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  1. dakine1

    2016 Model X P90DL

    giving that up for a model 3? WOW
  2. dakine1

    Software Update 2018.24 baf6ebc

    Just got it
  3. dakine1

    App Connection down?

    Just talked to them, servers are currently down and being worked on....
  4. dakine1

    App Connection down?

    My app is down also, tried logging out now can't log back in. Also streaming music not working for me? Wth hope they fix soon taking a road trip to disneyland tommorow :(
  5. dakine1

    Trade 21 for 19

    Where are you located? I have 19" powdercoated...
  6. dakine1

    Blackvue DR750S Dashcam on Massdrop - $275 Shipped!

    Can this be installed at home or do I need to have it professionally installed? Anyone have a guide on what needs to be done for a clean install?
  7. dakine1

    Tablet Holder options?

    Having a hard time finding a tablet (ipad mini) holder for the rear of passenger seat for my kiddo in the back. Any suggestions?
  8. dakine1

    (WTB) OEM All weather mats

    Looking for a full set of Model S All-Weather mats. Anybody selling?
  9. dakine1

    Extremely delayed app updates for the past 2 weeks....

    Same. Opened a ticket with tech support
  10. dakine1

    Massive data uploads since 2017.34 2448cfc

  11. dakine1

    2017.34 2448cfc FINALLY UPDATE MAPS!

  12. dakine1

    Looks like an update was sent to me but it's not available?

    Nevermind just showed up, this can be deleted.
  13. dakine1

    Looks like an update was sent to me but it's not available?

    Looks like my car downloaded an update today but it's not notifying me of one? Anyone know why?
  14. dakine1

    Tesla Model S for Kids

    Ha! Same here :)
  15. dakine1

    Homelink issue

    same here
  16. dakine1

    Got my ride de-chromed.

    The mirrors are vinyl as well and I can fold the them still, was don't at a shop in Tempe, AZ call the The Wrap Room...the tempe tesla SC is referring people here they are so good.
  17. dakine1

    Got my ride de-chromed.

    1300 out the door for everything
  18. dakine1

    After the M3 Reveal, Who Regrets Their Recent Model S Purchase?

    None what so ever. Ask a MB CLS owner if they regret not buying a CLA or a 7 series owner over a 3 series. It's not in the same league and neither is a M3.
  19. dakine1

    Got my ride de-chromed.

    It's all vinyl except for the rear trim and front emblem which needed to be dipped. Wheels are powdercoat
  20. dakine1

    Homelink intermittent

    +1 same issue. Works flawlessly on my wife's audi :(
  21. dakine1

    Got my ride de-chromed.

  22. dakine1

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Would love to see the review that says this. It's simply not true.
  23. dakine1

    Custom Bottles

    ill take a black...
  24. dakine1

    Got my ride blacked out today :)

    They should really offer a chrome delete package. This mug looks mean now
  25. dakine1

    FS: Tesla OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    BUMP: Price Drop = $400
  26. dakine1

    Connecting an Amazon Echo Dot to my Model S

    Wait a second! I'm a HUGE Stern fan and don't have sirius in my MS. I've been streaming from the app. How does Alexa pull HS stream and from where?
  27. dakine1

    Connecting an Amazon Echo Dot to my Model S

    Not sure I understand the point of this? I can say "hey Siri" and do the same thing with my phone. What's the point....?
  28. dakine1

    New 0-60 Times caused by new drive unit it seems...

    And the 100s are getting the same NEW DU hence the close 0-60
  29. dakine1

    New 0-60 Times caused by new drive unit it seems...

    no. DV4W is AWD
  30. dakine1

    New 0-60 Times caused by new drive unit it seems...

    I believe that DU01 is the new DU for P models...
  31. dakine1

    New 0-60 Times caused by new drive unit it seems...

    If your VIN is around 202-203 you should be good.
  32. dakine1

    New 0-60 Times caused by new drive unit it seems...

    This new Drive unit option is only showing up newer cars listed in the last few days. Compared it against mine and it does not have it. In fact they only have 1-2 of these available in inventory. This seems to be what will cause the speed increase. Now how can I break my DU and get the new one...
  33. Tesla


  34. dakine1

    Stuck on 17.17.4 - any tricks to force an update?

    Ha I was told the opposite. Called tesla and they reffered me to SC who then called me and said they pushed it lol
  35. dakine1

    17.24.28 am I crazy?

    It's hard to explain but my eq is the same now that it was before the update. But I had to move it to get it going if you know what I mean...it was very strange. I thought maybe the eq reset it self but my settings were retained.
  36. dakine1

    17.24.28 am I crazy?

    No I have the standard audio system.
  37. dakine1

    17.24.28 am I crazy?

    I don't understand why when I first drove it after the audio was mono until I adjusted. Something there had to have been updated I believe. I'll try and call the SC and get an answer....
  38. dakine1

    17.24.28 am I crazy?

    Or does the audio system sound way better? When I first drove the car after the update the sound system sounded like it was on mono it was awful. So I went in the eq and moved 1 bar and boom and system kicked in and I belive it sounds way better than before! Anyone else seeing this?
  39. dakine1

    17.24.28 released - improved 'silky' update from 17.22.46?

    Can confirm 17.22.46 sucks. I called and demanded to be updated to 17.24.28 My AP2 is almost unusable right now....
  40. dakine1

    Tesla Referral Program

    Carful Tesla is banning people for posting codes...
  41. dakine1

    Powdercoating Slipstreams...

    Has anyone here done it? Would love to see how they turned out if so.....Supposed ti get mine done next week as I really want the color of the grey turbines but want to maintain my smooth ride
  42. dakine1

    What do you guys think? Rear CF just finished....

    Did it myself so be kind.... before/after Courtesy of RPM
  43. dakine1

    Anyone know how to remove this scratch?

    Just got back from getting it washed, and I'm not sure if they did it or not. (Most likely they did) Was thinking of wrapping them anyways....
  44. dakine1

    FS: Tesla OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    This is an ORIGINAL Tesla carbon fiber spoiler from a 2013 Model S. Has some small areas of clear coat that is peeling. You can get this re-cleared to look like new, there is no chips or scratches that I can see. Also, will need to remove the old 3M tape and reapply new tape. era easy to do and...
  45. dakine1

    Spoiler fix?

    sand the entire spoiler or just the blemishes? When are you getting yours done?
  46. dakine1

    Spoiler fix?

    Anyone know how to fix this?
  47. dakine1

    Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    so whats the consensus here. whats the best quality one you can buy besides OEM?
  48. dakine1

    Advice: 2015 Model S 70D 20K Miles

    Keep an eye on Tesla CPO's, if you're patient you'll find a better deal that includes a warranty.

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