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    Supercharger - Union City, CA - Alvarado Niles Rd. (LIVE 14 Feb 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    I don’t think so. I have only seen v3 and urban chargers since v3 was released.
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    Supercharger - Union City, CA - Alvarado Niles Rd. (LIVE 14 Feb 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    Wish it was near the highway next to target. Not a bad location either. If you stop for a while to charge, check out Sama Uyghur across the street.
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    POLL - Reason you got your MX

    Originally wanted a Model S but Section 179 was my main driver. Its perfect as S would have been too low for me with placing kids in car seats. Win-win.
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    Just received this warranty email

    I have been on this update for a while now and can say that the dark screen issue/ restart is not as frequent. however, my spotify barely works when switching tracks in a favorite list.I have tried switching to FM during that period when Spotify goes blank but FM goes off intermittently too. It...
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    Tesla to accept bitcoin as a mode of payment

    Who is excited about this? I think it will bring a new crowd into the brand that may have not considered a tesla. I believe the early holders will be jumping on it. 5btc back in 2016 would have costed about $2500. Now that can pay for a new roadster when released
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    MCU Failure Poll

    Tesla does not realize how dangerous an issue this is until an incident occurs. On our 10 hour road trip last month, the screen froze 5 miles before the exit for a supercharging stop. The navigation went out and screen went blank. The car continued to drive for a little on autopilot and I...
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    Model X 22” Black Onyx Referral Wheels - Used - Bay Area

    Used set of 22” black onyx wheels/tires for sale. Driven for about 5000 miles. Available only for local pickup in Bay Area. $2300 2 x 22X9.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 22X10.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 265/35R22- Pirelli Scorpion tires 2 x 285/35R22- Pirelli Scorpion tires 4 x tire pressure sensors 4 x...
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    Missing Tow Package?

    Did you end up getting the tow package? I just realized this is missing for my dec 2017 delivered model x. I hope it isn't too late to request for one. Really didnt need it until now.
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    Whats new with 2020.20.1

    Anybody notice low or no phantom drain after this update? My battery % hasn't nudged in 5 days.
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    No more Phantom Drain after 2020.20.1?

    I have been waking up my car once in a while during this lockdown to check on battery drain and noticed that post 2020.20.1 update, my car barely has any more phantom drain. I charged it to 80% on Sunday and its Friday noon and that number hasn't changed. This is great but I want to check if...
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    Maximum charge limited to 80%

    I should have been clearer. Not all the way to 0, it reaches between anywhere from 25 to 30% before I recharge. I noticed that the sweet spot to have the lowest impact from vampire drain. Off topic but I do hear the battery management system turn on every couple minutes to probably condition...
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    Maximum charge limited to 80%

    Yes, I was just playing with the slider as the usual half way mark showed 42%. I have charged it to 100 maybe like 3 times during a road trip.
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    Maximum charge limited to 80%

    Hi Shawn, I dont let it go below 20% but it may have been the recent update that came in when the battery was at 35%. I charge the battery to 50% every 4 days to lose it all to vampire drain. Strange times!
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    Maximum charge limited to 80%

    That's right, it did reset in the morning and it showed the actual percentage like it usually does. I wasnt sure as I had recieved a recent update and thought it was related.
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    Maximum charge limited to 80%

    I have 2017 X 75d and got a notification that battery was low and needed charge. When I plugged it in later and played around with the slider to set it halfway I noticed it was showing much lower than 50%. I moved the slider to 100% and it showed 80%. Changed the settings to miles and it showed...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I have the same build. Do you have to pay anything out of pocket for them to replace with an MCU2?
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    Shut down with supercharger in sight

    A little off topic but wanted to ask, how has your Model X held up with that many miles? Especially the FWD and the auto present front doors. I don't have the option to purchase extended warranty anymore and curious to know what to expect when I reach those miles.
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    Model X 75d hit 124kw on 2019.20.1

    I got a newer update just now 20.4.2 and I am going on a road trip tomorrow. looking forward to see how often I get those speeds. Will post my results here
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    Model X 75d hit 124kw on 2019.20.1

    Just curious was the car parked sharing a supercharger? Was there someone parked next to you?
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    Model X 75d hit 124kw on 2019.20.1

    Are you on the latest update 20.1?
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    Model X 75d hit 124kw on 2019.20.1

    I started with a 10% Soc and the charge rate climbed up to 124kw and 398 mi/hr. This the highest that it has gone ever I know it's much lower than the 100D folks but this is still great for me. Let me know if other 75d owners are seeing higher numbers.
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    Model X 2nd row actuator not working to fold seat flat or bring to upright position.

    Did you get it fixed? For me, they tried repairing it which failed again so they just replaced that seat completely (the single seat in the second row)
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    Got ticketed yesterday for holding cellphone and no front plates on san Mateo bridge :( Cop was more interested in the car- asked about how I maintain the white interior and the matte wrap, I thought he may just warn me and let me go. Ended up getting cited for 2 things. How can you tell if it...
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    Model X catches fire for no reason

    I do think it serves a purpose to hear from other owners. Isn't that the purpose of these forums. It's better to not say anything if you have nothing to add. Meanwhile, I came across another similar article but it doesn't worry me as much as it did when I first wrote the post. Thanks to people...
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    Model X catches fire for no reason

    Tesla Model X spontaneously caught fire for no apparent reason I came across this article and feel paranoid about parking my model X in my garage. I have a room above the garage and it scares me of anything were to happen. I have heard of the S catching fire for no reason but not the X. I...
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    My model X has gone crazy

    This is scary. I don't have the update yet but if it were to happen to me, I would be blocking traffic partially as I do not have a driveway in front of my garage.
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    Software crash on v9.0 (2019.8.5 3aaa23d)

    I have a Dec 2017 build X75D with MCU1 and get LTE. So not sure if that's the best way to differentiate MCU1 from 2..
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    Software crash on v9.0 (2019.8.5 3aaa23d)

    You probably dont need to worry as you have an MCU2. I think it is happening to people with MCU1 alone.
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    Software crash on v9.0 (2019.8.5 3aaa23d)

    I had this exact same issue happen to my car. I had to manually power it off. Ever since that happened, I check my car via the app to see if it is awake. The way to check is to see if Media option shows in the app after you have walked away. This means the car is awake and you need to manually...
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    Music/ podcasts keep skipping after 2019.8.X

    I have been having issues with playing music in general either from slacker or podcasts from tunein or songs stored on usb. The music skips or sounds distorted like a CD player would when a car goes over a bump. Having this issue since I got the dashcam update. This is very annoying especially...
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    90% SOC on 75d

    I really wish they open up an option to pay and upgrade to the latest battery available whenever an owner wants.
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    90% SOC on 75d

    The car definitely has enough range for my daily driving. My concern to keep a constant look at that number is when i take those road trips, it would mean a few extra stops due to degradation.
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    90% SOC on 75d

    Will do that next time. Thanks. Does anyone know when does tesla consider the battery 'degraded' before they replace it? I see some people on youtube that got replacements. Is there a % degradation of actual miles before they honor it?
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    Software crash on v9.0 (2019.8.5 3aaa23d)

    Have you also noticed audio skipping or distorted music when listening to slacker radio? I am having a lot of slowdown and the MCU feels unstable since 8.2. Wonder if it gets worse from here..
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    90% SOC on 75d

    My 90% SOC recently dropped from 206 to 202 miles after I hit 15k miles. That translates to a drop from 226 to 222 on a 100% charge. I may have charged up to 100 about 3 times till now and never let it drain below 10%. I mostly supercharge as I don't have the convenience to charge in my garage...
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    Time running out for Model X 2017 *massive* business-use tax deduction

    I followed your original post back in 2017 and got my Model X delivered on Dec 22 2017 and claimed 100% for business. I followed your original post back in 2017 and got my Model X delivered on Dec 22 2017 and claimed 100% for business. However, my tax guy did not allow me to claim $7500...
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    Flat tire repair- alternate option available other than Tesla?

    My bad, English is my second language :) There is a lot of construction going on around my work place. The mobile ranger who came to replace my tire did say that is an unusually big bolt that may have come off from something due to so much construction goin on. He said sometimes the security on...
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    Flat tire repair- alternate option available other than Tesla?

    I ended up replacing the tire as the mobile service person said it may leak even if I got it patched and I didn't want to go through the hassle. Added a picture of the screw he pulled out.
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    Flat tire repair- alternate option available other than Tesla?

    You bring up a good point, I did not think of that. And I have white interiors too.
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    Flat tire repair- alternate option available other than Tesla?

    I have 3 days to return the loaner. I don't think it will arrive in time and possible $70 savings from going to tesla. I would do it if it was something local.
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    Flat tire repair- alternate option available other than Tesla?

    It was a thick stud like screw that was broken in half. I will give it a try in the morning before the ranger comes.
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    Flat tire repair- alternate option available other than Tesla?

    I had a flat tire on the rear right wheel with less than 4000 miles on it :( I got 20inch continental crossimpact. Tesla gave me a loaner tire for 3 days and told me I can either get theirs for $433 (incl tax/labor) or shop outside. I called American tires but they only have an equivalent...
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    Group buy for the 4k Blackvue Dashcam?

    Please PM me the details to purchase one. Thanks!
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    Model X vs Model 3

    I completely agree! I am coming from a Prius and never thought I would own a Model X if it was not for the business tax advantage. The minute I sat in the Model 3, I knew it was not for me and started looking at pre-owned Model S until I came across Section 179. That to me was a no-brainer to go...
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    I’ve seen lots of reports about stuck 3rd row, but I have a stuck 2nd row

    I had the same issue in the 2nd row passenger side the day after I took delivery. After 2 SC visits and failed attempts, they replaced that individual seat under warranty.
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    Looking to trade my 20" Silver wheels for 22's in bay area

    I am looking to trade my 20" Standard Silver wheels that I got with my Model X purchased in December 2017. It has 1500 miles on it and no dings at all. I was given a loaner car with 22's and liked the ride quality better than mine and hence the change of mind. Let me know if anyone is...

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