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  1. theoceanwaves

    Yankee moving to UK and wants to home charge

    hi congrats on your move to the UK! the model X will come with a UMC which you can plug into your household 3 pin plug it will take a long time to charge the car up. I would suggest you get a dedicated wall charger and the brands I would recommend are pod point, zappi by myenergu (solar) and...
  2. theoceanwaves

    White interiors back :)

    They giveth and they taketh
  3. theoceanwaves

    White interiors back :)

    You couldn’t make this up!
  4. theoceanwaves

    Tesla's Future

    I just clicked on the profile and where you see 750 posts click that its a link
  5. theoceanwaves

    Tesla's Future

    here you go https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/search/8839960/
  6. theoceanwaves

    Tesla's Future

    clearly trolling or a keyboard warrior!
  7. theoceanwaves

    UK Model 3 order page open!

    whoever is in charge with internal communications and price adjustments needs to be sacked ASAP
  8. theoceanwaves

    Tesla's Future

    @GreenT instead of disagreeing with all the posts why not actually write somethings we can understand your viewpoint?
  9. theoceanwaves

    UK Model 3 order page open!

    I believe for customers who order performance and black seats they have offered a reduction in price to match current pricing, not sure if they will do this for white seats as the option doesn’t exist any longer
  10. theoceanwaves

    UK Model 3 order page open!

    so you get a great saving on the performance model but have to pay £1k extra for FSD, that's not a bad deal
  11. theoceanwaves

    UK Model 3 order page open!

    Best to email [email protected] and explain the situation or speak to someone in amsterdam, local stores don't seem to have any idea what's going on
  12. theoceanwaves

    UK Model 3 order page open!

    I did read somewhere that they are getting in touch with existing orders for performance and offering the reduction in price, not 100% though
  13. theoceanwaves

    Tesla's Future

    don't compromise!
  14. theoceanwaves

    Tesla's Future

    They are fake news and news generated to help them benefit financially, I feel dirty but here is the link TSLA Analysis & News - Tesla, Inc. | Seeking Alpha
  15. theoceanwaves

    Energy Savings Trust loan for Model 3

    If you've already placed the order for the LR AWD they will fulfil it, going forward it won't be an option that's available.
  16. theoceanwaves

    Tesla's Future

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. please please don't read and believe anything from seeking alpha website regarding Tesla they are just a bunch of shorters
  17. theoceanwaves

    Tesla's Future

    can you see any changes when you login to www.tesla.com ? you should see a VIN there
  18. theoceanwaves

    Tesla's Future

    This absolutely what it is, the news is filled with fake news from stock market shorters who want to buy the stock at a super low price and then pump it back up again to benefit from the difference. Tesla is going to be around for a very long time. Ignore the haters! If you want white seats the...
  19. theoceanwaves

    SR with FSD v LR without

    Im confused with the post. There is no LR to order since last Friday. Only SR+ and performance available in the UK
  20. theoceanwaves

    Am I being ripped off?

    Would be definitely worth calling them and checking tomorrow! Perhaps the grant is not for businesses and for the public buying direct
  21. theoceanwaves

    Trade in model s for P3?

    curious what year and spec is the model S? facelift or classic?
  22. theoceanwaves

    Inventory discount on 75d worth it?

    I would get the upgraded model
  23. theoceanwaves

    Ireland Order Page Now Open

    This is good news though just saw Elon’s text and now available to order in Australia , New Zealand , Ireland , Japan
  24. theoceanwaves

    Model x 100D. Rang

    Hi! Firstly there are 2 tesla Superchargers in Dubai and a number of others planned around Abu Dhabi and new destinations, do you drive past any of the locations where you can charge the car ? Is 155 miles a round trip (going there and back) or only single journey ? The AC will run fine in those...
  25. theoceanwaves

    Delivery fee question

    should be all on the final invoice
  26. theoceanwaves

    Do Tesla offer PCP on used cars?

    Hi Dave, Tesla should start offering PCP on the M3 really soon and was told this week, here's hoping! I don't believe they offer it on used Teslas. Model 3 will have the newer tech for autopilot hardware and generally a more efficient, nimble and better drive than the S due to the form factor...
  27. theoceanwaves

    How to verify free Supercharging?

    The only real way to check is for the dealer to send you a screenshot of the tesla login page which shows you the supercharging status. if they were 2017 builds in general they will come with unlimited supercharging anyway.
  28. theoceanwaves

    Free Supercharging on all Inventory MS.

    Something new must be on the horizon just need to shift inventory
  29. theoceanwaves

    UK Model 3 order page open!

    it will take some time to understand how they will integrate the super capacitors into the batteries....wouldn't bother cancelling
  30. theoceanwaves

    When to order a new Model X

    but then you might just wait another 6 months for another new feature to be introduced, which might or might not happen! Have dropped you a PM if you want to chat.
  31. theoceanwaves

    PCP Deals in the UK

    I think PCP will go live very soon in the UK, it will be provided by Blackhorse and another company
  32. theoceanwaves

    When to order a new Model X

    I would say jump on it now, it’s a good time and the prices are right. I don’t think the interior refresh will happen anytime soon, too many other products in development
  33. theoceanwaves

    Model 3 business lease

    Yes they should be really soon along with PCP...
  34. theoceanwaves

    What does a referral code do for the buyer and the person providing the referral code?

    you should get the 1000 miles free supercharging in that case
  35. theoceanwaves

    Model 3 UK Price Increased Retroactively on 1 May Order?

    I think and hope it’s a glitch
  36. theoceanwaves

    Exclusively supercharging question

    Us certainly use the mild as needs to be within 6 months. You example of charging is a good one who will tweak it when the car arrives and once you know your requirements
  37. theoceanwaves

    Refreshed motors / suspension

    I believe changes started about a week ago
  38. theoceanwaves

    Monetary value of the MS/X refresh

    That's a cracking deal...I personally would jump on that! do you need the 10% extra range, the current air suspension is good anyway?
  39. theoceanwaves

    Home-charge tariffs (UK)

    Have you done a price comparison using bulb? also you can get £50 off using my referral link Bulb - Get a quote
  40. theoceanwaves

    Monetary value of the MS/X refresh

    That inventory vehicle is super value I paid £78k for a 90D in 2016 with not many options.
  41. theoceanwaves

    Is Tesla Still Looking After its Existing Customers?

    I feel looked after in some respect that my 2016 model S is still getting updates making the car feel fresher, the newer cars can be unlocked more which is nice. The M3 seems more nimble than the S and that is why I feel existing S and X customers and moving to 3, until of course a refresh comes...
  42. theoceanwaves

    Referrals for Model 3 in a mess

    since you ordered on 1st may you should be fine and they will get that added for you. I have heard that any orders after the 1st will have to be cancelled and re-ordered should you want the referral of 5,000 free supercharging miles.
  43. theoceanwaves


    has happened to me sometimes as the sun is setting and the low light shining on the AP camera, happens at a top of a hill where the AP camera can't see what is next
  44. theoceanwaves

    Do/ when will we get NoA in the UK?

    sorry what is NOA? ok figured it out navigate on autopilot. NOA is due to come to all new model S and X too maybe they are getting ready to roll this out with a software update.
  45. theoceanwaves

    Standar Range Plus or Long Range

    Tesla have some key advantages that will keep depreciation down compared to other brands: - ability for the car to get better through over the air software updates - in house hardware years ahead of competition - low number of options keeping prices down, just look at a Jaguar I pace, bmw i3...
  46. theoceanwaves

    Standar Range Plus or Long Range

    exactly with the supercharger network travelling long distance become easy. Maybe you can have a look at www.abetterrouteplanner.com and map out your longest journeys
  47. theoceanwaves

    Referrals for Model 3 in a mess

    You can share your own unique referral code found in your my tesla account or in the iPhone app. each time you share it and someone orders you get another 5000 miles free supercharging added to your account .. your code will be "your first name + some numbers"
  48. theoceanwaves

    Standar Range Plus or Long Range

    If you don’t need the range the SR+ is the best option! It’s plenty quick has a decent interior and I would hope premium connectivity will be a pay as you go option added in the future, can be changed through a software update and added SIM card. The only think I will say you might miss if the...

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