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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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  1. No Tailpipe

    2016 Model S 70D - Black with 924 miles, pano roof and next gen seats for $77K

    Bummer, sorry to hear the car of the future isn't a good fit for you and your family. In the very near future (but not soon enough for you) the number of superchargers is about to double making charging and quick "top off" stops a reality. Best of luck selling your model S. Should go quickly...
  2. No Tailpipe

    Saw a blue Founder Series X in Cupertino today

    Looks soooo much better in the wild. Thanks for sharing!
  3. No Tailpipe

    Autopilot Success: San Jose to Gilroy. Gilroy to Morgan Hill. Morgan Hill back...

    Reading the multiple posts about autopiolot, yours was the best example of how the feature should be used. Remember, it's in beta release and should be used on Freeways, Highways and major Interstates. Local, City or County streets should be left for a human, for now. The system as it's been...
  4. No Tailpipe

    My Tesla Story

    Agree 100%! And, it hasn't changed or improved since 2013. On the P85+ when I set the temp at 72 (when it's 80+ outside) it's too hot in the car and I have to adjust the fan speed manually or reduce the temperature to 67 for it to feel comfortable. I have a BMW 5 series and when I set it to...
  5. No Tailpipe

    At least they are self-aware...

    No kidding, and most people driving those XXXXL vehicles seem to always be alone. Hey, did you name your model S - 'Crabby'?
  6. No Tailpipe

    Got a nice surprise picking up my P85D tonight

    Thanks for all the pictures. Ok, am I seeing things or is there a faint Tesla logo in the carpet you can see when the seats are folded down?
  7. No Tailpipe

    Tesla personal lease program now available

    Check the "Order" option on the Tesla Motors | Premium Electric Vehicles site. When building your tesla it now shows three tabs on the right...Finance, Lease (NEW) and Cash. Up front fees are first month lease payment plus $5000 at signing for 12K per year. There is an option for 15K per...
  8. No Tailpipe

    4250 miles, 29 Superchargers, 0 problems

    YEAH!! Someone eTripping it to Minnesota. As a resident of Minnesota, what interstates/roads did you use to and from L.A. and which superchargers?
  9. No Tailpipe

    Saleen Foursixteen Video with sound from modified drivetrain.

    I will always prefer silent and stealthy. However, the Saleen sound is reminiscent of the sound electric cars made in the 1993 movie "Demolition Man". Funny how sci-fi fiction becomes reality.
  10. No Tailpipe

    Buy now or wait til new year 2015?

    Tesla does rolling changes rather than model year updates. The decision to purchase a model S now or wait is more an emotional decision than financial. Everything about the model S is different, you can't think of it like buying a regular ICE vehicle. Even if you waited until 2015, you may...
  11. No Tailpipe

    BMW i3 at a Supercharger

    My new favorite quote from non-Tesla owners. "I should have bought a F-ing Tesla". This example just goes to show you, buying an all electric car/SUV requires dealers to be committed to provide appropriate training and education. Traditional ICE dealers selling all electric vehicles just...
  12. No Tailpipe

    Massively ICE'd

    What the?!?! To quote Bruce Banner...."You won't like me when I'm angry!"
  13. No Tailpipe

    New Grey for Model S

    Like! It's the color of gray I always loved on my BMW or Mercedes cars.
  14. No Tailpipe

    Cool new logo!

    New TMC Logo Nice update to the Tesla Motors Club Logo and font. Not sure who to give credit to, but awesome job. I could see T shirts, sweatshirts, hats and other kitschy items with the new logo. It you offer it, I will buy it! ---- update ---- Thanks igor021 for your design!
  15. No Tailpipe

    Another Tesla Crash. This time into the delivery sign.

    Excerpt from Jalopnik: "The story I overheard from the woman who crashed was that she had turned in preparation to back into a supercharger, meant to throw it in reverse, but didn't, and then got "scared" when she hit the accelerator and started moving forward so she accidentally gunned it...
  16. No Tailpipe

    Minnesota Legislature Passed & Governor Signed HF2884

    From what I was told the details are being worked on by Xcel now. My guess is they will offer a separate meter or provide an overall discount to your regular rate like they do for system saver. Currently Xcel offers off peak rates for car charging but it's hokie how they do it. You end up...
  17. No Tailpipe

    End of my Mercedes Era

    Exactly, couldn't have said it any better. Plus, it's electric!
  18. No Tailpipe

    Minnesota Legislature Passed & Governor Signed HF2884

    Hear Ye Hear Ye! The state of Minnesota has a new law as of May 2014 that requires electric municipalities to offer discounted/off peak rates specifically for electric vehicle charging. The law goes into effect 60 days from when the bill was signed into law. If you're interested in reading...
  19. No Tailpipe

    A lackluster service experience so far...

    To bad your service center doesn't offer limo service as an alternative to a loaner like the one in L.A. No Loaner - Instead they gave me a Limo w/Driver!!
  20. No Tailpipe

    Banned from Parking Garage?

    +1 for common sense
  21. No Tailpipe

    PLEASE DON'T HATE ME! - I work for BIG oil but...

    Welcome to the Tesla family, we don't judge we embrace those who see the future.
  22. No Tailpipe

    Used Model S Only 4900 Miles for $62k?

    Wow, that's quick detective work. How did you find pictures of the "before"?
  23. No Tailpipe

    Crazy Tesla Attack

    The bird is looking for a tailpipe to crawl into and nest.
  24. No Tailpipe

    Parcel Shelf now included

    +1 Great call out. :-)
  25. No Tailpipe

    Germany has the right idea...

    What the?!? I'd love to see it closed...can't imagine what it's like to drive with a large center post. It looks like something from the movie Men in Black when open.
  26. No Tailpipe

    Why doesn't Tesla distinguish between new Model S years e.g. Model S 2012, 2013, etc?

    I wish all car makers were like Telsa when it comes to firmware upgrades and software changes. I had to take my bimmer in for service a few weeks ago and the 2014 BMW service loaner I received had an upgraded interface for their 10" screen with updates to navigation, media player and other...
  27. No Tailpipe

    Need to decide: Silver or Gray?

    Three personal favorites: silver with black interior (classic, but some may find boring and all chrome accents fade into the car) blue with tan interior (sharp, the blue outlines the car nicely and all the chrome accents pop. Keep in mind tan interiors in Minnesota are difficult to keep clean...
  28. No Tailpipe

    New Tesla Motors Blog post about a couple of possibly record-holding owners

    You have awesome parents with great taste in cars.
  29. No Tailpipe

    S85 Post-Purchase Regret?

    Hopefully this may help put S60, S85 and P85 into perspective for you. It helped me determine which Tesla model S is right for me...since the Tesla grin is still on my face when I test drove a P85 for the first time. ive owned various BMWs over the last 14 years, 3s, 5s and Xs. BMW offers a...
  30. No Tailpipe

    I am a test case for our power company

    i wish Xcel energy had the same level of customer service in the Twin Cities. Basically for a residential user, it's all or nothing for off peak. And it took multiple calls to their customer care line to get that answer. I still feel I haven't got the real answer yet as they couldn't understand...
  31. No Tailpipe

    17" Screen scratch

    That makes me sick to my stomach. Sorry dude.
  32. No Tailpipe

    My Tesla Story - and why a Model S is less expensive than a Honda Odyssey

    Pl804 THANK YOU, Needed this to convince my friends that a Teska isn't "that" expensive compared to a regular gas vehicle. Now I have the data to support. +1 to you!
  33. No Tailpipe

    Any stolen Teslas?

    +1 Mike
  34. No Tailpipe

    Volvo concept mimicking parts of the Tesla interior

    My favorite quote from the concept video..."How many buttons do you really need?". Ummm, two. Emergency flasher and glovebox. All the others are noise in the cabin. Nice try Volvo, but try again.
  35. No Tailpipe

    No Loaner - Instead they gave me a Limo w/Driver!

    Awesome story and unexpected service. But, this is what makes Tesla different. I"m guessing this location is piloting the limo program and depending on the response/feedback we may see this option everywhere. Or, it's a service manager who thinks outside the box. Who wants an Enterprise...
  36. No Tailpipe

    The 7th icon

    Best option yet. After driving with an obnoxious passenger such a button would be perfect.
  37. No Tailpipe

    Comparison - Jaguar door handles ... vs Tesla

    So, how do you even use the Jaguar F-Type door handle? Is there some sort of ridge under the handle where your fingers can grasp before pulling the door open? Is there a magic slot the opens opens up so you can grab the entire handle? In the end, I'm still loving the Tesla version. Easy...
  38. No Tailpipe

    Frozen Brakes (with video)

    Taking an Apple Genius bar to this situation, Tesla's response would sound like..."This is a feature of Tesla's regenerative braking system, when you don't use traditional brakes for extended periods of time they will lock-up. We recommend engaging the brakes hard once at least once an hour to...
  39. No Tailpipe

    Ms seen in Abu Dhabi

    It's odd to see a dealer plate "Tesla Motors" on a brand new BMW 3 series. Could this be foreshadowing of things we'll see in the future after Tesla "retail centers" have been around for awhile? ;-)
  40. No Tailpipe

    Wiper Blades Icing Up - Even with Subzero Package

    YES! MBs have the same exact or what looks like an exact match to the Tesla steering wheel. And, wait for it......it has a heated option.
  41. No Tailpipe

    Wiper Blades Icing Up - Even with Subzero Package

    Ah, now that makes sense. I was wondering how the blades were heated. It's not the actual blades, just the windscreen section below the blades at rest. Ok, now I'm on board with the cold weather package. But, a heated steering wheel in the cold weather package would make it perfect.
  42. No Tailpipe

    Wiper Blades Icing Up - Even with Subzero Package

    I was wondering if the cold weather package, specifically "heated wipers" was worth the extra bucks. It appears the cold weather package best feature is extending heated seats to the rear. If that is something you need, it's worth every penny. I've had multiple German vehicles and none offered...
  43. No Tailpipe

    Model S knock off? 2015 Chrysler 200

    When compared to Tesla model S the 2015 Chrysler 200 center console with a (ahem) 7" display looks so outdated for a car that's not even released yet. Even the vents when combined together are bigger than the display.
  44. No Tailpipe

    A Tesla Christmas Story and a Thank You

    Great story, I even shed a few tears reading your Christmas story. Now that's what I call customer service and a great parent too.
  45. No Tailpipe

    Interesting Wheel Design /Fremont delivery center

    They looked much better online when they were available then in real life. Personally, it makes the MS wheels look cheep.

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