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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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  1. Foxtrotter

    Getting "Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High"

    Actually, after further observations it is clear that the issue isn't the MC's, but the outlet as has been suggested. Pulling the plug out and reseating it fixes the issue for awhile. Both of our MC's behave the same way.
  2. Foxtrotter

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Discoducky, you are perfect example of a Tesla fanboy with a closed mind in this statement. I too have found that stories in the NYT, the WP and LAT have shown shocking levels of prejudice and stupid anti-Tesla screeds, but this story is actually quite positive about Tesla and its approach to...
  3. Foxtrotter

    Trying to Make Sense of Recent Software Versions, Update Numbers, and Downloads

    I think this must be correct. We have two early 2018 model 3's with FSD and hit the "button" on both of them. They have been stuck on 36.5.1 since then. This is in contrast to the past where we are usually early in any cycle of major releases. We have the premium connectivity and good wifi...
  4. Foxtrotter

    Getting "Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High"

    I have been getting the same error message and reduced charging on a 3 year old mobile connector that is used several times a week. Started happening a month or so ago. I have a second unused mobile connector and 14-50 adapter from our second model 3. Although the message indicates a problem...
  5. Foxtrotter

    Is Tesla only good for local driving?

    I can't believe that you have a Tesla or have driven one extensively. If a supercharger site is being heavily used, the car will automatically set to 80% charge when plugged in. The owner can override this on the screen and go to whatever charge they want. We have done the OR and N California...
  6. Foxtrotter

    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    You may not consider them luxury vehicles but I do based on the features, not the buttons and leather. However, it does look as though Tesla is moving away from positioning them as luxury.
  7. Foxtrotter

    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    The decision to delete the passenger lumbar adjustment based on usage statistics is just dumb. Most of the cars are used for shorter trips often with only the driver, especially during the pandemic. Of course the passenger lumbar adjustment is rarely used. However, there are users like my wife...
  8. Foxtrotter

    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    I'm at 4500 on these tires. Overall, all usages but lots of freeway at 77 mph gives 291 wh/mile as compared to the 26,000 miles on the MXM4's giving 251. So about a 16% hit. Worse than I expected and thought initially. But the handling is great. Debating what to put on my wife's 3 when she needs...
  9. Foxtrotter

    Key card lost

    Tesla.com store Model 3/Y Key Card
  10. Foxtrotter

    Trip planning to Utah

    Stop worrying and relax. No adapter is needed for Tesla destination chargers. Use plugshare to identify places with level 2 (Ji772) chargers as well as Tesla destination chargers. I assume that the little black cylindrical tesla to J1772 adapter still comes "free" with the Model Y. There are a...
  11. Foxtrotter

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    About 13% less range after 4000 miles on the ps4 AS's on the 18" wheels.
  12. Foxtrotter

    Supercharger - Farmington, NM

    Big thumbs up for staying at the Casa Blanca and charging there. Highly recommended.
  13. Foxtrotter

    $1000 in value? (Pilot Sport)

    Yes, you should get the PS AS 4"s if the MXM4's don't do it for you. The AS 4's are a big jump up in performance and a substantial hit in efficiency. I've got 50,000 miles or so on MXM4's on our two 3's on 18" wheels. i've got 3500 miles on the AS 4's on one of the cars. There is just no...
  14. Foxtrotter

    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    Just to restate, perhaps in a different way, what many have already said: When we got our first model 3 in April 2018, I was really impressed by the GUI that controlled everything. Whoever designed and programmed that really understood how to do a great user interface. Over time there were...
  15. Foxtrotter

    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    Yes, the wide range of temperature fluctuation around Santa Barbara, CA is well-known. I guess 2500 miles isn't enough in your eyes.
  16. Foxtrotter

    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    Recommended tires M3 Long Range, RWD See my reply in another thread after 2500 miles. Efficiency is about 8% or so less over a couple of freeway routes that I drive regularly. I'll put them on our second model 3 as soon as it needs tires. Handling is more important than efficiency for me, even...
  17. Foxtrotter

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    I put the pilot sport AS4's on the 18" wheels on one of our LR RWD 3's about 2500 miles ago. The handling and braking feel a lot better than the stock MXM4's. The noise level is comparable depending on the pavement. At 42 psi I don't notice much difference in ride but I like a firmer ride. I...
  18. Foxtrotter

    Model 3 not recommended and also highest owner satisfaction from Consumer Reports

    Use voice command to set fan speed and temp without taking your eyes off the road or put the car in AP and look out of the corner of your eye. I have the right lens in my glasses corrected for slightly closer focus so I can easily read the screen.
  19. Foxtrotter

    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    I just put the stock size all season 4's (235/45) on 18" wheels on the silver LR RWD. Only 40 miles on them so I can't say anything meaningful about range. But, I love how much better they feel from the driver's perspective. Feels like a lot more grip and sharper responses to steering and...
  20. Foxtrotter

    Posts about locals charging at Superchargers: complain here! :-)

    Only to the extent that it reduces supercharger capacity for those who don't have charging at home or are transiting through the area. I imagine there are few S and X owners that don't have charging at their residences. But in my experience superchargers in more populous Ca areas tend to be...
  21. Foxtrotter

    Posts about locals charging at Superchargers: complain here! :-)

    Moderator note: This post, plus the five posts following, came from the Goleta, CA Supercharger thread. I've been by here a few times recently. Haven't seen the two handicap slots in use. Almost all the cars there are S's or X'x. So it's probably mostly just locals using their free...
  22. Foxtrotter

    2 year anniversary

    I'm at 23 months on our first model 3 and just love it but there is one trivial thing that really irritates me. The gloss finish on the phone and USB compartment covers! It never looks good. I know it can be covered but really it was and is dumb to have it finished that way. Cheap I guess.
  23. Foxtrotter

    Leaving new M3P in garage while on cruise

    On the car issue, we've left our cars for up to 3 weeks without sentry mode in airport parking lots. The loss was roughly a percent a day though it varied wildly from day to day. This is at LAX so no temperature extremes. I can't imagine a week being any problem if you start with a reasonable...
  24. Foxtrotter

    Is worth to order FSD now?

    As others have said, it depends on how comfortable you are giving Tesla 7K for something that is only partially functional now and may never reach its full potential. My wife and I each have an LR RWD with EAP and FSD. We wanted to get as much tech as possible to follow its development. We...
  25. Foxtrotter

    Class action against Tesla for turning off Prem Connectivity before it was an option

    This should be clear. If you ordered before 7/1/2018 you should have "premium connectivity". If you ordered after that then there was a complimentary period before you need to subscribe. This was well advertised before 7/1/2018 and was a reason that we pushed the order for our second car forward...
  26. Foxtrotter

    Vendor Model 3 Öhlins DFV Coilovers - Engineered by Redwood Motorsports ™

    Can one maintain the full stock ground clearance with the performance sport shocks? I have a driveway transition that is problematic for some LR AWD 3's but not for our LR RWD ones. It would be for one of the LR RWD cars.
  27. Foxtrotter

    Supercharger - Farmington, NM

    Its good to hear/see that.
  28. Foxtrotter

    Supercharger - Farmington, NM

    It's no longer shown on Plugshare either, though supercharge info still shows it.
  29. Foxtrotter

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Another sign of the changing times re EV's Here is a "tech article" paid for by Polestar on Huffpost: Ten Facts About Electric Cars You’ve Been Getting Wrong | HuffPost And its brand agnostic.
  30. Foxtrotter

    Tri motor and single motor have swapped production times

    This is great news. I had ordered the dual motor because at my age I don't want to wait, but since we want it for trailer towing the greater range of the tri-motor would be much better. So I changed our order.
  31. Foxtrotter

    Car Cover for Model 3?

    Just put in 2018 for the model year instead of 2019 and Tesla and the model 3 will show up.
  32. Foxtrotter

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I just took this "Survey". All they asked about were the entertainment features and smart summon not 10 overall. Nothing about the Sentry and dash cam improvements, NOA changes, or other significant stuff. Seems pretty silly that they would select those things which have less to do with actually...
  33. Foxtrotter

    Car Cover for Model 3?

    No, I have the covercraft weather shield with the mesh panel over intake.
  34. Foxtrotter

    Car Cover for Model 3?

    If I were you I'd just not pull the cover down over intake.
  35. Foxtrotter

    Things my wife said about Navigate on Autopilot tonight

    I just don't understand all these complaints of jerkiness with TACC, AP, and NOA. We have almost 30,000 miles on our two cars and drive with TACC and AP all the time and NOA on more lightly traveled routes and times. We don't use chill, do use mad max. But I think the critical difference is that...
  36. Foxtrotter

    Santa Barbara, California Service Center

    Permit issued for Montecito site. 8 stalls. Apparently no construction yet. See supercharge.info
  37. Foxtrotter

    Car Cover for Model 3?

    I have used mine every day since last Sept or so when I got it back. It is a Weathershield HP which is the only one I'd recommend. The Weathershield fabric is unique in the car cover world. It folds up into a compact package. It can be washed and dried in home or laundromat machines (really a...
  38. Foxtrotter

    AP stays close to edge of lane

    As others have said, that's not right. Take it back to them. We had a windshield replaced without any such issues turning up.
  39. Foxtrotter

    I ended up hitting a car *video*

    Sorry to hear of your accident. However, the behavior you are showing looks nothing like I've ever seen EAP do in much more than 10,000 miles of usage on our cars. It really looks as though it wasn't on. If you had NOA enabled it might change lanes on its own but it would warn you. I suspect...
  40. Foxtrotter

    Poll on Model 3 Air Vents

    I agree with everyone who loves it. I tout it as one of the best "minor" features of the car. Any other car we have had has caused us to struggle constantly to get both of us comfortable. (And in both our first and 2nd gen volts it was impossible.) I like the wind in my face and she doesn't want...
  41. Foxtrotter


    We upgraded from 2019.12.1.2
  42. Foxtrotter


    We just got 2019.16.1 on one of our LR RWD's.
  43. Foxtrotter

    Multi-Stop Nav?

    Yes, this is badly needed by road trippers.
  44. Foxtrotter

    Wife is afraid to use frunk

    I keep insulated chests in both of our frunks and use them all the time for leftover meals, frozen foods, fresh oysters, etc. I just put my hands where Tesla says and have seen no damage in over a year on one car and 9 months or so on the other. Just follow the directions and you will be fine.
  45. Foxtrotter

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    No, you should read the article that came from. And my attached comment that the figure shown was for the efficient EV's like the Model 3. Here is a quote as to their methodology: "To compare the climate-changing emissions from electric vehicles to gasoline-powered cars, we analyzed all of the...
  46. Foxtrotter

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Here is the same source with much more recent data: New Data Show Electric Vehicles Continue to Get Cleaner The third figure showing the equivalents for efficient electric vehicles like the model 3 is especially telling:
  47. Foxtrotter

    Model 3 with EAP (or FSD now) not showing blue lines when AP is on, or Nav on AP..what gives?

    I'd get back to your service center and tell them it still didn't fix it.
  48. Foxtrotter

    Model 3 with EAP (or FSD now) not showing blue lines when AP is on, or Nav on AP..what gives?

    Have you rebooted with the steering wheel buttons? That often fixes stuff that is unique like this.
  49. Foxtrotter

    New Criterion for AP/FSD - the Spousal test

    Actually, I'm quite amazed at the negative responses so far. We have put 12,000 miles in a year on one of our model 3's and 8000 in 8 months on the other. This has included something like 40 ~200 mile commutes from Santa Barbara to UCLA in often heavy traffic and two long road trips as well as...

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