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  1. playoutside

    Tesla Hawaii parts or service credit $3,000

    I have a $3,000 Teala Hawaii parts or service credit. Hoping to sell all to one person or possibly smaller chunks. The parts cannot be shipped by Tesla. Pick up only. PM me to discuss.
  2. playoutside

    FS: Model 3 Performance suspension Seattle area only

    I’m in Bellevue and interested. Can you message me?
  3. playoutside

    New/demo 2020 MS Performance for under $80k

    that’s true. In fact the people who leased a P100DL 2-3 years ago will often have residuals higher than the current sales prices of new P cars.
  4. playoutside

    WTB: Roadster referral discount

    Tesla is making those with referral Tesla Roadster discounts confirm a reservation by Jan 1. If you have a discount that you're not going to use, let's chat about options for me to use it for a fee. You could make the reservation, I would pay the deposit, we'd sign a contract that I would buy...
  5. playoutside

    Buying second car for Turo

    I’ve owned 9 Teslas and I used to rent them out on Turo. It was good a few years ago when Tesla rental prices were high ($200-$350/day) and you got an 85% cut and could set mileage limits to 100 miles per day. Now prices are around $100/day, you get a 65% cut, the renter has to pay a trip fee...
  6. playoutside

    Elon Musk Signature Wall Charger

    Only $500 for a potentially non-working HPWC with Elon’s signature? That’s a steal!
  7. playoutside

    Any SEA/PDX area detail shops that will pick up your Tesla for you at delivery?

    I bought a new inventory X from Miami. I had a buddy there pick it up. Then I shipped it here. It wasn’t a problem.
  8. playoutside

    Stop in Cody, WY - maybe a short charge

    I like to stop at RV campsites. They always have outlets and are usually happy to let you use them for $5 for a few hours.
  9. playoutside

    Model S P90D Excellent Condition $62,500 OBO

    As you may notice from the picture, he lives at the top of a hill, so he only ever drives downhill.
  10. playoutside

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    They do come with AP enabled.
  11. playoutside

    CHAdeMO For Sale on Craig's List

    Warning: Don’t buy from craigslist sellers unless you meet in person. this relatively new poster is promoting this craigslist ad, multiple times. And posting the ad owner’s phone number. They also claim to not be related. No one in the history of this forum has ever done such a thing. The...
  12. playoutside

    2018 Model X P100DL (includes 20" and 22" onyx black wheel sets)

    FYI, this looks like a great price. I have essentially the same vehicle, same options except for black instead of white exterior and I have white interior, 1 set of 22" wheels, 7,500 miles, no damage ever. Tesla offered me $91K as a trade-in last week. My car is only 1 year old, so still has 3...
  13. playoutside

    [Portland Seattle I-5] 21” Arachnids Wheels New Referral set (Rims tires tpms)

    Possible partial trade for your Model 3 or X wheels).
  14. playoutside

    [Portland Seattle I-5] 21” Arachnids Wheels New Referral set (Rims tires tpms)

    I have a brand new set of silver arachnids for sale. I’m in seattle but will be in Portland tomorrow. I can meet anywhere in between along i5. $3,000. full set never mounted.
  15. playoutside

    [Portland Seattle I-5] 21” Arachnids Wheels New Referral set (Rims tires tpms)

    I have a brand new set of arachnids for sale. I’m in seattle but will be in Portland tomorrow. I can meet anywhere in between along i5. $3,000. full set never mounted.
  16. playoutside

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    According to ev-CPO, it was $116K in Feb 2017
  17. playoutside

    In the Market for a Model X P100D

    I’d pay the extra for AP2
  18. playoutside

    Trip Recommendations/Advice? Interesting places to check out?

    I drove from Denver to Seattle exactly 12 months ago in my performance Model 3, I had no issues. Just make sure you have all season (or winter tires). I had snow chains but didn’t need to use them on any of the snowy passes. Expect to get lots of rock chips unless you have paint protection...
  19. playoutside

    Wheel fixups/repaint - Seattle Area

    Sound Wheel Works in Bellevue. Approx $150/rim for repairing any curb marks and re-painting. They match the factory color perfectly have done a bunch of wheels for me. Tell them the guy with all the Teslas referred you.
  20. playoutside

    Want to trade silver performance wheels for dark gray performance wheels

    I had mine painted at a local wheel shop and they perfectly matched the Tesla Sonic Carbon Grey:
  21. playoutside

    Brand New Model 3 19” Sport Wheels (Set)

    Judging by the image of the valve stem, it's the OEM TPMS. Try wiggling the stem with you hand. If it easily moves = no TPMS. If it's static = 99.9% has TPMS.
  22. playoutside

    Vendor Black Friday Specials - Ceramic Pro and STEK Clear Bra @ APC Auto Spa in Woodinville, Wa

    What exactly is included in: - Full front coverage with FREE Ceramic Pro Interior protection $525.00
  23. playoutside

    For Trade 2017 Model X P100D

    Trade my model 3 for your X? You guys should talk
  24. playoutside

    Need Advice on Totaled Model X

    Hit up the rebuilders on this forum, I am sure most would pay significantly more than that. Btr_ftw https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/members/wk057.21811/
  25. playoutside

    Recommendation on Seattle detailer/ceramic coating + ceramic tint

    Josh’s Auto Detail in kirkland is hands down the best retailer I have ever used. Jay’s Tint in Kirkland is a very reasonably priced shop with tons of Tesla experience. PM me if you want a referral to either.
  26. playoutside

    Nearly brand new 90 kWh Ludicrous battery pack, v3 - LIMITED TIME

    If I still had my P85D I’d do this in a heartbeat.
  27. playoutside

    Did anyone trade-in their lemon/repurchase/buyback for another Tesla?

    Agreed, I bet you could buy a used 100D for what the 90D cost you. You’ll eat the cost of the aftermarket items. But you should be able to get Tesla to remove the tow pack and alarm. Not sure about the hepa filter because you would need the original parts reinstalled.
  28. playoutside

    Washington State sales tax question

    Yes, it doesn't matter where you buy it. If you register a car in WA, you pay local sales tax. If used used and costs less than $30K, the first $15K of value is tax free. If it’s new and costs less than $45K, the first $25K is tax free.
  29. playoutside

    Currently living in Canada, I want to buy a US Model 3 because I’m going to live in the US

    Most states won’t allow you to register a car in that state without being a resident with a state ID. So you could potentially buy the car and register it in WA. However, many banks require you to have a state driver’s license to finance a car. The easiest method might be to start an LLC...
  30. playoutside


  31. playoutside

    EAP to FSD upgrade now $3,000

    It looks like it’s not ready for the X yet, just got this message: “Good morning, the retrofit for the HW3 computer is not yet available for your vehicle so we would be unable to do that at this service visit.”
  32. playoutside

    EAP to FSD upgrade now $3,000

    I logged into My Tesla today and the price to upgrade from EAP on to FSD dropped form $6K to $3K, so I paid for the upgrade on my X. Elon tweeted that this should be the price a week and a half ago. I checked the price to upgrade from AP to FSD on my 3, it remains $3K. I’m taking my X in for...
  33. playoutside

    New sealed BlackVue DR750S-2CH 16GB Car Black Box/Car DVR Recorder Dashcam

    I bought this dashcam but never took it out of the box. It’s new, sealed. $362+tax on Amazon. Asking $300 shipped (priority mail). BlackVue DR750S-2CH 16GB Car Black Box/Car DVR Recorder, Built-in Wi-Fi, Cloud, Full HD, G Sensor, GPS, 16GB SD Card Included, Upto 128GB Support...
  34. playoutside

    Would I be crazy to switch from an S/X P100D to a Roadster?

    Thank you everyone for all of your feedback. 2 days ago I decided I would buy a Roadster instead of another S/X. Then yesterday my Owner Advisor called me with the opportunity to buy a showroom P3 at a discount if I could make the purchase by today, so I did: I’m sure I’ll pick up a Roadster...
  35. playoutside

    Model S (or X) Piano Black Dash/console Trim complete kit

    The dash trim was removed from an early 2015 Tesla Model S. It will fit all 2012-2019 Model S and 2016-2019 Model X. Included: - 2 small driver’s side trim pieces - 1 large passenger’s side trim piece - 1 center console (cup holder area) trim piece - 4 air vents (you can use these or your...
  36. playoutside

    Tesla Model 3 Performance Carbon Fiber Spoiler OEM TRADE?

    I’ve got a new version (manufactured March 2019) model 3 performance spoiler. It was mounted and then immediately removed. It will need new 3M double sided tape. It is perfect with no imperfections or scratches. Price $450 local (Seattle) or add $35 for professional packaging and you provide a...
  37. playoutside


    You can also photoshop their offers to add an extra $20K of value to your car’s private party value
  38. playoutside

    Would I be crazy to switch from an S/X P100D to a Roadster?

    Haha oops. If I plan on driving ~4K miles/year, how much should I budget a year for maintenance?
  39. playoutside

    Would I be crazy to switch from an S/X P100D to a Roadster?

    I think I'll have to wait for a couple of years of depreciation before I get the approval to buy a new one :)
  40. playoutside

    Would I be crazy to switch from an S/X P100D to a Roadster?

    Hey Roadster owners, I need some advice. I have owned quite a few Teslas (S: P85, P85+ & P85D, 3: LR & P, X 75D & P100DL). For most of the last few years, we have had two Teslas and a truck, but we currently have one Tesla and a truck. My wife drives our X P100DL most days. I have a short/no...
  41. playoutside

    Not Available P85DL Loaded

    This listing could be the top search result for all Google searches, the number one retweeted tweet of all time, Reddit triple platinum, and the new Facebook homepage, and it would still not find a buyer.
  42. playoutside

    Not Available P85DL Loaded

    Would you consider an offer of $75,000?
  43. playoutside

    Scam Help?

    Possibly if you can provide more details about your method of payment, the seller, and proof of identity you have of them or their vehicle.

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