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    Continuous Faint Humming Noise When Parked

    I noticed the fan running after charging to 90% a couple updates ago on my 2013 MS. But my concern is the amount of drain I have when sitting (even after driving to work). Between home and work I will loose a good 12-15 miles a day when sitting. No it is not the cabin protection and no sentry...

    Humming noise while parked in garage

    My car is also doing this, I heard it one other time (definitely the cabin fan running you can hear it at the intake for the cabin fan right side of upper firewall. Last time I opened the door and it shut off. This time I will let it run for a bit and check the battery usage. Sure its a software...

    Charging cable won't insert - frozen "tab" inside receiver?

    Does pulling the manual cable in the trunk not help?

    Which Model 3 springs for a more comfortable ride?

    I too would like to see some one would figure out a softer ride without lowering . I am not into cornering hard, and the car rides like a tank over bumps. I live where there is snow, no lowering here. Feb 18 build 18"

    Rear lower control arms being cut through due to the chains!

    Did you have different wheels on it at some point? Looks to symmetrical to me to be a grinder. Missed the chain thing, I guess I should have read the whole thread:D

    Utah Tesla Owners

    Our fine state cancelled those rebates years ago, But if you find one let me know:). I have not filed for a federal rebate yet, my first Tesla was used. I will know in a couple months.

    Who would give up free supercharging?

    I find this totally false, I spent around $45 for a 1000 miles on a road trip to Vegas a few months back. Even with driving our previous Civic at 40 MPG it would have cost close to twice as much. Yes It takes longer, but I feel the time out of the car after driving 3 hrs is a benefit most times.

    Who would give up free supercharging?

    QUOTE="Saimaannorppa, post: 3077861, member: 64931" You have many ways to support Tesla if you want. E.g. do service every year at SC, 500$ profit each year to Tesla. Buy OEM accessories, high margin. Buy Model 3, without free supercharging. I guess I can just figure out about how much I...

    Who would give up free supercharging?

    As I look at Tesla and all they are looking to achieve, I begin to actually feel guilty about free supercharging. They built me the most advanced electric car out there, built a charging network like no other and continue to update my car with new and better features. If Tesla was rolling in...


    Just FYI. I was going to go to work for Service King, but did not. But I do know that the body shops have VERY limited access. Most things they still have to call the body shop tech-line to get the info they need, if they get it at all.

    Speedometer Accuracy?

    That's the final straw!....I'm canceling my reservation!.....OH I already have it.........What is this world coming to.

    Pretty piss poor service so far at the Service Center

    I live in Salt lake, the service center has always done a good job updating me at least once a day, (all but one time) I think it depends on your location and or the advisor, but agree there seems to be a need of process improvements.

    "new" model 3 - April build - but old springs?

    I hope I can ride in a new spring version to see the difference. I would like to have a smother ride for sure. Even if I had to purchase the springs and do it myself.

    Hoping for some UI changes in the future...

    I have dad the same complaints. There should be somewhere that UI suggestions could be made to Tesla with a voting system to allow Tesla to easily track which items owners are looking change or have added. Maybe there is and I just don’t know it.

    Model 3 crazy vampire drain

    I charged our Model 3 to 80% 248 miles and unplugged before vacation closed the app on both phones until we were back home, 12 days later it was still at 214 miles. Pretty good, My Model S ate more miles than that.

    Should I sell my ICE?

    We have been all electric ever sense we bought my wife her Model 3. No reason to pay insurance on something that sits around. The only thing I need once in awhile is a truck. So I rent one.

    And people say solar is expensive....

    Yes I can claim he credit for parts only, That is where I came up the numbers. The power company used to give a rebate also and it stated that it had to be installed by a licensed contractor to get that rebate. So maybe PG&E has that stipulation. but maybe people who have applied for the tax...

    And people say solar is expensive....

    Sorry corrected to KWH:)

    And people say solar is expensive....

    15KW max to grid? How do you net meter with a cap of 15kw to grid?

    And people say solar is expensive....

    Well meter was installed on 6/1 mid day, Have not seen any bills as of yet, but the system as of yesterday 6/30 , had produced 1.33mwh , I sent 951kwh to the grid and had to use 550kwh from the grid. I guess I need to work on a battery set up and do better at charging the cars during the...

    Phone Call Echo

    Having the same problem with my wife's Model3. She has a I Phone 8 and I have a I Phone 6. She has a apple watch and I do not. Happens with either person in the car about 70% of the time. Removing the call from the vehicle fixes problem, Definitely a car problem. Hopefully fixed soon. It makes...

    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    The heating cooling power is all that I get in the HVAC, I will remove it when I get time and let you know what happens, I probably need to order a good adaptor.

    And people say solar is expensive....

    Meter has been installed for about four days. Sun has been good and I am averaging 45kw per day, not bad considering the system is shaded by a tree on the south west corner by about 6:30. Only time will tell, but I am happy for now.

    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    Is all the Info coming from the can 3 bus? I can only see 1 item in the HVAC section but I am seeing a lot of other info. I am only using one of the cheaper BT adaptors i had kicking around.

    And people say solar is expensive....

    Thanks for the kudo's Kyle. I like the MS over the M3 for sure, but it is fun to drive. My wife loves it, she thinks the MS is too big for her.

    And people say solar is expensive....

    I shopped around and bought most things from different online sellers, panels and inverter are new in box, but were discounted due to being what I call (last years models), The panels were 315w and they make slightly larger wattage one now, the inverter was made in Nov 2015 and the newer one is...

    And people say solar is expensive....

    Yes ,I did turn off the breaker and tested the SPS. I hooked a 400w light to it for a minute to check it ,but that is all.

    And people say solar is expensive....

    I know the system is not optimal, but the house is not big and has a hip roof. I used all the available space on the southern roof i could. You kind of have to work with what you have. I hopefully oversized it some to compensate for shading. there are 2 strings that have separate MPPT tracking...

    And people say solar is expensive....

    I just finished installing my 7.2KW solar system , SMA inverter, rapid shut down, Iron ridge racking and JA 315w panels, all permits and fees and parts. $7300.....$3400 after tax incentives from state and fed. Of course my labor was free:).

    My phone works perfectly 100% of the time, it is a.......

    Wife's Iphone 8, my iphone 6 NO problems with key or phantom drain due to phone waking car up since a few updates ago.

    Moving Time and Temp to Left Pane

    Totally agree with this. I was just asking my wife if she has seen anywhere to post suggestions to Tesla.

    Yup! Better touchscreen and browser is here!

    I have a 2013 MS no AP and received 14 last night, And I agree with OP. A great improvement in both.

    WTB: Model 3 Aero wheels (including tires if new)

    I saw 3 sets on Ebay a couple days ago, not sure where they were at.

    So is wind noise really an issue?

    I do not notice any abnormal wind noise , the car has more road noise than my MS, but the car costs half what my MS did when it was new, so I would not expect it to be as quiet. but probably close to most other small sedans.

    Model X Crash on US-101 (Mountain View, CA)

    I did not see this news story covered nation wide. I better send this to all the news agencies and the NTSB. It was in my city and they my have missed it. Bystanders help save man from burning car in Riverton | KSL.com It is truly a sad situation. But the news is getting out of hand.

    2018.12 for Model 3?

    I downloaded 2018. 10. 5 a few days ago

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    I picked up my center caps and nut covers today, that I ordered through the SC, $28

    18" vs 19" wheels - ride quality

    Wife loves her car, still has some software quirks, but I expected that at this point. I just like how quiet my MS is. I may do some sound proofing, but my wife says she is already used to it.

    What is my model 3 doing?

    There is a cooling pump running and the louvers are cycling open and closed. SC confirmed it as a software issue. I find if i don't switch my app to my MS the car seems to make all kinds of fun noises in the garage.

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    You can buy the center caps and lug nut covers for a total of $28. There is just no cap puller that is included in the kit. I ordered mine and they came in 2-3 days. I will pick them up on Thursday at the service center while i am there.

    Supercharger Price Increase

    I don't think they are raising prices to unclog superchargers, someone has to pay for those hundreds of millions on dollars spent to install them and who knows what commercial rates and fees they have been eating for years. If it is used for traveling long trips only then it should not impact...

    Supercharger Price Increase

    I have not run any numbers, but you are comparing against supercharger rates only. The super chargers were not intended for charging your car for everyday use, home charging is a lot cheaper than the occasional road trip with supercharger use . Just my 2 cents.

    WA Supercharging now $0.25/kWh

    You really average 500 W/mile? That is pretty high, even for a MX is it not?

    Here we go again... Model 3 wont power up

    It was 4 pm:cool:

    Here we go again... Model 3 wont power up

    I think the louvers is some sort of software issue, there is a pump of fan running at low speed behind the bumper and the louvers seem to be opening and closing in a repeated cycle or trying to calibrate for some reason. mine stops after a short period. I only lost 2 miles last night while...

    18" vs 19" wheels - ride quality

    We picked up our M3 today. I would say that the ride quality is not bad with the 18's. The road noise seems to be worse, but its not a MS.

    Here we go again... Model 3 wont power up

    Funny, thats why i was here looking , I have had the car 4 hrs, and I noticed this and recorded it for service. mine seems to have stopped for now after 10-15 min. When did your start doing it?

    No recent VIN assignments?

    I received a call from Las Vegas the day after receiving the vin. Nothing until then.

    No recent VIN assignments?

    Yes started out with white , but the wife changed to red.

    No recent VIN assignments?

    Duh Yes Mar 3rd and Mar 10th:confused:

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