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    External speaker fault with latest update?

    Tape over the speaker holes will do the job.
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    what PSI do you inflate your tires to

    Found that 40psi was a good compromise between ride comfort and range/efficiency. The wife noticed the difference right away.
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    Is the color mismatch still an issue with white model Y?

    Get the wife what she wants. Otherwise, you'll regret it.
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    Homelink issue after 2022.44.25.1 update

    The wife was not happy with the Homelink change on the screen. The icon is much smaller and further away from the driver. Hard to understand the rationale behind changes like this.
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    Unbiased 2-month review of 2022 Model Y

    I'm not happy about Elon's Twitter antics but understand that he has autism (spectrum disorder), which might explain his behavior.
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    Insurance for Tesla

    Insurance for our Tesla was almost double. The replacement cost and cost to repair Tesla cars are unavoidable.
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    Washing The Tesla Model Y

    I'm old school and wash the cars at home using Meguir's Ultimate Wash & Wax. The Carnuba wax and polymers give it a "just waxed" look without the work.
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    Climate on or off...Help!

    The phone app indicates the actual state of the Climate system. If it shows OFF, the system is indeed OFF.
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    Elon's Tweet on Tire Pressure

    I use a Ryobi battery-operated inflator, so no experience with plug-in compressors. The compressor manufacturer should be able to answer questions regarding acceptable DC input voltage range.
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    Elon's Tweet on Tire Pressure

    19" Geminis here with tire pressure (cold) at 40psi to tale the harsh edge off.
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    Homelink for Model Y - Is it worth it?

    Having spent $60K on the MYLR, I didn't have a problem parting with $325 for Homelink. Totally worth it!
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    External speaker fault with latest update?

    I'm currently using some A/C insulation tape but will go with Gorilla All Weather tape if needed.
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    External speaker fault with latest update?

    This is Abstract Ocean's disclaimer... Disclaimer: You are disabling a safety feature by opting to do this, albeit one that will never exist on at least half a million older Teslas, and many other hybrid and EV's. Tesla could also render this unusable with a future software release. With that...
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    External speaker fault with latest update?

    I really hate the UFO sound in reverse. The problem is that it's too loud. I've given additional thought to reducing the sound level as an alternative to disabling the PWS entirely. Ran across a Youtube video recently that showed a big reduction in level by merely taping over the speaker holes...
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    Pin to drive touchscreen freeze?

    The wife encountered a problem with Pin To Drive this morning. It wouldn't accept the code. Fortunately, she was able to fix the problem with the two-button reboot. I'm concerned that the reboot may not work the next time around, so I disabled the Pin To Drive function for now. I will try it...
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    Tesla replacing ultrasonic sensors with Tesla Vision

    I'm hoping that Tesla doesn't disable the ultrasonic sensors with a future update, like they did with radar. The wife and I depend on accurate distance info when parking in tight places.
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    Uncomfortable driver seat?

    I have also found the seat bottom on our 2022 MYLR to be quite narrow. Fortunately, the side bolsters have soft foam. On the drive home from the Tesla Delivery Center, I had a lot of hip pain. Reducing the angle of the seat bottom took care of the problem. For those who can't find a comfortable...
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    External speaker fault with latest update?

    Have the PWS Isolation Kit in stalled in our 2022 MYLR and got the "External Speaker Fault - Service is Required" message after the latest update. Gave brief thought about adding a 4ohm resistor to the cable plug but decided to put everything back to original. Tesla is smart enough to devise a...
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    Wheel Tire Combination To Improve Efficiency

    Handling is better because there is less sidewall squirm.
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    Goodyear Electric Drive GT

    That's a BIG hit. Makes the OE tire look better and better.
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    PROS/CONS - what makes you love your Tesla?

    Performance and technology is what Tesla brings to the table and, currently, nothing else comes close. The Supercharger network is an added plus. As for the negatives (build quality, harsh ride, etc.), I decided early on to not let these things affect my enjoyment of the car.
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    Where do you charge your Model Y to for daily use?

    Charge limit set at 90% and charge when range gets down to ~100 miles, which is usually once per week. I was setting the limit at 80%, but wife complained about the reduced range.
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    MYP ‘22 aka The Vomit Comet

    When I test drove a MYLR, I didn't like the standard (full) regenerative braking and placed regen on Low. After ordering the car, I learned that Tesla did away with the Low setting and was upset. However, after receiving the car and learning how to drive one-pedal, I now understood where Tesla...
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    Best EQ Setting

    I found this article to be a worthwhile read. I also preferred a reduced level setting on the sub and the extreme highs.... https://totallyev.net/tesla-model-y-audio-review-an-audiophiles-dream/
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    App takes forever to connect to car

    On our MYLR, the phone key will not work after the car has been sleeping all night. The solution for us is to tap the Tesla phone app and wait (20-30 sec.) for the connection to be made. Once that's done, the phone key now works properly throughout the day.
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    Inconsistent Model Y Build Quality

    I knew going in that Tesla build quality was iffy, especially with end-of-quarter pushes. Picked up our MYLR on 4/29/22 and things were better than I expected. Some panel alignment issues on passenger side but acceptable. I bought the Tesla based on performance and technology and it has not...
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    Range & Tire Pressure

    The range most definitely changed from one charge cycle to the next with tire pressure changes.
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    Range & Tire Pressure

    Recently found that the range after charging our MYLR to 90% was 289 miles, which is lower than the 296 we used to get. I then remembered that I dropped the cold tire pressure from the recommended 42psi to 40psi to soften the ride. These results suggest that, as a general rule, a 1psi change in...
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    The inevitable first ding

    A "paintless dent removal" service might be able to take care of that door ding. Dents on a door crease, however, can be difficult.
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    Does the brake pedal activate regenerative braking before the brake pads apply friction?

    On our 2015 Chevy Volt, the brake pedal controls the amount of regenerative braking down to approx. 7mph at which time the mechanical brakes come into play. Both come into play, however, under emergency conditions. At 51K miles, the rotors and pads look like new. It took a couple of days to get...
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    Model Y or BMW X5 45e

    Had a BMW for many years but the maintenance/repair costs were excessive and I moved on. Friend of mine had the same experience.
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    Corded Mobile Connector Button Not Opening Charge Port Door

    Mine stopped working after one month. Trying to decide if it's worth a service appointment.
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    A tire PSI thread

    Dropping the cold tire pressure to 40lb on our MYLR with Geminis took the harsh edge off bad roads (potholes. etc.). The wife noticed the change right away.
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    Steering Wheel off center?

    7/23/22 Update: Took car back to the Service Center and had them redo the alignment. Steering wheel is now perfectly centered when the car is traveling straight. I knew that the off-center steering wheel was something I couldn't live with.
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    May not want anymore. Now what?

    The Tesla MY performance, technology and Supercharger infrastructure make for a compelling argument in it's favor.
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    Two months after my Model Y - My thoughts

    @beemboy - Did you test drive a model Y before ordering one? It sounds like you didn't. The solution to your problem is very simple.... sell the car and move on.
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    2022.16.1.1 is now rolling out globally.

    Received 2022.16.1.1 (replacing 2022.11.101) today. This is the first update that we've received since picking up the MYLR on 4/29/22. Checked the hatchback height setting to make sure that is was still set for the programmed level. Didn't want it opening into the garage door above and messing...
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    Is leaving Tesla plugged in while not charging really beneficial?

    Food for thought.... Charging Cycles Degrade Batteries Whilst the lithium-ion battery packs in electric cars constantly advance at a breakneck pace, repeatedly charging and discharging results in the degrading of EV batteries over time. Geotab did a study on 6000 electric car’s battery...
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    Is leaving Tesla plugged in while not charging really beneficial?

    IMHO, charging every day is a waste of time. As for charging current, lower values result in less heat buildup in the battery and having the charge cycle end just before the wife uses the car in the morning provides automatic preconditioning.
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    Is leaving Tesla plugged in while not charging really beneficial?

    I currently have the charge limit set to 90%, which is the default Tesla value. Available research indicates that 80% would be a better limit, but the wife is opposed to further restrictions on range. She starts to develop range anxiety when getting close to 100 miles (30% of 330 miles), which...
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    Selling VS Trading In - Details

    I had a good experience with Carvana, who was the highest bidder. On the designated day/time, the Carvana guy came to the house and inspected the car. Took a lot of pictures and did a brief test drive. I signed a few papers and handed him the title and he handed me the check for the full bid...
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    Model Y Suspension and Ride Comfort Options

    The cold pressure on our MYLR, as delivered, was exactly 42psi. I lowered the pressure to 40psi and the wife noticed the difference right away. I drove the car later in the day and also found it to be less harsh. Reportedly, Tesla recommends 40psi for more comfort and 45psi for maximum efficiency.
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    Plugging in to charge port difficult sometimes?

    Also find the charging plug to be a tight fit but know that it will loosen up a bit with use. Did apply a light coating of lithium grease on the outside of the plug which seemed to help. For high-current electrical contacts, a tight fit is a good thing.
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    Steering Wheel off center?

    Got our MYLR several weeks ago and, on the drive home, found that the car pulled slightly to the left and the steering wheel was off center slightly to the right. Also found that the horn only worked when pressed on the right side. Scheduled service appointment within the first 100 miles. Tesla...
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    Bad delivery experience

    You made the right decision by refusing delivery. Hoping that you get your next VIN quickly.
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    Model Y Steering Ratio is 10.3, like a sports car.

    I've always preferred the heavier steering feel of Euro cars and the Sport mode in the MYLR gives me that. It makes the quick steering ratio more acceptable.
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    Rimetrix Laminars are here

    They're growing on me. Plus, curb rash can be taken care of with a $35 replacement hubcap.
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    Music USB

    Thanks for the info. Did you encounter any user interface issues?
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    Music USB

    Finally picked up our MYLR MSM/Black on 4/29/22 and have been busy getting everything set up (Personalized settings, WiFi, etc.). Wife wanted the music on the USB flash drive in her Chevy Volt transferred to the Tesla. As I learned recently, the only USB port having data capability is the one in...
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    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    No upgrades. Not sure about rear windows, but I doubt it.

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