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    Tesla is Quoting a charge for warranty service on 2 day old car

    They give the price just in case it's not under warranty so you know beforehand how much it'll be so there's no surprises.
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    Who makes Model Y sound system?

    You're right - Tesla hired some folks from B&O.
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    Maps extremely out of date

    To answer your question, there is no way to "force" an update. Map/nav updates are sent periodically by Tesla (once a year or so) and usually are part of an OTA update package.
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    2023.2 update

    If it's a safety update, then it will pushed to you and installed regardless - just might take a bit more time. You can't prevent those kinds of updates.
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    Do you think we will get a USS Retrofit?

    Cars without USS don't even have the holes for the sensors. They'd have to completely replace the bumpers and wiring. I don't see this happening.
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    Best way to precondition for retired people

    Preconditioning will improve your efficiency (Wh/Mi), your charging speed and pre-heat/cool your cabin before you start to drive. Won't do much (if anything) for battery life. It's not really required and can be a negative if your doing short drives. The power used to precondition the battery...
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    Danger of leaving garage door opener in the car

    I had homelink installed when I got my M3 so no clicker needed!
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    Teslas future looks bleak tainted

    I don't feel burned on my M3 and I'm currently shopping for another one for the wife (debating between Y and X). Before the price drops, looking at the Y but now, the X is within range. I'm sure a lot of Tesla owners will absolutely buy another one.
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    How does it work when you have no Service Centers nearby?

    I live 3.5 hours from the nearest service center. Mobile techs have been out to my house twice and I've taken mine in to the SC twice in the 3 years I've owned my car. Both times at the SC they gave me a loaner since I was so far away. The service manager said that's why they are stingy with...
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    Surround Car Display Delayed?

    From the get go when visualizations were first introduced, they specifically said that it does not capture all the traffic - it's not their intent. Tesla included them as a way to give the driver some assurances that the cameras/AI are working. Like Cudaman340 says, use your head and cameras for...
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    Charging Best Practice…???

    Don't worry too much about it. Charge to 80% (or whatever your daily drive requires) every day. ABC - always be charging. I don't know if it's still in the user manual but it did say to always plug in, every day.
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    CCS slower than molasses?

    I wouldn't be surprised that the dealer is throttling their charger to avoid excessive demand charges from the utility. I know a guy who put in two chargepoint chargers (150 kW) at his business and throttles it for that exact reason.
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    Going from long range to Model 3 with LFP

    The batteries you have will outlast the car. I personally wouldn't make the switch just because of the batteries. However, depending on the vintage of your 3, there may be features that have been added (like heated steering wheel, matrix lights, etc.) that you like better and may be worth it to...
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    No supercharge in bitter cold

    I habitually supercharge in -10F (and colder) weather. So far no problems other than slower than normal charging speeds. I find in temps that low that pre-conditioning takes a long, long time (it will start over an hour from the supercharger). I've done it with a cold soaked battery too. Just...
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    ‘22 MY in ultra sub cold tips?

    don't worry too much about it. I live in the Rockies at a little over 6,200' elevation. Winter gets to -20/-30F regularly. I plug in at night and set it to warm by the time I leave for work. Right now I have the Pirelli Sotto winter tires and they're fine. I'd like to try the Hakkapelitta tires...
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    2023 model 3 RWD (November delivery) am i eligible for tax rebate/credit?

    The incentives are for the quarter/year end close. I'm willing to bet they'll disappear Jan 1st. Tesla regularly offers incentives to hit numbers then once reported, the incentives go away.
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    Regen temporarily reduced/range doesn't change

    That's why don't use range - it's not that accurate. Set to %; it will serve you better. If range is a must, use the energy graph to determine potential, estimated range.
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    So few s-chargers in San Antonio!!

    As a former resident of Houston, Houston is huge...driving from one side to the other is quite a haul. Therefore you need more chargers because the "surface area" of Houston is significantly greater than San Antonio.
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    Home charging questions

    ABC - always be charging. Best for battery health
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    Report: Elon names Tom Zhu as "global CEO".

    That report is from a news agency that just lost a fake news case against Tesla. It looks like this is fake news as well Outlet claims Tesla China President will replace Elon Musk as CEO right after losing fake news case
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    Regen braking capped at charging level or battery capacity?

    It also depends on temperature. In cold weather, you can get limited regen at even lower SoC
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    Does Tesla lowball you to trade in your Tesla?

    They don't want to be in the used car business and have been pretty open about this. They are rather reluctant to buy your car (but will if they must). Hence they are typically lower than other companies that are in the used car business.
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    Is there a way to config FSD (turns and merge on highway)?

    It might be scary at first, but let it go through curves as it sees fit. It will slow down if it needs to. I've been on FSD beta since v9 and it takes curves quite well in my experience.
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    Why FSD is still level 2, compare to MB's level 3 and hyundai/kia's level 3 next year?

    I read a review from a car magazine where they took the MB out on an hour-long drive (this was in So. California) to test the AP system. Out of 60 minutes of driving, they were able to engage it for 10 minutes. There's a long list of restrictions to their AP system.
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    Just got FSD on Model S, how do I get road view on the big screen, and how do I send Tesla feedback for bad moves?

    They only enabled the feedback button on certain cars. Green the Only reported on it
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    Where did They Move the FSD Beta Video Event Recorder on Refreshed Model S, ver 10.69.3?

    They took it away and only enabled it on cars they identified that they want feedback from. Check Green the Only's twitter feed - he talks about it.
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    Autopilot buddy code is changed?

    Yes they did change the code. AP can now tell if you're using a cheat or not. It can detect the cheat so hands on the wheel!
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    Is NAV on autopilot (but not FSD) possible now that FSD has been installed?

    Autopilot is also in beta so really no difference in that regard
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    Autopilot settings can not be save [autopilot active safety features]

    No it's not. They should save.
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    Tesla wireless charger sux!!!!!

    Agree with @brancky3 - no problems with 3 different models of Android.
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    Voice command for emergency flashers?

    In the US, by law, it has to be a button
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    Can your Tesla with Premium Connectivity be a hotspot?

    They are trying to save bandwidth since every Tesla (whether you subscribe to premium or not) is communicating with the mother ship and Tesla pays for that connectivity. Not all GM cars communicate with the frequency of Tesla so GM's communications bill probably isn't as high as Tesla's. People...
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    Love to see cruise control option

    Not sure if it's still true but in the past not updating your software could void your warranty since many other changes are in the updates.
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    What's the trick to getting the beta?

    I don't know if they still do it this way, but in times past, they expanded in "groups" of eligible people. For example, when they released a new software version, they'd expand by a few thousand more people. Between versions FSD was closed and no one would be added.
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    Basic Autopilot Speed

    You can exceed the speed limit on autopilot. You have to specify an "offset" - it's in your AP menu. Either set it to a % above the speed limit or you can specify mph above (to a max of 5 mph over). I have mine set for 5 over.
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    You're not giving money to Elon - he takes a $1 salary. His $$$ come from stock and he's going to get that regardless of what you do. Personally I don't care what he does - he has no impact on my life and vice versa.
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    Tesla Model X 2020 long range plus battery Reduction

    Set the display to % and never ever use mileage. It is not accurate and will only cause anxiety if you don't understand how much it can swing and everything's still OK.
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    Best podcast option to sync with iPhone?

    I play from my phone and use BT to hear over the car's sound system
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    Why does FSD hug the center line-- even sometimes crossing over?

    On straight roads, it does a good job staying centered. On winding mountain roads, it regularly hugs the center line and will cross if the curve radius is acute enough.
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    cruise control not changing speed

    It isn't always accurate in catching speed limit changes. It sounds like it's just not picking up on the first one and android04 is right - it slowly adjusts speed (too slowly for my comfort). I'm on FSD beta and it's even worse about blowing through speed zones. I usually have to take it out of...
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    How long until we get a 400+ mile model Y?

    I doubt Chinese cars will come to the US anytime soon. But I think you're right - range increases will be coming. I'll bet it'll be the 3 before the Y though. They roughly share the same wheelbase so you can't cram more batteries into one versus the other. Since the 3 is more efficient, it's an...
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    When does homelink auto skip?

    Same - I've never seen it autoskip. I've pressed the button and made it skip (worked just fine).
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    WTB: in Austin, TX < $50k - that benefits from owner to owner transfer

    Unless you use supercharging as your only source, free supercharging is way overrated in value. Every year I drive a 1,600 mile round trip and I take long enough trips once a month or so where I need to use supercharging. Other than that, I charge at home. YMMV but for me, on my typical monthly...
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    M3P loosing range after one month

    Set the display to % and forget about it.
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    When to charge Model Y

    As Bjorn Nyland says "ABC" - always be charging
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    FSD firmware versions

    You may have FSD but not FSD beta (what you see in all those youtube videos). The current FSD beta version is 2022.20.17. If you're not in the beta program, then you can have FSD and be on the regular software version - which I think 2022.28.2 is the latest (I'm not sure because I'm in the beta...
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    How to know when preconditioning is done or in process?

    There is no way if you do something like the warm up in the morning. If you're navigating to a supercharger, you'll see the preconditioning icon disappear which I interpret that preconditioning is done.
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    Dear Tesla and Tesla FSD Team

    When I first got my 3, there were no visualizations. People were "scared" because they couldn't see what the car "saw". A few updates later they implemented visualizations. From the start Tesla's been very clear that it does not represent a full picture of what the car actually sees - it never...
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    Front Facing Camera for all Teslas

    It's my understanding that the stitching technology requires a license and Tesla doesn't want to pay the fees for it. If I remember right, Nissan holds the patent.
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    Fails to stop or hold position on a slope

    Hold works reliably and quite well for me, even on hills. It sounds like you may need a service call.

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