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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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  1. Veritas1980

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I work a lot with scientists with and without PhDs in my daily work, trust me, they are not necessarily smart people just because of their titles.
  2. Veritas1980

    Tesla/Elon announcement tracker

    So I been trying to search the forum for this, but unsuccessful, so if it is just my searching skills that is lacking I apologize. I've been a Tesla owner for a couple of years now, and gotten used to having most of my communication regarding upcoming features and new products from Elon's...
  3. Veritas1980

    ios Not getting "Charge Complete" notification all others are good

    I haven't got a "charging complete" message on either of my iPhones since last update (2018.48.12). I think it is the firmware, for me that is the most probable answer since it has a ton of other bugs for me. Hopefully the reason we haven't seen an update for X or S in awhile is because they...
  4. Veritas1980

    My prediction on Model 3/Tesla

    So... it is exactly one year later, would you like to give us cheerleaders an update on the impending doom of Tesla due to the Model 3 production?
  5. Veritas1980

    Leaving Model 3 Parked for 3 months

    That was my reasoning for having the neighbor taking it for a spin once in a while. Haven’t heard that you could just pump the tires hard before, but you learn something new every day on this forum.
  6. Veritas1980

    Leaving Model 3 Parked for 3 months

    Why don’t you just keep the car plugged in at all times? I would set the charge to 50% and ask the neighbor to take it for at spin once or twice a month.
  7. Veritas1980

    Away for 2 months. Car doesn't top off every night.

    X & S tops of after 3% drain, so when it hits 46% it goes back to 50%. I should think it is the same with the 3.
  8. Veritas1980

    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    That’s great to hear, hopefully we will start see them on the roads soon. But if it is left hand drive, don’t you mean it won’t go to UK? Left hand drives goes to right side traffic and vice versa.
  9. Veritas1980

    do you drive better or worse, faster or slower than in the past?

    I drive slower than I used to (much closer to the limit), but accelerate faster, especially from a full stop. Using the TACC or EAP I don't feel I need to drive over the limit, I'll just let the car drive me. Feels much more relaxing than in my ICE car, don't know why though, it should be the...
  10. Veritas1980

    A question about supercharging, full charging, and and battery health.

    You will for sure have more degradation on the 0-100% supercharging, batteries don't like extreme state of charge and heat (generated by fast charging). But it also needs to be practical, which is why we have the BMS in the car. And so far, it seems to do a great job of keeping the packs...
  11. Veritas1980

    A question about supercharging, full charging, and and battery health.

    If this is daily driving I would take scenario 3: Charge to 90% from start, supercharge somewhere between 50-20% to 70-80%. Not for daily long trips but occasionally long trips, charge to 100% just before driving and aim for 10-20% at the supercharger (edit: or destination charger). You really...
  12. Veritas1980

    2018.26.2 6341863

    Maybe they are focusing on the fabled 9.0 version for release in August?
  13. Veritas1980

    TSLA Market Action: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Yes, I suppose the FUD-factories will run full steam ahead today. Well, I worked hard for the money I've invested in this company, shorts should at least have to work for it too. Even though some of the stories that pop up don't seem to have required a huge amount of brainpower to come up with.
  14. Veritas1980

    TSLA Market Action: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Should make for an interesting day.
  15. Veritas1980

    Quick Question regarding Panoramic roofs.

    The pano is the standard fixed glass roof, does not retract and you cannot install a roof rack on the car. Sunroof offers retractable roof for the front seats and the possiblity to install a roof rack and apparently satellite radio in the US. Both options are glass roofs, there is no longer...
  16. Veritas1980

    Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11

    Perhaps make the battery icon a bit bigger and have percentage displayed inside the battery and range next to it? Still waiting for the update here, but I don't have the car on wifi. Anyone receive it over LTG/3G yet?
  17. Veritas1980

    75D Owners - What's the max. supercharging rate you have seen?

    I should think so. I don't see how this would be different from the software limited 60 that was a 75 kWh battery pack. Still, if you don't need the range, I would probably only go to 90% in day to day and 100% for road trips. Edit: You should also be able to see it if you have tapering on your...
  18. Veritas1980

    75D Owners - What's the max. supercharging rate you have seen?

    For a short while, Tesla put in software limited 85 kWh batteries in some 75s. Sounds like you have one of those, so congrats on that and enjoy the faster Supercharging :) You can check the battery sticker if you’re curious to see if this is the case.
  19. Veritas1980

    Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11

    I feel the same way, but I know a lot of people here has requested this for a long time. Looking at the video in the beginning of the thread just makes the display look more cluttered to me, and without much useful information. But I realize we may be the minority opinion on this subject.
  20. Veritas1980

    Network Maintenance Update

    Same in Sweden, but in Swedish funny enough. Any chance some interesting updates are coming, or maybe it’s just some late spring cleaning?
  21. Veritas1980

    Headlights default to automatic, using wipers changes their display section of the screen. Fix it!

    The S & X behaves in the same way. I wonder why this haven't gone into the 3's programming yet. They are using the same sensor suite. My AP2 car also used to turn on headlights with single wipes, but that got fixed in an update quite some time ago.
  22. Veritas1980

    Software Update 2018.18.2 301aeee

    For me, the amount of vampire drain is similar to what I'm use to with power saving on and always connected on. It is only that recharging seems to happen now at 1% and not 3% while I'm on scheduled charging. Will see if the behavior is similar tomorrow morning as well.
  23. Veritas1980

    Failed range calculation left me stranded

    That’s a little too close for comfort for me! And with the newer packs we are also throttled at the Supercharger when below 10%, so it may actually be counter productive for us to go to 0-5%. Haven’t done the math on it though.
  24. Veritas1980

    Software Update 2018.18.2 301aeee

    Something seems to have changed with the scheduled charging in this version. I have it set to begin charging at 5 am at home, and if I haven’t been driving for a day, it would previously wake up, check if it was below 3% the setpoint. If not it would go back to sleep, if yes it would charge...
  25. Veritas1980

    Failed range calculation left me stranded

    It is not that unusual, the range will only be an estimation based on the calculated energy left in the battery. It is not a exact measurement but an (often good) estimate.
  26. Veritas1980

    Vendor Tesla API issue?

    Yes, I have no connection through any apps or logging sites. At your site, it seemed to have stopped logging at 8:53 AM at Teslafi at 8:57 (GMT+1). I'm guessing another API outage?
  27. Veritas1980

    The situation in Iceland

    Well, it may not be done tomorrow, but it looks like things might finally be happening for Iceland. I hope for @KarenRei and the rest of my fellow Scandinavian friends, this also will include some super chargers.
  28. Veritas1980

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    I would just keep it at 80% since you don't have charging at home, it's nice to have a little buffer for unexpected trips. I wouldn't think you would see any significant less battery degradation charging to 70 instead of 80%.
  29. Veritas1980

    Vendor TeslaSpy.com - Know your tesla

    I’m not sure what happened here, but I was driving while it recorded this vampire drain.
  30. Veritas1980

    Headlights always on after windshield replacement

    I rebooted everything i knew about, none of it worked until the new firmware was installed. Are there other types of reboot possible than the 3 I mentioned?
  31. Veritas1980

    Vendor TeslaSpy.com - Know your tesla

    You sure work quickly. This is perfect, thanks a lot!
  32. Veritas1980

    Vendor TeslaSpy.com - Know your tesla

    Yes, that I have found out, but I'm thinking if you are going to add something to the charging summary page with monthly cost and so on. Right now it is only used for calculating cost for each drive? So the summary page only tells me how much kWh I have used and time spend charging, but nothing...
  33. Veritas1980

    No LTE connection in car

    Just FYI, if you don't mind using your phones data, you can connect via wifi while driving. Just need to connect to the phone after setting the car in drive. Maybe an intermediate solution. No problems on this side of the pond, but different phone connections I assume.
  34. Veritas1980

    Vendor TeslaSpy.com - Know your tesla

    Do you have anything planned about costs of charging? There is a lot of info regarding energy usage and time and so on, but I would love to have a little more data on my costs. I pay a certain amount at home, another at work, free at superchargers and so on. So I'm currently using logging for...
  35. Veritas1980

    Software Update 2018.16

    That they are doing a slow roll out starting with the US first, exactly to make sure that there is no problems. Being a Tesla owner require a bit of patience, which is unfortunate since we don't seem like very patient people in general :)
  36. Veritas1980

    Software Update 2018.16

    No it does not look like it’s going wide, and for some reason, it looks like 1/3 of AP 2.0 is being kept on 2018.10, AP 0, 1 and 2.5 are mainly on 2018.12 or higher according to the teslafi tracker. I think I’m giving up on finding a pattern in these rollouts. I still have energy saving and...
  37. Veritas1980

    Software Update 2018.16

    Might just be slow rolling, SC just pushed it to me this morning for fixing my headlights. I wouldn’t think they would do that if it had been pulled?
  38. Veritas1980

    Headlights always on after windshield replacement

    And a very fast update: 2018.16 was pushed to the car, and now everything works again. Sorry for wasting everyone's precious electrons and TMC forum reading time, but perhaps someone may run into the same issue at some point. I wonder if it was just the re-installation or the firmware itself...
  39. Veritas1980

    Vendor TeslaSpy.com - Know your tesla

    Hi Jordi, Congrats on the launch of your site. I'm currently on my trial period and is trying to compare it to one of your competitors which I'm using at the moment. And I must say, you have done a beautiful job with presenting the data so far, very impressive! I do get the feeling that there...
  40. Veritas1980

    Headlights always on after windshield replacement

    After a couple of months of waiting to get my cracked windshield replaced at Teslas recommended local carglass shop, I finally got it replaced last Monday. It would also need a AP calibration for which I made a appointment with the SC about today. While driving this past week, the line...
  41. Veritas1980

    SpaceX is Recruiting

    Very nice video! I hope they will also look for food technologists soon, I guess people need something to eat on Mars as well. This is at least what I keep telling myself, since it will probably be the only suitable job I could apply for there! :(
  42. Veritas1980

    Dead bear: what happened to automatic emergency braking?

    There was some talk back with Musk talking about avoiding people in traffic with the radar, he said something along the line that it would maybe, just maybe, detect something the size of a moose or deer (or something, maybe someone has a link to the quote) but not humans. So if the car was...
  43. Veritas1980

    Why do people really want Tesla to fail?

    I do agree with the legacy automakers not being scared of Tesla as a car company based on volume of sold cars. What I do think is making them *sugar* their pants, is if Tesla actually makes producing high quality EVs at reasonable cost, while maintaining profitability. Which naturally begs the...
  44. Veritas1980

    Why do people really want Tesla to fail?

    I think mainly a lot of people don’t like change and companies like Tesla has the potential to be incredibly disruptive. I remember when cellphones started appearing in the mainstream, my parents hated them. Now they are just as addicted to their iPhones as everybody else. There will be a...
  45. Veritas1980

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    There is no data to suggest it is bad as long as you don't do it every day. Many people do this regularly without problems. However, you may see better battery health over the total lifetime of the pack, how much I don't know. Everything points to the 85 pack to be robust, so I wouldn't worry...
  46. Veritas1980

    Model 3 Charging Efficiency

    Ah, my mistake. I get what you are trying to acheive now. No, there a logging website can't help you out I guess. But an interesting project though.
  47. Veritas1980

    Can I overheat a type 2 cable

    20 m! That cannot have been cheap! Perfect! Just the info I was looking for, thanks!
  48. Veritas1980

    General Discussion: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    I like this part, it makes me more confident in my long term investment in TSLA
  49. Veritas1980

    Software Update 2018.14

    Works via LTE, you may however get it a bit sooner if you are on WiFi. If you have a good data plan, a phone hotspot will also do fine.
  50. Veritas1980

    Can I overheat a type 2 cable

    So this may mostly apply for non-NA members, sorry to my North American friends out there. I just bought a new type 2 cable since the one I bought with the car was 7 m long and I only have 0.5 m from the charging station to my charging port. However, you can buy a lot of different rated type 2...

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