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    FS: tesla model S whispbar roof rack

    hello, still available. PM me for a shipping quote with your zip. If possible, I will do it. You could also search for a transporter. dimensions are as follow : 136cmx16cmx18cm weighting 7kg from montreal
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    Winter tire shopping - Looking at the NOKIAN TYRES HAKKAPELIITTA R5 EV

    I too got Hakka R5 EV on my M3 SR+. I noticed too the quietness and similarity in noise level compared with the oem. It hasn't been super chilly here in Montreal yet. I've never driven below freezing yet so I can't report on those winter qualities but the sound level with the EV version sure...
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    FS: tesla model S whispbar roof rack

    Up for sale is a set of the Tesla Roof rack system for sunroof models. (Model S) I have the brackets for the nose cone and the facelift model, so either one will fit. Those were on my model S, mainly for the ski season and weren't always on. Still fully functionnal. Asking for 400 CAD...
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    FS: Tesla 19" base wheels + Michelin X-ice Xi3 + TPMS set of 4

    For sale is a complete set of base wheels + tpms dating from winter 2016-2017 + michelin X-Ice Xi3. Thread depth is between 7-8/32 or 6-7mm. very clean Those were my winter wheels for my 2016 model S. Very light curb rash, please see link for pics. Available in Montreal, H4K 1V7. Asking 1500...
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    Supercharger - La Tuque, QC

    @DTremblay : du nouveau par chez vous ?
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    Supercharger - Berthierville, QC

    Ça semble super bien localisé, juste à côté de l'autoroute, avec une épicerie, plein de restos aux alentours et même une bibliothèque! Merci de l'info
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    CHAdeMO adapter is missing from Tesla website.

    From my deep knowledge of korean, on the website, it is mentionned that this adaptor will work for m3 and my, but not necessarily ms and mx. ※주의: 현재 본 제품은 Model 3 및 Model Y 에만 적용 가능합니다.
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    Model 3 price change in Canada today

    I'm not saying the ioniq is the most powerful one, just that given the same choice, most of the population would probably opt for the cheaper one with the most range. I've just read what you posted in the forum and you are really looking for the most performance over practicability. Like I...
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    CHAdeMO adapter is missing from Tesla website.

    do you guys know if the korean one would fit on the NA market ? numbers of holes seems to match. (let's say if someone were able to import one)
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    Model 3 price change in Canada today

    IMHO, you'd be better to get a car such as the hyundai ioniq. Similar format, better range, DC charging possibilities, lower price point. Lots of qualities in this car and would take it any time over an limited range 150km tesla. I have both a MS and a ioniq, we like both our cars. MS breaks...
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    HPWC pulling pranks on me

    Thanks evfeh ! That's exactly what happened! I didn't noticed that opening the door would start the charge like the other thread mentioned. I had version 2020.40 and wasn't able to upgrade (as no new version would download, even though I selected advanced firmware update). As I was grocery...
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    HPWC pulling pranks on me

    okay, so gen 2, then. I can actually put the end of the plug in the HPWC. Thanks for the pointer to the manual. Unfortunately, it's not covered in the troubleshooting.
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    HPWC pulling pranks on me

    Hi, haven't found this issue while researching the forum. I have a S75D 2016 and bought with it a HPWC. It seems gen 1, because gen 2 was introduced later in 2017. It's been reliable so far, with the dip switch set to 48 amps and a 60 amps breaker and appropriate wiring. My car's on board...
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    Supercharger - Lake Placid, NY

    Then supercharge.info is off, saying 6 x 250kw stalls
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    Problem servicing older vehicles?

    thanks, that seems like a sound advice ! I didn't know the place, will definitely add this option from now on !
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    Problem servicing older vehicles?

    Sharing my experience here : I haven't had a trouble free model S since sept 2016. The first week I got it, I went to get a wrap around the car (whole car, I have a mature tree spewing sticky tree stuff next to parking space). At the wrap shop there was : 1- sticky tree stuff that penetrated...
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    Supercharger - Kingston ON

    yikes, that leaves 250km between belleville and cornwall. For 60 models, that doesn't leave much room for winter travel. We really could use brockville supercharger...
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    Priorities 2020

    I think of it as obvious that Teslin should get the next one !
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    Supercharger - Chicoutimi, QC

    Just rent one... For the few times you'll actually need it, it might be more economical that way. from club Tesla Quebec or find one on Kijiji.
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    Supercharger - Bismarck, ND

    Those aren't pedestals, they're orange cones ! :P
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    Supercharger - Nipigon, ON

    Actually, the gap is from calgary to sudbury... There are (approx) 59 operational superchargers, 24 in construction and 12 listed as permit in canada on supercharge.info. So far, no supercharger between the already existant gap of calgary to sudbury have shown significant signs of going live...
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    Ottawa service centre now in app?

    I had a mobile service at home in montreal a few weeks ago. The technician told me that he was from gatineau and that the following monday, a service center in ottawa would be open. Don't know where exactly.
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    Mid-Canada Superchargers

    Supercharger AND cold beer! What a way to celebrate this new charger!!
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    PEM second failure

    Thanks for the update, very interesting. For your pump, would your guy Gurber would know?
  25. G

    Supercharger - Medicine Hat, AB

    So many blue dots between calgary and sudbury. I hope there's gonna be action soon, not just intentions !
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    Electrify Canada

    Ouch! That's hurtful! But it's not like English is the most spoken language in the world, so, fair enough! :p
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    PEM second failure

    That is the kind of situation I was scared of in the first place... Maybe in CA or other dense Roadster market they may be able to fix problems faster and better, but in market with practically no roadsters like mine, might be better to skip the car.o_O
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    Supercharger - Seattle, WA - Union Street

    Seattle ! What a funny place name !!
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    2015 S85D - Dead-Doesnt drive- Both screens off....

    same thing happened to me yesterday, and also got a gas suv... :confused: I have a 75D, so no chance of having a 100D, I guess ! ;)
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    Téo Taxi Supercharger - Dorval, QC - P.-E. Trudeau Airport (not public)

    If you're over anxious about a possibility that there might be a person more charging at a station you might use, it must be tough getting out of bed in the morning... There could be a line to the bathroom...
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    Téo Taxi Supercharger - Dorval, QC - P.-E. Trudeau Airport (not public)

    The question is : why track and add to superchargers.info the ones that no one will be able to charge on, even if in deep trouble. This supercharger is no one's business, no one beside a teo taxi will be able to charge there. It just makes the map more crowded and add noise to the real data...
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    Supercharger - Yamachiche, QC

    Were you able to charge? :p;)
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    Supercharger - Yamachiche, QC

    With a supercharger not connected to powerlines?
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    Supercharger - Yamachiche, QC

    It was so quick, they'd better make another one, just to be sure... maybe in st-sauveur, just in time for the ski season !
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    PEM second failure

    I'm reading a lot on repairs and the most costly one seems the PEM. If you don't do it soon, the battery pack could be bricked. So I'm a bit worried about that with the possible lack of parts, that's all...
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    PEM second failure

    I'm looking to buy a roadster with its first PEM. My guess is that the PEM will fail shortly. My question is the following. After PEM repair, is it known to fail again? In other words, was it just the first iteration of the PEM that needed fixing, or is it some kind of routine repair that is...
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    Supercharger - Yamachiche, QC

    Wow, thanks! Ask and you shall receive! :)
  38. G

    Supercharger - Yamachiche, QC

    It's not that I don't trust the news, it's just that if someone saw it and thought it was worthy to report here, they might as well take a picture or 2 ;) And if SC in quebec are under utilized, you know what that means... Let the massive supercharging begin ! ;)
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    Supercharger - Yamachiche, QC

    So that means it's Tesla time, but that not a guarantee that there won't be any more SC this year. And they could be cash flow positive with the m3 sales soon. We haven't heard of anything bad recently about further delays and such. I'm keeping faith!
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    Supercharger - Yamachiche, QC

    Why do you say that? There are others listed for 2018
  41. G

    Supercharger - Yamachiche, QC

    How do you have access to such quality info? You work at Tesla? Or you are a contractor?
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    Supercharger - Yamachiche, QC

    You'll have more great news in the next few weeks : is it that you won't tell us and we need to get the info with the help of a little torture ? ;)
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    Mississauga Service Centre (non-public Supercharger)

    No, every service center has "secret" superchargers that you can't access. In a bit of trouble, you can drop by a service center and ask them to charge your car, but that doesn't make them superchargers per se.
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    Supercharger - Aulac, NB

    That's it ! There are no more active superchargers construction site in Canada ! Which will be next?
  45. G

    Supercharger - Aulac, NB

    That's right, the 90d can do it, now for that 60 RWD, that would be short... Or the upcoming model 3 with the smaller battery pack.
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    Supercharger - Concord ON

    The kW means power, so in a kind of way, it is speed. The kWh is energy stored. To get 60 kwh in a battery, you could get 60kw power in it for an hour. Or then again, 30kw for 2 hours. Or better yet, 120kw for 30 minutes! The kW provided by the station cannot be controlled by you from your...
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    Supercharger - Concord ON

    Same as everyone else who have to pay supercharger and it's the same price across each province. Supercharging Select Ontario from the menu. $0.40 per minute above 60 kW $0.20 per minute at or below 60 kW

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