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  1. digistyl3

    V10 - No Nav on Autopilot button on Nav Screen

    I had the same issue. After I rebooted my MCU, the button reappeared.
  2. digistyl3

    Performance Waiting Room

    FWIW, I ordered my M3P Red / White in Switzerland on August 16th. I was told that in worst case it should be delivered by November. We probably missed the EU production of Performance cars, and now Tesla is focused on the US market now. This means we will get the pedestrian alert system. If...
  3. digistyl3

    Reduced supercharge speed on 100D?

    Today the taper was much better: 83kW at 60%. I did drive 100-120mph on the Autobahn yesterday, so maybe the cells were too hot, resulting in a more conservative charging curve.
  4. digistyl3

    Reduced supercharge speed on 100D?

    I recently updated from 2019.12.2 to 2019.24.4, and I’m seeing a very steep taper suddenly. I used to charge with more than 100kW at 60% SOC, but now it maxes out at 70kW. I tried on two different Superchargers and an Ionity CCS charger. At Ionity, I was able to charge with 137kW up to 30%...
  5. digistyl3

    Any news about the CCS adapter for S and X?

    I’ve asked for the retrofit on June 29th. The parts arrived on July 30th.
  6. digistyl3

    Any news about the CCS adapter for S and X?

    My parts have arrived at Schlieren. Scheduled an appointment in middle of August. I was told that installation takes around 2-3 hours. Shortly after I can test on some Ionity chargers too.
  7. digistyl3

    Any news about the CCS adapter for S and X?

    I reached out to my service center in Switzerland on July 1st. They will order the adapter, but there’s a delay on parts (presumably the module which needs to be installed).
  8. digistyl3

    Nav on Autopilot arrives in Switzerland

    I guess I’ll hold onto 2019.12.1.2 for as long as I can. Most of my auto lane changes take more than 5 seconds, so the new limitation would be a huge setback in AP usability. I do hope that the HW3 retrofit arrives this year.
  9. digistyl3

    [EU] CCS SuperChargers charge <100kW

    I was able successfully charge at different stations (mixed CCS availability and full CCS availability) at max speeds (116 kW). The St. Valentin station in Austria however was limited to 96kW, no matter which stall I used.
  10. digistyl3

    New screens now available

    I suggest escalating, like mentioned above.
  11. digistyl3

    Navigate on Autopilot (NoA) outside North America

    Sentry mode on the S? That was only available on the 3 until now.
  12. digistyl3

    Tesla Model 3 reservation in ROMANIA ?

    Din pacate Tesla nu are un dealership in Romania, si nu poate face parte din programul Rabla Plus (€10’000) :( Am postat pe Twitter pentru Elon: Janos Levai on Twitter
  13. digistyl3

    Software Update 2019.8.x

    Good point. Did Tesla ever publish any specs on how much current can their modified Type 2 connectors handle and for how long?
  14. digistyl3

    New FSD details

    I also got a notification on my screen about the FSD option now being active. It had a “Skip” button instead of “OK”. I dimissed the dialog and never saw it again. There was no software update though.
  15. digistyl3

    3% Price increase across the board

    Try doing that with Porsche GT cars...
  16. digistyl3

    Software Update 2019.5.x

    I have AP2.5 with MCU1 and have received the 2019.5.14 update in Europe on my S pretty early.
  17. digistyl3

    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    I also had 1067361-77-C installed on my 100D (2017 October), and the rattle is finally gone. Will report back after a few weeks.
  18. digistyl3

    V3 Supercharger Revealed 250kW

    Looks like they have kept the existing Tesla plug in NA. I wonder if they can push 145kW in the EU plug too. Does anyone have information on that? When I first saw the Model 3 on SC v3, I immediately thought: “I must trade my S 100D for it”. Then I realized that it will be a long time until v3...
  19. digistyl3

    Software Update 2019.5.x

    Same braking behavior for me. I upgraded from 2018.50.6. AP now does a lot of phantom breaking when passing cars on the highway. It also keeps a bigger distance from cars when using ACC in the city.
  20. digistyl3

    North Americans: Would you pay for Spotify? VOTE!

    Tesla could define a media API for playback control, browsing and discovery. Then AppleMusic, Spotify, TIDAL would implement it, and users could activate whatever service they prefer. Maybe existing Sonos APIs could be reused with a different client key I tweeted it too: Janos Levai on Twitter
  21. digistyl3

    North Americans: Would you pay for Spotify? VOTE!

    If Elon's car would be running Spotify, I'm sure someone would get fired or the bugs would be fixed. Or both.
  22. digistyl3

    problems in the European delivery hell

    First Model 3 deliveries in Switzerland: Maxence BLANC on Twitter I can’t wait to see them in the road :)
  23. digistyl3

    Software Update 2018.50.x

    With 50.6 or 50.7?
  24. digistyl3

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Is that also a new wheel? EDIT: Never mind, I think it's just the Twin Turbine 21" wheel.
  25. digistyl3

    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    Are the replacements covered by the supplier or by Tesla?
  26. digistyl3

    Tesla Supercharger Anti-Tesla Pickup truck drivers (Electrek.co Story)

    That could actually work! A 0-60 run in a Tesla is an awesome experience for anyone. Aggressive reactions (like deflating tires) always spur aggressive reactions, eventually escalating to something violent.
  27. digistyl3

    Tesla Supercharger Anti-Tesla Pickup truck drivers (Electrek.co Story)

    Looks like they are trying to jump-start truck #3. 120kW oughta do it!
  28. digistyl3

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    Does 2018.48.12.2 contain any noticeable fixes?
  29. digistyl3

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    I also find this version extremely unstable.
  30. digistyl3

    Predict speed of Tesla charging on CCS 350kW charger (with adapter)

    Does this mean that Tesla would have to double the voltage to 800V in order to increase CCS-based supercharging to 250kW? What determines cell voltage exactly, and how does Porsche/Audi have a 800V battery?
  31. digistyl3

    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    They also weren’t able to order the parts in Switzerland yet.
  32. digistyl3

    v9 finally going international? ... 2018.40 spotted in Japan

    Rolling out to more Swiss cars, but looks like only for AP1 and AP2.
  33. digistyl3

    v9 finally going international? ... 2018.40 spotted in Japan

    A Swiss car received the 2018.44 update. Could someone with Teslafi access check whether AT and/or CH cars are getting upgraded to v9?
  34. digistyl3

    v9 finally going international? ... 2018.40 spotted in Japan

    It’s not clear whether 2018.44 or the next release will be unblocked, right?
  35. digistyl3

    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    2 weeks ago I also scheduled an appointment there for Nov 30th. The new part wasn’t in stock back then, but should be available by the end of the month. I’ll also report back after the fix.
  36. digistyl3

    Software Update 2018.42.x

    My car pulled 7.5GB, then it stopped. Do you think it’s a maps update? For context: I’m in Switzerland, running 34.1 and already have the new nav and maps.
  37. digistyl3


    “Also available off menu for a week” Source: Elon Musk on Twitter
  38. digistyl3

    Mid range battery available now?

    According to Electrek: We asked Tesla about the new situation with the Model 3 battery pack options and the company confirmed to Electrek that the new pack is not a Long-Range pack with a software-locked capacity, but it has the same architecture with fewer cells.
  39. digistyl3

    Software Update 2018.39 4a3910f (plus other v9.0 early access builds)

    Is it limited to early adopters?
  40. digistyl3

    Software Update 2018.36.x

    Is this broken for anyone else?
  41. digistyl3

    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    My SC in Switzerland said that they will receive the repair kit from Bilstein in approximately 2 weeks. The struts don’t have to be replaced, but some sort of bracket, I think. I’ll keep you guys updated.
  42. digistyl3

    Software Update 2018.24.1 12dd099

    I was reading somewhere that the browser in 2018.24.1 can slow down the whole MCU. So I loaded google.com and rebooted, and now it’s usable again.
  43. digistyl3

    Software Update 2018.24.1 12dd099

    Vector maps made my MCU1 super slow. Sometimes it chokes for seconds. I just tweeted to Elon and Tesla about it: Janos Levai on Twitter
  44. digistyl3

    MCU1 Vector maps. When?

    FYI, my MCU1 is running 24.1 with vector maps, but still old IC navigation map.
  45. digistyl3

    MCU1 Vector maps. When?

    Hi Patrick, I’m also in Switzerland, but haven’t received the new navigation yet. I’ve been leaving a portable router in the car for the past week, but no luck. Did you get it after 21.9 or 24.1?
  46. digistyl3

    Software Update 2018.24.1 12dd099

    So does 24.1 bring vector maps to MCU1? I still have the old nav on 21.9. Is the new nav needed for vector maps? If so, will 24.1 be on hold for cars which are still running the old nav?
  47. digistyl3

    Software Update 2018.24 baf6ebc

    Do you have MCU1?
  48. digistyl3

    MCU2 - Retrofit

    My SC in Switzerland told me that the retrofit kit should be available around September. The kit will include the screen too.
  49. digistyl3

    Seriously considering S -> 3

    I'm in a similar situation. I started leasing my Model S 100D in December 2017 for a 4 year period in Switzerland (with an amazing 0.75% interest rate). A friend wanted a Model 3, so I placed a pre-order on my account (2019 delivery because I'm an existing Tesla owner). He later decided that the...

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