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  1. josher32

    Supercharger - Portland, OR

    I believe there is a permit for one at the Target across street.
  2. josher32

    When is strike reset?

    Yep got mine back today too. Didn’t show up initially but did after I did a 2 wheel scroll wheel reset.
  3. josher32

    When is strike reset?

    Probably won’t reset until major release like v11. I’m waiting too for strike reset. 3 of my 5 were not my fault and due to system error.
  4. josher32

    Wiki Model X Reset Techniques

    A good reason to look at after market Waurantees. Sorry you’ve had so many OOP expenses
  5. josher32

    Update on AP Camera Update for Older S/X Vehicles

    I got the camera update invite 2 wks ago in my 2016 model X. After getting the cameras updated had to get them calibrated by driving 30-40 miles. Later that night got the FSD beta(safety score has been 100). It’s been a frustrating long wait but the beta is pretty neat and worth the wait! Do...
  6. josher32

    Any of you have 100/99 scores still not get any FSD till today?

    My 2018 model 3 w score 99 got it but 2016 model X w 100 score did not. Assuming 2016 needs new cameras like Elon mentioned
  7. josher32

    Glare + Streaking after new wipers + windshield. Any ideas?

    What type of glass polish and sealant do you use?
  8. josher32

    Damn, dead in garage...

    Have had to change out Model X battery twice in the last 4 yrs. have heard of others needing to change these even after a year. If you have many electronics plugged in that could contribute.
  9. josher32

    Damn, dead in garage...

    Other option if you have a battery jumper is jump the cord in the bumper to open Frunk and then jump the 12 V. I was able to get this to work when my 12 V died and it allowed me to at least drive it to SC.
  10. josher32

    What is "private beta" vs "public beta" vs "wide EAP" vs "early access" vs "wide release"

    Great question but I believe what is currently out is the private beta and public beta to EAP for EAP who opt in is coming. I suppose though we also could be seeing the public beta given that these folks were allowed to show the public the beta version. Hard to say and would be nice to hear...
  11. josher32

    Do you regret paying for Full Self Driving?

    for the past 6 months stop sign and traffic light functionality has been apart of FSD but not EAP
  12. josher32

    Fallout Shelter - Awaiting Update...

    They sent me update again and it works fine now.
  13. josher32

    Fallout Shelter - Awaiting Update...

    Same thing happened to my Model X updating to 32.3 today. Tried restarting and shutting down to no avail.
  14. josher32


    I think it was just unknown bug fixes and an update for those with Sirius FM. this talks more about it. https://dapplife.com/
  15. josher32

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Just had my Infotainment update last week here in Portland. Got delayed about 3 weeks for parts to come in. Most definitely worth it IMO. Have a Dec 2016 Model X and the performance increases with browser, added games, being able to watch YouTube, and most importantly getting to finally see...
  16. josher32

    Supercharger - Hillsboro, OR

    Was over there for something else and wanted to see where it planned to be. Good to hear also that Vancouver and as of this week Longview-Kelso both have V3 SCs.
  17. josher32

    New Oregon Superchargers (2018)

    construction hasn’t begun but permits are in. Supercharger - Hillsboro, OR Google Maps
  18. josher32

    Supercharger - Hillsboro, OR

    Went by and checked if any construction had begun yesterday and still nothing started.
  19. josher32

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    I think he is assuming you have option for Traffic Lights turned off. I can verify if you turn this off it lets you go 5 over speed limit on undivided highways. With traffic lights/stop signs on it won’t go above speed limit.
  20. josher32

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    I think this was included for the early folks with enhanced autopilot but not the recent folks with included autopilot. You do have to have Hardware 3 autopilot I would assume though.
  21. josher32

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    Also limits it to speed limit for TACC too.
  22. josher32

    Charging stops after 5-10min

    I’d call Tesla emergency roadside service or just drive car back to service center sounds like there is a problem with your charging system.
  23. josher32

    Supercharger - Vancouver, WA - NE Vancouver Mall Drive

    Couple of additional pics I took on Saturday.
  24. josher32

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    I think you have to turn the visualizations on inside the autopilot settings.
  25. josher32

    Cybertruck and superchargers

    Just checked. The width for Ford F150 is 79.9 in, Model X is 78.9 in so not that much difference in width.
  26. josher32

    Found Wireless Adapater/game Controller Combination For Tesla Arcade Atari Games

    You may have a defective Mayflash adapter like I did. As mentioned above make sure flashing light is green and then turns solid. I had same behavior as you did and returned my adapter and got another (actually now own 2) which works perfect. I think this company may have some quality control issues.
  27. josher32

    Spotify and Hulu included in 2019.32.10

    Wonderful! Thanks so much!
  28. josher32

    Spotify and Hulu included in 2019.32.10

    Anyway you could try YoutubeTV?
  29. josher32

    Found Wireless Adapater/game Controller Combination For Tesla Arcade Atari Games

    So it was the adapter. I got a new adapter and it works perfect. Thanks for all your help here. Interestingly the defective adapter works fine on the computer w Beach buggy but just doesn’t work in the car.
  30. josher32

    Found Wireless Adapater/game Controller Combination For Tesla Arcade Atari Games

    Yes I did all these things and even repeated them once to make sure. Maybe I got a faulty unit. Going to try returning both and buying two new ones to see if that fixes my issues.
  31. josher32

    Found Wireless Adapater/game Controller Combination For Tesla Arcade Atari Games

    I tried the adapter and game controller mentioned at beginning of this thread. While it initially works - I can move up and down on the character selection. By the time the game actually loads it doesn’t seem to control the movement of the buggy at all. I don’t think I lost line of site with...
  32. josher32

    Should I buy the "full self driving option"?

    In my experience w NOA in setting of heavy traffic it doesn’t move to right lane unless there is a substantial gap in the right lane which is rare in 5 mph bumper to bumper traffic.
  33. josher32

    Auto-Lane Change unavailable in 2019.16.3.2 a19d0e4

    Your attachment didn't come through
  34. josher32

    Vendor DIY Xpel ultimate plus or stealth precut kits

    Can I get a quote for entire front end and hood of both Model 3 and model x
  35. josher32

    Web browser showing WebRTC video

    Yup still working for me. Try this one: File:Volcano Lava Sample.webm - Wikipedia
  36. josher32

    Web browser showing WebRTC video

    Or this one works well using phone for audio: WebRTC Screen Sharing | Plugin-free
  37. josher32

    Web browser showing WebRTC video

    The browser will let you play Webm Video files but unfortunately without audio.
  38. josher32

    AP just sent me under a truck

    [email protected] I’ve sent several comments to them.
  39. josher32

    Web browser showing WebRTC video

    Can you please tell us what website you are using this on?
  40. josher32

    Supercharger - Woodburn, OR

    Are you MCU1 or 2 car?
  41. josher32

    Tire shop recommendations ?

    If you buy the exact same tires as Tesla uses on Tire rack tesla will install then fit $125. Just did this on my X just ask SC to make sure you get correct tires.
  42. josher32

    Garbage Text Characters on MCU Display - Fix??

    Yup have this issue too. Service center acknowledged but said no fix yet.
  43. josher32

    remote USB key - sentry mode and dashcam

    Here is the video.
  44. josher32

    remote USB key - sentry mode and dashcam

    I1tesla recently showed that a thief could get access to the glovebox even while in Sentry mode so I’m not sure I’d put it in there.
  45. josher32

    Max speed JUMPS!! in cruise control

    I have the opposite problem... I want it to speed up to my set speed above speed limit and not start at speed I’m driving and making me pull autopilot stock to increase to this setting.
  46. josher32

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    You have me confused. We were discussing the newest feature added on 48.12.1 where you can turn on heat seaters remotely though app— not in vehicle. I’m not seeing any cold weather menu in my app on the iPhone.
  47. josher32

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    You cannot as you must have climate on to heat seats. You can set the temp to current temp so that it doesn’t waste much energy through fans though.
  48. josher32

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    AP 2.0 Model X. Got romance mode and fart but no Pole position or USB support. So disappointing.
  49. josher32

    Would you still buy an X?

    Having owned an S, an X and now the 3 my favorite is by far our 2016 Model X!! We love the huge front window and falcon wing doors! Wouldn’t trade for any other !!!!
  50. josher32

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    Took a few screen shots of 48.1. Noticed the border to alert you if you haven’t put hands on wheels for a period of time is now white instead of blue and not as noticeable. Also noticed NOA tells you to move to right if it detects a vehicle behind you instead or staying in left lane. Very nice...

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