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    Cost to Replace Charge Port Door

    Mine was replace by mobile service in well under an hour. Not a difficult replacement.
  2. L

    Parking at SeaTac airport

    Thanks for the update. I'm in Port Townsend, so paying for a shuttle is way more expensive than driving and parking. I'll check out Masterpark.
  3. L

    Parking at SeaTac airport

    According to the Seatac website for parking there are now 36 outlets on level 5 and 12 on one other level. They are marked for EV use only. Has anyone had any recent experience with these? Do they tend to be filled up? I am going to be gone for 9 days, so a 120 outlet would be perfect.
  4. L

    Pressing button on mobile charger doesn’t open charge door

    I had the same problem. Also would not open by pressing on the center console display. Mobile service replaced the inside cover assembly where a plastic gear had worn down. Electrically everything was working, but mechanically it just wasn't connected anymore.
  5. L

    Wipers randomly turn on

    I have found the errant wipes happen when driving in and out of shade on a sunny day, like on a tree lined road. Happens on mine almost all the time. Can't use FSD beta unless I am willing to put up with wipers constantly running on a dry windshield.
  6. L

    How many [lifetime] miles do you have?

    Not enough miles. 43k on a September 2018 delivery. Been all the way across the country twice. Too many superchargers to keep track of.
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    Jeda charging pad for model 3 doesn't work

    I've had the same experience. Jeda pad worked for a little while, then died. Never could get any satisfactory response from them. Bought a Tapes a couple of years ago and it has worked flawlessly since.
  8. L

    Colorado Overlook Road in Canyonlands National Park

    You can always start down the road and turn around when you run into something you don't want to attempt. Be prepared for a long day since speeds will be slow.
  9. L

    Colorado Overlook Road in Canyonlands National Park

    The view in Apple Maps is not even close to showing the reality. The scale is enormous and you don't realize how big the obstacles can be until you are down there. For our mountain biking trip the support vehicle was a jacked up 4x4 and there are a couple of spots that it required a very skilled...
  10. L

    Colorado Overlook Road in Canyonlands National Park

    I have ridden those roads on a mountain bike. I would never attempt it in an X. Not nearly enough ground clearance for many spots.
  11. L

    Ohmmu 12V Battery Feedback

    Wish I could be a beta tester. When I complained about the issue the support person asked if I received a beta invite. I let him know that I didn't, and then he just let me know I'll have to wait until they have a final solution. It was like he let me know about the beta test just to then let me...
  12. L

    Help me finalize color choice! Blue vs White vs Red

    I'm partial to red with a white interior. It travels well.
  13. L

    What is the Status of the Supercharger in Aberdeen Washington? It no longer shows up on the map!

    Just checked the map and it is still there. I used it a couple of weeks ago and everything was good.
  14. L

    Creaking from Console

    On the back of the side panel (the missing panel in your second picture) around the edges. It will then press back on really tight and stop vibration. You will have to press really hard to get the clips to go in due to the increased thickness.
  15. L

    Creaking from Console

    Pretty common. When my M3 was new mobile service removed the side panel and applied foam Insulation tape along the edge to create a pressure fit when it was put back on. Eliminated the creaking noise. Later the same issue came up on the other side. I just bought some foam tape at Home Depot to...
  16. L

    Not getting any software updates??

    May be worth a try. I was stuck on 2021.32.22 since mid-September. Opted out of FSD this morning and had a notice to update to 2021.44.6 within 15 minutes. Not sure if I'll opt back in to FSD. Had safety score of 99 or 100 for the past month and nothing updated.
  17. L

    Stuck in 2021.32.22?

    Was stuck on 2021.32.22 since mid-September. Opted out of FSD queue this morning and within 15 minutes had the notice that 2021.44.6 is available. Installing now. Not sure if I'll go back into the FSD queue at this point since it's not apparent what it takes to actually get the software. I've...
  18. L

    FSD Beta Button....Now No Updates

    In the same boat. Same version. 99 safety score. Over 8,000 miles since safety scoring started, so not sure what the real rules are for getting FSD beta.
  19. L

    Not getting any software updates??

    I'm even older. 2021.32.22. No updates for three months now. Longest I've ever gone by quite a margin.
  20. L

    Anyone carry an emergency 12V tire compressor to allow to drive to a garage station to get a flat repaired.

    I bought the same one. It's the ResQ Pro+. One of the better ones, and out of stock almost everywhere right now. The Griots one is much lower price than any place else you can find it.
  21. L

    Clipper Creek charger at a Tru hotel

    Sounds like a problem with their Clipper Creek. I had a Clipper Creek unit in my last house and it worked flawlessly every time. I have also never had any issue using other brand chargers in public with my Model 3.
  22. L

    Washington SB 5444 - to impose a mileage tax on owners of electric and hybrid vehicles

    Self reporting could potentially work. If people under report, they will have to make up the difference when they sell the vehicle. At that point mileage is always recorded for the title transfer. Most people would report actual annually to avoid the big bill down the road.
  23. L

    For folks with 2 Gateways, do things cross charge?

    I will when I have the final plans done. The Powerwall is coming much later, so the initial plan will only show the solar part. Powerwall is dependent on Tesla getting them out to installers again, and right now it looks like at least May. If I was betting, I would guess more like September or...
  24. L

    For folks with 2 Gateways, do things cross charge?

    I am probably not being very clear in my description of what my installer is designing. It is what you are describing. In the final stages now, but install won't start until the last week of February.
  25. L

    What to look for in new battery install?

    We are not starting from new. Just lucky that our systems are set up in a way that makes it easy to reconfigure. Panels are set adjacent with about 3" between them. There is a pass through at both the top and bottom and nothing routed through yet, so plenty of room to pull wiring as the circuit...
  26. L

    For folks with 2 Gateways, do things cross charge?

    I was headed down the road of two gateways and separating the solar systems for the same reason as you (two 200A panels). Instead we are going to reconfigure circuits to place all the most needed backup circuits on one panel, and everything else on the other. The entire system will feed into the...
  27. L

    What to look for in new battery install?

    Thanks for the extra details. Spent a couple of hours this morning with the project manager working on design. Looks like in our case we are going to rearrange loads to an always backed up panel, and a manually backed up panel. I'll have things like the shop 240V circuits, second water heater...
  28. L

    What to look for in new battery install?

    Any updates on your project? Asking since I am looking at a similar system. Currently considering 44 330W panels with tow SolarEdge inverters. Have two 200A panels and want to backup both. Probably just 4 PW's for me.
  29. L

    Powerwall availability for Third Party Installers

    Just starting the process and all three companies bidding on my project say at least May to get Powerwalls.
  30. L

    FM radio - is yours working?

    I also updated from 2020.48.26. Didn't do anything special. Just started working again.
  31. L

    FM radio - is yours working?

    Had the same problem and it was resolved with 2020.48.30 for me.
  32. L

    Why are SC distances in the app so inaccurate, sometimes?

    In the list it is giving straight line distances. As soon as you select a supercharger for nav it will show the correct distance based on the route required.
  33. L

    4,697 new VINs in the last 3 days?? Can only be promising!

    They're not quite common yet, but there are 3 in our parking lot at work now in Utah. That's just two office buildings.

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