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    Map display seems terrible to me

    Am I the only one who doesn't like the fact that you can easily read the subdivision names on the map, but can't see the the street names because they are too small, not there, or in a font you can't read? (Yup, I'm getting old) I can't fathom why subdivision names are so easily readable. I...
  2. M

    Speed shown on display - accuracy?

    My experience over the years, all of my cars read about 2mph over. Given that consistency, I'm left wondering if that's the standard for all car manufacturers.
  3. M

    Charging Cost tracker spreadsheet

    I'll take one too. [email protected]
  4. M

    Bike rack mode

    I agree. Just tried this all out last night for the first time. The screen display showing the 'almost hitting' something mustache for the entire trip. With the chimes turned off, all the others that might be handy, were disabled too. Given that so many folks use bike racks, this should be...
  5. M

    20 or 30 amp breaker for tesla wall charger

    With all the really great recommendations and information herein, I thought I'd add my 2cents just in case it might help. I decided that my outlet would be certainly providing a lot of power, perhaps for several hours a day. And certainly for years to come. I did not scrimp on the quality of...
  6. M

    Getting complaints about using public level 2 charger

    I'm sure the other EV owner though that you could use the Supercharger whereas they could not. And if you had done so, they could have used the L2 charger thereby getting more cars charged simultaneously (they would not have to wait or find another charger). But this doesn't take into account...
  7. M

    Chargepoint public charger payment experience question

    I've not started using Chargepoint public stations yet. But I've noticed a few routes that I will want to take in the future that do not have Tesla SC handy. For me, this means I may need to use Chargepoint public stations. I have a few to choose from. I'm a bit vague on all the methods to...
  8. M

    Sentry Mode - Live Camera - only front is live

    It took about a week for it to come back and work all properly again. ISTR that I did a reboot but that didn't help. I've no idea why it started functioning properly again. Perhaps this is another of those problems we schedule a mobile service call and they fix remotely for us in a matter...
  9. M

    Software update downloading stuck since several days

    Mine got stuck at 50% for well over 12 hours. I was afraid to reboot the car knowing how well software updates are best not interrupted on computers these days. I'm also not sure that I should drive the car while this effort is underway. Perhaps we can drive the car during the 'download'...
  10. M

    Front Passenger Air Vent - Can you turn it off?

    I've not been able to do this with my 2022 MY. My wife also complains about the vent control problem. I am hoping that Tesla gets us a software update for this in the near future. It has been a wanted option for quite a while now.
  11. M

    2022.16.1.2 update is here

    I'd be happy just to drag it up a third or half the screen. It doesn't have to be at the top or on the other side.
  12. M

    2022.16.1.2 update is here

    Dangerous, or just useless. Either is a problem for me.
  13. M

    Bike rack mode

    I haven't had the opportunity yet to put my bike rack on the MY. I will in time. I'll put my hand up with others and say I'd like to see a bike mode setting too.
  14. M

    2022.16.1.2 update is here

    I'm with you on this one. Everytime it pops up for me, my hand on the steering wheel is in the way. I have to move my hand or lean over to see the entire pop up video.
  15. M

    Sentry Mode - Live Camera - only front is live

    Nevermind, I somehow missed this discussion thread.... https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/sentry-live-camera-stopped-working-properly.265098/ I'll take this discussion there. Sorry to make things a mess.
  16. M

    Sentry Mode - Live Camera - only front is live

    Since I've owned the car for about 3 weeks or so now, I've had no problems accessing the Sentry Mode Live Camera on my iOS phone. I can flip between all four views. Today, I find that the app will display only the front view. The two sides and back views allow me to 'select' them through the...
  17. M

    November Orders

    I guess I should add that it is a Fremont build.
  18. M

    November Orders

    I've been VIN'd this morning. I've scheduled the pickup for next Monday afternoon. They talk like the payment can be some form of a check, although probably not a personal check. Would a cashier's check work or do they have other requirements? I'm going to avoid the electronic payment...
  19. M

    November Orders

    Sorry, forgot: MYLR
  20. M

    November Orders

    OD 11/20, Red/Black/Gemini/Tow/NoFSD EDD is July 3rd - Aug 7th (It was June 1 - July 6 yesterday.)
  21. M

    What do yo do for a flat tire?

    Do they make runflats for the Tesla?
  22. M

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    My EDD changed today, from the last week in March, to the month of May. I now have the low possibility of getting an Austin made unit. Didn't Tesla/Elon suggest that Austin should start production in April sometime? Or am I imagining that. That said, I'll take a Fremont made model without...
  23. M

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    My EDD is March 22 thru March 31. No VIN yet. When I get the VIN, I'm thinking it will be a Fremont. I'll post back when I know.

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