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  1. Corbets

    Rear camera off center?

    Yeah, I had a similar fear about my ability to park, but didn’t want to write it. ;P Would be great if you write back after your next service appointment and let us know if it can be adjusted. For now I’m going to live with it, but I’ll check with service next time I happen to be in (hopefully...
  2. Corbets

    Rear camera off center?

    Hi everyone I just mounted the trailer hitch for the first time ever, as I needed to haul some yard waste away. When I did, I noticed that the hitch shows up off to the side on the rear camera (see attached picture, a bit right of center). So it seems to me that the camera view isn’t actually...
  3. Corbets

    FSD 3.0 upgrade resulting in (significantly) more sentry mode detections?

    Yeah, that was my guess as well. Like I said, I looked at some of them and didn’t see anything, but I’ve looked at others and did see something. Don’t know if the cameras not being recorded still trigger it... Good to know. Doesn’t bring me any closer to sated curiosity, but still good to know. ;)
  4. Corbets

    FSD 3.0 upgrade resulting in (significantly) more sentry mode detections?

    Hi all I’m curious as to whether anyone else has noticed this. I got my FSD 3.0 upgrade a month ago here in Denmark, and since then, the number of sentry mode detected events has gone up... by almost 2 orders of magnitude. Where I might typically have had 0 or 1 detected events, I now have 70...
  5. Corbets

    Great shortcut for MX Iphone/Apple Watch and start w/out key (no FOB)

    Out of curiosity, do you have Siri activated when your watch is locked? Does Remote for Tesla let the command run without first unlocking your watch?
  6. Corbets

    What do your windows sound like?

    Sadly, the Gummi Pflege didn’t help at all. No change to the sounds. :(
  7. Corbets

    What do your windows sound like?

    I’ve got a ceramic coating... didn’t help. Nor, frankly, should it be required! ;) Standard tint. At least here in Denmark, don’t know if it differs elsewhere. I’ll keep an ear out and check next time. Thanks for the tip! Again, shouldn’t have to, but given Tesla’s incompetence here I’ll...
  8. Corbets

    What do your windows sound like?

    Since I received my Model X 13 months ago, I’m getting a little frustrated with Tesla Denmark service. My windows have made horrible squealing sounds when opening and closing since I got my car (for the record, I really love this vehicle for the most part). Last week, service spent 3 days...
  9. Corbets

    Tesla Update 2019.40.50.7

    Is it cold in Georgia? Your energy consumption graph will indicate a different view, showing a hard limit for the battery regen portion, if the battery hasn’t warmed up enough yet.
  10. Corbets

    2019.40.50 Release Notes

    That’s not that bad. Here in a Denmark, an update this year renamed Spotify as Spötify for no reason that I can establish. Changes the pronunciation significantly, looks goofy, and there’s no reason for it. Still, if they have to choose between coders for FSD and grammar checkers, it seems to...
  11. Corbets

    Lost voice command

    A pretty common problem, unfortunately. Happened to me, but service being what it is out here in DK, took me a couple months to get fixed.
  12. Corbets

    EU guys, do not install next update

    Should only be an issue for AP1 users - the rest of us have had this restriction since March. :(
  13. Corbets

    Falcon wing window seals

    Mine have been like that since a month after I got it (dec last year). ;( Unfortunately, Tesla Denmark claims there’s nothing they can do. I’m continually surprised by these kinds of problems, unfortunately. Love the car, but build quality is in many ways poor.
  14. Corbets

    Model X cup holders stuck and not ejecting

    I actually came here wondering the opposite - anyway non-permanently-damaging ways to prevent it from springing out? ;) My dog has a tendency to bump it when sitting on the floor of my six-seater, then hitting his head when he sits up! Labradors....
  15. Corbets

    Software Update 2019.40.1.1

    I find that the new wiper activation is about 100x better than the old. Very important in Copenhagen in winter (and spring, summer and fall too), let me tell you... Haven’t used the lane change as much, but the couple of times I did, it was much more assertive. I’m not really worried about...
  16. Corbets

    V 10 Autopilot behavior change

    That’s not how the machine learning works. Tesla uses machine learning to identify objects, but *not* to define driving rules. Those rules are actually pretty basic and, as such, well-suited to being hard-coded in the software,
  17. Corbets

    Winter Road Trip with dogs?

    My lab sits easily on the floor of my six seater. In principle I don’t like leaving him there when I’m gone, but dog mode has worked when I pop in for groceries or something, though I keep checking the temp in the app just in case.
  18. Corbets

    wrapping for MX how necessary

    Around these parts, it’s common for people to key your car. In fact, it happened to me here weeks after I got my X. That alone makes it worthwhile to wrap, IMHO.
  19. Corbets

    Latest update shows brake lights better

    I noticed the same, and thought it was both a useful feature and a nice example of Tesla’s attention to detail.
  20. Corbets

    True mileage of a 100kw MX in winter switzerland

    What Switzerland’ do you live in? When I lived there for 13 years, I kept it right at 120 (actual) because one registered km above gets you a ticket, and there are SO many cameras... and given that my X speedometer seems to be perfectly calibrated, I’d not be doing anything above the limit in her!
  21. Corbets

    Navigate on Autopilot

    I experienced this a lot in my P90D rental in August, but not since the v9 upgrade, either in that car (rented agin in December) or my own 100D (picked up end of dec). I was under the impression they’d more or less fixed it, since it happened so frequently in aug and not at all since.
  22. Corbets

    Constant PARKING ASSIST UNAVAILABLE while driving

    No, but it may be a missing sensor along with a baseball-sized chunk of missing bumper. ;) Parts on order, apparently, and they arrive this week.
  23. Corbets

    Constant PARKING ASSIST UNAVAILABLE while driving

    I’ve been getting it for a week... but it’s because I rear-ended some kid a week ago. ;( His trailer hitch put a small hole in my bumper, and while she gets repaired on Monday, I’ve learned what a beast this thing is to park without the sensors!!!
  24. Corbets

    About to purchase a Model X

    I had a rental 90D December before I got my 100D. I had also rented the same one in August. There was a huge difference in battery capacity and charging speed between the two rentals. The owner told me that the charge speed degradation was confirmed by Tesla as being a safety measure when the...
  25. Corbets

    Avg. 1420 Wh/mi

    Um - I measure mine in km, but still, that’s triple what I burn. I can’t imagine that’s right - are you leaving the windows down and the heater on full for an hour before each mile???
  26. Corbets

    To Wrap or not wrap your Model X

    Got it back today, and she looks amazing. Far glossier than when I first got her a month ago! We’ll see in a few years, but the Optic Shield Nano looks pretty amazing so far...
  27. Corbets

    To Wrap or not wrap your Model X

    Lovely. I’m doing clear - the “nano“ is one of their two clear options. But it’s got a warranty against yellowing for 7 years (or so I thought - looking at their website again, seems to be 10 years for the nano), so if that happens, I’ll take it back and get it redone. No biggie, hopefully.
  28. Corbets

    Planning trip with abetterrouteplanner.com

    This thread is a riot. The irony of this statement, on broken-record-repeat no less, is stunning. Best of luck, OP. You’re gonna need it.
  29. Corbets

    When will Tesla create luxury COMFORTABLE seats?

    Huh. My heated steering wheel, seats, and ventilation system all work just fine. In fact, I mentioned to the wife today that even when set at 21, it sometimes feels too hot due to the warm air in my face. Not sure why yours has problems - do you have range mode in?
  30. Corbets

    To Wrap or not wrap your Model X

    When I arrived at Tesla for an unrelated problem this week, the first thing I noted was a bright red S with a much more horrific gouge from front to back, obviously done with a key. Some Danes are quite... well, I’m not sure the word, but they don’t believe anybody should have expensive stuff...
  31. Corbets


  32. Corbets

    To Wrap or not wrap your Model X

    My new X is scheduled for a wrap in three days. I had it planned from the beginning, before I got the car three weeks ago, but this was the first opportunity to get it in... and naturally, some jackass keyed the fender already. I’m having that touched up before it goes in. Giving a different...
  33. Corbets

    No-rinse wash in cold climates?

    Unfortunately, a hand held pressure washer is difficult to target at the undercarriage from a distance. ;/
  34. Corbets

    No-rinse wash in cold climates?

    So I’m planning to put some kind of PPF on my X shortly after picking it up later this month in Denmark, and if I’m going to do that, I shouldn’t ruin the job by putting my Tessie through a high pressure wash. I’ve read a lot about products like Optimum No-Rinse, and that seems clear enough. My...
  35. Corbets

    Nice Model S/X frunk storage solution

    It’s a reputable company. I received my bags quite quickly thus summer, and love them. Ironically, I got them about 6 months before my X, which I’ll pick up in a couple weeks... but the bags were amazing in the rental this August.
  36. Corbets

    carbon fiber vs ash wood decor

    And the white interior!
  37. Corbets

    Model X hits tree at close to 100 MPH and flies 100 feet into a river - everyone survived

    I had faster at 16 (more than 2 decades ago) and I survived. It’s not about the car, it’s about the kids - and the training you give them.
  38. Corbets

    Ride Suspension - Very High

    It remembers the location.
  39. Corbets

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    Looks like mine will be delivered next week. Just finalizing the details with the delivery specialist now....
  40. Corbets

    Tesla Hire for School Formal on the Gold Coast

    The “Gold Coast” refers to so many areas around the world (could be Zürich, could be Chicago, etc.) that I seriously doubt you can get a useful answer to that query...
  41. Corbets

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    I ordered two weeks before you for delivery in Switzerland, and my account page says mine is still in transit to the port, as it has since the last week of July - but that page has been wildly off throughout the process. Your DS can give you a more correct update. Mine has promised to let me...
  42. Corbets

    I'm going to get eaten alive on Texas State car tax!

    You guys are funny. Want to feel the pain? Buy a Tesla in Denmark (I’m there right now with family)... 150% (no, that’s not a typo) sales tax on the X or S. The Copenhagen Post - Danish News in English Explained: Denmark's crazy car registration tax /thread
  43. Corbets

    Skirack model X

    Tesla sells one too, I think, as an attachment for the bike rack - and I believe Thule does as well. Both of those are vertical rather than the horizontal one you showed. Frankly, I’d rather go with those - unless you have some really short kiddy skis, having them horizontal just seems like...
  44. Corbets

    First road trip in an X

    Today we drove the rest of the way from Kassel to Aarhus (Denmark). We started the day at 100%, as I over breakfast told the car to finish charging from 90% up to 100%. That gave us the range we needed to get to our next supercharger between Hannover and Hamburg. Interestingly, the car was...
  45. Corbets

    First road trip in an X

    No pictures, though maybe I’ll get some later. Still, I felt it was worth sharing the experience after my first 8 hours. Yesterday we drove from Zug (Switzerland) to Kassel (Germany) as part of a two-day road trip to Denmark. It was our first experience driving any kind of Tesla beyond the test...
  46. Corbets

    Dog in my Model X

    Can’t answer for him, but that looks like a solution to the problem...!
  47. Corbets

    Any advice/experience with aftermarket accessories?

    Yes, those. The Napa leather is quite nice, actually.
  48. Corbets

    Any advice/experience with aftermarket accessories?

    I got the frunk luggage from Oscar and Hamish in the UK. I don’t have my Tessie yet, but I have some luggage that’s custom-designed for her at least. ;) Seems like nice stuff - if you want to buy, send me a note, as I have a referral code that will get you a 10% discount (and which I won’t pimp...
  49. Corbets

    How many people actually test drove before buying?

    Of course I did. In fact, I test drove, then test drove some “competition” like an SQ7, before hands-down deciding on the X. That said, I’m even renting an X for the next 2.5 weeks for my road trip to Denmark so that I can be really certain. If I decide that the road trip is a miserable...
  50. Corbets

    What tires specifically come with?

    And just how many threads are you going to necro to tell us about it? I can’t tell if you’re really bitter or a pirelli rep...

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