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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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    Will Tesla perform a 12v lithium-ion upgrade on request?

    Got the dreaded 'replace 12v battery soon' message and a host of errors. Battery replacement by mobile tech on Friday. I'll see what they say.
  2. M

    Supercharger - Brandywine, MD

    I meant in other areas that need Superchargers such as somewhere from Columbia MD or Ellicott City all the way to Frederick MD.
  3. M

    Supercharger - Brandywine, MD

    Seems like there needs to be a WaWa coming before there are Superchargers.....
  4. M

    Tesla charger in my home town

    There are multiple destination chargers at Black Ankle Vineyard also.
  5. M

    Supercharger - Westminster, MD

    Now we need somewhere in between Baltimore and Frederick along Rt 70, like Ellicott City or Mt Airy.
  6. M

    Tesla center can't fix my M3 now doesn't reply back to me

    I think this is a one-off. I will continue going to Owings Mills as they have always met or exceeded expectations. I like the idea of bringing them donuts or cookies and will the next time I'm there.
  7. M

    Tesla center can't fix my M3 now doesn't reply back to me

    Sorry to hear about your issues with the car. What service center are you using? I've always had great experiences with Owings Mills.
  8. M

    Safety Score

    This Tuesday? As in two days ago? :) Give it a little more time. I did the opt out/in last Tuesday and got the email Friday afternoon.
  9. M

    Safety Score

    I did the opt out/in thing last Tuesday and drove very carefully for the next few days. Had a score of 100 over about 150 miles on Friday. That evening I got the email and installed. I have to say that that I drive more safely than the FSD does. It is beta though and I'm sure it'll improve...
  10. M

    Safety Score

    I opted out and back in last Tuesday, 10/26 and had about 150 miles with a 100 score on Friday. Friday evening I got the email and downloaded. Like the visuals but it didn't handle a traffic circle or a left turn approach at a light very well yesterday. I did save the clip and emailed my...
  11. M

    Safety Score

    I opted out and back in Tuesday. I had over 1000 miles but could not get it to go over 97 cumulative. I now have 150 miles and my score is 100. Now that I know how to drive safer, I'm hoping for an email soon.
  12. M

    Safety Score

    It should after your first drive registers. I opted out and back in Tuesday. After the first drive the score was back. 100 after 150 miles!
  13. M

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Wondering if anyone with a Safety Score in the high 90's gotten the FSD beta yet? Asking for a friend.....
  14. M

    So, uh, stay away from dump trucks

    I'm in MD also and frequently see the same dump trucks in the left lanes doing way over the speed limit. Normally on Rt 70 and 100. I avoid them as best I can. I've had Safelite repair 2 chips so far.
  15. M

    Model Y - Is my car totaled?

    I don't think you should have accepted the car from the service center with panel gaps like that. ;-) All kidding aside, I'd try my best to make sure the car is totaled. The wait for a new one is probably not too much longer than it would take for a certified body shop to get the parts and...
  16. M

    FSD V9 updates?

    Has anyone heard or seen any update on the V9 FSD rollout lately? It has been 4 weeks since Elon's last comment of a release in a couple of weeks. I know Elon time is a little different but seems like something should be out very soon, right?
  17. M

    Best way to send a dashcam video?

    When I was in an accident, I saved the footage to the usb, then told the police on the scene that I had footage as nobody really knew what was going on. We sat in the cop car and watched it on the mounted laptop in his SUV. He even asked for a copy.
  18. M

    What should I do with my Model 3?

    I have not heard of a single time that Tesla removed it as part of a person to person private sale. If someone bought FSD and sold the car to another person, the software goes with the car. They have removed it after someone traded it in to Tesla and that is up to them - they can do whatever...
  19. M

    What should I do with my Model 3?

    I'd keep it for a while, at least. Rumor has it that FSD is increasing from 10k to 14k soon so that will help with resale value. Once you start driving it, you will most likely want to keep it.
  20. M

    Any advantage to adding FSD pre delivery? Located in SC

    Insurance will pay for FSD and EAP if applicable, if a Tesla is totaled. The did for me.
  21. M

    Touch up paint or take to shop?

    My wife showed me a paint scratch on her hood right at where it ends at the windshield. It looks like she scraped it when scraping snow off the windshield this Winter, as there is a little scratch on the wiper arm as well. It looks like it is down to the metal. Trying to decide if this can be...
  22. M

    Camping Locked Out

    Also, you can borrow a phone, install the Tesla app, connect to your account, and unlock your car using that phone. Just remember to either not store your password or change your password.
  23. M

    Is it totaled?

    My 2018 LR RWD was hit a little over a year ago and I took it to Owings Mills Collision Center, which Tesla recommended. They did a great job and my car was totaled. If your frame is bent yours may be totaled also. I was hit in the rear drivers side so there was charge port damage also. If I...
  24. M

    Back seat cover for dogs in Model 3?

    Got the one from Orvis and love it. It isn't the hammock style one.
  25. M

    Where are the camera views?

    You forgot my favorites: "Phantom breaking (sp)" "Glass cracked on its own"
  26. M

    Tesla need to charge separately for premium items (audio,seats..)

    They don't 'need to', you just 'want them to'.
  27. M

    Full charge distance reduction?

    it is an ESTIMATION. Just drive the car and enjoy it. Nothing to see at all. I'm sure if you filled up an ICE car two times, the estimated range would not be the same either.
  28. M

    2 Tesla Charging setup

    My panel is a long way from my garage, other side of the house of course. I'm just using the NEMA 14-50 and it is working out just fine. Can plug in one car to start at 11:00pm and then the other, if it needs it, at 6:00 am. Weekend rates are the same as overnight (very inexpensive) and we...
  29. M

    Sold my '19 model 3

    With the Leaf, you'll never be able to make a trade like that again. Unless it is for a scooter.
  30. M

    Those with FSD - Do you leave Smart Summon on?

    Nope, do not leave it on. Activate it when I need to.
  31. M

    What’s your solution for skiing?

    I believe I saw that Tesla has a ski/snowboard carrier.
  32. M

    Model Y Tow Hitch package from Tesla Store

    Yes, I ordered it post-delivery and it was shipped to the Service Center in a week or so. Made an appointment in the app and had it installed. I did not get any notices, but did send an email and got the tracking number in an reply.
  33. M

    Full Self Driving: To Get It or Not to Get It?

    Get both FSD and long range. You won't look back.
  34. M

    cracked windshield

    If it were just cracked, then Tesla might. The chip means that something hit the windshield. They probably will not cover that. Call your insurance company.
  35. M

    Tow package now available post-delivery

    Tow hitch package installed 2 weeks ago, along with new mirrors (warranty issue). Took a few hours but looks like they did a good job. I ordered the Y hitch cover removal tools from Living Tesla after seeing how easy they make removing the cover. I had to wait a couple of days until they...
  36. M

    Tesla Service on new Y

    Can't understand this at all. Maybe because we live within 30 minutes of two service centers. We always had one car more than we needed, just so there was always a backup. Replaced my Acura TL with a Model 3 two years ago, but still had the extra car. When that car was totaled and I got a...
  37. M

    How long should one wait for a near perfect Model Y to roll off the line

    Picked ours up the end of June. Nearly perfect, and it is at the shop today getting them taken care of. They even bent over backwards to fix minor things. Buy it or don't buy it, it'll have a scratch or two in a few years anyway, maybe.
  38. M

    $300 Hitch

    Me also! Going OEM just solves a lot of potential problems. To save a few hundred dollars, but then to wonder about software updates is not worth it to me. What happens if Tesla charges 3 or 4 hundred for turning on the towing software? In addition, without an OEM hitch and install, might...
  39. M

    New Improved Screen Cooler

    Looks like it could double as a movie screen curtain when you watch Netflix
  40. M

    Model Y: Safety Features

    Does NHTSA's 5 star rating for Teslas not count for anything? That rating should calm your concerns. I got hit in the rear driver's side by a truck which then spun around and hit my front. Tesla totaled. I opened the door and walked away unharmed. By the way, the truck was totaled also.
  41. M

    Long Road trip with Y or ICE????

    We have actually done that. I have had a 3 for a long time now, and just traded in the wife's Grand Cherokee on a Y. We have a NEMA 14-50 at home that we share and there has not been a problem keeping them both charged. Good luck!
  42. M

    Long Road trip with Y or ICE????

    How many miles, and how many stops does the car say, versus say abetterrouteplanner? Supercharger stops can be short, even if more frequent. We find stops a great way to stretch our legs, watch some Netflix, etc. I'd take the Y
  43. M

    Is my Model 3 total'd?

    Doesn't look totaled to me, but certainly take it to a Tesla certified repair shop. A damn shame the other driver fled. Do you have anything on the dash cam?
  44. M

    Tow Hitch now available on configurator

    Sure. Ordered the tow hitch on 6/29 and it arrived at the Service Center in Maryland on July 15. I emailed [email protected] on 7/13 and they gave me the FedEx tracking number. Never received a text nor phone call, but communication isn't their strong suit. Have not made an appointment...
  45. M

    Tow Hitch now available on configurator

    Not true at all. Ours has already been shipped and received at the Service Center and we have yet to make a service appointment to install.
  46. M

    Tesla Selling the Tow Hitch at the shop

    I just emailed [email protected] and they replied that will be delivered to the Service Center by today. They also provided a FedEx tracking number and I verified that it will be there today. I never received a shipping notification though. Communication isn't their strong suit, but I'm...
  47. M

    Tesla Selling the Tow Hitch at the shop

    I just checked the status and it is enroute to Baltimore Owings Mills Service Center
  48. M

    Model Y Price reduction of $3000!!!!

    Here you go: Tesla's Model Y strategy shows that long range EVs are the new standard
  49. M

    M3 vs My after the price reduction

    Had the V6 in the Overland edition Grand Cherokee but I don't think it matters. The Y acceleration would blow both of them away without question. The Y is just so much more fun to drive than the Grand Cherokee.

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