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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Can you explain who is trying to kill TSLA I thought we have free market and good things sooner or latter will be on the top. To me market went to high and needed correction.
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    Did i go overboard ...

    I must be terrible car for me is just transportation
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    What’s the dumbest thing you’ve heard about EVs?

    That is going to save me a lot of money
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    Q1 2019 Production numbers - concern?

    According to Blumberg Tesla produced around 225000 Model 3 so far. Still there should be about same number of people that paid deposit but did not get a car yet.
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    Can someone explain ICE vs EV TCO/TOC

    "Tesla to drop fuel savings ad for Model 3: German industry association" Tesla to drop fuel savings ad for Model 3: German industry association
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    Should We Be Concerned?

    What about explaining to regular driver why she/he should buy EV/Tesla. I use to have 2011 Leaf, but in no hurry to get another EV. I guess someone should explain cost and other benefits of EV comparing to plug in hybrid, hybrid and regular ICE. I think Tesla website statement is not really...
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    Past Leaf Drivers Users Group

    I drove my 2011 Leaf for about 8KM, but because my commute was about 35 miles one way, and I was not able to charge at work I bought Civic CNG. I bought Leaf because of technology and efficiency. Can’t complain about Civic it cost me about 2.9c/mile and initial cost was very reasonable. I do...
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    Cancelled my order today...

    What about buying a car when you really need one. I do not care if fed credit is gone. When I need one, and hopefully will be available without deposit or other type of commitment, I will go and test drive, and make my decision. What do you think when this option will be available?
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    Final price on Model 3? ...not concerned

    Considering that 60 kWh base model S is priced @ $68K + $1.2K destination, the real question should be how much you are willing to pay for model 3?
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    Will Donald Trump's denial of scientific fact affect Tesla?

    People always buy what is best for them and what they need, therefore counting on government support and subsidies is not the best way forward. Let the best win.
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    Fatal autopilot crash, NHTSA investigating...

    Enjoy your AP, but pay attention when you using it. It is very fortunate that there is only one victim of this incident. Hopefully there will be no more victims of still not perfect system. IMHO victim still will be alive if he will pay attention to the road, I do not want to be killed or...
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    Suspension Problem on Model S

    I am not Tesla owner, but I would like to know as much as possible about the car, great things, and not so great too. Problem discussed here never happened to me in fact current car have 216KM and never a problem or visit to SC. Wonder how many owners here that drove MS for 150 or 200KM and...
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    Announcement of new Model S June 9th

    for me website show price 67,200
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    So, my car was hit by lightning at the Grove City, OH supercharger...

    Do not worry about FUD, my friend 2010 Ford Escape was completely disabled by close-by lightning strike, so many electronic components damaged by magnetic field.
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    Tesla Mini Store for Market Testing

    When Nissan was doing this in 2010 and 2012 “drive electric tour”, it was such a nice experience to get familiar with new technology and test drive. Nissan also had Leaf giveaway, wonder if Tesla is doing the same?
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    Tesla Mini Store for Market Testing

    I think in 2010 and again in 2012 Nissan did "drive electric tour" it was such a nice experience to get familiar with new technology and test drive http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/news/a2711/nissan-leaf-electric-drive-tour-continues-as-sales-exceed-4000-23715/
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    Tesla Mini Store for Market Testing

    Don't be so pessimistic, It is great to have more choices for transportation, EV is here to stay and will slowly expand, for many still way to expensive, and for many simply not suitable yet.
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    Tesla Mini Store for Market Testing

    Read more: http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/15/05/5533176/chowdhry-teslas-mobile-container-store-is-phenomenal-and#ixzz3atAvI8A3
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    Help me decide what to buy!!

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tesla-Model-S-P85-/171795273633?forcerrptr=true&hash=item27ffcbd7a1&item=171795273633 So hard to sell rebuild, this one sold a week ago, and is for sale again. Same seller have two more rebuild right now on ebay. I love this
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    2013 Tesla Model S85 (Black/Tan), 16K miles - No Longer Available

    Like for everything demand and supply, about a month ago CPO started with 170 inventory cars and now about 200, so their prices are about right or maybe a bit too high. IMO is good thing that prices are going down relatively fast as this create new market for people that previously thought that...
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    2013 Model S 60kWh

    listed on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tesla-Model-S-60-/191583401804?forcerrptr=true&hash=item2c9b42b74c&item=191583401804
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    Consumer Reports' Tesla Model S P85D breaks—before testing begins

    dsm363 - I am very sorry I simply copy title of CR article, and put it as thread title. I am not sure how to change thread title. edit I thought I did change thread title but only managed to change title of my first post to: Consumer Reports' Tesla Model S P85D testing begins how to change...
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    Consumer Reports' Tesla Model S P85D breaks—before testing begins

    Consumer Reports' Tesla Model S P85D testing begins Consumer Reports' Tesla Model S P85D Breaks Before Testing Begins - Consumer Reports
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    Culture shock - driving an ICE again

    What was the time difference for this trip with different cars?
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    inventory vs CPO vs New

    Wonder if it is good idea to consider inventory car from remote location. Pictures listed do not represent actual car. Knowing Tesla service reputation it is hard to believe that they will not recondition the car. As of now I had no success of getting pictures of actual CPO car. This is what I...
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    I will not use TACC because I do not have it, but this whole thing is confusing starting from name Autopilot Convenience Features, but is just TACC, nowhere close to autopilot - system used to control the trajectory of a vehicle without constant 'hands-on' control by a human operator being...
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    If not tested/intended for city/traffic it is so simple to disable it with the speed below 45mph or so, do not confuse give false impression that will work in any situation. I wonder how many Tesla owners read whole manual? Option is also confusing it is sold as Autopilot, but it is not, it is...
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    Please do not use TACC, this is something that is great to have, but better not use it, typical for luxury cars.
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    As demonstrated in 2 videos and other reports it is confusing to Tesla drivers.
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    I still think is confusing based on this Collision Avoidance Demonstration starting at 2:45. I assume this person know what is saying and in his case car stopped in city driving. To me it seems that sometime will work sometimes may not. <font size="2">
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    I am not sure what you call nonsense; that lady was shock that Tesla P85D did not stop as she expected to, and guy commented that the car did not want to stop https://youtu.be/0X2ftEXG7IE , many people die after being rear ended, it is car manufacturers responsibility to assure that cars are...
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    My friend was rear ended and after many years still have spine problem. I am somehow surprised that Tesla did not disable this "expert" level, and not really ready for general public future, as demonstrated in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X2ftEXG7IE . Watching all the pain that my...
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    I think is very easy to notice that difference in bumper height is responsible for damage difference to both cars Tesla bumper is much lower so lot of damage and not much damage to Focus. Nothing special about Tesla "special" design, protection of occupants here.
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    I am completely confused what is this option for, for how long is on the market, and what it should do?
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    Yes it does, you do not need to look very far Tesla Design Studio
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    I just wish all that judging and acquisition will stop, wonder if those judging ever visited "unsupported country".
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    Pony Bike - No Longer Available

    can you provide link or post it here please
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    There is so much pressure to be fist with innovations and not much time to test and test again.
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    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    Congrats on your car, wonder if you ask if factory operates on 3 or 2 shift schedule, looks like they don't do any work on weekends. Is the production level about 2500 cars per week...
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    2013 Model S 60kWh

    back on ebay, looks like not that easy to sell there
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    2014 Tesla Model S 85 grey paint 14k miles $74,000.00 - No Longer Available

    is that really true? On Sale For: $80.55
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    ICE Trip

    MT. Vernon, MO - OKC
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    ICE Trip

    If I charge to 100% at home what speed I have to go to do 260 miles on turnpike minimum speed is 55 mph.
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    ICE Trip

    Very often I do turnpike trip of 260 miles and trip need to be done in max 3.5 h. I wonder if 85 can be used to do this trip, and how long it will take to recharge. There are no superchargers on the way.
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    Real-world comparison of my cost per mile - MS versus ICE

    Civic NG average 45 mpg, quite often 50 mpg, 28000 miles cost of cng $865, cost of oil change $90, nothing else needed so far, cost per mile is $0.034103. Not a luxury car but quite comfortable for my commute.

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