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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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  1. Rossy

    Issues with LED lights on trailers

    Good question. The computer in a Volvo sends a pulse out periodically looking for a load. It won’t power up 12 v until it sees that load. Possibly to protect against a short. Once it powers up, if the bulb opens, it detects the loss of load and flags a warning. I’m assuming Tesla works...
  2. Rossy

    Issues with LED lights on trailers

    I totally missed this, we were towing 3 years plus multiple u hauls. Did have one u haul with LED lights that didn’t work. Sooo today we were 90 minutes away from home at a small RV dealer picking up our new toy...and we’ll no trailer lights but the brake controller worked. Ordered a Curt...
  3. Rossy

    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    I’ve towed three years with stock setup. No issues. U-Haul trailers, kayak trailers and our 3500# travel trailer. Upgrading to Draw-Tite this week as we just bought a 3800-4809# trailer and plan on using WDH.
  4. Rossy

    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    Great photos!
  5. Rossy

    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    THAT is beautiful. I need to order a replacement cover. We camo a couple weekends a month so I’ve left the cover off originally, then it fell off about a year ago and I haven’t replaced it...
  6. Rossy

    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    Interesting. I’m wondering if spraying some additional black paint on the mating surfaces wouldn’t be in order...hmmm.
  7. Rossy

    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    Got a big speeding ticket while towing on I5 iSummer 2019. So now California towing I’m goin 59mph. Much bigger state now ~$400 or so later.
  8. Rossy

    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    John Makovitch sounding guy has an awesome video! Love his voice it’s awesome too.
  9. Rossy

    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    The Bosal should be good to 500#? Dis I miss the memo? Been towing 4 years with no issues 200-300# tongue weight. No issues.
  10. Rossy

    Wiki Model X FAQ (wiki)

    No replies? Old 2016 model X's had Tow Package as an option. Just about July 2017 when I placed my order the tow package became standard on Model X. I think the tow bar & wiring harness might already be in all the vehicles... but if not the aftermarket Draw-Tite is a good solution for the...
  11. Rossy

    Wiki Model X FAQ (wiki)

    @vandacca, Terrific photos THANKS FOR POSTING! I measured my 2017 Model X Bosal hitch today as I'm preparing to swap out for a Draw-Tite Hitch as we are preparing to tow a heavier trailer. I got 13-1/2" from ground to top flat inside of the receiver. This seems about 1/4" lower than your...
  12. Rossy

    Manual Tuning of Sirius XM

    It’s like some Melenial software engineer bought stock in Spotify, and decided to stick it to her parents Model X owners who love listening to Polka pop up stations on SiriusXM. My wife LOVES Christmas music. Pissed me off not being able to have it. I’m getting pissed be concerned about long...
  13. Rossy

    Model X towing: ball hitch offset

    As always great data &ohmman. I’m thinking what mechanical reason not to use suspension height adjustment to better match a hitch. I have to assume some moment is more likely to exceed specifications under load at high or very high which could damage the suspension. But not familiar with the...
  14. Rossy

    Towing...actually Airstreaming...with a Model X

    Hi all, We’ve done a lot of towing with our White Water Retro, and looking at Airstreams. Several we like are above 5000#GVWR so looking at what CanAm has to say. We have a non WD hitch with anti sway & Factory Bosal. No issues at all towing. 3200 mile trip in 2019 PDX/LAX/PHX and back. This...
  15. Rossy

    Towing - Weight Distribution Hitch compatibility

    This makes me want to go out and buy back my old Statics and Dynamics textbooks from college. Statics I managed to grasp. Dynamics I was floundering the entire summer session I took it and barely failed the final.
  16. Rossy

    Model X 2019 Raven Sound Deadening Doors Project

    Yep, I found some good IOS apps which can sample above 96khz so I can examine the sound above human range. I can now see 20khz-50khz, had a $36 external lightning mic, but I bent it and it’s broken now :(. That mic was attenuated but I captured up to 50khz. Need to replace the mic and gather...
  17. Rossy

    Model X 2019 Raven Sound Deadening Doors Project

    I’m interested in the rear doors. Great write up. I’m an engineer so have to get a db meter and see what’s up. For me our dog is crying in the back of the MX, so I’m out to get (or make) a a special microphone that can measure sounds between 20khz and 67khz, which is in the dog hearing range we...
  18. Rossy

    Suspension creaking noise front right?

    Thanks for the update. Have about 20k miles on new arms and so far so good.
  19. Rossy

    Manual Tuning of Sirius XM

    Been having this issue for months now. They really hosed up the infotainment GUI. Worst thing about my model X right now.
  20. Rossy

    In Praise of Proactive Service

    I had my harness repaired along with other work. They found wiper motor then wiper arm issues. Wondering if anyone had seen that?
  21. Rossy

    Sudden slowing on AP at highway speed

    We see this in Oregon Eastbound on HWY26 at the Helvetia overpass. Once westbound towing a trailer. But two weeks ago heading West from Oregon coast at NIGHT the car slammed on the brakes while cruising at 55-60mph. We all felt like minor whiplash after that one. Recommendation...keep foot...
  22. Rossy

    Model X (2019) recall for main body harness issue

    Tesla did add this at my 2yr service interval this last week. They said After the repair that they were getting wiper motor faults. Ordered wiper motor, then after replacing that they said it needed a passenger wiper arm (stripped). I had no issues prior to the service visit with the wipers...
  23. Rossy

    Road trip w/ trailer - Toronto, Wyoming (off road), Utah, Toronto

    We are heading out next week from Portland a Oregon to Yellowstone & Lewis and Clark Caverns with our trailer. I plan for ~120 mile range and there are a couple of squeaker legs on the trip. If anyone knows of CHaDeMo sites to recommend and those to avoid between Coeur d’Lane and Yellowstone...
  24. Rossy

    Tow Range

    I have a 100kwh Model X. I plan 120-140 mi range while towing. Typically I find Superchargers are about 120 mi apart and it’s a non issue BUT. If you arrive at a High use Charger at 83%.(Say for example Indio CA) you won’t be able to initiate a supercharging session as your limit is set to 80%...
  25. Rossy

    CHAdeMO Adapter Firmware Update Available

    Here in Oregon I have disappointing results with the Webesco/(formerly AV network) CHaDeMo stations. About 50-75% of the time these require reboots so ~15 minutes fussing with it then a 1-800 call to reboot. They are connected via cellphones at about 110baud so that takes time, then they boot...
  26. Rossy

    Whats up with these cheap NEW chademo adapters on ebay shipping from china?

    It’s quite a risk. 42-50 kw of power if a fault occurs can start quite a big fire at the charging port. Consider that a lithium ion battery for a laptop contains as much energy as a hand gernade. I’ve seen lots of fires/sparks with 5V at 5Amps when a capacitor shorts, I don’t want to be...
  27. Rossy

    How do you replace Model X wiper blades?

    OK folks.. I assumed I could just grab a set of wiper blades at Costco but Nooooo! Those darn little hole in the blades for the washer are special. Bummer.
  28. Rossy

    Model X Winter Tires from Tire Rack. Initial feedback.

    Have driven in the tires for a few weeks and road noise isn’t really noticeably louder. There is a tire noise and it’s different, but you have to have the radio off to notice it. Not at all like say large truck tires. Haven’t had any snow down in the PDX area yet, but up at Mt Hood and on the...
  29. Rossy

    Model X Winter Tires from Tire Rack. Initial feedback.

    Hi All, I purchased a low coat set of tires & Rims from Tire Rack for my 2017 model X. They arrived quicky, and I just had time this Saturday with my 8 ton bottle jack to install them. So far so good. I purchased Yokohama 19” tires and WX5 black painted rims. My OEM rims are 20” and...
  30. Rossy

    Suspension creaking noise front right?

    I just had BOTH upper control arms replaced today under warranty. Car 2 years old 49,000 miles squeaking started. Just got in under the wire on this one...
  31. Rossy

    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    I’m pretty sure stabilizer link is what I just had fail around 49k miles. Heading into Tesla Tuesday to see how much they charge to fix. Out of warranty now. IMHO this part is under-designed and we need a new beefier part to handle the stress. (If that’s it).
  32. Rossy

    Winter trips in the Y?

    I’ve had a Model X for 2 years. Purchased Sept 2017. 50k miles and lots of trailer towing and road trips. You will be very happy with a Model Y. We took a ~3000 mile road trip towing a 3500# trailer from Portland OR to LA and on to Phoenix and back via Disneyland. It’s an amazing car. We drive...
  33. Rossy

    best tire for Tesla model X 90D winter ukraine " bad roads "?

    I’ve ordered 19” winter tires. In the USA tirerack.com offers two different options the front/rear 20” where front rear sizes are slightly different, and a 19” set where all 4 are the same. I went with 19” as I live in the country where although the roads are paved, there are potholes, and...
  34. Rossy

    Tirerack "Model X P100D" vs "Model X Performance"

    I have a 2017 Model X with 20” wheels 100D non Performance model. I went with 19” all around winter tires. I like smaller rims as I think I get a smoother ride with them. Although I’ve read I will loose a bit of range with these tires.
  35. Rossy

    Model X Winter Tires & Rims - 265/50R-19 PIRELLI SCORPION WINTER

    :( Should have looked here before buying mine from Tire Rack :(.
  36. Rossy

    Model X: Trailer Towing in Oregon

    Not sure if I want to put a roof rack on the Trailer. Would require puncturing the roof seal I think. The trails in the Gorge are starting to open this year. Many were closed due to risks of mud slides.
  37. Rossy

    Winter tires, or no winter tires?

    Thanks for this information! Grew up in Eugene. Last year I thought about buying snow tires...this year I did. Will see how it works out.
  38. Rossy

    Model X Winter Tires

    Thanks for the consumption report. This could be an important factor if we do any towing this winter.
  39. Rossy

    Model X Winter Wheels and TIres 19 x 8.5

    Wow I saw $2800 last year (2018) online. Just paid ~$1900 at TireRack. 10/2019. :(
  40. Rossy

    Tires for model x where to buy?

    Just Ordered a set of Winter Tires & Wheels from Tire Rack. Paid ~$250 for TPMS sensors. Called their support to get part #. It’s a Continental 1034602-Mod. They tell me I will get instructions with the tires on how to setup TPMS sensors.
  41. Rossy

    Boat Towing with Model X-Range expectations

    We tow a 3500# Riverside White Water Retro trailer. It’s heavier than that Zodiac I bet, but possibly less wind resistance. Tesla Bjorn (Bjorn Nyland) has a You Tube Channel, and he towed several trailers draggy like yours. He has a spreadsheet of ModelX ranges towing various objects and I...
  42. Rossy

    Tow hitch case changes

    Nice...I’ve dug in several times for the keys.
  43. Rossy

    Model X hitch cover, early version

    I lost mine too. Asked the service center to order me two, (I’d pay for them) never followed up. I was thinking of cutting one so I’d have a partial cover for schmutz with the hitch installed.
  44. Rossy

    Towing and Super Chargers

    Found my Grandson :).
  45. Rossy

    Ohmman's Airstream Adventures

    Oooh renting! Where did you rent? I may try that.
  46. Rossy

    Towing and Super Chargers

    Agree. EV America AND BLINK chargers are only 80% reliable so ALWAYS have a backup charging plan while towing Incase the CHaDemo station is down or won’t work. Been testing local CHademo stations around Oregon last 2 years and had about 2-4 cases where just couldn’t charge. But never problems...
  47. Rossy

    Towing Routes Portland LAX PHX

    we are planning to tow our trailer from Portland to Phoenix. First stop Ashland OR. We are looking for recommendations for RV parks and Chademo Charging locations along the route. Southbound we are tentatively planning stops near Walnut Creek CA and Universal Studios. Open on return. Looking...
  48. Rossy

    The beginning of Another Airstream Adventure!

    Our Experience towing our Retro is very similar ~580wh/mi. We have the 100kwh battery. Climbing mount Hood however I did get as high as 1.1kwh/mi. That was climbing at 55-60mph. Car can climb at 75mph no problems, but to tow from supercharger to campsite you need to keep it around 55mph in th...

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