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    Biggest EV Parade in Montreal April 18 2015

    It is too bad that there are only two superchargers at the Montreal dealer. However there's also a supercharger in the store which is usually available to clients on week-ends and the two HPWC next to the superchargers. - - - Updated - - - Only five days left before the big EV parade. They...
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    Biggest EV Parade in Montreal April 18 2015

    Looks like they will be trying for several different records at this event.The first Guinness record is the “largest parade of Nissan cars” which currently stands at 225 (registered in the UK in 2010, various Nissan vehicles) and the second Guinness record is of the largest parade of electric...
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    Biggest EV Parade in Montreal April 18 2015

    The current Guinness record for the most EVs in a parade is 507 so it won't be easy. Only the 100% electrics will count, even the i3 Rex will be excluded. All plugins are welcome and will be counted for the total attendance for the event but only the pure EVs will be counted for the Guinness...
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    CHAdeMO Adapter

    That's interesting, they build them similar to how the Tesla SCs are built. The 100kW unit contains five 20kW modules.
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    As a Leaf owner I love reading these posts. 30 km for me is 20 - 25% of my battery capacity. Below 6%, my DTE goes to "--" and then soon after the battery capacity gauge also goes to "--" (very stupid). I use an android app that allows me to track the battery capacity all the way down to dead...
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    Who prefers a Model 3 station wagon?

    I also hope the Model 3 be available as a station wagon or at least a hatch-back. I own a Leaf and before that a Matrix and a Mazda 5. I don't think I could ever go back to a sedan.
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    From the following thread: From the posting on FB, seems the construction has stopped because the owner of the mall doesn't want to interfere with the busy Christmas shopping season. http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/35458-Supercharger-Drummondville-QC/page2
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Unfortunately, not all Teslas are SC capable.
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    Canadian Pricing and Delivery

    Why would they have to pay the 6.1% import duty? That only applies to cars which aren't manufactured in North-America.
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    Model S Reservation Tally

    My friend and I went to check out the Model S beta when it was in town and he was getting pretty anxious, so he upgraded to the (Canadian) Signature - he got his number today - 132.
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    kWh prices world-wide

    Actually, Quebec has an other option which is called the domestic dual-energy rate. As you can see from above, electricity is pretty cheap in Quebec thus many people heat their homes using electricity only. When temperatures plunge (and it gets pretty cold in Quebec) electricity demand climbs...
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    Tesla Roadsters on CTV News

    Too bad it's only 30A, oh well, I guess that will encourage patrons to spend more time in the restaurant. I'm happy to hear Sun Country Highways intends to install higher power EVSEs, seems like most public J1772 are 30A max.
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    Tesla Roadsters on CTV News

    What type of "EV Charger" is installed at the steakhouse (and what amperage).
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    Options / Pricing gripes for 160 mile version

    I don't know if it was mentioned yet but the ability to use a Tesla Superchargers is only standard on the 85 kWh (aka 300 miles) pack. It is optional on the 60 kWh (aka 230 miles) pack with a price TBD (bottom of the options list). Granted I'm not an electrical engineer but I think I understand...
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    What charge port connector?

    If this is true, why can't the SAE design something better than the monstrosity that is their solution to a combination L2/L3 charge port. In my opinion, the new L2/L3 J1772 is too big and looks horrible.
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    How to design my garage?

    This is exactly what I did when I built my house, I put in a Nema 14-50 plug but used 4 AWG wire which should be good for up to 95A. It was a b---- to get the plug in the box but if I ever want to put in a ClipperCreek CS-90 it will be a cinch.
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    J1772 and Nissan Dealers

    That's the problem with privately owned dealers. They can restrict access to their EVSEs as much as they want. Nissan can "strongly encourage" the dealers to allow free access but can't force them. That's why Tesla owned dealerships make so much sense. They control all aspect of sales and service.
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    Tesla/J1772 adapter available from Tesla's website

    About the Passat... didn't think there would be any interest... I found someone with a VAG-COM (interface between OBDII port and laptop) and the first hint was an error "inconsistent manifold pressure reading" although the engine light wasn't on. While driving we were able to observe the...
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    Tesla/J1772 adapter available from Tesla's website

    I've been reading this thread with quite a bit of amusement. I understand the frustration very well but at least the problem was identified and resolved. I once purchased a used (just out of warranty) VW Passat TDI from an Audi dealership. It would experience a drop in performance when going up...
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    Where's the charging port?

    Your right, my bad. Franz clearly stated where the port will be so that should be the end of this thread, although we still don't know WHAT it will look like. I'm curious to know how they can make it look different than a traditional fuel door. To me, being at "the rear of the car" isn't ideal...
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    Where's the charging port?

    Surprised this hasn't been posted here yet: from:http://www.teslamotors.com/blog/model-s-designing-perfect-endurance-athlete
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    Fisker Karma

    Have they delivered any cars yet? They started production at the end of March and cars were supposed to be delivered to dealers some time in April but here we are May 17th and I haven't heard about any cars being delivered...
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    Roadster Conversion to J1772 Charging

    :confused: I know this is what was expected but I still think it's a very bad idea. And $750!!!! That's the price of a (30A) J1772 EVSE! This looks like a home made adapter not something offered by a reputable manufacturer. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Yes people will buy it since there is no other...
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    The End of Public HPCs

    Fully agree with Tom, Tesla has been building cars with an expensive proprietary plug when it was clear it would be quickly replaced with the J1772 plug. To me this is Tesla's BIGGEST mistake. And if their solution does end-up being an adapter cable that leaves the J1772 plug sitting on the...
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    Tell Tesla Motors...

    Transition to J1772 ASAP! With many public HPCs now being converted to the official standard (J1772) it makes no sense that Tesla still hasn't adopted it. The proposed adapter cable is NOT the right solution. All Tesla's should now be built with a J1772 plug and they should be offering retrofits...
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    Miles/charge time?

    What about 30A RV plugs (30A @ 120v - TT30R)? If I remember correctly the roadster can only draw 15A @ 120V. I wonder if it is because that is the maximum it can draw at 120v or is it only limited by the UMC. 30A (120v) plugs are quite common in parks and it would a waste to only pull 15A...
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    Inside Model S Alpha Workshop

    Yeah, just look at the Leaf...
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    Fisker Karma

    No, many modern engines cut the fuel going to the engine when coasting. My TDI does this so when I'm slowing to a stop, killing the ignition makes absolutely no difference. As for lubrication, most oil pumps are mechanically linked to the crankshaft so as long as the engine is turning, so does...
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    Fisker Karma

    No, I think what they mean is that the electricity generated (in regen mode with full batteries) is sent to the generator attached to the engine. The generator is thus now running like an electric motor turning over the engine. No fuel is being consumed but since the throttle is closed, it acts...
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    J1772 Charging for the Tesla Roadster

    I forgot about that. Well there you go, there really is no reason for Tesla not to transition to J1772. Maybe they have thousands of their proprietairy plug they want to get rid of? Enven so, I still think they should move to J1772 - yesterday!
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    J1772 Charging for the Tesla Roadster

    You are correct, I should have said for N/A Roadsters. If the standard in Europe becomes Menneke, then that's what they should adopt there (even if they only use one phase).
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    J1772 Charging for the Tesla Roadster

    OK, am I the only one that thinks this adapter cable is a really dumb idea? As soon as J1772 plugs became available, Tesla should have started transitioning the Roadsters to it and began offering to retrofit current vehicles. They should have also started retrofitting all public HPCs (or made...
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    Nissan Leaf

    Isn't it about time the title of this tread be changed to "Nissan Leaf" since it is now in production?
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    VW "Bulli" Microbus

    I guess beauty is the eye of the beholder.... cause I think it looks good.
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    Have you reserved your Model S or do you plan on it?

    Funny, Tesla already has more reservations than Fisker.
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    Dedicated FUD attack at ABG

    Well the ABG article itself puts a negative spin on the issue and the questions raised could be easily answered with a little research. Nissan was delivering as many Leafs to their local market before the subsides end. (which have supposedly been renewed)
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    Clean energy incentive for EVs in Japan is back!

    Interesting, I wonder if this will cause demand for the Leaf in Japan to remain strong and therefore continue to limit supply to the US.
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    Carbon fiber for your Tesla!

    Says here the incentives finish end of March, not end of February, have they moved up the end date? http://mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/business/news/20110208p2g00m0bu020000c.html
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    Million EVs by 2015... What's an EV?

    Correct however I did read somewhere GM state that the engine will run after x amount of months of non use to burn the gas before it becomes bad.
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    Million EVs by 2015... What's an EV?

    The Leaf does have some regen when you let off the accelerator pedal although it is very light (similar to ICE car). You can increase the regen by selecting the ECO mode although it still isn't as aggressive as the Roadster. The MAX regen engages with the brake pedal. I wonder if Fisker will...
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    EV Incentives

    You're right, I just checked my wire and it is labeled 300v - 90C, which means I'm good for 95A. Cool. To get back on topic. In Canada, as far as I know, only two provinces offer any incentives. Ontario: $8,500 rebate at purchase, I believe Tesla applies for it for you Quebec: $8,000 tax credit...
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    Your Model S Sequence

    Finally convinced my friend in putting his deposit in today. He got sequence number 140 (Canada).
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    EV Incentives

    #6 copper wire is good to 75 amps only if the insulation is rated @ 90C (194F). I'm not an expert in wiring so I don't know if this is common but personally, I went with #4 wire, rated to 70A with 60C insulation. Don't forget that you can only pull 80% of this. You can find the AWG wire sizes...
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    Charging Station standards

    The AV unit uses a Yazaki J1772 connector which only passed the UL certification at 30A. The ITT J1772 connector can in fact deliver higher currents. I think this is the connector used by Clipper Creek in their EVSE...
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    Norway number 2 for Model S sales after USA

    Canada must not be all that far off, the last post on the "Your Model S Sequence" thread had a sequence number of p119. http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/2945-Your-Model-S-Sequence/page30
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    Wall Street Journal

    100 kW is approximately 133HP, about what is expected in a Focus.
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    VolksWagen XL1

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    VolksWagen XL1

    They should stop wasting their time and simply remove the ICE. It'd be soooo much simpler with only an electric drive.
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    Roadster Conversion to J1772 Charging

    Not to pick nits but the Leaf does actually charge at 16A. (208/16A=3.3 kw) On the mynissanleaf forum, someone measured the current draw at close to 3.8 kw on 240v. http://www.mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=2284&hilit=110+240

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