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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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    How to get a cord into Model Y?

    I will be in the middle of nowhere with the Model Y as power source for Starlink. The inverter plugs into the model Y's cigarette port, and then the Starlink plugs into the inverter. I need to run the cable to the satellite dish which sits on the ground outside the car, hence the need for a...
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    How to get a cord into Model Y?

    I am wanting to have an entry point for a Starlink cable to come into the Model Y without leaving a window down or the hatch opened. When I put the cable in the corner of the rear hatch and close it, it really bites down on it. Does anyone have a good solution of how to get a cable into the...
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    Model Y Perfomance rear-ended - is it fixable?

    Wow, that looks like it got hit pretty hard. Hope everyone's OK. Is the hatch lid not closing because it got bent / the attachment points got bent, or is there further damage to the frame? Are there other parts of the body that are misaligned other than what's shown? Frame damage will be the...
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    Munro Associates getting a New Model Y with 4860 cells for teardown & visiting IDRA for Giga Press review

    Seems like that might piss off Tesla in a way that Munro doesn't want to do..?
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    Roadster 2023

    If you've got enough money to "loan" Tesla $50k, you have enough to open up a Private Banking account with a bank of your choice, which means your cost to wire funds is $0. You've ordered 5 Teslas, and you're just now noticing the issues they have with operations and management? If it weren't...
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    Starting to feel like Cybertruck is going the way of the Roadster: Vaporware

    Let me interpret that "??" for you: Rivian R1T and Ford Lightning are 100% likely to be built (since they are already being built). Cybertruck is some likelihood below 100% since the production line doesn't yet exist. So it's not the most likely product to be built.
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    2022 MYP vs MYLR?

    I've owned the MS, driven the MX, and currently have a M3LR and MYP. Given the current price difference of $4k, choosing the MYP is a no brainer. Since the suspension changes in 2022, the MYP is a fairly compliant ride for a daily driver, and the range on the MY is so low that difference...
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    The Tesla Semi Order Books Are Finally Open

    I have a reservation I made in 2017 when the Semi was announced. I never wired in the $5k deposit, but the reservation still appears to be alive. What are the chances I could send in the $5k and the reservation will keep my spot in line from 2017?
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    Going to order a new Model 3 performance. Should I consider the long range AWD?

    This has been discussed extensively, and I always recommended the LR if it's mostly a daily driver and will rarely or never go to the track. However, with the price gap now only $3k, the Performance model makes much more sense economically for all the goodies you get.
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    Warning about late fees (Texas residents)

    Yes, if you want to pay extra there are a number of independent companies that can process the title in a more convenient way. Tesla even includes a flyer for one of them in the paperwork packet they'll be sending to you.
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    Warning about late fees (Texas residents)

    I registered my Model 3 (delivered in Feb) today. Keep in mind all title work at the tax office is done by appointment only. Here's my experience: After I was about to get up and leave, I noticed a $166 late fee and asked about it, since this was the earliest available appointment. The clerk...
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    Help me finalize color choice! Blue vs White vs Red

    Keep in mind that wraps have a finite lifespan. As someone who likes to set up the car and then not deal with it, I'd get the color you want from the factory. If you want something very unique, or like to tinker with the car a lot, you can get a wrap. The wraps also aren't cheap. So paint color...
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    Total loss of battery pack on new 2022 MYP

    So I followed up with Tesla again. They are claiming that the original battery pack the car was manufactured with was a 75 kWh pack. And they replaced it with a 75 kWh pack. This is for a model year 2022 Model Y Performance, which was delivered in December 2021. Something is very strange here.
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    Total loss of battery pack on new 2022 MYP

    I hope that's what happened, but as mentioned I don't have a way to confirm whether it was new. I did use Scan My Tesla app, which showed slight degradation from full capacity, but I still don't have a definitive way to confirm or deny exactly what pack was installed. Any suggestions are welcome.
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    Help me finalize color choice! Blue vs White vs Red

    Definitely get the interior that makes you happy! Nothing wrong with black, and since you're in the PNW you don't have to worry about the interior getting hot. I think the speeding tickets will have more to do with the way you drive than the color of your car. There are plenty of red cars out...
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    Total loss of battery pack on new 2022 MYP

    Your skepticism is noted. The entire battery pack was definitely replaced and that was the invoice I received for the work, though it was covered under warranty.
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    Help me finalize color choice! Blue vs White vs Red

    Here's my opinion and experience: I have driven long-term a white Model Y, red Model 3, and blue (and previously black) Model S. The white and red have white interiors, and the blue and black have/had black interiors. I strongly recommend the white interior. Initially I thought the cabin was...
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    Texas Tesla Insurance - Cost Experience

    My rate on a model 3 was $94/mo with $1MM coverage, which is significantly cheaper than I saw with Progressive or Geico. I live in a high rise, and unfortunately the forward collision warning gets triggered by parked cars every time I leave the garage. My safety score just kicked in and it was...
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    Home circuit breaker 208 volts?

    This is totally wrong. Please just stop. Three phase is cheaper to construct in a medium or large multi-family buildings for a variety of reasons. You save unneeded conductors, you can power large equipment (HVAC, 3 phase induction motors) with more efficiency and better power supplies, the...
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    Is it still recommended to use seat heaters instead of heat in 2021+ Model 3s?

    The heat pump is way more efficient than resistive heating was, when this recommendation came out. I'd just precondition while plugged in, and leave everything on auto at your desired temp. You could turn it down a couple degrees if it's really cold out to save energy. But unless you have a...
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    Total loss of battery pack on new 2022 MYP

    Just an update on this and a bit more info 💡 I picked up the MYP today, and so far it's running great. While the part number states a remanufactured pack, the service team told me that the Model Y packs are so new and in demand that they don't have reman packs available, so a new one went in. I...
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    Going to order a new Model 3 performance. Should I consider the long range AWD?

    Test drive both. I really like the P, but after the pack upgrade last year the LR is really fast. I can afford either but decided on the LR after taking them both for a spin. You basically can't go wrong either way; it's a preference thing.
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    Total loss of battery pack on new 2022 MYP

    They would let the Uber credit run for the full repair. And I probably could have kept the rental. Luckily this isn't my primary vehicle so it's just more of a logistics thing at this point. I'm very glad this happened a mile from my friend's house that I was visiting, rather than the following...
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    Total loss of battery pack on new 2022 MYP

    They did offer me a M3 loaner, but since I was flying out of LV a few days later, a one-way rental worked out better, which they provided. They also said shipping to SF could be a possibility upon repair completion, but I do need to leave the MY in LV for a bit, so I'll most likely fly back in...
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    Michelin Pilot All Season 4 thoughts

    I installed them on my MS a year ago, and have them on my new MYP. They're a great tire -- good grip in the summer, and they hold well for casual snow driving. Not too noisy either. For really serious snow you may want snow tires but as an all around performance/all season, I think they're...
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    Total loss of battery pack on new 2022 MYP

    I was on a road trip in my 2-month old Model Y Performance, driving from SF-LA-LV. Everything was going well, and I was at my first stopping point in LA. I had supercharged a couple of times on the way down, and was stopping for my 3rd supercharge, after an hour of stop and go LA traffic. 20...
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    How Tesla Will Fall - Ben Sullins

    I've bought 2 Teslas in the last two months. A model Y P, which came out near perfect, and a Model 3 LR, which had atrocious paint, including dirt under the paint, a lot of paint nibs, massive orange peel, and fish eyes. Not to mention deep scratches in the clear coat added during delivery...
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    Thinking about making the switch. All help is appreciated

    I had a 2015 BMW M5, 2016 Porsche Cayenne, and 2016 AMG C63S before my 2017 Model S. Also have a 2022 Model Y Perf, and about to trade in the MS for a 2022 M3 LR. I vaguely miss the AMG exhaust note, and the fine Porsche interiors. Those two things aren't replaced in the Tesla. The Tesla's...
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    TX temporary permit fee

    In my Model 3 order page's Price Details, under Additional Charges, it shows an Operating Permit Fee of $79.75. Texas has a 30-Day Permit which costs $29.75. Any idea what the extra $50 is for?
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    Upgrade to a 2022 M3?

    Don't hold your breath.. we're still waiting to see a Model S with 2170 cells, which was discussed a number of years ago. I'd be very surprised to see a M3 with 4680's in the next half decade. To OP: go for it. The M3 (and MY, as noted) have made some major improvements in the last year. My...
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    You Can See CT Price in Source Code

    Here are my reservations chronologically: Tri motor with FSD (day 1) = $76,900 Dual motor = $49,900 Single motor with FSD = $49,900 Dual motor with FSD = $59,900 I also have a Semi reservation (which I never sent a deposit for, but is still there). No price shown.
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    Tesla Gigafactory

    Increased activity lately at Giga Texas. Today, I was taking pictures of the factory from downtown Austin in the morning and afternoon, because I think it's cool how it's totally camouflaged in the morning light, and then by afternoon it's brightly visible. But this evening, I suddenly noticed...
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    Model Year 2022 Refresh M3/MY

    Ah you're right, I remember seeing the hairpin motor w/ square wires in the Sandy Munro video.. thanks
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    Model Year 2022 Refresh M3/MY

    It says "hairpin wound" DU. I'm reading that to mean that they're implementing the carbon-wound drive unit similar to MS Plaid, which means M3P with that motor should be capable of noticeably higher performance.
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    Musk "Delete tweet"

    Yup, maybe the Ford Focus EV, built in Michigan, if you can find one and you're cool with 76 miles of range :cool:
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    Model Y build quality and common problems

    Just want to chime in here since I picked up a MYP this week, on behalf of a friend. To my surprise, the thing was perfect. Panels seemed like they were aligned by alien robots, and there were zero issues with the car after a thorough inspection and long drive. When I expressed my surprise, the...
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    Tesla build quality -- WOW.

    First, a bit of background. I have been driving a couple of Model S's for the past 4 years ('17 and '18), I have been in friends' and family members' Teslas, and I've test driven 2020 MY and 2021 M3 (LR & P). I also watch Tesla Daily, Dave Lee, and a few of the other channels, and keep up to...
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    Yah, we're just gonna delete your service appointment mmmmkay?

    <Vent on> My Model S has been repeatedly reporting that its window is open since last year. Talked with the Service department about it in person last year. Oh, that's a known issue and will be fixed with an upcoming software update (favorite Tesla service line). Recently, I set an appointment...
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    Tesla Crash Lab Featured in New Video

    Another crash lab video just came out. It's very cool insight into safety engineering practices at Tesla. Tesla Crash Lab | Data Driven Safety
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    I have some clear fluid from front of car that tastes acidic. Any ideas what it might be ?

    I have an idea, but can you taste the fluid again and tell me if it's more plastic, or more metallic tasting? That will help refine my theory.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Ordered a Red M3LR in May, had it on hold till 9/1. It was then EDD in a couple weeks, and got a VIN yesterday. I have another Tesla at the moment so I put the order back on ice till November. But looks like availability is very good right now. My friend ordered a MYP in OR and got a 2-3 week...
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    Advice needed: Interior door trim damaged/melted after window tint job

    Well you could try to find out who their insurance carrier is (i.e. ask them), and file a claim. Not sure who they are proposing that melted a large swath of your door trim right next to the window, and rubbed & damaged it literally next to your window other than during a tint install. It's...
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    I'm starting to doubt I'll be getting an electric truck.....

    It's frustrating to wait, but once CTs start rolling off the line, your best bet to get one timely is definitely going to be CT. Tesla is the only company planning to make EV trucks that actually knows how to make EVs at scale. And the CT was designed for massive serial production. It is really...
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    Refreshed S Now Has Smaller Battery Pack Capacity - Reduced ~104kWh to 100kWh

    Unbelievable that Plaid is getting those performance stats with less battery capacity. I guess Elon was right that the new carbon-wrapped motors contain alien technology.
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    Tesla will have to ship Cybertrucks out of Texas in order to sell them within Texas

    Not only would this be just, it would also apply leverage onto TX legislators in a language they understand -- money.
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    Which video is more similar to Tesla's red in real life?

    Closer to #1. It doesn't have the orange tint showing in #2. IMO it looks better than both of those videos, but it does vary depending on lighting conditions.
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    Bought a demo car less than a week ago and a tire has a bubble

    "I have not hit any sizable pot holes and there is no damage to the rim that I can see." Yup, sounds like Boston roads did a number on this tire..
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    Austin Delivery / Pickup options for non Texans

    Nope. Canada is more than just out of state, by the way :)
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    Cybertruck width

    We just don't know yet. Stay tuned for more details.
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    I'll never be able to decide on a color

    Good choice! I went through a similar deliberation process as you, but different. All my previous cars in the last decade have been black with tinted windows, which were all German luxury cars up to the Model S (black was free at the time). It looks great and classy but you've got to keep it...

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