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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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  1. firebird8302

    Model 3 Dash & Console Wrap - Carbon Fiber

    For Sale - Brand New In Box: EV Wrap's Model 3 Dash Wrap - Carbon Fiber - msrp $50 EV Wrap's Center Console Wrap - Carbon Fiber - msrp $30 Asking $55 shipped. I got these items but decided to keep the car original.
  2. firebird8302

    Factory Pickup?

    I'm picking mine up from the Austin factory for sure.
  3. firebird8302

    Black Model 3 Paint

    We've also had a black Model 3 for about 6 months. Incorrect washing methods can lead to surface scratches. We always use the "2 bucket method" when washing the car and would never take it through an automatic car wash. An orbital polisher should handle small surface scratches with ease.
  4. firebird8302

    Used M3P

    That car was sold for $51,490 brand new back in December 2019.
  5. firebird8302

    Lowering Model 3 with 18" wheels

    This is a Stealth with 18's and Eibach springs. This is after adding 15mm/20mm spacers.
  6. firebird8302

    Supercharger - Schertz, TX

    The CPS Energy truck was on-site again this morning (4/23). A tech, in a hard hat, was working on the equipment.
  7. firebird8302

    Supercharger - Schertz, TX

    I saw a large CPS Energy truck on-site yesterday (4/21) morning.
  8. firebird8302

    Supercharger - Schertz, TX

    Most of the temporary construction fence has been removed. The parking area has been repaved and striped. There is still yellow caution tape around the superchargers but the site looks to be very close to completion.
  9. firebird8302

    Supercharger - Schertz, TX

    I saw some workers on site late last week.
  10. firebird8302

    Barons Creeks Vineyards in Fredericksburg opening a DC, event this weekend

    Alexander is a tasting room in an older home (maybe 1960's). And I mean it's literary a room of the house, the rest of the house is blocked off. It's possible that the house setup is just temporary, but I'm not sure. I'm thinking the original owner of the house had the Tesla charger (single)...
  11. firebird8302

    Supercharger - Schertz, TX

    These new Superchargers are only 2 miles from my office, but I'll probably never have the need to use one. I charge in my garage every night. Nice to know they're there though.
  12. firebird8302

    P3D_Stealth gets Track Mode V2 too!

    Does the Power Meter topping out at 380KW in the Track Mode video overlay confirm the Performance models have 510HP?
  13. firebird8302

    Supercharger - Schertz, TX

    The "Selma" Supercharger is officially under construction. It's at the HEB is Schertz on FM 3009. It's right behind the Valero gas station, off of the FM 3009 entrance to the HEB parking lot. Looks like 8 Superchargers are going in.
  14. firebird8302

    Best Car Insurance for New Model 3?

    I'm also in the San Antonio area. For me, Progressive had the best Tesla rates by far. It was emotionally hard me to go with Progressive though because I want to punch Flo in her stupid face.
  15. firebird8302

    How to remove this?

    WD-40 helps sometimes with stuff like that.
  16. firebird8302

    What does live traffic visualization look like?

    You need to tap on the map screen. On the far right 3 symbols for map options will appear. Make sure the stop light symbol is selected. That is the live traffic button.
  17. firebird8302

    Stealth Performance Now Available!

    I guess we really lucked out ordering a 2020 Stealth last November. It was $50,490 - $1,875 (tax credit) = $48,615. Same car today cost $56,990. We "saved" $8,375.
  18. firebird8302

    Please look at PPF issues 2 weeks old

    When I got my PPF installed I was asked to bring it back in 1-2 weeks for an inspection and wash. I'm sure they will correct it if you bring it to their attention.
  19. firebird8302

    $25 off Gen 3 Wall Connector

    Tesla gave us a $500 credit to the Tesla Shop due to a last second paint color change during our December 31st delivery. We don't really need anything from the Tesla Shop. So I'm willing to offer it for the low, low price of $475. So if anyone is interested in the new Gen 3 Wall Connector, it...
  20. firebird8302

    Stealth got a makeover (tint, chrome delete, caliper paint, ceramic coating, lowering springs)

    Our 2020 P3D- just got back from the Auto Salon - 25% SunTek ceramic tint - Beeds HDX ceramic coating - Red brake caliper paint - Chrome delete - Eibach lowering springs Before: Before by firebird8302 posted Jan 15, 2020 at 3:49 PM After: After1 by firebird8302 posted Jan 15, 2020 at 3:49...
  21. Before


  22. After1


  23. After2


  24. firebird8302

    New 3D wh/mi seems high...

    I just checked my P3D+. After 7,585 miles, I'm averaging 294 wh/mi. At my electric rate, it has cost me $192.11 to drive the 7,585 miles.
  25. firebird8302

    How to find a stealth?

    You don't find a Stealth, a Stealth finds you...
  26. firebird8302

    OK, so...did everyone get their cars by the end of 2019?

    We successfully took delivery of a Performance Steal on December 31st.
  27. firebird8302

    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    We successfully took delivery of our new Steal on December 31st. The car is flawless and we're now a 2 Tesla family.
  28. firebird8302

    EV charging around Fredricksburg TX

    Barron Creek Vineyard on 290 has free charging (I think 4 spots) - up to 45 mi/hr depending on the # cars Alexander Vineyard on 290 has 1 free charging spot - 45 mi/hr Downtown Fredricksburg has a couple public chargers for a fee. You'll need your adapter and need to download an app for the...
  29. firebird8302

    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    We're taking delivery this evening. Our original order was not going to be delivered but they found a Stealth for us in Houston and had it shipped to San Antonio yesterday. We originally ordered white exterior (free) with the intention of having the car wrapped. The one being delivered it...
  30. firebird8302

    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    We still don't have a VIN. Ordered on 11/27. We were told by the SA in Austin that all orders placed by 12/2 would be delivered in 2019. It's not looking good...
  31. firebird8302

    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    No VIN in the source yet. The email link I used to reserve the car had a VIN but don't know if that's the actual VIN or just a place holder. Haven't been asked to submit payment yet either.
  32. firebird8302

    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    I'm starting to get nervous about 2019 delivery. Ordered a "pre-production" stealth through an email link from a SA on 11/27. Still no VIN assigned.
  33. firebird8302

    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    I ordered my P3D+ in July 2019. It cost $54,990 - $1,875 tax incentive = $53,115 net. The ear to ear grins are priceless. People need to stop whining about prices. Either pay to play or go home.
  34. firebird8302

    Tint Estimate

    NE San Antonio. JC's Auto Salon
  35. firebird8302

    Tint Estimate

    I paid $375 to have all of the windows professionally done with SunTek CIR ceramic.
  36. firebird8302

    RPM Spoiler

    That's an incorrect price. $279 is 20% off of $349. It should be 20% off of $249 ($199) plus $30 for shipping. $229 total. It's even in the link text "229-w-20-off" (Model 3 Performance Spoiler Molded Carbon Fiber, Glossy $229, Matte $249)
  37. firebird8302

    RPM Spoiler

    I tried to buy this spoiler from RPM but it was ringing up at $349 in the cart instead of $249. I emailed RPM but they don't seem to care...
  38. firebird8302

    2020 Price Drop? [Speculation]

    The Stealth is $2,000 more than the LR AWD, so $6,500 less than the P3D+.
  39. firebird8302

    2020 Price Drop? [Speculation]

    Someone on this forum said there was a batch of Stealth's heading for Texas. I contacted the Austin showroom and they confirmed it. The SA email me a link to buy it. The link also had a VIN already generated.
  40. firebird8302

    2020 Price Drop? [Speculation]

    I bet you're right. If I remember correctly, the July price cut was announced around July 16th.
  41. firebird8302

    2020 Price Drop? [Speculation]

    Every time the Federal tax incentive gets cut, so does the price of the Model 3. Is the Vegas odds favorite an $1,875 price cut come Jan 2020? We took delivery of P3D+ in August and are scheduled to take delivery of a P3D- in late December. I'm hoping part the 7 day return period falls after...
  42. firebird8302

    PPF coating for Model 3

    I doubt there is much of a difference these days. 10 years ago maybe, as some PPF's yellowed over time. I knew Avery made vinyl wrap but I didn't know they did PPF until you mentioned it. I don't quite understand what you mean by "the color did not match the sample or promotion...
  43. firebird8302

    PPF coating for Model 3

    I have PPF and ceramic coating. Xpel and Suntek are the bigger brands. I did the front bummer, headlights, fronk, fronts fenders, mirrors, and rocker panels. I regret not doing the rear trunk deck lid where language might scrape. I think doing the whole car is probably overkill though...
  44. firebird8302

    Stock 2020 Vette looks to have lower 0-60 time vs P3.

    I totally agree. I love my Corvette and my Tesla. It's hard to beat popping the top when the weather is nice, rowing my own gears, and listening to that 6.2L engine purr as it's burning premium Techron gasoline.
  45. firebird8302

    Stock 2020 Vette looks to have lower 0-60 time vs P3.

    They are 2 different car categories. The Model 3 is a 4 door sedan. The Corvette is a true 2 door sports car. I have a C7 Corvette and a Model 3 Performance. Chevy says my C7 does 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. Sure it can do 3.9 seconds, but has to be on a prepped track with perfect weather...

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