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    Trade In M3 with FSD Beta for Model S FSD

    Factory reset caused me to lose navigate on autopilot and I had EAP and up graded it to the FSD package. I have to wait for them to push those features to my car again.
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    Ordered an X but don’t know which car to trade in (S or 3)

    If I were you, I'd trade the S in. Car is out of warranty and the battery will be out of warranty soon.
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    Model X flat tire story true?

    Have you considered getting a tow hitch mount that can hold your spare to free up the room? Some can pivot out of the way of the rear trunk .
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    Constant beep from voice activated control

    Sounds like the button is broken. I don't think you can get that fixed without a SC or mobile service appointment. Did it just start out of the blue? Or was it after you used it and it hasn't shut up since? Can you stop it by prying the button up just a tad?
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    EAP vs FSD

    How much are they charging EAP owners now that they price has gone up? Are they still selling for 3k? Is it 4k or has it been pushed all the way to 7k?
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    EAP taken away without notice.

    Before the trial, could you do summon? When you looked at your account online, did it ever say Purchase FSD 3000? If so, I think you should open a ticket and see what they say. If not, then you likely never had it and the email was a mistake.
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    Ludicrous+ Doesn't Seem To Work!

    Sorry Man, That sucks.
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    Ludicrous+ Doesn't Seem To Work!

    Did you ever get that aftermarket kit that allowed you to hook up your phone via hdmi?
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    Installing HW3 unit!

    What's this about HW4? Where did you read/hear about HW4?
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    Buying used 2017 MX 100D. Calling all opinions! Here we go....

    I would recommend you call into Tesla and speak with a rep. Ask about discounted new Tesla's. While Tesla doesn't negotiate prices, they do discount cars for various reasons. I called them in June and asked for their most Heavily discounted 100D Model X with black interior and EAP. They...
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    Annoying NEW beeping proximity chimes (after HW3 upgrade)

    This is good to know, thank you.
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    Annoying NEW beeping proximity chimes (after HW3 upgrade)

    What software load are you guys on? Is it doing it on 2019.32.12.2?
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    Do NOT upgrade your MX to HW3, for now at least.

    Interesting. I've been on 2019.32.12.2 for almost two weeks now. Let us know how it behaves when you get the latest release please.
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    Need Diminished Value Advice

    I don't understand why the DV is more than the repair cost. When looking at the Tesla's used inventory, I've never seen a previously repaired vehicle with that level of DV. This estimate your received is super high and inflated. I wish you luck in recovering as much at you can though...
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    Long Range vs Performance

    I recommend the a no regret policy. If you don't get performance, how likely are you to feel you are missing out on something? That feeling will never go away for most people so if you think you'll have it, get the performance. The difference in acceleration is huge and you can feel it at any...
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    Plastidipped the slipstreams for winter

    That looks great. I recommend you make sure you have nice thick coats. 2 Cans for 4 wheels is a bit light. When you go to remove the PlastiDip, It'll be a pain with thin coats. A nice thick coat allows it to peel in large pieces.
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    Acceleration in Raven Model X slower than advertised.. Any explanation

    It should also be pointed out that these guess have a performance profile. The default was P3. To get peak performance you need to have it set to P1 which is also commonly referred to as uncorking. The software change has to be done by Tesla. you use to be able to query the API and see the...
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    Retro fit AP 2.5 to 3.0 is starting to happen

    Basically Google is way ahead of everyone. They have one issue every 5000 miles. I almost pulled the trigger on FSD after seeing that video and then noticed it was 3 years old. I may still do it but it seems we are so far from what that video showed.
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    Retro fit AP 2.5 to 3.0 is starting to happen

    The video at the bottom of that page was super impressive. It functions way better than AP does for me now. The odd thing is that it was posted 3 years ago. Has AP gotten worst? Video of flawless AP Its crazy how well that worked.
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    No longer see option to purchase extended warranty

    I'll likely get it. we will see
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    Model X fixed spoiler?

    I was under the impression that the Performance models still got the active spoiler. Is that incorrect?
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    Vendor Lighted Rear Applique for the Model X -- wiring completed today

    Yeah, looking for an install video of it so I can see whats involved. Its gotta be patched into the wiring in some way right?
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    No Battery Performance Option

    Thats exactly what that means.
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    They updated Model X/S website format

    Try contacting sales or support and see if they will see you one. It may just be a website error.
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    Vendor Lighted Rear Applique for the Model X -- wiring completed today

    Do you have a video of the controller installation? I see the installation of the LED board on the website.
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    Vendor Lighted Rear Applique for the Model X -- wiring completed today

    Thank you. I was hitting the link in the OP's original post that was labeled "our site". Thank you for the link
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    Vendor Lighted Rear Applique for the Model X -- wiring completed today

    Does anyone have a link to a website that doesn't involve installing some shady web application just to see their store? I like it but I'm not installing random web software to see a store front.
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    USB issues after update

    Its a raspberry pi zero. They are 10 bucks just for the board. If you want you can get a kit with a case and heat sink for about 25 bucks. I store all my data to my home NAS. I have 12 TB in a raid. The only thing that I may be a security hole is the pi wireless itself depending on what...
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    USB issues after update

    No issues so far. Works great. Yes, Tesla USB is the way to go imo. Fairly easy to setup with their script
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    They updated Model X/S website format

    Okay, maybe they are in the process of moving accounts over to this new system.
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    They updated Model X/S website format

    So you have the original styled page but you have potentially lost Transferable FUSC? I think you might still have it but I'm not the best person to ask on that. You can open a ticket to verify that they didn't take it from you.
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    USB issues after update

    I'm using the Raspberry Pi Zero.
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    Model X/S hands free smart trunk and Model S power lift gate

    Does anyone know what light mod he has installed that make the word TESLA flash like in the the video of that demo of the hands free operation?
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    They updated Model X/S website format

    Oh that's good to know. Thanks.
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    They updated Model X/S website format

    That confirms it. I'm the odd man out. Thanks for letting me know. When I first got my account, I thought something was wrong cause it looked different than my friends model 3. So they said they would fix it. While they were working on that, another support person later explained, that X...
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    They updated Model X/S website format

    Does anyone have the purchase extended warranty option still? Mine is missing under this new format.
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    Outrageous $5000 repair bill after warranty expire!

    Interesting. Up until yesterday I could purchase it from my account page. It isn't there today. My page now looks like the model 3 users account page.
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    Why do bigger wheels drain range?

    I found this article. Its old but the science should hold up. Effects of Upsized Wheels and Tires Tested
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    They updated Model X/S website format

    Anyone else notice that the Tesla Web Site has been updated to look like that of the model 3 users? I don't know if they did just mine or everyones. I'm assuming everyone's but they had a really bad time fixing my web link. I couldn't create a service appointment via the web or the app since...
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    Screen Mirroring by Beat Sonic

    Have they billed you?
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    Screen Mirroring by Beat Sonic

    Wow, it was a while ago. Did they ever update you on the status?
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    Tow company towed X without being in tow mode

    Wow, that's scary. Is it still at the tow shop or did you manage to get it home? Did you try a hard reset?
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    Failed tire Experience

    You are correct sir. Thanks for the clarification. I'll update the primary message. edit: Update. Apparently I can't update the original message. Basically I got lucky he didn't damage the rim while driving on it. I have to say the side wall seemed fairly stiff for the last of air in the...
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    Failed tire Experience

    I didn't order it, It just came with them. Continental CrossContact LX Sport tires.
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    Failed tire Experience

    Its just a plug kit. It has a tool to clean the hole, Another to plug it with a piece of rubber. I'm assuming you are thinking of the liquid flat repair stuff. That's not what I'm using and there is no way this will mess with a tire sensor. I used this Slime repair kit
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    The Smallest Rock Can Bring You Down

    My car got its first flat this past weekend. I'm glad things worked out for you. Its interesting that you had some many tire flats. Are you using run flats also and do you thing they are more prone to failure? I keep a the following in my car all of which came in handy. 1) Jack/Air...
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    Failed tire Experience

    Not having a spare tire has bothered me. I decided to order a slime tire repair kit and then I also ordered this beast. Motorman 11000 lb Hydraulic Jack. I got it last Friday. I left my vehicle with a friend so that he could wrap it for me over the weekend. He got a lot done but there is...
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    Anybody else with FSD just get an offer to upgrade to FSD?

    Sort of. I believe if you had EAP and upgraded to FSD in Feb/March, that you got entry into the Early Access Program. Those folks have enhanced summon. I'm not sure on the time line but i did read that as part of the FSD around the time, you got early access. For those that didn't get that ...
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    New Model X autopilot glitched and then autopilot computer crashed on way home

    I had this issue while driving home from the airport. It happened at interstate speed. It didn't put the car in park but it started beeping like crazy and then stopped working for like 5 minutes. At first i thought I it falsely put me in to AP Jail. It had only be active about 30-40 seconds...

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