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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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  1. Halldawg

    Self Parking after FSD Beat start

    Or Beta, sorry can not edit title for some reason. Since getting the beta I can not get the self park to activate. Does not show on the screen that it recognizes the spots. Worked well before.
  2. Halldawg

    Windows and trunk randomly open on their own while I’m away from my car.

    Phone in pocket has done that to me a few times. If you leave the app open, as you should, sometimes after opening the phone and then putting in back in my pocket I have had it happen. Min. the app may help. May not be the issues, but worth trying.
  3. Halldawg

    Wireless phone charger replacement

    You have a case on it?
  4. Halldawg

    Anybody here tried to add different light shows?

    Nice! Would love to see them.
  5. Halldawg

    Anybody here tried to add different light shows?

    Great! Thanks for the feedback. Exactly what I was looking for. Going to try it tonight. I have a SSD, do you think that is overkill to use?
  6. Halldawg

    Anybody here tried to add different light shows?

    I read them and that is where I got the idea. Just wondered about personal experiences trying to make it happen.
  7. Halldawg

    Anybody here tried to add different light shows?

    I saw where it is possible to make your own and add them and know that several have. Just wondering how hard it is to do. I'm fairly computer savvy, but not coder level by any means.
  8. Halldawg

    Can HomeLink be used in a completely manual mode?

    Mine works great using auto. Times when kids are outside playing or such I just cancel it. Set the distance as far as it would go (100 or 120 ft) and give you plenty of time. I love it.
  9. Halldawg

    It happened- someone tried to steal my car

    You think the guys breaking in stuff are not armed?
  10. Halldawg

    It happened- someone tried to steal my car

    Lies, damn lies and statistics.
  11. Halldawg

    First impressions and new MYLR road trip

    You stop by Tilamook? Chargers there and not bad food.
  12. Halldawg

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

  13. Halldawg

    High Pitched Whine Sound Coming From Rear Cabin 2022

    Do you have kids? If so try removing them and see if it resolves.
  14. Halldawg

    2022 Model Y - Austin Giga Factory - Delivery Experience

    I picked my MYP in Decatur, GA and could get in car and check inside before accepting delivery on the app. FYI.
  15. Halldawg

    Georgia/Atlanta Waiting Room

    Full PPF from AP3 is $5450 and they do a great job. They are busy and do high end stuff. LOTS of Teslas. Have a youtube channel that is fun to watch too.
  16. Halldawg

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

  17. Halldawg

    Wireless phone charger replacement

    Sorry. Forgot to include new car picture. This is after PPF, window tint and blackout emblems.
  18. Halldawg

    Wireless phone charger replacement

    Picked up the car 10 days ago. My iphone 13 pro max with otterbox just barely does not fit flat so does not charge. Anybody replace the matt or have a trick other than taking off the otterbox?
  19. Halldawg

    Georgia/Atlanta Waiting Room

    Picked up at Decatur on Friday. Was quick and easy. They did a great job. Nothing that I can find that is wrong. They said they are doing 32 deliveries a day. The lot was full of 3's and Y's. Very few S and X.
  20. Halldawg

    Mount Washington - The Windiest Place on Earth in my Model 3

    Went there in 2019. Really cool place. We had a rented X 2016 P90DL that we opted to not take to the top. Did charge out by the red building though and that was nice. Daughter is a weather nerd at 9 so she loved it.
  21. Halldawg

    Georgia/Atlanta Waiting Room

    I pick mine up 6/17. Mine is there as well and they offered for me to pick it up sooner, but wife is working until Friday. The MYP with the Pirellis was it red by any chance?
  22. Halldawg

    Blew something up in the rear!…

    That happens to me every time after eating Taco Bell.
  23. Halldawg

    Georgia/Atlanta Waiting Room

    VIN Yesterday! MYP, Red/Black FSD Ordered 3/16
  24. Halldawg

    Extension Cord Sidewalk Push Back

    HOAs are the devils work. ;)
  25. Halldawg

    My Y won't charge

    I had problems connecting to home charger from my iphone when setting it up. Worked from an ipad. Turn the breaker off or hold down the button on the plug end of the charger for 10 secs. Green lights should flash and then can connect to the address, maybe. You may try your phone in airplane...
  26. Halldawg

    2022 MYP for sale in WA

    So are you saying you have to pay sales tax and fees on a personal sale in Washington?
  27. Halldawg

    Faint beeping while driving 2022 model X

    Have you seen the movie Speed?
  28. Halldawg

    Tesla Wall connector commissioning issue

    I ended in the same place. Works fine as a friend charged over the weekend with no issues. I think it should work if you stop here.
  29. Halldawg

    Tesla Wall connector commissioning issue

    That is what I had to do as well. After that I could get to it on my iphone.
  30. Halldawg

    Detroit to Boston in Model Y LR

    I would vote for Mike's cannoli. Loved Al Dente in the North End, but I'm sure they are all great. If staying in town, the trolleys were a good way to see the city and go from place to place. Most famous is the Duck Trolley, but there are a few others that run. Making me want to go back now!
  31. Halldawg

    Window exploded while parked for Level 2 charging

    Extreme pressure changes like that could do it.
  32. Halldawg

    Full PPF Wrap vs Clearbra

    A decision I am trying to make myself. Love the idea of full coverage, but not at $6000.
  33. Halldawg

    2027 Model x Coolant low only 24k miles

    I will remember not to buy that in the future.
  34. Halldawg

    Tesla Wall connector commissioning issue

    Thanks for your reply. Glad it's not just me. I think of myself is being pretty good with technology but I may be wrong. May just be me but my process was anything but straightforward.
  35. Halldawg

    Tesla Wall connector commissioning issue

    Ok, looks like I have it now. Had to use my ipad which does not have cellular at all. Thanks for the help.
  36. Halldawg

    Tesla Wall connector commissioning issue

    I have done those steps. Connected to the wall connectors wifi signal, gone to the address using the QR code and this is what is there. Have done it in airplane mode and not in airplane mode and get the same screen with the loading circle below it. Nothing else shows up. I am stuck here.
  37. Halldawg

    Tesla Wall connector commissioning issue

    New install yesterday. After install by electrician, I start steps to connect to and set up wifi. Can get to the page where the wall connector is shown with Part Number and Serial Number, but get spinning icon under it that does not go away. I have searched on this forum and internet without...
  38. Halldawg

    Shouldn't Tesla deduct my Trade-in before taxes are calculated?

    42 States have some sort of tax credit or deduction on new cars with trade in States without Tax Benefit The state of Oregon has no sales tax, so if you live in that state and buy a car, the tax calculation is easy -- zero. In seven other states, there is no credit or sales tax reduction when...
  39. Halldawg

    Shouldn't Tesla deduct my Trade-in before taxes are calculated?

    Georgia takes trade in off before calculating taxes.
  40. Halldawg

    Cancelling the resevation

    OH, OH, I can do this one. No. No.
  41. Halldawg

    What did you name your car?

    Delta Flyer when it comes in.
  42. Halldawg

    XPEL Ultimate vs Stealth with Ceramic Coating Ease of Maintenance in Dirt/Snow/Salt

    I think the stealth on red makes it look like it needs a wash to start with. I like the stealth on some other colors. My friend has a black X in stealth and it looks great. The MSM looks good in stealth too, just not red.
  43. Halldawg

    Black Screen in the morning

    Sailors be warned?
  44. Halldawg

    What's your next EV after Tesla?

    Next? Got to get this one first.
  45. Halldawg

    Several Errors on MY22

    Did you check for main bus-b undervolt?:cool:
  46. Halldawg

    Finally, MYP welcome home 😃

    I said CHAMPIONS. :cool:
  47. Halldawg

    Finally, MYP welcome home 😃

    Everyone loves the look of the Champions!
  48. Halldawg

    What audio source do you use the most?

    Wondering what most people listen to. I have been on satellite radio since 2005 and wonder how much I'm going to miss it in the MY.
  49. Halldawg

    What did you name your Tesla?

    Mine is not here yet, but think it will be Delta Flyer
  50. Halldawg

    Red Multi Coat Model Y LR Waiting Room

    Ordered today. MYP, FSD.

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