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  1. cstork

    Another Safety Benefit of Electric Semis

    In the Colorado mountains, the regenerative braking is huge. We often have accidents from truck breaks overheating and the trucks unable to slow down soon enough. And we have problems with trucks being slow (and loud) on the uphill. The Tesla Semi should solve a lot of issues.
  2. cstork

    Android Phone not recognized.

    Yes, it is a pain. Rather than getting out the card key, I open the Tesla app. This sometimes wakes up the car. If this doesn't work, I have to manually unlock the car from the app. Things have gotten better with the Tesla app updates, but it is occasionally a pain.
  3. cstork

    Android Phone not recognized.

    This does not fix the problems for me. Everything was fine on the previous version of Android, but the new version is a pain with slow unlocking of the car.
  4. cstork

    Speed Limit Signs not detected

    Not picking up the signs is a major problem in rural Colorado roads. It's clearly not the placement of the signs. There is some logic where the car ignores the signs because they are not quite consistent with what is in the car speed limit database. Very frustrating!
  5. cstork

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Colorado, after 10 miles of dirt road,
  6. cstork

    Phone key suddenly no longer paired?

    I have this problem after the latest Android update........ very frustrating.
  7. cstork

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    The best car is one that does many things..... https://photos.app.goo.gl/YDhmPKT9LEs7UpSM6
  8. cstork

    Colorado Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    I bet that the holdup to more superchargers in rural Colorado is getting acceptance of local business owners. Tesla wants to work with the local business owners to place the superchargers in a good spot, but these business owners are often ultra conservatives who think EVs represent socialism.....
  9. cstork

    Upgrading existing 14-50 outlet to Wall Connector

    Instead of a Tesla wall connector, how about using a third party charger, like Enel-x? It will have a J1772 plug which is more versatile for future, non-Tesla EVs. I love my Tesla, but EV charging should have a standard plug.....
  10. cstork

    What does an EV charger actually do?

    Yes, my question is "why isn't there just an extension cord from an outlet to the car"? Ok, GFCI, which could be at the panel. It seems that the rest could be part of the car electronics.....
  11. cstork

    Speed Limit Signs not detected

    I'm not talking about FSD. I'm only pointing out that Autopilot is not very useful if it will only let me go 50mph in a 65 zone.
  12. cstork

    What does an EV charger actually do?

    What does a L2 house charger actually do for the ~$500 price, besides provide an appropriate plug? It doesn't change the voltage. The current is controlled by the car and protected by the house circuit breaker. Why can't we just directly plug the car into a NEMA14-50 outlet?
  13. cstork

    Speed limit sign recognition sucks

    With the new update, 2022.20.6 and .7, the car misses a lot of obvious speed limit signs. This is on rural 2 lane highways in Colorado. As a result, autopilot will often restrict me to going 50-60 in 65 zone. This makes autopilot useless....! I note that Google Maps is giving me the correct...
  14. cstork

    Speed Limit Signs not detected

    And these informational signs are designed for trucks, not sports cars.
  15. cstork

    I had to take the MY to a gas station.....

    The tongue weight was about 500 lbs. I was only driving the trailer about 1.5 miles in a rural town. My max speed was about 30 mph. And I put about 200 lbs of weight in the front trunk..... Yes, I would not recommend pulling 7000 lbs on the highway......!
  16. cstork

    I had to take the MY to a gas station.....

    Why not? What is the problem?
  17. cstork

    I had to take the MY to a gas station.....

    I had to refill the rental bobcat. Damn, diesel is expensive. BTW, the bobcat + trailer weighs 7000 lbs. The car did fine--thankfully I wasn't going far or fast.
  18. cstork

    Towing 2500 lbs with the Y

    These were light weight cinder blocks, only 24 lbs. each. Why do you think the car can't handle 800 lbs in the vehicle itself? (200 in trunk, 600 in the rear.) What do 3 heavy adults weigh?
  19. cstork

    Towing 2500 lbs with the Y

    I don't need a pickup truck..... I know the car is only rated for 2000 lbs, but it was stable. It helped that I also had 800 lbs in the car. It is amazing how much power the car has. My range was reduced by 40%. And I'm glad the supercharger was mostly empty.....
  20. cstork

    Colorado Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    I'm disappointed that the new map of future supercharger locations doesn't have more in Colorado. The holes are big. And the Glenwood Springs location is near capacity.
  21. cstork

    Model Y heat pump issues

    Yes. No problem.
  22. cstork

    Bad speed limit sign recognition

    The speed limit sign recognition is not working at numerous locations on US Hwy 285 in Colorado (a major 2 lane highway). The signs are quite obvious and clear. It seems to be missing several 65 speed signs where internal navigation data with wrong speed limit data is overriding the clear...
  23. cstork

    How do I turn off all vampire drain?

    How do you "power down" the car?
  24. cstork

    How do I turn off all vampire drain?

    I need to leave the car for 6 days in the cold Colorado mountains with no cell service. How do I avoid unnecessary drain? Turn off climate conditioning, sentry mode, scheduled departure..... anything else? I wish there is a button for total hibernation, rather than doing all the little...
  25. cstork

    Only Tesla can do the alignment??

    I ended up taking it to the Tesla service center.....
  26. cstork

    Western Colorado I-70??

    This is all speculation. They don't know. But it is hard to imagine that they can't get at least one lane open.
  27. cstork

    Impact of 4680 cells?

    I have some issues with this.... 1) You can't really predict the future. If you need the car now, buy it. Tesla's are actually pretty mature vehicles. 2) The car with 4680 batteries may be cheaper for Tesla to build, but they won't sell it cheaper. Price is often determined by the 2nd...
  28. cstork

    Why don't 3rd party superchargers offer Tesla adapters?

    We are seeing some 3rd party (non-Tesla) superchargers. But, I don't see any that offer a Tesla adapter. This seems strange since they would get much more business with a Tesla adapter. The CHAdeMO Adapter has been out a while. Why don't they offer a Tesla adapter??
  29. cstork

    AC Problems

    My AC also turns off occasionally. I can get it to reset while driving by twiddling with the AC controls. Not sure of the process. It's a pain.
  30. cstork

    OEM Roof Rack weight static weight rating

    I carry kayaks often. Yes, there is upward force. It's not an issue. I think the racks can tolerate more upward force than downward force.
  31. cstork

    Western Colorado I-70??

    4-6 cars during my 4 visits (Thursday afternoon & Sunday morning). When sharing the V2 transformers, only 50 KW.
  32. cstork

    Western Colorado I-70??

    I used the Glenwood Springs & Grand Junction SuperChargers. They are surprisingly busy, only 6 V2 stalls, 120 KW max. And there not others close by. This doesn't really seem like enough for I-70 in Western Colorado. Are there plans to add more???
  33. cstork

    What bike rack to purchase?

    Put the bike in the trunk. It will probably fit.
  34. cstork

    Heat stays on after using card key?

    I went into the remote backcountry and parked my MY at the trailhead for 3 days. It had 146 miles on the battery. It was 15 degrees Fahrenheit. No cell service for miles. I put my phone in airplane mode. The MY locked, of course. I needed to get one more thing out of the car so I used...
  35. cstork

    Does Tesla charge idle fees for empty superchargers?

    Along I-70 in Kansas, the superchargers are often very, very empty. It's unusual to see a 2nd car. If I go to a restaurant and come out 20 minutes late, will Tesla still charge me idle fees?
  36. cstork

    Supercharger Prices

    $0.26 per kWh is still about half the cost of gasoline.......
  37. cstork

    [feature request] Snow driving mode for model 3?

    Our model Y has an "Off-road" mode that is very useful for snow. I assume this sends more power to the front axle and allows for a little slip. The model 3 could really benefit from this in Snow. I would think this is just a software update. I'm disappointed that this has not made it to the...
  38. cstork

    Tesla vehicle powering the furnace

    Interesting article of plugging an inverter to the 12V battery to power your furnace and refrigerator. I like it. This guy used a 2000 Watt inverter. Any idea how high of wattage you can go from the 12V battery? Tesla voids your warranty if you try to power your home with your electric...
  39. cstork

    Supercharger - Silverthorne, CO

    Wow, the Silverthorne supercharger was a zoo this morning. Sad. It didn't help that one stall was ICE'd, a charging Tesla blocked two stalls, and one stall was broken.
  40. cstork

    Auto pilot in stop and go freeway traffic

    I think autopilot is great in stop-and-go traffic. It's one of the best times to use it. Almost makes it bearable.
  41. cstork

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    We are giving our old M3 to our son as a graduation present. I don't want him to feel too entitled.....
  42. cstork

    Autopilot on 2 lane highways

    While autopilot is generally impressive on curvy 2 lane highways in Colorado, I am a bit surprised it doesn't hold the lane better. It often drifts to the center line, near on-coming traffic. This happens especially on right hand curves. I think computers should be better at this......
  43. cstork

    B-pillar cameras fogging up?

    Not necessarily. If there is an unusual amount of moisture in the pillar from manufacturing, putting it in the sun may expunge the moisture.
  44. cstork

    Interesting pictures of your Model Y

    Please post pictures of your Model Y. Here's mine in snow. The model Y did really well in the Colorado snow.
  45. cstork

    We need "Off-Road Assist" for snow driving

    My Model 3 is a bit frustrating in the snow. Even though I have AWD, it sends too much power to the rear axle and the rear slides out. The traction control kicks in eventually, but not soon enough. However, my Model Y has "Off-Road Assist" driving mode which is much better in the snow...
  46. cstork

    Info on non-Tesla superchargers

    You are a wimp. I and lots of people use the Tesla for long distance travel. The trip planner is not rocket science.
  47. cstork

    Thule Roof Cargo Box Size?

    I have a box on my MY, no issues. The box has a lot flexibility with bar position and will fit any car. The MY bars positions are very average.
  48. cstork

    Embellishing a Model 3?

    When we gave a car to our son 7 years ago, I "embellished" it so that he would not feel too entitled about getting a car. For his Ph.D. graduation, we are giving him a model 3. How should I embellish this one, and have fun with it.....??
  49. cstork

    How much range reduction from pulling a Uhaul trailer?

    Wind drag is the major item using power when driving on a highway. I assume this drag is dramatically higher when pulling a trailer. Is it a 1.5x range reduction? 3x? Does anyone have and experience here?

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