MCU2 upgrade is palatable
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    Selling 2022 Model 3 LR - NEW

    Still looking for 58,800?
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    2015 Model S wheels and Michelin tires (little life left)

    Bump Will also sell the set I just got in better shape for 850, same as I paid.
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    Intermittent front Right Headlight Assembly

    I just pre-emptively bought ballasts, bulbs and new clips for the bulbs on fleabay.
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    Free Supercharging Still Worth It?

    I only bought mine for the FUSC. Otherwise couldn't justify it to myself. I don't think supercharging up to 80% is harmful. Once I hear the battery cooler start to ramp up, I end my session. Let's say I do kill my battery by over-supercharging: for the cost of a few year old Toyota Camry I'll...
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    WTB: 2021 Model S wheels with all season tires

    I'm just over the bridge in PA but I have the same set. He is looking for plaid wheels aren't those staggered?
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    Reputable business to install aftermarket parts for my older Model S

    The lighted doorsill is an easy DIY project. And I assume you want two of those ;)
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    Window Calibration

    My service center fixed this on the second try. The right rear door handle was fixed (also twice...). The second time which knock on wood seems to have fixed it, they replaced the whole window regulator as well.
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    Intermittent front Right Headlight Assembly

    Sorry if replying to an old thread wasn't the right thing to do - every online group is different, who can keep track. Hopefully the OP is still around to see replies or got his car fixed by now.
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    Intermittent front Right Headlight Assembly

    I brought mine in for an intermittent headlight issue in December, they spent all day diagnosing under warranty and were unable to replicate the problem. Nothing replaced but they gave me a loaner X for the rest of the weekend since my Friday dropoff was going into late Saturday afternoon and...
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    FS: OHMMU 12V Lithium Battery for Model S $300, Los Angeles Area

    Tesla 12v batteries aren't lithium at least on the older cars.
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    SC01 FUSC not transferring??

    🤮 Not from here originally sorry 😅
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    2016 S60D Battery Upgrade to 75D

    I'd spend less first and use Tessie for a while to make sure your current battery hasn't degraded too much. If you drive it and charge it enough times in 2 weeks, you can find out for free before the subscription starts.
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    SC01 FUSC not transferring??

    Also remember what I said above (or it might have been in another thread) it seems like many FUSC cars are the 85kWh battery. And tesla reduced charging speeds a couple years ago with a software update. Wish I knew that before getting mine but I watch youtube on my phone late at night when the...
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    SC01 FUSC not transferring??

    You have to ask other locals since the price varies by region. There's plenty of local facebook groups of tesla owners. Currently about 31 cents per kWh in the Philly area and to my knowledge doesn't vary with time of day like in CA. I wish it showed me "hey you saved $15 today!" but it just...
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    2015 Model S wheels and Michelin tires (little life left)

    Pressues. I filled them to 45 during the butter cold around Christmas day, and this was after an hour's drive.
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    2015 Model S wheels and Michelin tires (little life left)

    Southeast PA pickup. Set of 4 wheels and tires. Tread wear ranges from 4 to 6 32nds. TPMS worked well, I assume it is Gen1 TPMS. It will pass PA state inspection but I'd plan to replace the tires soon. I bought a set with 8/32 tread left for $850. Someone not far away just sold wheels only...
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    Does FUSC transfer on CPO vehicles if sold privately?

    Same here I bought a former CPO car that was probably sold by Tesla in 2018 some time, it had SC01 and it transferred to me *in a private party sale* in Oct 2022 no issues. Edited for *emphasis*
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    SC01 FUSC not transferring??

    At some point one of the sites that explained if you had FUSC or not said to look for "no recent charging" instead of "Charging cost: $0.00" But at some point a software update changed this, and now FUSC cars show "Charging cost $0.00" Good point about the newer cars, though in the latest Dec...
  26. G

    SC01 FUSC not transferring??

    Well it worked for me, I bought my 2015 in October 2022 from the 2nd owner, and the FUSC transferred to me just fine. Seller bought it CPO from Tesla in 2018 or so, before they were removing the free supercharging on CPO cars. We used this site to verify SC01. I'm just one data point though...
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    SC01 FUSC not transferring??

  28. G

    FS: EVannex Real Molded Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps for Model S (2012-2020)

    So is there a picture of how these would actually look? I don't see them on the EVannex site anymore, Looks like there was an argument about it some time ago.
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    EV Offer Power Frunk Issues

    Ordered. Took a while for telegrams to be answered, and then I check my phone and they answered hours previously - no notifications from telegram hopefully I don't have to use that app often, not a fan. They were nice enough to give me a coupon for the amount prices changed while waiting for my...
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    Rust on trunk strut connections

    Pics You can sort of see the little strips of broken old-C-clip in there There has to be daylight on both sides of the ball joint on the strut for the new C clip to go in. I used a shovel with the handle wedged outside the latch to keep it open. Theres a good V shape for the shovel handle, and...
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    Rust on trunk strut connections

    Not sure why I only got 2 C clips with my 4 balljoint bolts but I did the 2 rustier screws/C-clips this afternoon since the weather was good. Much tougher job than it should have been, the C clips rusted through and didn[t come out cleanly. Needed PB blaster being VERY careful not to overspray...
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    EV Offer Power Frunk Issues

    So I sign up for telegram yesterday, didn't really want to, but had some questions before I plunk down $1000 on several items. Questions ignored and the sale is over apparently. Edit, and 2 minutes after I typed this, they signed in to telegram at noon EST (prob 1am HK time).
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    Wheels and tires for sale + all weather mats for model S

    Most of your pics showed plenty of tread. And you met me and my son and didn't care if we got hurt driving on bald tires, that really gets me. Shame. Buyer beware!!!
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    Wheels and tires for sale + all weather mats for model S

    So which of your pictures showed or text implied some tires worn past the wear bars? Yeah if you zoom in to one, and tilt your head a little you can sort of see a wear bar. Luckily for you I'm safety-anal and won't risk it so I ordered new snow tires. You could have said "wheels are $800 and...
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    EV Offer Power Frunk Issues

    Back on sale but hoping there's a coupon code too....
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    Rust on trunk strut connections

    Picked up the parts for under $5.
  37. G

    Rust on trunk strut connections

    Thanks just did. Hope that works! Every service center seems to do things a little differently. I doubt it's covered under bumper to bumper used warranty (since the struts still work fine err.... "in spec"...) which ends in about a month. I've done trunk struts on other cars before and it's time...
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    LED to HID adapter Model S 2012-2016

    Will this enable light show if I upgrade to MCU2?
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    Lots of 2nd gen Model S parts for sale

    If you're open to shipping (after the holiday rush) I'm interested in the roof rack bars and possibly the spoiler.
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    Rust on trunk strut connections

    Thanks I can DIY this. How does one order parts, just call the service center?
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    Rust on trunk strut connections

    I'm more concerned with the piece (grommet? bushing?) connected to the metal trunk that is also rusted out.
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    MCU1 owners: what should we expect from our cars?

    I started a service request for infotainment upgrade, because I'm curious, and it's only offering me mobile service, not at any of the 3 service centers within 40 minutes of me. Odd or is MCU upgrade usually done in the field. AP1 so I'm not getting cameras or other hardware upgraded.
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    Rust on trunk strut connections

    Part numbers for the connectors, and do they sell them? Or is it just cosmetic and wait till it actually fails, then replace the whole struts?
  44. G

    Rust on trunk strut connections

    Just noticed this for the first time, sunlight hit at just the right angle. The strut connections to the car are all rusted, all four of them to varying degrees. Trunk still opens and closes fine. Warranty expires in a month but is this just wear and tear? If I request service I won't know if...
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    Steam or smoke while supercharging 2015 w/o a heat pump

    I haven't had it happen since. Did you notice an acrid smell? Also this is the S forum, and the 2015 didn't have a heat pump. Your signature says you have a new Y with a heat pump.

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