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  1. eight

    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    Model S now sold, so I have a Gen 1 UMC/TMC pluggy-in thingy for sale I bought as a spare for the froot. With round bag and with 13A adapter - this is the early universal model that you can use for any circumstance as you can get 16/32/euro adapters to plug into it (16/32/euro adapters not...
  2. eight

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    Yes, two bays to charge one car basically. Or four bays if you're a Taycan owner who's not too good with spatial awareness.
  3. eight

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    Taycan will plug in fine - two options - use three bays and go in sideways (CrabMode), or bring a pair of ramps so you can pull the car forward over the kerbs between the Superchargers so the cable will reach. A Mini will work ok but you need to turn it on it's roof so the port is on the correct...
  4. eight

    Road Trip - Charging in France & Spain

    I've done Manchester to the Algarve 100% on Superchargers - no problems at all other than a wrong turn in Bordeaux that made us panic. If a site is down the car will reroute you. We charge in Portugal using a cheapo 2-pin euro socket adapter and a 10m long cable'd brick charger from Screwfix...
  5. eight

    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    ...and now £71950. No viewings yet - all I'm getting is compliments on the spec!!
  6. eight

    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    £72995 !! Go on, you know you want to...
  7. eight

    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    P100D two posts up - reduced to 74500 but I'm b ggered if I can work out how to edit my previous post - looks like editing is time limited :)
  8. eight

    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    68 2018 Model S P100DL for sale. Full Self Drive (£6800), late 2018 car so has factory MCU2, mega-rare factory Arachnid forged wheels (no longer available unless on a Plaid - £6000), CCS upgrade, HW3/AP3 computer upgrade - free with FSD, Subzero package, HiFi package, glass roof, basically every...
  9. eight

    White interior — to protect or not to protect?

    White here, cleans up fine - mine has perforated centre sections which I thought might go grubby but so far (25,000 miles between me and original owner) all looks good as new apart from a tiny tiny bit of discolouration/creasing marks on the drivers seat base bolster. Not tried scrubbing it yet...
  10. eight

    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    Sold! Many thanks, perfect for my back seat dogging activities - she refuses to use the rear entrance ;)
  11. eight

    Tesla Forum - Confused

    The TVR section of Pistonheads was very negative 10-20 years ago, every other thread was something breaking, destroying itself or falling off - have a read of any recent Mclaren forum and it's exactly the same, just with an extra zero on every repair cost. The owners are the development team...
  12. eight

    Would you buy this? Second hand vs new Model 3

    Tesla did remove FSD etc from cars that went through their used approved network then they can resell the same software to the new owner - not sure if that's still the case. On the flip side the Tesla warranty may be extended - or not! - worth checking that one out. Buying private or third party...
  13. eight

    Speed of DC 50kW CCS chargers

    I used a GeniePoint 50kw charger to test out my new CCS conversion on my 2018 MS. Stood in the carpark and had to open an account, add a credit card, fanny about with emails and the website and then it took ten quid from my card before I'd even had any power from them. Didn't work. CCS...
  14. eight

    Tesla 2016 FaceLift with AP1 MCU2 upgrade question

    MCU2 is easy to confirm as it'll have Netflix and youtube I think - from 68 plate or thereabouts. Of those two cars I'd go for the newer car too. You'd expect a newer factory MCU2 car to hold it's value better as any trade/computer valuation on older cars would assume AP1/MCU1 etc - that was my...
  15. eight

    What do you miss about your previous car?

    Tricky question. Not that much. Previous car was a bit of a stopgap for a year - an Audi A7 BiTdi - we should have just got a Tesla then. Audi was great when it was up to speed but with it being my first non-van/jeep diesel the noise on startup and at slow speeds just ground me down. Horrible. I...
  16. eight

    UK For Sale / Wanted / Free [closed for new items]

    Just to add to this I’m on other car forums and have seen quite a few wanted ads being replied to by new users and I’m sure you can guess the rest - payment made in good faith, no goods, no contact, no refund. I lost about £100 or so, but managed to threaten my way back to a refund. Basically...
  17. eight

    Stockport service review

    ‘Eck, some differing views there! One thing that got me was the number of cars onsite - I drove round the back to park and every available space is rammed full. The spares they must carry must be extensive too - I know someone who took delivery of a model X with a cracked roof and they replaced...
  18. eight

    Stockport service review

    Thought it might be useful to give a review of my service experience at Stockport. MS has been rattling a lot on bumps, grinding on hard acceleration (it’s a Tesla, what other kind of acceleration is there?), and I wanted the CCS upgrade too, just for extra usefulness outside the supercharger...
  19. eight

    Is Tesla losing its USP?

    Yeah, I'd agree that Tesla has lost some of it's USP. There are loads of EVs available now but if you want to use an EV for long distance travel there's still only one manufacturer capable of delivering... in the UK at least. I've lost count of the Taycan/Audi/other YouTube videos where they...
  20. eight

    Model S driveshaft failure (probably)

    This sounds like what mine's going in for in a couple of weeks time. 2018 MS P100D, 20-something-000 miles. On hard acceleration there's a scraping/grinding/bearing type noise from the front drivetrain. I guessed at motor bearings or some sort of sideways movement/thrust bearing/rubbing/scraping...
  21. eight

    Home Charging Advice- Short Term

    I've fitted a 32A commando socket in the garage to use with the UMC but it's mostly been easier charging it off a crappy £150 10 amp Screwfix brick charger which has a longer 10m cable meaning I don't need to move cars round to charge. I bought the brick for europe and it worked fine off a...
  22. eight

    Tesla anti-ice window treatment

    Could be Rain X as already suggested - it really is good stuff for rain and I'd guess it works with ice in terms of lessening it's 'stick' to glass.
  23. eight

    Non-chill acceleration mode

    My S P100D is permenantly in Ludicrous and I can modulate it fine. Chilled is rubbish. Nissan Leaf had an eco version of chilled. Equally annoying. Both do the same thing, they just dull the throttle response. If you need superchilled try trainers instead of diving boots :)
  24. eight

    Alloy Refurb and jacking car up

    On the MS you need a rubber puck if you're using a trolley jack - with mine anyway. Not sure if M3 is the same.
  25. eight

    [UK] 2020.44.x

    MS with FSD downloaded 44 this morning. Won’t be moving off the drive for another week. Grrr.
  26. eight

    Phantom braking (TACC/AP) [Not AEB]

    Having just done a lengthy Manchester-Algarve-Manchester trip I think I've sussed AP to some extent. Open and virtually empty dual carriageways and motorways similar to what I'd imagine US roads to be like - self drive is pretty much seamless as long as you indicate to overtake well in advance...
  27. eight

    Wiki UK Tesla contact information and Acronyms

    Useful thread! Recently got my used S and wanted to link it to my Tesla app - got nowhere on the phone initially, visited Manchester in person who advised emailing Tesla USA via the website was the only way - potentially waiting for two weeks or more to be able to supercharge or book service (!)...
  28. eight

    Now Kia are doing it

    Technically it is self charging. A Tesla with a Honda gennie on the back seat would also fit the description. I can also completely understand the norwegians banning it under false advertising. I test drove a Toyota <somethingorother> hybrid estate and it was quite clever but it's clearly a...
  29. eight

    Home UMC Charging

    All true. To be safe, legal and able to claim on your house insurance should you need to, get a fully qualified professional to install your charge point. I’m not qualified or professional so please disregard what I have done. As per OPs question - yes a 32A commando will do exactly what you...
  30. eight

    Home UMC Charging

    I’ve done exactly that - DIY’d 32 amp blue commando socket is charging my MS quite happily via some 10mm cable and an rcd protected mcb. I used a decent quality interlocking gewiss socket from eBay. Technically I’m going to be killed to death as the rcd regs are difficult to meet on the cheap...
  31. eight

    Speed limit warning & Autopilot offsets

    I’ve got chime off and offset to +5mph which works “Legally” according to ACOP guidelines of 10% + 2 mph. Anywhere the car is picking the wrong limit based on what it’s thinking it’s seeing or has found in the depths of its satnav system I’m just using cruise and setting it on the stalk. I...
  32. eight

    [UK] 2020.40.x

    I downloaded mine before I’d got out of bed. Bird crap on roof has GONE! Nice one Elon.
  33. eight

    [UK] 2020.40.x

    2020.40.4 today. 2018 MS with FSD. <preparestobeamazed>
  34. eight

    New model 3 issues

    Check the boot. I always bung any 'spare' nuts and bolts I have left over after a touch of my mechanical wizardry in there. Maybe Tesla do the same...
  35. eight

    Model S price reductions!

    On the plus side for existing owners at least it's only 4 grand. I saw the original 140 grand bill for our 2 year old P100D - it was ordered just a few months before the massive 2019 50k price drop when the P100D was replaced by the Ludicrous Performance model. That must have smarted a bit...
  36. eight

    Model S Order & very Excited

    Great choice - the big differences are the silence and the instant splitsecond pickup. I had a CLS55 with a modded exhaust - sounded epic and went like a scalded sofa - but the way the Teslas go about things is very impressive. The concept of updating a car's software without a day in the...
  37. eight

    [UK] 2020.40.x

    Dealing with parked cars where the Tesla has to cross or go closer to the central white line seems to result in computer says no - as it should do really. It seems to mostly recognise it's a 'car', or sometime a 'cone' but doesn't know whether to swerve (it's parked) or stop (it's the back of a...
  38. eight

    MS onboard trip calculator - how accurate?

    Thanks all. Cezdoc and VanillaAir - that's exactly what I was after. Road trip planned with a couple of 90%-10% stretches between remote superchargers making me a bit nervous. Playing with ABRP it seems pessimistic compared to just bunging the destination into the Tesla nav, but I am trying...
  39. eight

    [UK] 2020.40.x

    Only had my car a couple of weeks and this is the second update. Downloading now. Makes other car makers look very 20th century...
  40. eight

    Giga Berlin update from Elon!

    New paint system - fancy - bet that means painting under the bonnet and everyfink.
  41. eight

    MS onboard trip calculator - how accurate?

    Ok that’s all really helpful, to rephrase it a bit better, my car is new to me, haven't tried supercharging yet, no idea how much it's been supercharged in it's 17,000 miles since 2018 build, so does the car nav work out trips based on its own battery condition and charging speed for this exact...
  42. eight

    MS onboard trip calculator - how accurate?

    Probably a daft question but how accurate is the sat nav when calculating a road trip? Does it go off the previous w/mile my actual car has achieved? I’m getting quite a discrepancy between ABRP and the cars own nav when I try and play it safe and add extra passengers, slight headwind, that...
  43. eight

    A loose dog bit my model 3. Where to find the right red paint?

    Good news! XPel PPF seems to have a good rep - on other cars anyway.
  44. eight

    Anyone using iPhone 6 with their Model 3?

    Snap. From a five quid Nokia that was more than happy being dropped off ladders or being sat on to an iPhone SE - it has a camera'n'everyfink. The Nokia had a battery that lasted even longer than Model Y roof glue too. I've still got it in a drawer - too attached to chuck it.
  45. eight

    A loose dog bit my model 3. Where to find the right red paint?

    I would guess even though its not your fault it could affect your premiums going forward - you’re now a higher risk as you go through areas with rabid dogs. It shouldn’t, but it does make you higher risk. Chipsaway type place could probably sort that - get a couple of quotes and show it to the...
  46. eight

    ‘Claiming’ a used Tesla before a V5 arrives

    Apologies for not replying to this and thanking people for their input, not sure how I missed it! Just an update - V5 is here, car has been here for a while, and on uploading V5 and licence pics the Tesla account website says 'unable to process request please try again later' and has been...
  47. eight

    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Just been to Tesla in Stockport and there are two transporters-full of Teslas unloading. Site is rammed full!
  48. eight

    ‘Claiming’ a used Tesla before a V5 arrives

    Is there a way? I’d like to get the CCS upgrade booked in along with a few other things but according to Tesla I need to upload my V5 and drivers licence. Third party dealer purchase and they say they’ll do the DVLA stuff this week.... Has anybody managed to link a Tesla to their app account...
  49. eight

    Does anyone wave anymore?

    First day with my MS and got a simultaneous wave from another MS :)

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