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    Anyone else leave Sentry Mode on 24/7?

    Not sure that 8hr is a long enough sample. Does ScanMyTesla wake the car up to query it? That would affect the sample. I'd be sincerely disappointed if my car pulled that much juice for Sentry. (I have HW3 perhaps that explains the difference). Also wondering how much local climate...
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    Anyone else leave Sentry Mode on 24/7?

    Software improvements can make significant improvements to resources needed in any system (CPU cycles, memory, etc). Admittedly, I don't know much about the system architecture on Teslas so forgive my ignorance, but are you assuming that all those things run at full power draw? I wouldn't...
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    Anyone else leave Sentry Mode on 24/7?

    I have the M3P (not that it makes a difference), it’s still a 75kWh battery. Yes sentry mode works fine. I get the alerts and video when I return to the car. In the early days of sentry mode, it did drain the battery faster, maybe 5% a day. Not surprisingly, they must have improved the power...
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    Anyone else leave Sentry Mode on 24/7?

    I leave my car parked for days at a time in a parking deck at the airport. Always with Sentry on. My car never loses more than 1-3% of charge per day*. Doing some table napkin math, that would be less than 100W per hour (Prob somewhere between 70-95W on average). Where is this 300W number...
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    Home charging now stepping down to 24 amps during the charging session

    Also might want to check your voltage under load. I’ve noticed that if TWCs detect significantly low voltage, they back off the amps. I’ve seen this at hotels that have the destination TWCs. At home, I can see the voltage drop a few volts (<5) when the AC units cycle on/off.
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    Will you buy FSD before the $1,000 increase on July 1st?

    Tesla chose (poorly) to call it "Full Self Driving"...I don't really find that to be ambiguous or confusing at all. It's either "Full Self Driving" or it isn't. Clearly it's not even close to "FSD" currently. We disagree on the merits of FSD currently (and I realize I'm likely of the minority...
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    Will you buy FSD before the $1,000 increase on July 1st?

    This. Auto Lane Change is worth maybe $500 to me. I don’t even really want that, I just want the std AP to stop disengaging when I (the human) switch lanes. I’d be willing to pay for that. I prefer to change lanes myself anyway. I didn’t pay for snake oil at the $6000 price and I sure ain’t...
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    Will you buy FSD before the $1,000 increase on July 1st?

    I saw one that said something to the effect of: “you spend 90% of your budget on the first 90% of the project. You spend the other 90% on that last 10%.” :)
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    Tax Questions (specifically TurboTax)

    IMO, Turbo Tax is garbage. Had no issue with my EV credit this year using Freetaxusa.com. Added bene that the Federal filing is free. You select your car make/model and delivery date and it calculates and populates everything for you.
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    Mustang Mach E is a Gamechanger - My Opinion

    I freely admit, I did not read the entire 8 (Now 16) pages of this “insightful” thread. :) in fact I’m amazed it wasn’t locked 16 pages ago. :eek:
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    Mustang Mach E is a Gamechanger - My Opinion

    Your sig says Raleigh. There’s a service center in Raleigh...
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    Model 3 Charging 34/32 Amps

    That’s by design. The circuit is designed to have 25% overhead for a continuous load. A NEMA 14-50 outlet can deliver up to 50A but the Tesla plug has intelligence that limits it to 32A. Allowing up to 40A would be within design spec for 14-50 outlet on a 50A circuit. I wonder if tesla limits it...
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    2019.40.50.7 installing now

    I appreciate the frequent updates, but also agree it would be nice to have some sort of “long term support” release that doesn’t get new features, only occasional bug/vulnerability fixes. As one of my old bosses was fond of saying, “If you want a software with no bugs, it will never be...
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    Geico just raised my insurance rate

    Insurance companies commonly attract customers with lower rates and then they raise them every time they renew, because they figure people are too lazy to shop them and they’re right much of the time.
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    Should I buy FSD before Nov 11, 2019, price hike? [Update: OP did not buy FSD]

    According to Forbes this week “many” more have chosen not to opt for it. (About 2 to 1).
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    Geico just raised my insurance rate

    My insurance company (Farm Bureau of NC) offers GAP.
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    MASTER THREAD: Jack Points — location, use, damage, pads, etc.

    That’s interesting. I worked on a project with Tesla back in 2014 with a goal to replace the Model S battery pack in 3 minutes. That pack was completely removable from under the car. The most difficult part was moving a lift assist device in and out to carry the weight of the ~1500lb battery...
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    Concerned about rear collision when car slows on its own

    In the early days of the S, Tesla realized they needed to add an accelerometer to trigger the brake lights for re-gen braking. All their vehicles have it now. As others have mentioned the screen shows when the brake lights are on.
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    View Sentry and Dashcam footage on your iPhone

    Would that work with an SSD HD (if I got the right USB-C to lightening adapter)?
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    New Model 3 Owner. FSD worth it or not?

    It depends how long you plan to own the car and how much you trust Elon’s timelines. FSD right now doesn’t add much expect the ability to auto lane change and summon (which is useless IMO, and I think it is under legal challenge in BC). Basically buying FSD now is buying something that doesn’t...
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    Model 3 changes from Jan 2018 til now; buying new vs. pre-owned Jan 2018

    I bought my M3P in May ‘19, and took delivery in June. Delivery rep said I got one of the last cars with the home link garage thing as standard equipment and it would be $300 for new buyers. I’m not sure if all trim levels came with that, but I think they might have. That would be added value...
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    Looking for Tail Light Blackout Overlay - Any Ideas?

    I’m with you. Personally, I want people to see my tail/brake lights. I had a lot of friends that did this in the 90s that did this and not surprisingly they got pulled over a lot more often. Some even blacked out the headlights, which makes even less sense to me.
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    No footwell lights on standard range plus model 3

    My car came with the hardware for FSD. So Tesla should just give me that for free right? /sarcasm.
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    Garage door opener alternatives

    I run Home Assistant in a docker container at home. It can connect to both Tesla and MyQ and hundreds of other devices. I’ve tied it in with Apple HomeKit and I can open the garage by simply lifting my Apple Watch and saying “open/close single/double garage”. Tesla delivery person told me I...
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    FSD increasing by $1K 11/1/19

    Agreed. I might have splurged for FSD if I really thought it would be fully functional anytime soon. As it is, I’m not sure it will exist during the lifetime of my 2019 M3 (~5 years and then sell/trade it). Even if FSD came out tomorrow, it will likely face years of regulatory and legal battles...
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    PSA: CAREFUL--Autopilot sudden braking

    Agreed on all fronts. I think anyone who's owned a Tesla previous to the last (of many) price cuts has reason to be miffed. The price of my car went down $5K 4 weeks after I bought it. So much for my "appreciating asset"... I'm certainly not saying buy an Accord! I had one and while I loved...
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    PSA: CAREFUL--Autopilot sudden braking

    Yeah, that's really what I'm getting at. Being able to change lanes without all the dinging isn't worth $6K. I explained the (Honda/Acura) LKAS and LDW above (at least as I understood them). IIRC Tesla has a similar LDW feature under the safety menu. I suppose that's similar but I haven't...
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    PSA: CAREFUL--Autopilot sudden braking

    I will agree that most are impressed with it...until they ride with me on a long trip. My wife and kids hate the noises (so do I). The UI on the M3 is so impressive it makes almost anything look good! I can't speak for all cars, but my Accord, and my wife's MDX both had the driver assist...
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    PSA: CAREFUL--Autopilot sudden braking

    Thanks for stating the obvious. Maybe you're quoting the wrong person, but I never said Autosteer or TACC were not a part of AP. Other automakers don't (falsely) claim that Lane Keep and (T)ACC are "autopilot". I have a feeling there will come a day (likely after lawsuits) when Tesla regrets...
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    PSA: CAREFUL--Autopilot sudden braking

    Ummm yeah (slow clap), the car disables AP when I make a lane change or put the signal on. So all the riders in my car get a dinging noise and a jerk (because it doesn’t handle it gracefully much of the time). Then more dinging noises as I re-engage. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter...
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    1.5 GB Upload in 1 Day...

    Curious: Do you have data sharing turned on? Wonder if it’s uploading reports or specific footage for analysis.
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    PSA: CAREFUL--Autopilot sudden braking

    “In the software World you spend 90% of your budget on the first 90% of the project...Then you spend another 90% on the remaining 90%.” -Overheard at a developers conference. :)
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    PSA: CAREFUL--Autopilot sudden braking

    Maybe my expectations were too high, but After having a M3 for a few months, I’ve been sorely disappointed in AP and TACC. I think the LKAS (lane keep assist system) on my 2016 Honda Accord was better than AP. I didn’t have to disengage it just to change lanes. The Accord also had a forward...
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    Why red rear signal lights on US version?

    It is rather ironical that foreign automakers from countries where Amber turn signals are required...make all red taillights for their US bound cars even though the US allows both...
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    Holiday Inn Express in Redding, CA has 4 Wall Connectors

    I travel (mostly by air) for a living. I've noticed more and more Tesla HPWC's at hotels. Taking my first work trip (~4 hours away) in the M3 tomorrow. Intentionally booked a hotel that advertised an 8kW Tesla charger. I have to imagine that Tesla owners are exactly the type of target market...
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    Lane Departure Safety Features Not Working

    That’s the way mine is too. My 2016 Honda Accord had a better “lane keep” System than my M3P. I have to remind myself that my far more tech advanced M3P doesn’t do this simple task. (And yes I have it turned on). I’ve tried all the settings and it seems to be the same.
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    Home charger keeps topping up

    I’ve witnessed this as well. Even get the app notifications. Would be nice if there were a setting for how far it can drop.
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    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    2016 Honda Accord Touring (V6). Loved that car...planned to keep it a long time...then I drove a M3P :D
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    Model 3 free supercharging

    First post from a few month lurker. I got the 5000mi free from a colleague who referred me. Didn’t show up anywhere on my paperwork, and didn’t immediately show up in the app, but after a week or two it was there. My car shows an amount while charging, but if I login to the website, the $...

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