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  1. Cybr.Myk

    Super cold out -> climate keeper question

    Good morning all… When it’s ultra cold -30 degrees my car seems to burn through about 10% of the battery extremely quickly (I assume this is normal as it gets the battery pack and cabin up to comfortable operating temps). I’m wondering if, when it is this cold, if I am running into the gym...
  2. Cybr.Myk

    Want to RENT a CHAdeMO or CCS adapter for a week

    We are making a trip from Regina to Las Vegas and the Medicine Hat to Montana stretch is not possible via Supercharger network alone. There is a FLO station in Taber, AB but I don’t want to stay there for 5 hours charging at level 2 speeds. Does anyone have an adapter that I can rent? Thank you
  3. Cybr.Myk

    TPMS won't wake up?

    Yeah, I put my summers back on and for the first drive I had the error consistently. Then over the next few days it gave me the error twice briefly. All good since then though.
  4. Cybr.Myk

    Heated steering wheel

    2021 M3P here…no heated steering wheel. Picked up Dec 23rd in Calgary. It has the new steering wheel without stitching on the side, but it isn’t heated 😢
  5. Cybr.Myk

    Looking for some straight answers on Model 3 Performance Tires

    Get a set of 18”s for winter…the wheels and tires will likely cost you about the same as the 20” all season tires. These ones I got look decent, I actually like them better than the Uberturbines.
  6. Cybr.Myk

    FSD Upgrade Option Gone

    Check your credit card. Maybe you pocket purchased it.
  7. Cybr.Myk

    Software 2021.4.11 Park [sensor] Issue

    Mine have been off and on but was like this before 2021.4.11 I thought the car had ice/dirt on it but ran it through the car wash and it still comes on every 2nd or 3rd drive.
  8. Cybr.Myk

    Model 3 app tracking etc

    I wonder how that kid made out…the one whose strict parents were monitoring his movements…remember him?
  9. Cybr.Myk

    "Signal" Texting app display

    i wouldn’t expect a 3rd party app to work that way
  10. Cybr.Myk

    2021 Model 3 P’s getting 2021 updates?

    And 2021.4.6 has arrived. Lesson learned: sit down and shut up, it will come when it comes.
  11. Cybr.Myk

    2021 Model 3 P’s getting 2021 updates?

    Thanks. Not sure why papa Elon has forsaken me
  12. Cybr.Myk

    2021 Model 3 P’s getting 2021 updates?

    Hey there, I have a 2021 M3P that I picked up on Dec 23rd. I did get the holiday update but I haven’t gotten anything since. Still on 2020.48.35.5 Is it normal that I’m not getting all these little bug fix updates. I know that I don’t get every update as they are config/geo specific but it...
  13. Cybr.Myk

    Heat Pump Limit?

    My dog’s name is Queen Cleo’paw’tra. Not sure if your user name has anything to do with your dog or not.
  14. Cybr.Myk

    Heat Pump Limit?

    Sorry I’ve been away from this thread for a bit. We had a COVID scare and we all needed to get tested and shut things down for a few days. I wasn’t able to go out and do the highway test that I wanted to after service replaced the sensor until this morning. the good news is that after 45...
  15. Cybr.Myk

    Heat Pump Limit?

    Ah, the closest one is over an hour away. It would not start to precondition within my normal commute. I don’t get close enough. I could put it in track mode, I suppose. I don’t think I will but I think that’s another way to get it to heat up the battery.
  16. Cybr.Myk

    Heat Pump Limit?

    I feel like a total noob but how would I force it to do that without navigating to a supercharger?
  17. Cybr.Myk

    Heat Pump Limit?

    It took him about 30 minutes or so to change out the sensor. He did say that he anticipates an entirely different part will be coming at some point but for now he could only replace the failing part with the same part.
  18. Cybr.Myk

    Heat Pump Limit?

    Apparently it is broken. The ambient temperature sensor that causes Model 3’s to have no heat is failing. It just hadn’t gotten to the point where it gave me a user facing warning yet. He said that this is something he has seen before where the vehicle has progressively less heat at highway...
  19. Cybr.Myk

    Heat Pump Limit?

    Service is on the way right now to take it for a nice long highway drive. I’ll let you know what they say.
  20. Cybr.Myk

    Heat Pump Limit?

    110 km/h that’s probably not an accurate way to look at my driving yesterday though. I was chauffeur-ing my daughter around and I sat in the car with the heat on while she ran into stores. There was a lot of just sitting around burning energy but not moving anywhere.
  21. Cybr.Myk

    Heat Pump Limit?

    yeah, I don’t think it’s the commonly reported failure because as soon as I slow down to city speeds, 60km/h or so the heat comes back. also, the other folks are reporting a warning popping up, aren’t they? I don’t have any warnings. For the guy who was asking about battery in this cold, I...
  22. Cybr.Myk

    Heat Pump Limit?

    it’s a dual motor Performance. I should have checked the cabin temp but I try not to touch my phone when I’m driving. I can try tomorrow, it will be similar temperatures tomorrow as well.
  23. Cybr.Myk

    Heat Pump Limit?

    So I was wondering how the heat pump would perform in extreme cold and today I got to find out. I put on about 200 kms today and while I was driving around the city the heat worked as expected, it kept us toasty warm. However, this evening I went out on the highway and the combination of -35 C...
  24. Cybr.Myk

    Waiting for Delivery.....Random Questions

    Don’t buy it then. The cancellation process is easy and they return the deposit quite quickly.
  25. Cybr.Myk

    2021 Model 3 and Model Y Heating issue

    We had -48 degrees with the wind chill yesterday and my 3 handled it like a champ. Knock on wood!
  26. Cybr.Myk

    Wife Checks Out Sentry Mode

    My wife and I went to the mall today. When we got back there was a sentry mode warning and my wife had never seen sentry mode so I wanted to show her how it works. We watch the clip as this dude walks right up to the car and tries the doors and sure enough gets right into the car. My wife says...
  27. Cybr.Myk

    First long trip on first EV. Few issues to report

    Honestly I’m not sure, It’s never something I’ve ever thought about. My assumption was that the same dims that are on at night were the ones that are on during the day. I guess ignorance is bliss because I couldn’t possibly care less.
  28. Cybr.Myk

    First long trip on first EV. Few issues to report

    Why do you want them off? I don’t think they use much battery and statistics show having them on prevents many accidents. We can’t turn our headlights off in Canada (while the car is in motion) since 1989.
  29. Cybr.Myk

    Anyone tried the "Active Exhaust" systems?

    If someone is sauntering in the middle of the road then you could just beep the normal horn that came with your car, couldn’t you?
  30. Cybr.Myk

    Weird thing happens to radio when I floor my car

    This is it ^ you can test this theory by turning around and flooring it TOWARDS the cell tower... the music will sound like The Chipmunks.
  31. Cybr.Myk

    Can't Send Text With Voice Commands

    mine will reply perfect every time but I have trouble initiating a new text convo. It always seems to get the wrong name.
  32. Cybr.Myk

    Show me your red M3's with aftermarket wheels

    yes, I wound up getting a refund on those and purchased the TPMS from Tesla...they shipped to PMC who installed into my order. PMC had fantastic customer service by the way, highly recommend!
  33. Cybr.Myk

    Anyone tried the "Active Exhaust" systems?

    That’s a terrible idea. Just. Awful.
  34. Cybr.Myk

    Show me your red M3's with aftermarket wheels

    good eyes! I just went to the website and picked the first wheel that I saw without checking the width. I have the 9” wide ones. Here is exactly what I got. FWIW, I didn’t need the centering rings on my car...not sure if it would have been cheaper without them.
  35. Cybr.Myk

    Show me your red M3's with aftermarket wheels

    Here you go -> Fast Wheels - FC04 Wheels - Titanium - 18" x 10", 5 x 114.3, 72.6 mm, 45 mm - PMCtire Canada
  36. Cybr.Myk

    Why does the navigation always want to go via the highway?

    Do they really still sell those?
  37. Cybr.Myk

    Feeling blue...[trouble finding door handle in the dark]

    Their cell phone will have a light on it. Just use that...also, this situation is a good excuse to always open your wife’s door for her...which will likely lead to increased action. Every cloud has a silver lining.
  38. Cybr.Myk

    Show me your red M3's with aftermarket wheels

    Fast FC04
  39. Cybr.Myk

    V11 is going to be HUGE!

    Are you suggesting that it will all make sense once we get to Mars? I think you might be on to something.
  40. Cybr.Myk

    2021: Low Frequency Vibration

    Yeah, it’s the heat pump doing it’s thing. Even if your climate control was off it does stuff to regulate battery temps, if I’m not mistaken.
  41. Cybr.Myk

    2021 Model 3 Heater blowing cold air

    Wow! Where are you?
  42. Cybr.Myk

    Park animation. So dumb

    Can someone tag Elon? Caren wants to speak with the manager.
  43. Cybr.Myk

    Show me your red M3's with aftermarket wheels

    for sure they do, but that’s a terrible photo of them.
  44. Cybr.Myk

    Show me your red M3's with aftermarket wheels

    I like these a lot. They are my winter wheels and are only 18”. I think these would be amazing in 20’s for the summer tires.
  45. Cybr.Myk

    So you don't have a 2021 "refresh"...who cares, really?

    Yeah, even with sentry mode on it isn’t 10%. I don’t think his car was going to sleep. Maybe a 3rd party app keeping it awake.
  46. Cybr.Myk

    Did you PPF your new Tesla?

    wow...mine was $1800 CDN including ceramic coat. I don’t think he necessarily means a full body wrap.
  47. Cybr.Myk

    Did you PPF your new Tesla?

    Yeah man, you will have chips for sure. At least get the leading edges PPF’d. That’s what I did.
  48. Cybr.Myk

    So you don't have a 2021 "refresh"...who cares, really?

    Ugh, that should say “You only pay tax on the difference...”
  49. Cybr.Myk

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Testing - I think it worked. Thanks!

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